Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dah separuh tahun dah...erk

Time passes by huh, sedor sedor dah half a year..
Lets recap shall we?

This is the part that Dela joked about

First movie saw at the cinema this year was Season of the Witch, first movie to come out normally tend to suck..but like last year's Legion..I was ok with Season of the Witch, it didn't suck..popcorn movie for me, enjoyable..but then Dela the Dodo came and ruin the movie for me by mocking the "She's not a witch..she's not a witch!" scene for me (actually the way she exaggerate it..was pretty funny)..Anyway I would say so far this year the movie offerings were pretty impressive, some movie I dissed early on turned to be good and vice versa (babi kau Red Riding Hood!)

So Now let's break it down
The Sucky Ones


Already half way in I have my most barf worthy movie of the year..which was Priest. Were the makers high or something? Thank god I missed it at the cinema...rm11 sekarang hard to come by you know. Oh Paul Bettany and Cam Gigandet..should really consider new agents, their choice of movies sucked..hard.

About to get pinch...yeow!

Speaking of Cam..saw The Roomate?...no? consider yourself lucky. It's a lame attempt on a more modern feel to Single White Female..SWF was cool..great acting with one cringe worthy stabbing scene. The Roomate just fell flat on both..the villain was piss poor..her best attempt was pulling out a belly ring, ouch?maybe..hardcore? hell no...and then came strolling in Red Riding Hood..I thank my lucky stars I didn't go nuts and watched this movie @ the cinema..such a letdown..on paper (or poster to be exact)..it looks cool..it got a Sleepy Hollow feel to it..but when you watched it..let's just say it's a train wreck..the movie lost me after the wolf started communicating with the lead telepathically. There are a few more..but lets just leave it till the end of 2011. (psst Pirates kinda sucked too)

The Not Too Shabby Ones


A LOT of good (not great yet) movies this year. I love your typical popcorn movie which just deliver the fun..and nothing else..sometimes that's all you need..entertainment. Just Go With It and No Strings Attached were two of my cool comedy movies this year..it's not mind blowing..but it delivers..I wanted to LOL..and I got it..done!

Yang kanan tu..xoxo

Next the flashy movies..the boom boom boom but still fun movies...I Am #4 though some say suck..I find it enjoyable..and the other # was pretty cool (read:hot)..though the title needs some improvement, # 4?...ooo scary. Then we have Battle LA..which delivers..with some quiet intense scene..I love the final battle..it was cool eventhough it was overly..american. Unknown was also a cool movie..Liam Neeson does know how to pick good action movies (for his age).Lastly there's Fast 5..logic aside..it's a fun movie..and who wouldn't pay to see Vin vs The Rock?!?!?

Other worthy mention are..Quarantine 2 (american) in which I originally dissed because of the poster but ended up kinda digging it. The Tunnel, Vanishing on 7th Street (who a lot hated..but I found spooky), Paranormal Activity 2, Souce Code, Attack the Block (fun weih cita nih) and a few more..which if I mention will add more babbling lines in here. (psst Mars Need Mom is pretty nice..but they really need to work on those Martian..not appealing!)

Yeeah now we reach
The Awesome Ones!


Let's start with this..early this year..been waiting like a mad dog for 3 films...2 have come out..1 left. The 2 were Scream 4 and X-Men First Class. I clawed my way to watch this movie early (I'm weird like that)..Scream cause it's from my fav movie EVER!..and First Class just cause mmg an X-Men fan since early 90s...Both delivers..Scream4 might be slightly bias..but whatever..I love it! First Class, now when news it's coming out..I was skeptical due to the line up..for the First Class..it's pretty a letdown (angel? come on!!!)..but put that aside..it was ok..janji they had Havoc and Banshee! woo!..now add Polaris in the next film and I'll be very happy.

Thor was an unexpected surprise..I diss it earlier..cause I don't like most of the Avengers..they're an ass. So I didnt watch it until the 3rd week I think and boy was I happy. Another movie I didn't expect to love so much is Super 8..great movie that one.

And finally before I end..I wanna add Insidious and Seru to the list.(a few more tapi end year lah) Both not really in my radar..only saw it by chance but was blown away by it. Seru ..a malay movie actually delivers a solid horror flick..and Insidious..was just downright scary..which took me awhile to recover from...that's it..see you again end of year...

p/s : mlm nih tgk Potter!..hooyeah!