Saturday, September 12, 2009

Major Comics On the Net? WOOOOO!

Am so stoked bout this, I just realized that comics are available on9. I dunno if the source are scan from fans or directly taken from god knows where comics are made, eh who cares!Before this I would bitch and moan on how hard for me to keep track of the comics I collect.
Eventhough I'm loyal to my comic bookstore...but they're USELESS sometimes...I miss some major comic event due to their blah like organization skills. And then wala! surfing through the net I found a place to dl the comics, and they're quite current! in fact some of the older comics i.e 60's X-Men are even available.

A sheet from Ultimatum, one of the comics I wanted to buy but didn't have the money...and look what I'm missing! Bob Eating The Wasp...yoikes!!!

I'm still gonna buy comics, depends on issue or events like Psylocke's stand alone issue...but u bet ur ass I'm not gonna go buy-happy over comics after this. Ahh i'm feeling good now. 1. Money won't go bye2 much on comics AND 2. I won't miss some crossover comics which is basically hard to keep track or collect. Ok tuh jer. Next week nak Raya dah WEIH!

Still gonna buy comics, like this one! Psylocke rules!

Friday, September 04, 2009

Major Letdown

Selalu camnih la, bila excited bebenor..tgk2 a major letdown.Wanted to like it, but sial. Ada good moments like the saloon scene but overall..pppft. Oh juga ingin note nih the worst intro of all 4 FD movies. However...seronok gak tgk movie2 horror in 3D(finally)...banyak terjerk gak ah.