Saturday, December 30, 2006

Penang - The Amazing Race -

Ok since the 3rd day kat Penang aku terasa cam amazing race so aku post aku nyer next cerita nih Amazing Race Style.Host aku kasik Razli, cause dia gagah dan macho macam whats his face dlm amazing race asia

Q Theme (..........................................)

Razli@PenangBridge : This is the 10th leg of the Amazing Race,teams are now at Penang, where they are having their manditory rest in which they can rest and mingle with other teams (shot reza pura2 shy).Who will survive this leg (gaya host penuh macho pandang camera)
Reza the first guy to arrive will leave first at 2.30 a.m (shot koyak kertas pastuh campak jer).

Reza : Get to Bayan Lepas airport by car, and pick the earliest& cheapest flight to K.L, there is your pitstop.

Luckily for me i got friends, here in Penang,so they dropped me off at Bayan Lepas (actually more like abandon,but whatever).So I got in and brrrrrrrrrrrrrr,cold man...and of course since it's 3 am, its like a ghost town there.I can see only 1 jap/taiwan? guy sitting at the waiting bay.Then I saw 1 makcik(guard),so I asked her "what time does the counter open?" and as predicted 6 a.m (history lesson, i've never been on a flight,there is once, but that was a long long time ago, with parents) what else to do?..called kat bluebar...noi?dah dengkur..oh whatever might as well sleep.And let me tell you the airport is cold!!!!!!!!(aku ngan seluar stengnyer)..but i didnt sleep well, I guess every 10 min or so, i woke up...probally because of the noise made by the people working there(which is not much) and also maybe I was afraid the jap guy near me will do something(NOT that something!...perv!).So sleept again,from time to time, i woke up...I saw more people coming in,then around 5a.m me thinks, I woke up..woahhhhhhh,It's like everyone is trying desprately to get out of Penang because there is an outbreak or then because I was afraid that there wont be anymore tickets I waited at the front of the MAS desk, Ha clue box!

Reza : Detour! (shot razli jalan tepi pantai dengan penuh gaya)
Razli :A detour is a task where one team must choose from 2 options(razli berhenti..1..2 jalan balik) in this detour teams must choose between MAS or Air Asia, there are pros/cons for each choice,but if they choose wisely, they may reach Kl 1st..(berhenti...1..2 jalan kuar frame)

Since I was already lining up at MAS, might as well check MAS out first lah kan,10 min before 6 it opens( yo fast) directly went to the guy."erm abg,first flight kul bapa?" he replied 7.15...ooooh cool,harga? RM205...neverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.Next flight?..8.15?RM205 also?...neverrrrrrrrrr (reza kor ingat air asia ke?lain2 flight ikut harga?) so decided to go with Air Asia since i've already checked beforehand,and i know there is a flight at 8.15 (but if its full or that's another story), so tralalala go to Air Asia small counter,and it opens at 6.45!..pehalllllllllllllll?...anyway the receptionist dude was good enuff, he answered all my questions...then the best thing happen

Receptionist : Smoking or non smoking?
Reza: (dengan penuh bangga) non smoking
Receptionist : (muka penuh tanda soal)...erm abg saya mintak no telephone...
Reza : (aduhhhhhhhhhhhhh maluuuuuuuuuuuuuu, ada bunyi dekat ker pon?..)
Receptionist : xpa abg ,penghadang nih mmg susah bagi penumpang dengor apa kitorang cakap (ha elok lah kor carik alasan tuk aku)....(went to check in counter..fuh awek hot!)

history lesson : me watch lots of movies,sometimes i daydream in em, maybe...i was daydreaming, i thought i was in the english movies,where they sometimes ask for smoking or non smoking...and also in my defense, when i went to london at 7 i specifically remembered,there is a smoking sign that goes on and off.

ok i survived checking in,then went straight to the bench to,sleep..and this time i slept like a baby,but tied everything on to me,just in case,if anyone wanted to go grabby.And noi called,alaa noi,so we talked for awhile and just in time for me to board the plane.boarding was ok,but the hot stewardess at the counter was there!,and let me say,air asia's babes are hotter than MAS..
ok so Q up walk in Air Asia plane,OH GOD IT'S small, luckily I wasn't claustaphobic,then again i was a bit uneasy for a couple of min.Because i watched too many movies, my mindset was that airplanes are hugeeeeeee, and have 2 corridors.This is not what I got.So as we were all seated,the stewardess started demonstrating that thing they do for security reason,mucho fun...the ladies are hot..then suddenly a phone rang,haaaaaa cuak muka stewardess,rupa2nyer ada sorang indon kat depan nun pasang hp.mmg kena Hish dengan stewardess paling hot tuh.Anyway start lah flight, shaky gak,I was kinda scared,maybe cause knowing me,i remembered every movie that was chaos in flight related.

One example, i sat right by the window,then suddenly i remember Final Destination, and what happen to the chick that sat near the window,she was one of the first to go..hoho so i hop to the next seat,at least something...AHAHAHAHA.then i was like,hmm was it a good idea to sit at the back,in Alive the back got it first,but in lost the back and middle survive(most of it)...many movies ran through my thoughts and finally i had enuff and went to sleep.I woke up we were there around 9.30 me thinks.thank god.As I walked out the airport then i Realised, this is not KLIA!!!!!!!!! where the F am i!...i was really clueless.Luckily I saw a cluebox, i opened it and ...

Razli :
(shot kat dlm pantry plane sambil wat kopi)A roadblock is task only one person can do(i am already alone) this roadblock, u must find the receptionist and ask wisely 2 questions to get to the destination known as KLIA.

And like my early instinct, i staright away looked for the reception counter,luckily it wasnt that hard.Talk to the lady, since I need to ask 2 Q so i asked...

Reza : What is the fastest animal on earth
Recept : The Cheetah
Reza : how the hell do i get to klia
Recept : By bus, just wait there...(sambil point)

So i waited for like 15min, then the bus came, jump on it and slept :)) sempat lagi, and finally reached klia.Now to find ERL, it wasnt that hard but there were two stations, i went to the express one which doesnt stop at putrajaya.luckily the lady there aid me on where to go,also not that reached the terminal,gotta wait 20 min lakkkkkkkkk,hish camner nak sampai keje on time was 10.30 by then.So hop into the erl, which is heaven to sleep in.Luckily i woke right on time the train stopped at Putra.Me dad was there already, usual,thinking the worst

"bapak ingat hafez sesat"
"bapak ingat hafez tertido dlm ERL sampai ke KLIA"
"bapak ingat hafez tak reti beli ticket sangkut sana"...always assume the worst,sigh.

so reach home...cluebox!

Razli : go to TPM and looked for IT-365, there is ur pitstop, the last to arrive(dramatic pause)....will be eliminated.(in the shot also shows dela at the side looking big)

So got home,mandi manda,mkn cam piglet,sms hebat kat juanita dlm penuh drama.Drove! to TPM...and guess what I reached on time...oh there is Razli and Dela..(lari penuh pantas)..sampai

Dela : Welcome to Malaysia, im Dodo
Razli : Reza ..(long pause muka suspense,gigit bibir)..u no1(ckp laju2)
Reza : Wooohoooooooooo i reached on time

basically, the highlight of my trip,is my alone time going back to kl by was an awesome exprience...eventhough it kinda made my back ache...oh fyi,everything with cluebox and razli in just fiction. dan aku tulis nih kat opis dlm keadaan boring dan saikotic

Penang - V for Victory -

So,where were we?

Ha ok so cam pagi tuh bangun aku ngan Jaa jer turun breakfast,Jaa kena goda ngan makcik orang putih rambut hebat nih,mungkin terasa ada connection kot setelah nampak rambut jaa, i dunno not that great with these type of relationship.Then naik2 siap2 semua blah dlm kul 10, tapi mmg kuar cepat2 ah..takut cleaner masuk jerit tgk bilik hancus kena renovate :))...rockstar katakan.

After that kuar2 dari hotel terus menuju south, nak carik bukit bendera dimana semua blur kat mana,so round2 lah dlm beberapa jam tanyer situ tanyer sini..last2 Jaa dapat contact Dekda, ha terus zoom ke umah dekda (tuh pon sesat dlm beberapa kali)aku yg duk kat bakang tuh stress cause tgk orang2 kampung drive slow sakan,last2 aku take over drive .

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Eh lupa lak,sebelum tuh gi area2 standard chartered bank tangkap gambo,cause banggunan tuh cool,dan nak showoff kat opismate,as usual milo lah paling top model, sampai banyak pose wat. Ha then baru cerita di perenggan kat atas tuh...

continue ...
Sampai umah dekda terus menuju ke bukit bendera yg JAM CAM CELAKA!,setelah jenuh memanjat dlm sejam dlm keadaan panas,sampailah bukit bendera...tgk2 Q!..baboooon!tapi takper beratur gak cause aku nak sangat naik benda gerabak tu...dlm tuh dengar lak annoucenment kata ticket dijual sekarang hanyalah tuk 6.45, padahal time baru kul 2pm! double baboooooooon!so dekda pon ajaklah ke tempat everyone gi lah komtar,the big ass tall building that u can see miles away.

Masuk Komtar....meh...takder lah apa sangat...aku tak beli apa pon,oh ada! beli kasut itam cause kaki aku gila tengah sakit cam babi,tapi pas beli kasut tuh...ahhhhhhhhh nikmat alam..pastuh teman lah milo borong baju seksi pakai tido malam,aku taktau dia nak goda sapa...tapi Jaa, i sense a new beginning.

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Dlm 5 kot blah kuar,kekonon nak carik warung kopitiam cause jaa quote " aku nak letak sebelah kaki atas kerusi sambil cicah roti" unquote,nadanyer pitch kena tinggi.TAPI! haaaa, sesat! :))...last2 kerana kesuntukan masa, gi jerlah bkt bendera

Naik tuh ya allah, cam tin sardin!...tak nikmat sangat,cam enjoy the view..dah ler ada retardo mana entah kentut dlm gerabak aku...aku predict mamat orang putih retard tuh (sian ada sorang retard kat situ,dibawa oleh family)

Dah naik fuh best angin!...dan ha apa lagi,snappy2 as usual milo pemanang,siap wat pose V for victory, untuk lebey lanjut..msg lah aku atau..tanyer jer dlm comment,takpon tanyer JAR JAR...then kat atas tuh gak gatal nak wat henna yg tak menjadi,aku saja jer join,cause cam kewl...lantak lah orang kata apa.then snap2 lagi pandangan cun,then pulang..turun...dimana gerabak nih lagi penuh!...jaa siap gaduh ngan budak kecik gemuk over acting nih,bagi aku elok campak kuar jer jaa..turun2 milo dah senyum2 semacam...rupanyer kena goda ngan orang thai....tahniah milo.

Then terus gi bt ferringi cause nak amik ticket bus aku,fyi aku kena pulang esok,cause keje tengah hari...cause office aku gila dan tak bertimbang rasa.Dan,feringgi jam! WTF...semua tempat aku gi pon jam...apa derang tau pergerakkan Jaa ker?...then sampai2 aku dah emo,jumpa noi sat..sekejap jer! demn...pastuh tiba2 rasa takmo naik bus cause nak turun tuh amik masa lagi...dan dah tak melayang rm25 turun lah area ferringi tuh...tgk2 ada DVD!! yipeeeeeeeeeee,murah babi!....mmg memula nak borong,tiba2 malas cause perut lapa,tak dapat nak mikir lama tuk beli apa...last2 beli Simpsons jer...then sedar2 tak mkn situ lak..cit

So ke Georgetown balik,mkn kedai sup sedap tuh sampai tgk orang2 nyambut christmas, jalan2 kat tepi...dlm keadaan lalak,ooo camtuh yeh,then last2 dah nak kul 3a.m aku pon decide nak balik gak awal cause aku dah cuti seminggu sekali turut2 dgn alasan mc dan el,derang pon anto aku ke bayan lepas, dimana aku akan sambung cerita amazing race aku next post.

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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Penang -R&R-

Wahhhhhhh tak update lebey seminggu,xleh jadik nih.Anyway post nih takder related ngan movie,tv atau music langsung.

Actually,aku ke Penang weekend lepas,tiba2 jer..mmg ada plan,satu cause mmg dah lama nak jumpa Noi,dua cause tension ngan keje nak jejalan.Tapi sebenar2nyer cam nak taknak jer,50-50.Pastuh setelah dipersuade oleh Jaa ngan Milo banyak2 kali, dan mikir bila gi jer lah..setelah cancel segala appt yg ada aku pon setuju lah on the very same day nak gi tuh
*iklan : si azmir kata,lepas tanyer aku gi ngan sapa.."woah cam road trip to wong foo,thanks for everything julie newmar...terus aku gelak dan letak mental image muka jaa aku ngan milo kat cover too wong foo tuh.

so aku tunggu lah kat pit stop Warta,takut if suh ke umah aku terus lost lak,baik kasik landmark menarik...tapi sebelum blah tuh nampak lah muka cuak ayah aku tuh,typical...mak aku rilek jer.."haa eloklah,tahun nih hafez tak gi mana2 pon kan"..HOH! love u mom!...ayah lak "tau mkn mana?..duit ada?...tido mana?"..sigh...bila lah ayah aku tuh nak grow up..leh?

So tunggu lah kat warta tuh,around 3 derang sampai..angkut aku..balik umah derang dulu cause derang tak pack lagi..lagipon si milo gi tukar tayar baby alana.pas mereka settlekan apa yg perlu settle maka blah lah kita ke ipoh nak amik smallville.Sampai Jelapang around 7.30 tak silap,milo drive,terus amik kecik..sebelum tuh mkn dulu..cause perut sekor2 dah berbunyi...statement kat ipoh aku ingat satu jer...pas ada 2 kereta celaka overtake cam haram..."OK JOM KUAR DARI IPOH CEPAT!" oleh aku...betray much?tapi mmg cam celaka 2 kereta tuh.wat malu ipoh jer.

Kul 8 plus2 bertolak lah kami ke Penang,Sampai around 10 tak silap...aku drive..dlm kereta tuh memacam lah terjadi,tapi mostly tak ingat dah..cause aku tertumpu pada driving...tapi paling best semua orang cam blur nak ke mana (penang) pastuh leh ke sekor pon tak perasan...signboard image gambo jabatan p.p.dengan alasan...semua ingat R&R...gila bimbo semua orang.

Sampai2,terus ke not bad happening,disco gila menarik..tempted gila.Rasa cam kl lak,tapi ngan angin laut yg gila gila gila best.Lepas mkn soup kat satu gerai nih yg gila gila gila sedap! process carik hotel lak,actually gamble jer semua orang gi...takder book pon...memula semua cadang nak amik rumah tumpangan ahfat ckp lah..if hilang lebey dari 2 jam masa gi tandas kan start to panic lah.Last2 dapat bilik kat bayview!...suite lagi!..dengan harga rm400,gila rumah tumpangan ahfat lah kan!tapi dah letey dan semua malas gi mana2 dah,so setuju lah amik suite...dan mmg layan diri sendiri cam rock start dlm suite tuh...dgn lonjat2 atas katil nyer,pastuh renovate segala perabot dlm tuh dan air masak terspillnyer (milo) ...tapi paling extreme angkat couch bawak masuk bilik lah,tentu tension makcik cleaner esok pagi.Memula cam aku ngan jaa nak gi Momo,tapi oleh kerana mata memasing dah merah so cancel...derang semua tido atas katil dan because im a gentleman aku pon rela hati tido atas couch,lagipon gila pe nak tido ngan derang??!...mengikut milo dan jaa aku ngan kecik tido dengko,tak terkejut sangat cause aku gegila letey,tapi kecik! wahhhhhhh hebat

Pagi esoknyer jaa ngan aku bangun awal,cause diberi chance kitorang mkn free breakfast yg disediakan,hotel tuh kasik tuk dua orang jer,buhsan..dan cheapo..tapi kecik ngan milo tak miss out anything pon,makanan gila takder apa special.Then naik atas kecik dah bangun,si milo baru nak gi mandi,dengor lah dia splish splash dlm bath tub,ehehehhe semua orang mandi bathtub,bila lagi kan...mmg dengor lah bunyi air bergelora dlm bath tub tuh.Around 10 dah checkout..

erm rasa pangjang sangat cerita,takper aku bahagi pada part2,so this is the end of part 1,aku end ngan kecik ngan aku gedik mencuba wat poster The Break Up,see ada gak unsur movie.

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Monday, December 18, 2006

Post Guilty Pleasure

Iwan dgn baik hatinyer fwd benda nih kat aku, terus gelak sakan pastuh teringat2 zaman dulu.History lesson, aku ngan Iwan suka lagu nih,Iwan siap kena gelak ngan kakaknyer, pastuh aku lak diblame kerana perkenalkan setelah beli album Megahit 8 ke 7?Apa2pon mmg aku suka video dia ngan lagu nih...ah memories....nih best you tube nih

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Suprisingly great movies at the end of the year

Allrite here it is, Casino Royale and The Host review,both excellent movies and with addition Cinta,a suprisingly Great movie!

Casino Royale

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"kalau ending camnih aku bakar satu pawagam nih ngan budak2 tuh sekali"Nik Norli

First up, i wanna say this is definately one of the best Bond film.Heh, i know like every single new bond movie came it'll automatically be the best bond film ever!
Die Another Day was great cause it was hip! and high tech, World is not enuff was great cause the bad gal,kinda mislead me,but this bond..this bond is definately the best bond thus far

This bond got depth, more believable storyline,not over the top action and good plot.Who would have thought bond have actual feelings, forget the crappy On her Majesty blah2, this is time bond definately is in love.Not just "bang" once and bye bye.

And that my friends is why i love this bond,for once he's not using the women for the greater good.Then the plot.Yo great one they show how bond started out, naive and egoistic and way cold which later on he did a 360 and became this so in love dude. I think that's y they picked Daniel Craig cause he does have
the charisma to pull off this bond.He's a great actor BTW, however he still doesnt look like a bond to me, too buff and too blond.

Action was great and ok i kinda lied, it's not really THATlogical, but to compare it with other bond movies, i found this one more believable.I personally love the first scene with all the jumping2 from one platform to another,whoahhh..And not to forget there are no awesome/weird gadjets that makes u swoon.This time bond solely use the normal stuff, guns/fighting skills/and the cars.

The badguy?Good enuff, not that evil.Like im gonna rule the world type but he'll do.And me thinks he's motive or plans are far more believable than any bond villain's combine.Hot mamas? Eva Green is cute,at an angle
when the light hits her she's so pretty,maybe it's the eyes..oh and she's a great actress,she sold me.

So with great storyline,good layered characters and niceee action,I'm sooooooooo liking this bond.However!...the end needs to be cut down so badly, it got dragish at the end, personally i think they cutat least 10 min at the back.That's the only negative i have. Vote 4/5


The Host

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No Virus?

This movie felt like ages to come out...and finally it did.And thank god it was worth the wait.The Host is the most character driven monster movie I've ever seen.

I saw the host with Aniruj and it was the 2nd row!But I still suck it and watch the movie like i was at the back row.I don't know bout aniruj though,but thank you for also sucking it and watch the movie at the 2nd row.

Ok back to the movie,let's start with monster.Me thinks it was ok not as menacing as the other monsters I love,maybe because i've seen it before (the relic).however it's still good and scary when it rampage the city and ate/killed loads of people.This first scene is definately one of the best monster terrorizing a city scene ever.It was fast,scary and introduce the characters we will soon learn to love later on.And the best thing bout the monster is it's ability.This thing can store food in it's multi layered mouth and can swing like a monkey using it's
awesome tail.I think that's the monsters strenght,the ability. CGI was ok, not top notch,but since it was from asia,hey..good enuff

The characters!Now this is the strongest point of the movie,most monster movie is bout screaming and running and terror(which i sometimes loved it,but as a great movie?no-no) ,but The Host really centers bout the characters.And most important,they are soooooooooo likeable,so real that we don't want any oh em to get eaten.In a nutshell,the movie is bout a family trying to save the youngest member of the family who was taken earlier by the monster.So these really funny,really real and really clueless family sets out on a journey to find this kid
who could have been eaten already.The characters are so well written,they are not the heroes we usually see in the movies,the macho,level headed heroes.Here they are very silly!clumsy, clueless and dumb...but the way they strive to find the kid
no matter what is so endearing that I wish nothing at all will happen to them,and when SPOILER! some of them did bite the dust, it really was sad.

Storywise was also good,i see lots of hidden msg in it,like white guys
= bad and korean gov = bad.Kinda the same like Memoirs of a Serial Killer*thank you azmir for the cd and sorry for not sending it back to u yet :P. And also many korean culture related refrences that i dont quite get, but good to know.And the best line ever in the movie is definately
"no virus?".Buwahahahhaha,that was funny.The movie has a nice blend
of dark humour here and there,at one point there is a scene that suppose to be really sad, but few seconds later nearly everyone in the cinema was snickering/ laughing.Good blend.

All in all the host was a fun ride and Hollywood, pls no remake.Another 4/5,But a strong 4



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Majalah ini tak dapat dijual..
Boleh,mungkin...jika letak kat bontot kau

Cinta tersangat lah best, seriously i think it's the best malay movie i've seen so far,beats out the flashy still good PGL and beats out the controversial but good Sepet which most people deemed the greatest malay movie.

Watching cinta is like watching a really sweet romantic malay movie with top notch quality of a hollywood movie.Cinta is sooooo there,up the level with Hollywood gred A movie making style. The editing is nice, transition good,colours was breathtaking,story was good,script great..acting! excellent! there's no wrong in this movie.

As usual lets start with the acting,Fatima Abu Bakar, ur the best actress in the movie! I loveeeeee u.How can i missed such a gem.Before this, i seriously was like fatimawho?..or at least "ala mak aliya tuh".I should have respect u more, but now u got my respect.I would seriously like to learn from u,if i got the chance lah *nak blah dari keje nih pon susah.Rahim Razali, another great actor, kor selamba jer and it works..proves that with exprience, u'll be a great actor.

Nanuhas always been my fav, and in here she still delivers,also that Quairdude. Aliawas cute as usual,she can pull it off whether her acting is great or not, her presence covers it all.The lucky guy that married Vanida also did well, though at times he looks like he's smirking rather than crying,Rita'sa whore! nuff bout that. Fasha...erm oklah,Eizlan, ermmm not bad.The worst got to be, Pierre Andre, dude! wake up! e's becoming a typecast,since Gol and Gincu, he's acting ability is so limited ,It's always the same blank face.Maybe its his character i dont know, but so far the only acting I've seen him done is that same blank face.This is the 2nd time, if i see again...foul!

Character,I wont discuss all cause there are too many,I'll discuss my fav.Fatima Abu Bakar,Such a great character,the time she told her history about her husband is soooooo sad, I was nearly in tears *note: jika hendak elak dari nangis,buka mata luas2,cam aku wat..air jamin tak kuar*...That part alone made me love the movie,kudos to Fatima for really go into the character and also kudus to the writer for making such a great character.Spoiler! I love it in the end she finally found someone, it's like she finally found a purpose in life
and that's just plain sweet!*.Appart from that, i like that guy who got dump character,i also love the resolution, eventhough it screams LOVE ACTUALLY.However the execution is nicely done as i did went awww when he said as long as ur happy.nice.

Lines,loads of great lines,ju was right,the line isteri is anugerah is so touching, no woman would survive that line,jamin cair lah!But the weird thing is, y in the world did they highlight the scene : "majalah ini tak dapat nak dijual", what's so significant bout that I wonder.And one more thing, i love the fact that they add in some kinda english jokes cause so far,the line "i'll have what she's having" can only be seen in american movies.

Izar point out this in the movie, and i also did realise it,the color correction was
nicely done,especially Alia's part, she looked soooo beautiful with the purple t
and purplelish background,good job!

Music was well blend with the moment,so far this is the best malay movie that provides a well blend moment with the music.It seriously felt like watching Love Actually where they played old and new songs /remake throught the movie.Another well done.

Banyak lagi nak ckp nih,tapi i'll keep it short.The last two things i wanna talk bout
is the shot/angles.Two scenes come in mind.1st:the moments shot, i totally love it when i watch these american movies or whatever, when they slow mo the moment and one
character watches another character attentively.I love these savouring the moment shots. In here there are lots of it,it's like everything pause,when u see something u like..ish nak renung luar lah,pastuh harap everthing in slow mo.Next is the one single shot/take in the hospital,wow much,it went from one place to another and to another,yo!kudus 10x

So i end now with Cinta is the best movie thus far this year..really.Fatima sold me
she alone made me love this movie.Thank you whoever u are (director) for making
such an awesome movie.4.5/

p/s : ju aku curik gambo dari hang ya,thanks..dah nak tido N

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Kau Hodoh

Oh such a tiring week man,really everyday I nearly doze off at work.Come one managers take up more people!Nak ot ot tiap2 hari nih sampai bila?!?!Bila hell freezes over????Mata skrg pon dah strain sakan!Dan takder masa nak berspeaking2 dah, agak emo

Oh oh tapi last week best cuti2 ngan Jaa pura2 MC, aku finally dpt lubang tuk comic!, finally! so takyah mengharapkan THE THONG kat bangsar tuh (useless much?)This dude at Borders was very helpfull (name is Bobby), he's so helpfull sampai aku terharu terus write a compliment letter dan dan tuh.Dlm hati dia kotakan lah gak janji2nyer.Amin.So im back in the game for buying comics, Yipee!

Then last week i saw two movie,1 is bond, finally!...the other is The Host.I love both of it, but the host rowks man,love it love it love it, i'll review it and bond later, but for the time being, u can go to Jaa's blog and read the topic "Hari Bodoh Sedunia" which kinda sums up the day i had watching bond.


Next intresting Tv Series me watching is Ugly Betty,if me not mistaken, it was...erm who ya..Dieha i think that pointed there is a tv series base on the awesome latin tv series Yo soy betty la fea, which is one of my guilty pleasures back in those days.Still remember the time i skip nearly every 3dmax class just to watch Betty, god was i pathetic.So here's Ugly Betty, a remake of the Yo soy betty.I think it's great, not Ally Mcbeal great(first couple season) but good enough.For those who isnt aware, Ugly Betty tells the story of this latin chick Betty,who wants to make it big anywhere, she got an offer to work as an assistant to this dick Daniel, who is the hotshot of the company.The only reason why she was pick is because Daniel's dad dont want him to sleep with his asst, due to the reason that Betty is sorta,not good that's the story.

Here's the excellent cast;

Betty Suarez

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Played excellently by America Ferrera.First saw her in the movie,sisterhood travelling pants or something like that.I think she's a good casting choice,but!...i dont think her makeover will be as stunning as the original betty was.However though still as naive and someone meek as the original,this betty is also kinda tough, she fights back sometimes.So that's a plus.

The Suarezs

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Well this version of betty is without a mother,but the wacky daddy is.Unfortunately he isnt as conservative and weird like the original daddy was.The additional family is betty's sister Hilda and her erm "special" kid Justin.

Wilhelmina Slater

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The bitchy boss played by the wow u can act Vanessa Williams.I think she's suppose to be Armando's gf in the original betty but in this one,they made her the hero's enemy.She's one of the higher power in the company who wishes,one day,that she'll take over the company.The nice touch bout her character is that they added a kid in her life,which sometimes shows a softer side of Wilhelmina


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The gossip queen in the company,he's wil's asst.He's funny at times, but his character doesnt intrest me much.


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The dumb blonde of the story, i think she's supposedly potraying Patricia in the original betty,though not as funny and dumb as Patricia.She does have some funny scenes.And also her character has more depth then Patricia.Cause this Amanda also gets hurt in an episode or 2.

Fav Amanda Quotes;

After introducing her to Betty's father...

Amanda : HOLA!
Father : It's actually pronounce O'la
Amanda : Not it's not,there's a H.i checked (while winking)


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The Hero, the armando of the story.At least this Armando is a bit macho than the short dude in the original betty.Though both are an ass.Danial got a bit soul in him,at least he seems to like Betty from the get go.While Armando only pitied betty like halfway through the series.Oh Danial is played by Eric Mabius, the dude in the original Resident Evil

there are more, like Danial's dad who seems to be hiding something(they added a mystery in this Betty), Betty bf,Betty's should be bf and betty's only friend in the office,there are more,but not really worth mentioning

that bout it nak go krooooh now
The Host BEST!

Friday, December 01, 2006

HEROES is my new X-Men

I'm watching loads of tv series currently, cyber was like what!, but hey, me likey tv..can't live without it,before this was bout Drawn Together, now I'm gonna promote Heroes, a great show that may last a couple of season.

When I first heard bout heroes, i was excited.A real life series about superheroes, before this there was one but it sux hell and not to mention cheesy (yes mutant X im talking bout u).The first episode was enough to make me plead for more.Most of the characters have similar powers to the X-men which i love(and had to stop because of bloody PTPTN..but!ha ada but,that's for another topic).The latest ep(episode 10) was ok in terms of excitement, but character wise,well we got to know more in details bout our heroes.

Oh where are my manner forgot the intro; Heroes is bout a bunch of people who out of sudden have powers..but for what?Now that is the real question.From the looks of it, it mainly centers bout the destruction of New York but I dont buy it,and Jurina(a new heroes fan..welcome to the club kekasih) did mention they might pull a The 4400(which i will scream bloody murder if it happens like that)

Now lets get to know some of the characters, I wont mention all cause my god the cast are big.I will only mention the characters i manage to cap base on the episode i'm caping (what the hell am i talking about)


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Nicki is played by Ali Later,the very first reason i decide to watch Heroes,as I saw the promo poster in one of my comics.But unfortunately, i'm not actually drawn to this character, maybe because of her "powers".In a nutshell,she's a mom with one kid and was abandon by her husband.(both are also heroes fyi).Nicki has multiple personalities, one is her real self(jessica) the other is..erm Nicki.The hardcore badass that can rip a person in 2(i kid u not).At first I was like meh,tuh jer?...cause multiple personality for me doesnt count as super power...but ripping someone in half...haaa now that's another story.Her kid also have powers,seems like he's good at fixing machine etc(like Forge in X-men) and the hubby can merge with the shadows.


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I love claire!, she's my fav hero.A history bout the actress Hayden.I actually don't like her,I hate her in Ally Mcbeal..I don't see her as a cheerleader in Bring It On 3.But here she sold me.Maybe because of the character, I love her backstory and character.She's the timid cheerleader who happens to have super powers.Her powers is vulnerability, she can heal very very fast...she's the hardest to kill,think Wolverine without the claws


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A hindu from Chennai that came to the States to learn more bout his father's project about human evolution.Mohinder is not a hero, but me predicts he'll become the leader or guide for the heroes..something like Adam in Muntant X.(p/s:Ju suka yg ni)


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Peter will definately lead the pack.I'm guessing he'll be the captain.He's the black sheep of the family,his bro is running to become a senator(who also happens to be a hero).And first Peter taught that his power is flight, but as the series progress, he learnt that he can absorb other hero's power.Think Synch in Generation X.And let me just say, personally he got the best power..and he's the most powerfull..if in company of other heroes that is.Oh the bro have the power of flight.


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Isaac is the artist who paints the future when high (kesian).I pity this character, he has to be high in order to paint the future,hopefully when time progress he'll learn to just paint without beeing high.Basically his power isn't much but he can be the oracle and guide the other heroes.


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I call her the whisper girl(oh how original AHAHAHA),she can trick anyone into doing her biddings.Kinda powerfull but not for a hand to hand combat,however who needs fighting skills when u can just ask the enemy to sleep.She's apart of another team who are intrested in these Heroes.I hope her character grows cause i like her.

Hiro and the wonderful Charlie

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Both make a cute couple.Hiro is another favourite of mine.He's the nerdy japanesse who travels to the States cause he believes that it's his destiny.He's travelling along with his no power sidekick(i forgot his name).Hiro can bend time, he can slip to the past and future, he is also capable of stopping time.The cutie by his side is Charlie, the very very cute and likeable character that appeared in episode 8.She can store information in her head.Basically she's like a living hard disk.I love u Charlie.


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The scary dude who I don't quite understands his power yet,i think he can absorb powers after he kills a hero.I think lah.But he is strong,if u see like a mother f.His character is futher explored in episode 10.

Appart from that,there's this cop who can hear one thoughts,his FBI friend who is played by Clea Duvall(not a hero)..and then there's Claire's father who seems bad but maybe good.Eden's colleague who can erase memory.There's this guy who is a human timebomb and Claire's friend who may become a sidekick.

That's bout it...wanna prepare for working now