Sunday, August 27, 2006

Ular atas Pesawat

Today after searching through the phone cause (cyber didnt want to go out today)finally there's ed,hmm long time tak tgk wayang ngan dia why not kan..luckily he went online at the right trulululu(bayangkan aku tgh prancing..) went to pick up ed with his ever quiet friend SA (and i thought i was the quiet one)...suddenly noi called..she's apa lagi...small reunion bebudak bainun ah..she came with her friend Siti who's really really nice..(btw derang datang ngan pakai baju kurung hebat,mmg ramai gila head turning masa derang jalan),so we went in..but was split up cause the cinema was fully booked...and I beeing the nice one..was the only one sitting alone..but i dont mind..janji tgk cerita ni.


Snakes on a Plane

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Plot :This dude witness a murder occured right in front of him and then put under protection by the police.In order to put that mobster down,he has to attend a trial in LA.So he and 2 agents board on an red eye flight to get there.But this mobster already plan ahead and orders his "people" to release deadly snakes on the flight...chaos ensues and i go wopeeeeeeeeeeee!

Verdict : This gotta be the best summer movie this year!It one heck of a ride.This movie is not just dumb fun like most of the movies i rated here...its pure fun with lots of *gasp and leg beeing pulled up going on.

First off the usual,acting...everyone is the bomb in here..the ass is an ass...the bimbo IS a bimbo!...the strong chick is the strong chick..the comic relief..oh u get the idea.Everyone played their part well!I didnt hate anyone..even the fat hawaian chick was cool enuff (sempat kena fondling tuhhhh).Character wise? I didnt give a flying F..this story is soooooooo not about character developement...Ok here's a not a big fan of black movies..but i really do like samuel L jackson (pernah confess kat azmir..pastuh dia wat muka ewww, dude i like his acting lah!), most movie that have a black character in it I would most definately turn of the tv,not always but 60% chances are there.But this story eventhough we have the usual typical black character type; U know a bit overacting,tantrum here and there cracking jokes...,I was not at all turned off here,maybe its the realistic acting by Samuel and Kenan or maybe the character is well written,whatever it is...i wasnt annoyed AT ALL! And the jokes are hillarious!!!!!!!!.Me also felt sad for some of the characters that bite the dust..sniff2..sian miker.

Gore!The gore was awesome,bites to the eye!,bites to the sensitive area :P, and bites to the boobs from what i heard (tapi tak tunjuk dlm pawagam...emooooo!tapi F word tak cencored lak..pehal??!?).The pace was fast ,no boring moments at all.Every frame (after they boarded the plane that is)is filled with terror moments that even i, felt afraid...and it did affect me a little in sense i suddenly felt something moving near my leg..damn! I was affected!me!shows how good this movie is.

Not saying that i have a fear of snakes,but i certainly wouldn't want to be near 'em.BAsically this movie really makes snakes looked terrifying.Ye lah sampai aku pon risau2 kot something ada bawah kerusi aku...pehal??!

And like Red Eye this really is a straight fwd story,no twist and turns...its just beeing real without trying to hard..and delivers all the thrills and laugthers.Oh the jokes in the movies is awesome and the timing ...DEAD ON!.Hmm what else...well me thinks that bout it...and seriously...shout out to Ju,Izar and that bimbo with jugs(dela) etc...go watch this ride indeed.

Rate system menyatakan 4/5...

oh dan terima kasih pada noi dan siti kerana banjer pizza! tak sia2 dapat 3K kan

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Aku Sahut...ker saut?ke paut??arghhh streSS!!!(bm aku p4)

...cabaran anda wahai jurina yg tabah..tadi pi sembang2 ngan hang best gak..banyak update terkini dapat dan kenal anda lebey mendalam...sambil pegang tangan dan tenung mata masing2 lama2 (statement last sah sah rekaan)/Tapi yeh aku sahut ke saut cabaran hang..cause apa hang cakap agak benar..then balik tadi sambil terbayang2 kan kor time drive (juga direka) teringat aku hutang kor something kat here it nice yeh...aku sensitif


1. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it.
2. Am I lovable?
3. How long have you known me?
4. When and how did we first meet?
5. What was your first impression?
6. Do you still think that way about me now?
7. What do you think my weakness is?
8. Do you have a crush on me?
9. Would you kiss me?
10. What makes me happy?
11. What makes me sad?
12. What reminds you of me?
13. If you could give me anything what would it be?
14. How well do you know me?
15. When's the last time you saw me?
16. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't?
17. Do you think I could kill someone?
18. Describe me in one word.
19. Do you think our friendship is getting stronger, weaker, or staying the same?
20. Do you feel that you could talk to me about anything and I would listen?
21. Are you going to ask me back and see what I say about you?

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Aku Selalu Akan Ingat Apa Terjadi Musim Panas Arituh..or cam jaa ckp..aritewwwwww

That day kan on my first day, ada sorang celaka nih langgor aku,first day lak tuh.Aku taktau lah nak take it as karma ke...omen ke..prophercy ke...tapi gila rasa down...dah ler cina tuh agak celaka..duk tunda2 nak bayar.HEY mau jer aku pakat ngan Jaa pull a i know what u did kat mamat tuh..suh jaa pakai raincoat..pastuh golek2 atas mamat tuh cam nak wat capatti...anyway heharap esok dia bayar lah yeh..dah emo maksima..dah ler kereta baruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!OH dan nik congrats kerana berjaya masuk top 10 Mentor tunjuk ajar mak ayamku.



So finally i got to see i'll always know what you did last summer(all the previous cast are not it sight..thank god!Brandy anyone??!?!?)..let's review ek...

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Plot : Some teens(yg IN) decided to have some fun by scaring the shit out of their friends(yg OUT) during the 4th of July carnival.And like the earlier entry of the I know..franchise..something went wrong and someone died.So also like the earlier entry..they made a pack to never reveal that they are behind the incident.So a year they have drifted appart from each other..the heroine got an sms "I know what You Did Last Summer" she freak out..and seek the other who are involved.Is it a prank or a real threat?

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Verdict : I was expecting the worst..but it aint that bad.Where shall i start?...erm ok acting,actually it ain't that bad..eventhough ALL of them are a bunch of nobodies..but at least I can bear with them and their character(Brandy).BUT some of the characters really2 did some stupid stuff.

It's like in Wes Craven's They,there's this girl who is one of those people that will be taken..but she happily went swimming alone!andin the dark...and I was like what the heck are u thinking woman!..seriously if i'm the one who's making the dialogue..this is what i will come out with Woman with big thigh :"Lalalalala..oh im going swimming cause nothing will happend to me,eventhough my friend just bite the dust early on."...basically what im trying to say is that there are chances for some of them to live...BUT because they are toooooo clever..that's why they end up dead.

Editing is very seems like going all flashy is the in thing now,luckily unlike Death Tunnel who overdid this style...IAKWYDLS kept it simple and at the right time.Score..cewah nak comment score lak..

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Moving on..blood and gore are cool enuff..some hook work here and there.But what I didn't really like is the hookman's new seems off in a way,maybe it was too small...or because it wasn't played by the original dude.There is a bit of a continuance from the previous entry,it didnt explain what actually happend but after going through this kinda make sense(meaning the ending in I still..)..

Apart from that, i think it's really an OK entry.Deserve a 2.5/5...nuthing really new..but entertaining enuff.

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that bout it...see u in 10 years when i review...i still remember what u did 10 summers ago.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Nightmares & Dreamscapes: From the Stories of Stephen King

No more working picking up calls from those brits!WOHOOOOOOO!..for those who don't know i quit my old job and got a new one starting on Monday..and its thanks to Jaa and Azreen.Thanks guys...gonna enjoy working with familiar faces from now on.
So sorry it took me awhile to update...went out to have a little fun during the 4 days break that i have till work starts again.Now's the chance to do a little bit of updating..well so far I saw lots of new movies..and old ones that i had miss..but one im gonna talk bout now is the new series Nightmares & Dreamscapes: From the Stories of Stephen King (which have already ended)

It's a collection of Stephen Kings short stories that is made into a movie..some enjoyable some snorefest..but all in all not a bad series.Oh another thing...i loveeeeeeeeeee the tittle sequence...stunning!

1. Battleground.

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Plot : A hitman was sent to kill a toymaker,after finishing the job suprisingly someone sent him a box full of army men(u know the green army toys)who came to life to wreck havoc.

Verdict : Now this is really fun episode..and with no dialogues whatsoever(unless u count grunting and screaming a dialogue)now that's special!The effects are cool enuff(remembering those days when i watched toy soldier)Acting wise William Hurt is the bomb!...and the pacing is not at all boring...unlike most Stephen King stories(which sometimes is good though)

2.Crouch End

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Plot : An American couple honeymooning in London, goes to a friend's house for dinner but end up stranded in the mysterious Crouch End district.Think Silent Hill.

Verdict : Another visually stunning episode..this episode strongest point is seriously the style and visual.Spook factor not that much..and few jumps here and there.Storywise..kinda ok...a bit confusing..but basically u really gotta undestand Mr.Kings F@$!@ up mind.Acting wise...nuthing to scream about but Claire Folrani is hottttttttttttttt!She alone made me glued to the screen.

3.Ummey's Last Case.

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Plot : A private eye in the 30's learned that he is a made up character for a book.And the writer wants to take his place in the book.(basically he wants to exchange lives)

Verdict : This is seriously like a straight out from a Twilight Zone episode.It's more of a mystery episode than a horror one(in fact there's nuthing scary bout this movie) it's a bit funny at times but I think the strongest point of this movie is Willam H Macy's acting(izar kata muka dia cam bulldog..which is kinda true)He executes both of his character excellently(ada ke ly kat bakang?).All in all an intresting story but not my cup of tea.

4.The End of the Whole Mess

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Plot : A young genius, Bobby Fornoy, comes up with a chemical cure for human violence. With the aid of his brother Howie, he comes up with a way to implement it worldwide. But the “cure” comes with a horrible side effect.

Verdict : Another episode that has Twilight Zone written all over it.But i like this one better that the previous entry.Premise is great...plot is intresting and the acting top notch,it's great to see Henry Thomas(after that disaster MOH episode) and Ron Livingston here.Also its been a long time since i see a good brotherly love movie.

5.The Road Virus Heads North

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Plot :On the way back from a check-up a writer stumbles upon an intresting piece of art/painting.Falling it love with it..he bought it.Later he notice that the picture keeps changing wherever he goes.And it also doesnt help that the person's picture on the paiting is scary as hell.

Verdict : It started out really scary..the painting is seriously disturbing.THEN nearing the end it fall flat.Y?Well to start off..i didnt understand at all what the heck the ghost wanted.Secondly it ended just like that(aku tgh snap finger nih)A pity cause it really started out good.Acting wise is ok..not a big fan of Tom Berenger.All in ok ep.

6.The Fifth Quarter

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Plot : A conman is set release only to find his ex partner in crime was shot.But before he died he asked the conman to pick up where he left off.

Verdict : I really dont get it..this story has nothing to do with nightmares OR dreamscape...its basically a straight up story about a con getting revenge.So what?..shesh..i was hoping for a monster or anything to come up and bite somebody's ass.That didn't happend.The only good thing I can think of bout this movie is Jeremy Sisto..who've always been one of my fav actors..and the ending which is kinda cool...apart from that...snoreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

7.Autopsy Room Four

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Plot : A business fall dead on a golf field..and is brought to an autopsy room to figure out what happend.What the surgeon there doesnt know that the dude is still alive..but paralyze.

Verdict : Here here..this is my fav episode.Its funny!Love the dialogues!Plot is simple but the way they drag this movie to be a none boring 1 hour show is sooooo cool..i was attached to the screen the whole time.Another thing to note is that i've wondered before whatever happend to the dude who played Billy in IT well i've been answered.

8.You Know They Got A Hell Of A Band

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Plot : A couple is stumbles upon a weird town which is populated by dead superstars.(elvis to name one)

Verdict : Not a bad episode..but also not that good either.The idea has been done a lot of times..and truthfully im getting tired..if they had bought any spooky things into the picture i might be slightly more intrested..but to be scared by elvis??! i dont think so.Personally i think this is a bad episode to end the series.OH but theres Steven Weber in this movie...but he did nuthing..just moan and groan.

me rate :

1.autopsy room four
3.the end of the whole mess
4.crouch end
5.umney's last case
6.the road virus heads north know the got a hell of a band
8.the fifth quater

Friday, August 11, 2006

Camp Slaughter my arse

I just got this movie titled Camp Slaughter aka Camp Daze..and it was so corny and campy i dunno if im gonna rate it as bad or good/bad (fun).

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Plot was good.It's about a bunch of teens,who took a wrong turn.They end up at a camp, the funny thing is they are stuck in 1982..or is it '81?..anyway,like the usual where there's a camp..there's a killer on the loose..killing every one,the counslers and the kids..but there is an itsy bitsy twist that will blow ur mind.

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Now how shall I rate it?It's kinda hard cause for a straight to video is kinda good.But! for an A movie oh god how it sux.Quality sux hell.Especially the sound..u can tell the diffrence from one cut to another, and the sound effects...ayoyoyo amateur nak mampus.

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Acting wise is a big HAHA...I know a couple of them..others = whooooo.One of them, Matt Dallas is the star of the current hit show Kyle XY.(I bet when he grow older..he'll looked back and lol when he saw where he started from).Now to the characters...where do i start,there's this annoying madonna like cheerleader,there's this BIG girl who says she run tracks(HUH???!),there's this guy who wears half shirt where it'll expose ur abs(oh dear god),there's this dude who goes grabby with another innocent kid,there's this token black chick..who..well sux...the list goes on...hence...character and acting wise is not the movie's strong point.

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Gore wise was ok..not bad actually.Plot was a bit confusing.I blame the goes from here to there and then to here and then north pole.Pening weih...though i get the ending...the editing didn't help me at all.BUT it is a good concept and the set / props was dead on.

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Last thing i want to add,there are lots of Friday the 13th's nod in this movie.Kinda cool,but skit2 tuh dah ah kan.

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Well i end with it's a good concept, bad bad execution with stoopid characters and acting and kinda gay...see it to understand it.Rating ... erm 1/5 if im rating an A movie but 2.5/5 since it's a straight to video movie

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Monday, August 07, 2006

I cried

Yep I cried last Friday,not under the shower mind u.Ok let me tell u the y.Just a bit of an intro.Have u guys heard any statement from anyone or any movie related?
I had a couple that sticks in my head like

Jerry Mcguire : U Complete Me

Billy Loomis going : What's your favourite Scary Movie..

or even

Mallrats : U know what!There is no Easter Bunny!.

but last Friday someone made a statement that made me cry..Ok here's the situation,there's this new guy at my office.His name is Irwan(patut lah mulut azab...KIDDING IRWAN!BAINUN)he's a bit of a racist.I wont say what race is it that he always complain about..but base on what i'm gonna say..u guys might know which race i'll be refering to.

First day on the floor.He already made a statement.

Irwan : Apersal banyak sangat kaum *@*@$&$@ kat opis nih yeh..derang bukannyer pandai sangat pon

and he said it out loud.and I was soo shocked..Seriously there is a place to say these thing and not to mention the volume!There are other racial statements but I wont say it anymore..with the exception of....

THEN....last Friday..he did it again.At that time I was trying to avoid him at all cost..cause I dont want to look like a racist too,since everytime he made a statment I would be there.Unfortunately...I had to sit beside him cause there weren't enuff space..and as predicted..he made a statement.


Irwan : Eh reza, ada ke patut customer nih tanyer aku dari @!%!# ker??!?!

Aku : Erm biasa ah tuh.Aku pon selalu kena (sambil membuat keje amal..cuba ignore nih cause i know a statement will come out)

Irwan : Tak lah..beza sial kitanyer slang ngan derang.

Aku : *dah berpeluh dah, dan cuba sedaya upaya takmo layan.

Irwan : Derang nyer slang lain lah.Derang bunyi lebih cam LULULULULULULULULULULULULULU(lidah sampai terkeluar2 cam tgh jilat benda..dan bunyi cam red indian nak gi serang orang)

Aku : WAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH BABI LAH KAMU! (sampai nangis2 aku gelak nih!)

end story..

Effect : While I was praying..the lululu suddenly entered my mind and i started laughing(yeah aku tau aku tak kusyuk).Then when i got back,i went online to see if anyone is around so i can spread the love..luckily there was azmir.


ok moving on.I went to see The Dorm cause i've been dying to see it since forever!...but never had the chance until last Saturday..btw before i move on lets just say i had a hell of a time shopping.

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So dorm.How was it?..before going into the cinema i did a bit of a check with Fadz's blog(the one stated as Since He Linked Me on the right)...and after going throught the dorm exprience..yeah i gotta say i agree with is a coming of age story.It started out kinda like a horror story..but it ended as a coming of age story.Let me also point out that I saw this story with Noi and another friend who shall be nameless for the time beeing.And watching it with noi i went auww remember the times in those dorm days..blah2 yada2.Yeah this movie does bring back many memories.Like going to the toilet at nite.The "ampaian",though the bathing room was diffrent..(dunno bout the girls one though)...and then the slighty strick headmaster..(cikgu normah anyone)all in all It's a lovely story...

But there was a high volume of male bonding going on in there which made me go "izar izar izar"(im serious.)but i could look pass it since they were kids.And then the LOL jokes in the most outrages time..seriously it was suppose to be a sad or scary momment but mostly i laugh when I heard the stupid statements came out from the kids mouth.

And not to forget.I also found it funny when the headmistress opened the drawer and started crying.Like MOVE ON LADY!...if any of ur students see this they'll think ur mad!.Before i get bang for this comment..let me just state,yeah i get it she felt guilty..but the way they showed it and how she choose to remind herself of the a wee bit silly for me.But that's just me.Anyway it is a good movie.I would recommend it.

last minute note.I applaud my friend who picked up on a twist the first 20 minute..good for u!

Rating meter : Tarian cangkul Jaa.. aka 3.5/5

Before me leave u guys..i really gotta post this.Yo soy betty la fea..remember that spanish tv series?it'll be remake for an american audience!Now that i gotta see!...still remember those times when i skip halfway through maya class(patut lah marks tuk maya cam kaput)..and ran home(to my room) to watch betty in my mini tv which one day blew up.Here's the link

nite people..N

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Return of the Remakes

The title says it all,remakes are pouring in like..ermm haaa!like izar's myspace friend request!..(psst he's still the in thing)

Ok first off,let me tell u bout Scream 4,there were rumours going about that there is another sequel for the excellent scream trilogy..but it has been shot down.Since everyone is bz and neve is still undecided.This is what I can say...deep2 inside..I do need another scream..but it's not a must..if so it happens..pls kill off Neve bring in another heroine!! ok im done with that..

So here's a list of some of the coming remakes...

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First off : Wicker Man,
Plot : An investigator went to a secluded island where their beliefs are a wee bit diffrent from ours(ok a lot).He's there to investigate a missing child case.But as he dig in deeper,he notice that the town is not what it seems.
The original : To tell u the truth,personally i didnt like the original,i mean seriously WHAT'S WITH THE CONSTANT SINGING!I THOUGHT IT WAS A HORROR/MYSTERY STORY.and the ending was predictable enuff..and i'm sure this one would be about the same without!the singing(im really hoping there wont be any).On the plus side..the town was a bit toooooooo weird(which is good) for my liking..if u ask me, i would have haul ass the first night.
Prediction : Base on the trailer..I do think it would be ok..Basically i didnt like the original that yeah I dont mind much bout this remake.

Second : Day of the Dead
Plot : It's the third chapter of the dead series.About a handfull of survivors living in a bunker hoping to find more survivor while experimenting on the zombies.
The Original : Was ok..a bit slow,but good enuff.
Prediction : I'll say this much,since they have already remake the other 2 earlier chapter(which turns out good..what am I saying..its great!),I'll say go ahead!And with the cast like Mena Survari in it i'm sooo looking foward for this remake..and lets just hope it'll move a bit faster than the original one.

Third : Black Christmas
Plot : Sorority sisters stay back for Christmas is beeing killed off one by their own home(it's a big ass home) .. :o *gasp
The Original : WASSSSSSSS SLOW!...but it is good and eerie..but boy was is sloww!..but the good thing is..Black Christmas was supposebly the first movie that introduce a killer stalking dames using a phone.(when a stranger calls came right after this movie).Plus side,Olivia Hussey was the bomb!..she's so innocent and nice and endearing till u know she will survive at the end.And I also liked the killer..he sounded really2 weird.
Prediction : I dont think it'll beat the original fell of eerie and bleakness.But im sure it'll at least be moving faster than the original.Oh and the cast is kinda good.

OK that's bout it.There are more..but I need more info.OH let me also share with u guys that Halloween would/might be remake by Rob Zombie..and i say WTF..leave it be!Before I leave for work..let me leave u with Gellar's latest movie THE RETURN

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Plot :Joanna Mills, a tough young Midwesterner determined to learn the truth behind the increasingly terrifying supernatural visions that have been haunting her. Joanna has made a successful career for herself, as sales representative for a trucking company. But her private life has been difficult; estranged from her father, stalked by an obsessed ex-boyfriend, and with few friends, Joanna fears that she is losing control. She sees and feels the brutal murder of a young woman she’s never met, at the hands of a heartless killer - a man who appears to be making Joanna his next target (*aku copy jer nih)