Sunday, February 24, 2008

Reason not to watch Cycle 10

It's no secret that i'm watching ANTM since the very beginning,that's to Jurina stone.And it lasted till Cycle how time's not only cause of the pretty's also bout the drama and also the pix, seriously..i enjoy pretty pics..howeverrr..I actually had enuff of Top Model...and's not cause of Saleisha won..I was bitter true..but that's not the main reason I'm hating top model..

7. Have you looked at the latest cast?...seriously..what happen..last season was the prettiest for me...but alas they pick kiss ass Saleisha to win..whatever.I'm not gonna say fugly cause that's just plain me...but..what the?..

They wanna be on top

6.Mr. Jay...I can't take more of u...ur mean and full of it.

5.Nigel Barker...I've been on ur case since Cycle 3 when u shrug off one of the Japan judges comment''s one thing to shrug it's another to be actually saying ur looking for ANTM not what the hell are u doing in Japan..and need the Japan judge opinion..and he talks bout respect..jeeeeeez. Oh yeah and he's overly sensetive..go model somewhere..ur bugging my tv.

I should have gone Week 3

4.Racism...Tyra tends to keep some of the darker ladies a tad longer than they should...and I'm NOT the only one who notice this..exhibit A Dione..sure she's kinda pretty..but her pics..apakah..non is stunning..Exhibit B..Bianca, I'll give her credit..she does have a couple of good pics..but she's not top 4 material! Exhibit C...Jeada...she got the worst portfolio...ever!..ok not saying that only blacks lasted longer for this..there is...Anne and Jade...but the black gals seems to last longer than the whites or some other ethnic.There's more BTW, Bre..Eugena etc..

3."I'm not going to cast another black bitch " quoted Tyra in Cycle 3...HELLOOOOOOOOO ur still casting em..sshhhhhheeeeeeeeesh.What's that idiots name..i think it's god why is she even in the house..someone drown her plsssssss!Luckily she didn't last that long.

2.Tyra's a bully, I think tyra's overplayed showing Ebony (Cycle 9) and Cassandra downfall..I actually blame them for quitting but Tyra's really making a case out of it.Enough is enough bitch..u don't have to slap em on the face over and over.


1. TYRA BANKS...once upon a time I respected Tyra...well not anymore..I actually prefer watching Janice sometimes..rather than that phony Tyra.I especially hated when she's playing Jenah "U now found urself"...apa2 jer lah ngok.She already found herself..ur just making it hard for her.And let's face it..Plus size won't ever win..Sara seriously could have been there's Tocarra..but nooooo only in the middle.Tyra just wanna make herself look like a saint.They are other reasons under tyra,but it's just too much to list...whatever it is..I won't be watching..unless Milo or Jaa say it's actually good..Ala bukan rating jatuh pon aku tak tgk kan..


I now rest..

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Berjauhan dari Dia

Semalam was a choice between Across the Universe dam Away from Her..parents xdak kat umah so cam buhsan..pastuh movie lak bertimbun tak usha lagi nih,and it's not getting lesser.And obviously lah kan base on topic title Away From Her menang solely cause it runs like 1 hr 40 min...Across was like 2 hr plus...nak mampus aku stay up sampai kul 1 a.m?..confirm esok bangun kul 11pm..hence lambat gi keje. Anyhoot..Away From Her rupa2nyer mmg syok..direcommend tuk orang cam...erm Dela lah kot...oh dan O_blurs.

Plot : An old lady looses her mind day by day (nyanyuk) and decides that sending her to an old folks home is the best solution.The thing is she has a husband(living)..and the husband was relunctant at first but give in to her wishes.After a month there this old lady falls for another man..ok all together now...WHATTTTTTTTT!

Verdict : Cerita nih agak sedih dan sweet, sad because the husband loves her so much that he decides to whateverkan the very obvious flirting between the old geezer on the wheelchair and his wife.The husband, obviously was pissed but I guess watching his nyanyuk wife looks happy is better than nothing.So he comes in day by day watching from afar his wife giving attention to the geezer.Paling aku sedih...part ada this young lady came sit right next to him a asked, "who are you here for?"..the old man points to the wife..and the girl goes something like "oh she looks happy with the husband"..hish kalau aku time tuh mmg OUCH!That was my saddest moment.

Then the geezer was checked out of the clinic..and the wife's life somewhat declines..she because sadder day by what does the hubby do?..ha silalah usha..Basically cerita nih best cause sedih dan sweet jer..acting best..Julie Cristy is nominated for her role here..but personally..The hubby did a better job..maybe cause i fell for the dudes character..kot.

Anyhoo tlg lah tgk sapa rajin nak tgk cerita cinta orang tua...8/10

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Crappy miss call

Yeahhh watched another remake, nih pon tgk cause Dela dah tgk earlier ngan Scully, emo..dan Dela kata not good or apa kata cuba kan..though I read yg mmg agak mostly negative reviews..tapi apa lah salah usha horror2 movie nih..lagipon the next one coming pon entah bila.Oleh kerana tiada sapa di rumah and minggu nih keje siang *sampai arinih jer, so bergegas lah aku tgk 1 missed call ngan mohdel..

Plot : College students gets killed off one by one after receiving miss call from themselves in the future

Verdict : Base on plot itself actually dah agak menarik perhatian,dan i did see the original cuma takder subtitle..aku main belasah jer usha..but apa yg aku nampak mmg freaky lah gak..but cause wondering minds want to know..aku nak gak tgk remake nih cause aku tak faham the original story walaupon kazumi dah explain.

Now the review, premise is great, kinda freaky knowing/indicate how u die in the future..but how they actually show it?haiyaaa...production value for me is way lowww!'s nearly laughable.The suckiest thing bout the movie is definately the Dialogues...apakah?!!!dan ler pelakon2nyer yg deliver kaku semacam..again..apakah!specially anything to do with the detectives..(tambah yg cina besar tuh).Then the actors...haihhhhhhhh..I dunno if it's Ed Burns acting ability or whatnot..but he's stiff!Lovely Shannon also failed beyond believe..The supportings?toksah ckp ah...majority nyer cam celaka..but mostly I blame the scripts..script bad = limited acting ability.Let's list the worst actors in the movie...

Makcik Detective - baca script gila
Makcik Jaga Rumah Anak Yatim - desprate gila nak deliver line,she's actually the funniest..she was like..when's my scene..when's my scene..tiba2 deliver terus :))
Ed Burns - belakon demi duit
Shannon - cam malas belakon (Jesicca Alba isnt she ur fav star, actually did better)
Minah Latin - Errrr..needs more acting lessons
Meagan Goode - Ada semata2 nak tayang cleavage,yeah! tunduk lagi

As for the most anticipated girl, Azura Skye..sigh..her scenes are not memorable enuff.Now more on the bad,scares are CHEAP!..boom here boom there..they rely more on the BOOM sounds rather than really scaring people..and this happens a lot!The final scenes also was kinda lackluster but oklah least it's not toooooo american.

The Good, there is one scene which was slightly scary,the air vent at least it didn't follow 100% like the original..except the Reality Tv scene(I actually was expecting the same gory scenes like the original)..the ending was slightly ok..though how Shannon manage to stay alive still baffles me..need explanation NOW!...oh and the ringtone is cool..takut.One last thing..the ghost are a bit better than the Eye ghost,still trying too hard..but at least better.Dan cam Dela cakap...hantu bayi pegang phone laughable...

All in all, 3/10 AVOID! at any cost..

esok tgk Jumper!!!akan review dlm post sama!wehooooooo!


Plot : About this dude who have the ability to teleport anywhere!..yeah anywhere..somewhat like nightcrawler but cooler in sense of the distance.U see, in the blink of an eye, he would be in Egypt..just like that!*snap fingers.

Verdict : Pretty Cool flick,I'll just make this short cause I'm at work..slightly bored but still need to work.Well like earlier, it's a cool flick, nothing really awesome..effects lah kot..yg wow,and the powers but going through like 3/4 of the movie it got old a bit...specially the Jamie and Hayden's chase scene..bamf(bunyi nightcrawler teleport) satu dunia. Plot oklah kot..good enough..aku tak ngantuk pon..that's a good thing, walaupon mmg ada draggy skit..Rachel Bilson was underuse...bummer..and Hayden is still shock there..Personally the star for me is Jaime Bell...Sam playing himself..annoying,macho and works..erm appart from that nothing else kot..I'll definately remember some parts for like 1 month or so..but will forget it as soon after an awesome movie comes by, all in all 6

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Eye 2008

Yeahhhh! tadi ada orang setuju tgk The Eye remake..yeah another remake..xpalah..tgk jer..mana tau best cam Dawn of the Dead, just to name a few.Oh yeh dan nak ban sushi king, sekali meal rm30??mampus aku..haih..rasa nak lari jer kuar tadi.

Anyhoot, The Eye 2008

Plot : Blind Jessica Alba recieve an eye transplant..she's happy bout it but soon realize that some of the people she's seeing are ghost..shudders~

Verdict : It was ok..I guess.Problem's basically the same as the 2/3 of the movie..nothing different (*just like The Omen)Everything from plot to ghost appearance all came out near the expected time.So no shocker going through the movie here. Then the ghosts..I get it they want to make it slightly different , but boy did they get it wrong..the angel or ghost guide looks stupid..very american,and this one time we (me and azmir) saw the ghost actually somewhat roar and clench its fist implying its pissed.Other ghost?..nearly the same but less no shock factor for me.

Mizz Alba..still don't like her, hot bod but something bout her annoys me, and personally I don't think she's right for this sort of movie, maybe comedy (like her cute undie scenes in Good Luck Chuck) but definately no-no in serious movies.Parker Posey...whyyyyyyyyyy, I love that chick but she looks bored in here.Alessandro,another actor I sorta like,but his character is Unnesessary mean and boring..and like Parker,he looks bored.

What else,story? well nothing much,it's the same, only the ending is a bit different (in which i hate)..Oh, just like to point out..The Eye is one of the great movies that I love which doesn't need a death count..I usually watch horror for it's death but this movie doesn't need it(like the Others)..however I would actually love to see the director choose the Asian ending,the american one is just too

All in all, oklah kot...5/10

p/s : masa kat pawagam ada minah india nih kuar gi toiler(kot), pastuh tiba2 dia muncul balik ngan sari nyer terbang2nyer..terkejut eden..aku lagi terkejut dgn tuh dari the whole ghosts combine in this movie..leh?..kehadiran akak indian tuh.. 10/10

Monday, February 04, 2008

LOST iz back!!!

But b4 that!...thanx milo! banjer sisha!!!first time try sedut real2 nih...sampai batuk2..takper2 control cool, janji aku mmg high sat.."ala ma,sekali sekala.." bodoh lah korang!...oh dan jaa moga business sisha hang kembang ngan hebatnyer lagi..arituh aku ngan milo try our best tuk belakon sisha tuh cool dan in thing.

So Lost 401, saw it like 2 days back, aweessssssssssome..but I don't have anyone (at that time) to talk had to zip it like a day.Nasib ada Jurina.Ok Lost 401, spooky shit's getting weirder by ep.The ghost or whatever the hell it was is spooky..and me likey...bring on the horror!wohooooooo!

Apa lagi?..oh I still hate John Locke, dude come on!explain first then act.Mana lah orang lain susah nak caya kor.Sheesh.Jack and Kate suprisingly didn't get on my nerve.But the highlight is Hurley..mann i got teared up a bit..his speech scene was fab!And made lotta sense...there were lots of tender moments i love in this ep.Most involving Hurley..i love the scene where he jumps into the sea doing a cute, I teared up yet again when Rose mentioned to Claire that Charlie's a hero...ahhh such sweet moments..

Then the freaky takut!..Jacob's hut scene is downright spooky.So's that black bald dude with the big eyes..They really know how to cast freaky looking peeps.Ethan anyone?..

All in all a great start to a hopefully awesome episode..10/10

p/s : berjaya nampak cloverbitch jatuh dlm laut..3rd time's the charm i guess

Friday, February 01, 2008

Post Bitchin

Hmm ramai post bitchin lately, i mean taklah bitchin, tapi luahan , complains dan sebagainyer...aku pon nak join in the fun..

Semalam tanpa sedari aku tgk Sweeney Todd, oh tapi sebelum tuh tgk Cloverfield again..pada sesapa yg sakan nak tgk ending binatang tuh jatuh...ok..aku tak nampak weih??????! cam ombak splash tuh ada lah..ngengada JJ nih..TAPI! aku tunggu lah sampai abih semua credit role dan india jaga pawagam tuh duk jeling2 suh blah (eh hello aku bayar..kot suka lah aku nak stay sampai credit)...dan mmg ada faint sound "It's still alive" agak spooky sound tuh.

So pas abih tuh tgk lah Sweeney Todd, ha ok aku nak mula bitchin..orang yg aku tgk dengan tak ikhlas jer berkawan..entah apa2..mmg aku nak rethink persahabatan nih...anytime nampak orang dia kenal dia lari..on the phone..sakan suh aku diam..arituh tiba2 tak inform pon kena jumpa sedara dia petang tuh kat Midval and that time aku takmo blah lagi cause nak terus gi keje mlm..ingatkan nak lah hang lama aku pon being a bitch takmo ah genjak..dan nak ikut jer jumpa..tapi takkkkkkkkkkkkk, segan lah..karang report mak lah kuar ngan laki, WTF!...balik kampung lah ko.So after debating and slight manipulation kerana aku akan buhsan..last2 dia agree to beli ticket Sweeney Todd tuk melayan aku sampai 8p.m.Tapi sebelum tuh dia beli dompet tuk adik tersayang dia.So lepas part (dan aku partly still bitter) aku lepak Jusco carik2 baju..tgh sembang ngan Nik Norli, tiba2 dia call...bebel2/tuduh2 aku ambik dompet adik dia baru beli tuh.WTF! hoi..walaupon aku nih celaka,bitch dan slightly insane suka2 kacau2...takdernyer aku nak kacau sampai tahap tuh..ingat aku suka sangat ke nak nyusahkan orang sampai gitu sekali...tapi takkkkkkkkk takmo caya gak...sakan lah datang ke jusco muka teary nak mampus tuduh2 lagi..check beg comic aku lagi..HA AMBIK KOR..xda apa pon..nak gak kesian tapi dah kena tuduh demikian sekali kan..ahhh PISS OFF!..last2 tau gak nak blah minah tuh..

Then tgk Sweeney Todd terus tak best, tapi razli dah ckp pon agak buhsan lagu2 broadwaynyer...mmg betul pon..opening credits, johnny depp muncul terus nyanyi then aku ZZZZZZzzzzzZ aku cuma sedar diri part Ali G muncul..dan ya..lagu2nyer buhsan, ada lah satu dua aku leh layan..aku malas nak review lelebih citer nih cause aku tak tgk sungguh pon...mana taknyer kul 8.30 tak abih2 nyanyi lagi..dan aku kena ke terpaksa blah tak abih tgk cerita tuh..tapi sempat ah call razli camner razli i'm on ur side cita nih ZZzZzZz skit.tapi ada gore best :D..anyhoo nak bitchin lagi lah..sebelum aku tgk nih adalah "mamat ikutan ni" ckp eh kor caya ke cakap razli tuh review movie..well actually aku patut caya..cause dia suka cloverfield dan kor TAK! nuff said.

Erm nak bitchin lagi skit lagi lah, semalam akak aku ckp ada flight ke Phuket agak murah..tapi takkan nak ikut dia jer kan..boring dia suh ajak kawan..HAH!..korang nih mostly beria jer ckp oh nak bercuti...nak pantai..tapi bila ajak...takda duittttttttttt! so takyah lah ckp nak bercuti SAIKO.bila ajak ada2 jer alasan..maleh dah, nasib lah ada trip jaa tuh..(sapa terasa tuh terasa lah yeh,oh tapi takut gak orang aku tak bermaksud pon terasa, takper YM to confirm)

Dan nih pulak pesal kawan aku sorang kat Penang tuh, lama tak contact lah apa lah..apa kata kor contact aku?aku jer asyik contact kor sampai beratus bill, aku tau lah aku line..kor prepaid tapi if ala apa the malaysian saying tuh..nak seribu something2 tuh...apa kata kor cuba call? susah ke? nak email pon kena nunggu setahun..oh oh dan juga..sedara2 aku nih..beria lah lama tak contact..tapi aku email taknah berbalas..tapi update friendster boleh?...lantak korang lah..dah sudah aku letih

To sum it up; Sweeney aku rasa ok jer tapi still buhsan lagu2nyer, minah bengap tuh aku malas kuar ngan kor dah(kalau gay love weih..kena sorok!!), kalau nak bercuti aku percaya jaa jer, noi sila sedar..dan..kesian loloq dah meninggal..aku tak lah follow career dia tapi dia ada dlm zombie pisang..dan dia cool dalam tuh so agak aaawwww.