Saturday, September 09, 2006

Fiona Fooktoy

...........ok who remembers that name above?say I!...first time i saw that name I LOL and the fact that it is suppose to be a porn name for someone who trully didnt deserve it...made it much worst.Anywayyyyyyyyyyy the point of that name is I'm had an idea for the next Top Ten Best, this week/month or whatever is....TOP TEN OUTRAGEOUS/WEIRD/FUNNY/COOL Character names. Actually I really do think there's more than the ones that im gonna mention after this, but it didn't cross my mind..if u got more than what im gonna tell, me wanna know more.So here goes!


10.Mr. X (X-Files)

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Ehem : Well basically I dont think this is an outrageous name or anything,just think it's a very cool name or just donwright lazy(the writers) to think of anything else to put.But the history of Mr. X is kinda cool, this dude is Mulder's(of Xfiles if u guys were like huh?)season 2 informer inside the FBI, in order to call this dude, u gotta put an X at Mulder's window and light it up(by channeling a light behind the X). Aparently Mr X got me thinking bout something, like how does he sign stuff? Just X?...or he decides to be creative and turn the X into a bowtie or something.But basically Mr. X is a cool name, it kinda strikes fear into u somehow(or maybe it's just me)

9.George Cauldron (Simpsons Threehouse of Horror # ??)


Ehem : I think most of u would say whoooooooo?Well this is a made up name in one of the Simpsons Halloween episode!.What made it soooo funny is the fact that the name came out spontaniously.Here's the backstory,'s the Hansel and Gretel gone bad backstory(I dont recall which season),Lisa asked why the witch wanted to clean up the house?The witch reply she has a date(she's veryyyyyyyyy ugly).Lisa sacarsticly asked who.The witch replied..."George... (looking around franticly in her kitchen) ..Cauldron!"seriously i laugh my ass out(gila cover konon ada date), a good cover...but if she hadn't pause everyone might have believe her.

8.Deep Throat (X-Files)

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Ehem : Allrite...first time i heard, what did I thought of?...yep something pornish!...but it's's actually one of Mulder's(X-files...again!) .I'm like why oh why did u pick that name?Too mislead anyone maybe?...i dunno but first time I heard I was like huhhhhhhhhh?

7.Alotta Fagina (Austin Powers #1)

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Ehem : WAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA...nuff said...and that booobs! oh god!Btw if u dont get the name as fast as u could..

6.Jabba The Slut(Duece Bigalow: Male Gigolo)

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Ehem : Well...this not actually the name of the character...more of a nickname.But the actor(i believe it was a male..didn't check) is the bomb and every scene with her in it made me smile wide...whoever thought of the name Jabba the Slut deserve my respect...never would have come out with that name...if I had thought of it first,.... 10 guesses who I would give it to? (..psst dela)

5.Areola (Not Another Teen Movie)

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Ehem : Jahat family ko namakan ko Areola.At first I didnt get it, and when I did a seacrh through the net...thennnnnn i get it...and I thought it was some exotic european name or whatever...shessssh.FYI the actress is hooooooooooot!

4.Chandler Mureal Bing (FRIENDS)

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Ehem : What kind of name is chandler??! before friends i never ever heard that name...and with the family name BING??!!...I dunno if Chandler is meant to sound mascular or feminin cause it can go either way(actually more of the ladies side)and with the revealation of Mureal in the middle made it worst.I'm sure if anyone had this name will be the laughing stock of the whole school.

Quote Joey "It sounds like chandelier ...but it's NOT!"

3.Ivana Humpalot (Austin Powers #2)

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Ehem : Ok this lady rowksssssssss!Not only her name is funny, her potrayal of a russion spy is trully....OVER THE TOP...but it works!If no one gets pronounce I WANNA (abih russian lah tuh konon)...if i'm not mistaken this is a spoof of Famke Jannsen in one of the bond movies...dunno a big fan...but I remember Famke legs...hmmmmmmmmm.

2.B.J. Cummings (Son Of the Beach)

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Ehem : What the is the only thing I can say..this name is actually a spoof of Pamela's character in Baywatch who is named C.J.When one of the cast asked her what does the B.J stands for she flat out said "I dunno the boys gave me that name when I was in highschool"...dumb blonde much?..

1.Gaylord 'Greg' Focker (Meet the Parents)

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Ehem : Ok if I said earlier why in the world would someone named their kids Areola...well this beats out that name..since u've already have a very explicit surname,why the hell u wanna sex it up?...and to de-gayed it?!Ok it might have they meant it to be "Happy"Lord..but still!sheshhhhh, no wonder this dude is mental..and have lots of rage.

ok tuh jer..keje baru best! n...dan i miss my hp...


Dela said...

u assssssss~..

AHHAHA ok fiona fcuktoy tu aku tau sapa..setan la ko nie.kejie

reza said...

hey i tried all names yeh...tapi fiona nyer yg paling kelakar

joey jo jo shabadoo said...

fiona fcuktoy... sgt classic ok.

reza, jgn lupa nama wife-to-be ben stiller dlm meet the fockers... Pamela Martha Focker.

thanezra said...

yeh tak yeh kan...martha focker...that's funny too...hmmm leh buang mr x kot.ahahahha more more

Ed said...

try rezfez or rezza haffez or thanezra... takpun hasnul or okon...

Siberkop said...

rezfez? rezfass?

Mr Frodo?

Che underscore Lee said...

Fuki Mi dengan Fuki Yu tak letak? Dan aku tau sape itu Fiona Fucktoy.. jahat sangat pliss!!

Well, talking about names, ramai je Hollywood celebrities bagi nama anak pelik.

Gwyneth Paltrow's daughter - Apple
Frank Zappa's daughter - Moon Unit
David Bowie's daughter - Zowie Bowie
Bono U2's son - Elijah Bob Patricius Guggi Q
Jason Lee's son - Pilot Inspektor
Steven Seagall's son - Boxoffice Poison Seagall
Courtney Cox's daughter - Coco Cox Arquette

Dan aku ada sorang member nama dia Molek Kasabalily... huhu

Anonymous said...

Then there are the names that parents make up on a whim, or so it seems to me. For example, there’s a child in England running around with the name “Depressed Cupboard Cheesecake”. Can you imagine introducing yourself with a name like that?

“Hello! Pleased to meet you. I’m Depressed.”

Then there’s “Adolf Lu Hitler Marak”, an Indian politician, and Gwyneth Paltrow’s child “Apple”. Next thing you know, some folks will be naming their children after pieces of furniture, or body parts, or holiday resorts

source: the star
Monday September 11, 2006
What’s in a name?

reza said...

ed : tak faham

cyber : lagi tak faham...tapi bab frodo tuh aku faham

izar : fook mi ngan u tak lawak sangat for me...amusing but not really that funny..bagi aku lah...dan aku terkejut nama anak jason lee...fav actor gak tuh! what the hey

anonymous : ok aku jamin nih akak aku...dan depressed cupboard? gila per??!?!??! cam nama karacter fiction dlm star wars ke apa entah...anyway guys keep it pg-13..kena jaga depan akak aku nih

Che underscore Lee said...

oooo... depan kakak takut yerr?

Dear kakak Reza,
Reza sangat ass, dia ske soh Dela tanam bunga kat klivej.. huhuhu

reza said...

rupa2nyer bukan...lain kali jgn letak anonymous! ko nih pon

Anonymous said...

suker aku dapat kenakan reza. pasti ko sangat percaya kannnn.kali ni tak boleh menang lagi :)