Monday, January 07, 2008

Part 1 Fav Movie of 2007

Hi...!This year choices are a handfull, really really can't fact some actually belong in 2006 however! it shown @ malaysian cinemas in 2007 so I'm considering that as a 2007 movie..boleh kan?Finally narrow it down to 25...sheesh skit cause patut nak 20 jer..tapi entah..payah gila..anyhoot it's gonna be a 2 parter..gonna start with 25-11 ending with goes!...



Plot : The conclusion the POTC.Jack's stuck in limbo so the others sets out on a journey to bring him back to the real world while fishface is right behind their arse to stop em.

Why : To tell you the truth, i didn't like no had it moments but failed to amaze me..probally cause the jokes were not as laughable as the first one, then came At Worlds End...1st half was ok, 2nd half was the most boring part of the the entire series...luckily the last part was spectacular...The final battle was trully awesome. And the movie ended well I guess POTC is a OK in my book..but fwd the middle was draggyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Fav moment : When they turned the boat upside down to reach the real cool is that!


Surf's Up

Plot : A penguin wants to join a surfing competition.

Why : I like the concept..the reality show's funny a fresh,for a cartoon...anything that involves talking to the camera and making stupid,bitchy statement made me laugh..Then the animation...the surfing part was the nicest..cun.

Fav moment : The part where the hero fell from a big wave and the tv kept cutting back to the same scene again and again



Plot : A simple quest for a fallen star leads to a bigger grand adventure.

Why : Michelle Pfeiffer is spot on!...Deniro is wayyyyyyyy funny and Claire Danes is classy..Those 3 peeps kept me glued to the tv. Then the adventure...I have to say that there aren't many really2 good fantasy movie that came out since..i dunno since the fantasy days...(or maybe i can't recall) watching this movie was refreshing.Quick note : SMG was suppose to star as the star (eh rhymes) and she declines...well i love SMG to death but that was a stupid stupid stupid move..shesh.

Fav moment : Deniro's scene...I didn't see that coming..reminded me a LOT of Gene Hackman's scene in The Birdcage


Death Proof

Plot : An ex stuntman hunt down girls in his death proof car.

Why : 2 big reasons...1 the dialogues are like my everyday conversation with some of me peeps...It doesn't have to be mindblowing dialogues...just believable.Then the last 20/30 one of the funniest...exciting climatic ending ever for 2007..kudos.

Fav moment : Last


Meet the Robinsons

Plot : A young kid is desperate to find his mother whom abandon him at an orphanage

Why : I love what the movie is trying convey.."look foward" that's animation is bad bad bad..and the jokes aren't what I usually like watching from Cartoons...but the message itself is really heartwarming....and with Abg Long (Rob Thomas) song Lil Wonders playing as the OST...really2 made me a lil teary while watching this it

Fav moment : When the kid traveled back in time to find his mom..


Music and Lyrics

Plot : A has been superstar tries to make a comeback by collaborating with a current rising star...what he needs is a great new song, enters Drew Barrymore..

Why : The intro was excellent...I snickered at the intro vid cause it reminded me a lot of those 80s video clips like A-ha(i like!) and Duran2 (like as well)..then theres the lovely Drewwho you can't hate.The music? Way Back into Love is definitely one of my fav song last year.Story? not really much but it's interesting to watch how songwriters develop or process their ideas for a song.oh and hugh was a hoot!...always a pleasure to see him on the silver screen.

Fav scene : PoP Goes my Heart by PoP...I laughed


Dead Silence

Plot : The ghost of a murdered ventriloquist comes back for revenge..and the old lady is pissed...and scary

Why : Some hated it..some loved it..I loved it..the effing ghost was downright scary..when she smiled...yo!..finally an original spooky American ghost, the kills?brutal!we only get the body but the thought of getting the jaw ripped (or slashed?) is brutal..the twist was great..eventhough I saw it coming..but it was still great.Minor problems with the plot but at least it was original..unless someone can prove otherwise?

Fav Scene : Anything with that old lady..she scares the crap out of me.


Bourne Ultimatum (whatever that means)

Plot : Bourne whines his way through the endless goverment coverup to find out his true purpose in the agency (i was kidding bout the whine)

Why : Ok I actually didn't like the first two bourne..I watched it..was mildly impress..then forgot bout the whole plot..the only thing I remebered was the german chic.If not for Ed,I wouldn't have watch this third one.Though I still think Matt Damon doesn't make a fact good action hero...I was impress with the story..Pretty strong..and how he weasels his way into finally finding out the truth is also cool..and for that..I applaud bourne.

Fav Scene :Everything at the train station with that unfortunate journalist.



Plot : Old man kills cheating wife, cocky lawyer comes in..thinking it's an easy case..and boy was he wrong.

Why : Nothing suprising bout Ant Hopkins acting ability by now..he can play this type of role in his sleep.Ryan Gosling did ok..a few off moments here and there but I still think he'll be one of the greater actors one day.That's the the plot..whoah..Court drama,when executed correctly can be very intense..Runaway Jury anyone?And I was with Ryan's character the whole way trying to figure out how to convict and find the bloody weapon..the outcome?Waaaaaaaaaaay simple...and yet I didn't figure it out.Good show.

Fav Scene : Ant Hop shot his wife point blank..yo!Brutal.


The Simpsons.

Plot : Homer screwed up...again, Springfield is in trouble because of him..D'oh!

Why : Hey it's the Simpsons..been watching it since..i Dunno..8?10? earliest memory of The simpsons is when I imitate Lisa calling her father a Baboon and Homer's reaction was priceless!..I was expecting the same reaction from me dad..i didn't get it LOL (it's true...people do imitate stuff from tv..or maybe it's just me)'s the simpsons? What's not to love...the jokes are there...good enough plot, the whole gang is there..however..most of the jokes have been made tons of times and other characters are just there..not much of em..I want more Patti and Selma + Barney! I didn't actually laugh out loud a lot...nonetheless there are a few joke which I personally found memorable.

Fav moment : There's a few, here's what i love the most
1 .Ralph's "I like men now"...bodoh lah budak retard nih
2. Spider Pig...of all the things...
3. Clap for Alaska!
4.The police behind the alley kissing..I was like what what!!..didn't see that coming
5. rest!rest!rest!...bodoh


Children of Men

Plot : A potrayal of the world's possible future where the youngest human alive is 18 years old..and all humans can't reproduce.

Why : Actually I wanted to see Little Children, but I found out i got the wrong movie..but since I went through all the trouble I decided to just go ahead and watch Children of Men and wow was I impressed.Great flick...who came up with this possile future?Scary shit..erm the cast are mostly well known, Clive Owen still bores me though..the effect and cinematography was top notch..and there's gore! whopeeeee!...

Fav Scene : Someone got killed really really early..and sorta brutal..shocker



Plot : Oh you know the story

Why : I nver actually followed transformers...not a huge robot fan..but since the trailer was cool enough and it seems it'll be a definate blockbuster..why not kan?What I got was a cool action flick with sorta good storyline,not bad action sequen..fab effects..and great comedy.My only complain is that near the's sorta hard to figure out which is which since all of em look alike and it was not really that well lit..maybe they wanna coverup the spoilt effect i dunno.

Fav Scene : She DID IT!....i rolled on the was expected but I still laughed.


Die Hard 4.0

Plot : Hacker hacks, bad ass cop comes bang bang

Why : Story was pretty easy..but the action...woahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, fun stuff...and non stop.But u really gotta ignore the highly illogical stuff that is happening in the order to really2 enjoy..if not u'll find urself whinning and complaining on how stupid this movie is.Another reason why is Maggie Q is hot..really really really HOT.nuff said

Fav Scene : Gotta be the flyover chase scene..fuyooooooooo


The Holiday

Plot : Two ladies decide to switch houses in order to get away from their daily life routine.

Why : First off, cerita nih kuar Jan 2007 kat Malaysia iktiraf 2007 I don't care.The basic plot was cute and sweet but i loveeee the subplot involving the old man..I want my own theme song too..:(, after this story my interest in theme music grows enormously..I respected it more.Then some insights on movie terms...I love it! it love it.Oh dan ada abg ngah plus.

Fav Scene : Jack Black with Kate at the video store..playing guess the music score and Cameron Di with Jude's kids under the tent.


Pan's Labia

Plot : A girl drifts away from the cruel reality to this wonderfull magical world

Why : Uniq story, amazingggggggggg graphics, beautiful cinematography and great acting..with all this combine you get a really really good movie.Pan's just simply awesome.And it's still debatable if it really happens or not.I say it didn't cause personally it'll be a better ending for her.

Fav Scene : The freakish monster...whoever thought of that look is a genius.


Che underscore Lee said...

is Pan's Labia really a kid story? kinda eery and scary for a kiddie story..

dan bapak tiri dia yg askar tu kejam gile. sme org lah dia nak bunuh..

Anonymous said...

ikutkan derang market cam kid story
tapi mmg terlalu kejam, langsung tak sesuai tuk kekanak...juga beowolf...merepek apa kasik kanak2 tgk bontot memejam

Anonymous said...

good recommendation..
nak download a few yg missed kat pawagam..

Anonymous said...

ju : cool...jgn lupa meet the know u like tapi cuba gak curious george..baru tgk kat astro..lawak gak..ada satu adengan tuh aku leh gelak jatuh kerusi