Thursday, January 03, 2008

Happy New Year

Ok so, I'm 3 days late..but whatever..I didn't use the pc much this past few days, only used it to watch tv series or what now we're in 2008, how the time flies no?2007 for me was a better year than last a good enuff job..the movies this year are awesome..and I'm loving life a bit more..This year's resolution? Dunno yet..ha ok I'll start with # 1...HUNT DOWN EMPIRE RECORDS! (the movie)..anyone see it pls inform me...cause I'm missing that movie a lot!...Now annually this time around, I'll round up the movies I love or hate this year...the bad was easy to pick cause there were a few which stood out for me..the good was hard to pick..I'm still choosing FYI.Soo off we go to

Top 10 Movie associate with kentut

10. Bloodrayne 2

Plot : I won't bother

Why it sucked : Easy, Uwe Boll directed it, I missed the first Bloodrayne but was a bit intrested in watching if Uwe Boll have learned anything from House of Dead or Alone in the dark.Personally he did a bit better, however his movies still sucked..Bloodrayne 2 did ok in the action department but fails because of an unintresting plot AND stupid stupid dialogues. Oh and unlike 30 days of night..the vamps in here sucked..I don't like cowboy vamps..nuff said

Saving Grace : 2 kids got killed on screen, i was shocked

9. The Messengers

Plot : Desfunctional family moves into a new house in the country, ghost appears here and there..shocking twist at the end.NOT!

Why it sucked? : Firstly, it's directed by the Pang Bros who did the very Excellent The Eye and the great Re-Cycle hence It should have been good (at least!)...I was expecting cool visuals, great ghost..spookfest!..what I got was a lame lame lame ghost flick.The ending was too predictable..the ghost was laughable..though in the trailer it did looked spooky, well it did actually in the movie..the first half hour..then it got old.All in all..disapointing.

Saving Grace : Kristen Stewart got pulled from behind, I jumped a lil..a lil.

8. Premonition

Plot : Sandra husband got killed, but when she wakes up the following day..he's still alive???Then the next day he's dead indeed.

Why it sucked? : Cause I picked it early last year as one of the movies to see this year..boy was i wrong.It was dull, didn't grab my attention at all.It does have a good plot but the storytelling is a bit confusing AND inconsistent..i.e: one of the daugthers had bruises on sunday(dont remember actually when), then on monday she got the bruise..then back tuesday it was missing..EH?..maybe I got the days wrong but I'm pretty sure the timeline was like that..Anyhoo..premonition = snorefest

Saving Grace : The car accident at the end was nice

7. Black Sheep

Plot :Experiment went wrong, sheep goes crazy and likes human meat..I was wondering when will this bloody movie ends

Why it sucked : Cause I was overexcited to see this movie, and then it turn out to be crap.It was stupid, NOT funny, gross (the types I don't like) and..crappy! I didn't enjoy it one single bit. I know it is suppose to be stupid..I've seen Dead Alive and loved it..but this one is just pure crap!See i used crap 3 times already.Gore was good but it didn't helped the movie much (for me)..when the movie reaches the part where a were-sheep appeared..I fast foward the movie till the end credits, jump up with joy and did a spread eagle then went to sleep.

Saving Grace : The gore


Plot : A boy and girl drives home from college meet with an accident which leaves them stranded on a deserted road.Oh yeah and it's cold outside.

Why it sucked : The characters are annoying, specially Emily Blunt who was great in Devil Wears Prada.I didn't like the characters and I can't relate to them.The ghost was ok, but the spook factor = 0. Scary shadows outside the door...ooooooooooo I'm shaking.Lastly the snorefest factor...I thought Premonition was slow as hell...I was wrong.

Saving Grace : The dude was ok I guess, I was rooting for him but!ter spoil lak karang


Plot : A big ass croc terrorize Africa, stupid people went to check on it.

Why it sucked : Domunic Puracel has one big ass neck, and it was distracting..maybe cause his acting ability failed beyond believe so I decided to just watch the neck.As for the other characters, I couldn't be bothered...the croc didn't eat em fast enough.As for the croc...too menacing, too CGI and toooooooo outstanding, I'm not a specialist on crocs but this croc it's hungry 24/7...the subplot was ok...but I didn't want that...I want some croc killing action that isn't far fetch.

Saving Grace : Well nothing on this movie, but the real croc intrest me and I went to wikipedia searching infos on it..quite fascinating.


Plot : A Viking boy is left behind after his clan battles a Native American tribe. They raise him, Viking people came back...he fights em and TADA! the end.

Why it sucked : It was in a way visually stunning, and the gore was cool but the storytelling was boooooooooooooooring.Karl Urban was boooooooooooooring, he didn't have pressence, dialogues was booooooooooooring and dumb..bad guys was boooooooooooooooring..everything was booring so I sleept.The end

Saving Grace : Entah, I wasn't paying attention much


Plot : Loser guy marries and big size woman, old flame came back and big size woman ain't happy.

Why it sucked : Casuse it stars Eddie Murphy, he tends to overeact and some of his jokes are lame.There's just nothing intresting bout this movie, it was more annoying than entertaining...I don't know why I went to the cinema to watch this *bad Reza.Maybe because I was attracted to the large ass from the trailer.

Saving Grace : I did laugh when the big lady went on the slide.

2.Happily Never After

Plot : Wow...I don't remember.And I won't bother looking it up in IMDB.

Why it sucked : PLOT! a very dull version of Shrek.Characters! lame,stupid and uninspired.Jokes! noneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! HAHAHA came out from me..I wanted to like this flick,seriously...cause SMG is in it..but boy does it sucked balls...seriously, IT SUCKEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!

Saving Grace : TAKDER..sumpah! aku tak tipu.

1 .Epic Movie

Plot : I don't know what to say cause it's jumbled up and illogical.

Why it sucked : Before I continue, I want to say sorry to the ones that watch this movie with me,I didn't realize that it will suck that bad.As above, the plots are jumbled up withouht actually mean anything..they just put in stuff here and there and hope it will become a plot.Which it didnt!Scary Movie did it so well,Another Teen Movie also did ok..but this one..nothing!'s just like stealing movie scene, extend it and add it stupid jokes in it..and I'm sorry to say, black people jokes in this one is way way annoying.Oh then there's this additional stupid video clip about the pirates which brings no significant but only to make the movie longer then box it and shown to the cinema..pls people..avoid this movie at any cost.

Saving Grace : Yeah lah sangat ada saving grace tuk movie nih

that's bout it ; nearly nearly made the list, Shrek 3 for being dull and The Invisible for being annoying near the last 20 minute


Siberkop said...

Mak 1st! Mak 1st!

Haritu terserempak dgn Date Movie ni kat Astro ok? Mahu menangis ok melihat ceritanya sgt offing.

Kita better buat short story nyaaaahhhh!

Anonymous said...

tuh lain bang
tapi same makers tak silap
date movie pon bodoh
tapi nih stupid-er
so sila avoid


Dela Ahmad said...

some people just wanna make movie for the sake of making movie. tapi tolong la jangan buat movie cam i am legend!!!! aku baru jer tgk smalam. sib baik bukan aku yg beli dvd.

aku tgk pon slow giler citer dan kalau nak buat malas nak buat perfect 3d toksahler buat 3d langsung.. tak menakutkan langsung. bongok giler citer tu.

ok aku tulis ni pasal ko pon tasuke movie tuh aku tau. now i know why!

Anonymous said...

yeah! ada penyokong
cool cool!
anyhoot though mmg tak best..tapi takder lah suck..but still mmg dissapointed kan..

caya ah fartface

Che underscore Lee said...

ahaha aku agree dgn most of the movie ko list kan itu. cuma yes Dominic Purcell got a huge neck.. coz he got a huge chunk of ehh... terlucah pulak sedikit... huhuhu..

btw.. masa kat Bangkok aku ade nampak poster Cloverfield... best kah?

Anonymous said...

hey! me blog pg-13, jgn getek
anyhoo patut best cloverfield, so kor nak tgk sekali ke?'ll be in 2 more weeks kot

we can go together, cyber pon dah excited mau pi

Che underscore Lee said...

naaaakkkk!! btw masa tu aku tgh semester break so inform me awal pliss!