Monday, June 20, 2011

Laddaland and more craps

Ada la old friend nih, tetiba mengajak tengok Laddaland..xda dlm radar pon nak gi tgk secara gigih cerita nih..tapi xpalah..bknnyer aku wat apa pon aritu..Kawan tersebut kata...rakan-rakan Thai dia kata cerita tu best. Dan lepas tgk aku rasa nak lempang laju-laju rerakan Thai tu, penipuan! Firstly cerita tu soo scary my ass lah...cerita ni majoritynyer mengharapkan sound effect jer nak takutkan orang..dari segi hantu..bwahahaha!..they even relied on a black cat to make us scared, lame!..oh malah..kelibat manusia jalan tetiba pon nak di BOOM nyer..I repeat..LAME!..

Ceritanyer lak gila dramatic...x sangka lak cerita nih lebih pada drama keluarga..drama nyer works lah gak kot..if ur into it..I wasn't..I was expecting something else. Oh plus all the characters I couldn't care less..nak bunuh 1 whole family pon go ahead lah..I won't mind, semuanyer annoying.(oklah maybe the smallest kid tu x annoying sangat)

Lastly..aku emo cerita nih cause dia xda hantu core..I mean hantu nyer xda explanation langsung why, kenapa tempat tu berhantu..kenapa maid tu menghantui Laddaland..banyak lah why dari aku. So overall ceritanyer adalah kentut. Oh BTW it's based on a real place yeh, aku baru baca ain't impress.

Lepas tu aku lepak rumah kawan aku nih nak layan apa-apa horror flick dia ada yg aku xda. Aku nampak The Rite and Priest..aku nak copy memula..tapi oleh kerana the night is young dan ia adalah ujung minggu..aku layan jer terus kat umah dia. Overall..dedua cerita tuh agak kentut..The Rite ok sikit lah kot but still a no...mungkin aku tak abih-abih nak compare ngan Emily Rose/Exorcist kot. Priest pula????? lebih kentut dari Laddaland..apa kejadah cerita nih..seriously..apa ke jadah??? Lepas abih semua cerita tu..aku pulang ke rumah dalam gaya "walk of shame"

In a nutshell
Laddaland : pffft
The rite : Less pfft
Priest : Cirit (dah ler ada hati tayang in 3D..HAH!)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Post Riak

2 months prior, a good friend of mine approached me to write an article, a short one..400 plus words, for his company's online Mag.
Am a lil bit baffled, slightly ecstatic..definitely interested..cause hey bila lagi...known mag or least I'm published (kan?..twice!)..
Overall it was fun to write the articles, dunno if they'll be more or not..but I'm ok with writing more articles.

Anyway the first article is about this Australian flick that premiered online 2 months back for free! was supported by Torrent..tittled The Tunnel. Did a bit of digging for the article and true to rumors it is released online for's sorta like a fan funded movie..kudos really...but where are you gonna get back the money is beyond recently I legally download that movie...and it was ok...kinda slow..and with the Aussie slang and all I got tired after some time..However the villain was looked menacing under the night vision..but overall in the end it kinda fell flat comparing to all those far greater hand held movies created prior to this...but the movie is OK...just OK...allright that's it..till next time! -n-

Monday, June 13, 2011

Just my luck

Bila aku keje pagi je...ada problem ngan system..HISH!
Dah ler sekarang nih ada officemate yg gila ticket count...abih semua ticket dia kautnyer..I foresee ticket count bulan nih for me low..sigh!
Oleh kerana xleh wat keje now till 4 p.m...aku layan net..and found these poster that I deem cool...enjoy lah

If Singapore Mag First is still publishing, tentu leh dapat full set Harry Potter character posters!

Actually this looks dumb..agak terkejut depa wat on a plane..

Personally aku rasa poster Super 8 nih cool dan old school gila!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Super Cute..Super Cool...super super!

Seriously, the drive back home..I was all smiles after watching Super 8. It got me reminiscing my childhood on, the adventures (pale in comparison lah to this movie) I had before I was ship off to that Jailhouse called Bainun. What my future would have been if I stuck with my middle school mates. It's fun to be a kid..hence thank god for these sort of movies...brings joy to me still young at heart self (though pretty much old)

I don't wanna touch much on the movie, but I'll say this though...go watch it..and stay during the credits...mucho fun! Another win from JJ Abrahams.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Stoned Emma

Lately gila buhsan 4-6 a.m di office..dgn itu update!
Earlier saw MTV Movie Award yg telah ku download...dan tonton di office (again cause buhsan)...and boring nak mampus...pesta Twilight..can't wait for this generation to get over the Twilight phase..
But my one highlight of the show is Emma Stone's reaction to the Host jab about her...priceless!...Emma Stone's stoned reaction! ok tu je bye -n-

Friday, June 03, 2011

Fav screamers

Morning! Am bored and have like near 2 hours of time to decided to update something long. So Scre4m ended yonks ago but am still not over it.Currently am waiting for the DVD release to appear in Amazon and hopefully around that colleague here is on the way to the States for his delivery! what's not to like!

Anyway am in the reminiscing mood right let's reminisce on the top players of Scream...based on MY humble opinion...lagipon dah lama tak wat list-list tak bermakna to list we go! OH By the way...Major Spoilers ahead!..tapi if korang tak tgk Scream 1-3 by now yeeesh!


10. Gale Weathers

I capped her pic from Scream 2 solely cause she looked the hottest here..not because her character stands out here the most. Anyway Gale..initially I hated her..but as time goes by and after her close call in Scre4m I realized that I actually liked her. Of all the originals...I only love her..yes only. So Sid or Dewey won't pop up in this list. So Gale..started out pretty mean local reporter with some snide remarks, nothing big..but she did save the day. Scream 2 she was hot..short hair..highlights total babe! but lack in character..she did however got one not bad chase scene (gotta love a chase)...Scream 3...she was funny!!!!..lil bit annoying..and what's up with that hair?..4? I like her " amateurs!" outburst scene..there's a hint of Monica in there. Now if there's a Scream 5..I hope they kill off Dewey cause personally the dude's dragging the lady down.

Fav moment :
Scre4m : "I still got it" and "Amateurs!" outburst
Scream 3 : Any scene with Jennifer Jolie

9.Sarah Darling

I dunno bout you guys, but I love Sarah Darling scenes! (granted there's only 2). She's the blonde with the body who just wanna make it big in Hollywood. I liked that she has a conscious bout being a serious actress...her short butting heads conversation with "Roman" made me laugh...oh!also she died well..and did try to put up a fight (try)..I guess that's it..oh here's the bonus..potrayed by Jen McCarthy.

Fav Scene :
This is Candy. Hang on, let me get some clothes. See! I don't'
understand why I have to start the scene in the shower! The whole
shower things been done, 'Vertigo' hello! And I mean, my boyfriend
just died, why am I showering. (loved her reaction)

8.Maureen Evans

Maureen and Phil scene gotta be one of the best intro for a horror movie. It was sorta can tell they're gonna get it..but in a crowded cinema?..woah..gutsy killer. What I love bout her? Her opinions/thoughts bout some dumbass white movie...her lines were brilliant! Plus I love her reacting to the movie she's watching..I love bringing these sort of asses to the cinemas..they bring much needed pleasure..for my pleasure..hehe. Oh I would like to note also that I laughed my ass off watching the Scary Movie Parody of this scene..also brilliant!

Fav Scene :
Bitch, hang up the phone and star-69 his ass! (*I remember laughing with my sister when she said this)

7.Cici Cooper

Alarm alarm...a bias entry! Yeah fav actress is in this movie, and I am a bit bias for putting her in the list. Scream 2 had the prettiest cast in the franchise (in my opinion)..but my eyes were set on Gellar..wanted to see more..but alas...she died 3rd..baboon sungguh. Fortunately it's a not bad scene..could have gone putting up a fight a bit..she's BUFFY for crying out loud! but probably that's the reason behind her casting, probably wanted to be ironic..probably..still hate. Oh here's a trivia that I only know bout this year, when Cici was thrown off the balcony..a sound guy? made an appearance at the right side corner of the screen, for your viewing pleasure..I capped it. How in the world that got out to the big screen?..oh well.

Fav Moment :
I didn't like her death scene that much..but I do like her scenes in the very well done class debate about "sequels that surpasses the original" and her "you have a hard on for Cameron" remark towards Mickey (figures she got killed)

6.Kirby Reed

Killing Kirby off is a dumb move. The fans howled when Randy got killed..creating another character reminiscence of Randy (with boobs I might add)..then killing her off is like a double whammy!..I did check some forums and a lot \-loved Kirby, solely cause it reminded em of Randy..the dude who got undeservedly killed off in Scream 2. Knowledge wise however Randy was better..but by god look at her movie collection!..seriously date me! then we can watch movie together every weekend (I gotta work weekdays) let me whine again..why kill her!..oh well let's just wish they pulled a Dewey on Kirby.

Fav Moment :
When she blabbered the list of horror movie remake..seriously girl!DATE ME!

5.Billy Loomis

Billy is still my fav killer in the Scream franchise. When I first saw the movie..I honestly didn't expect him to be the killer..probably due to the twist and turn Craven wheeled us into. Now?..I do admit it was pretty obvious..but level with me was the 90s and I was 16/17 when I watched the movie..I wasn't exposed as much as I wanted to during those days..(hello kena kurung dlm dorm)..but I did make time during home visits by renting VHS. Eh babbling..ok the dude..I liked his character so much that sometimes I do use his fullname as a forum id. Crazy huh loving a psycho killer?'s another..I also love Michael Myers..bwahahaha, but don't worry..I'm still sane.

Fav Moment :
"You hang up on me again, I'm gonna cut you like a fish!"

"We all go a little mad sometimes"..BLAM!..(yes I know it's a shutout to Anthony Perkins Psycho)

4.Jennifer Jolie

A lot found her annoying..I for one found her freakin funny! Her jab at Gale's character was to die for! Finally someone puts Gale in her place. Though delivery wise Jennifer does look a bit loopy and frantic at times..I still don't care..cause she's the sole reason I'm ok with Scream 3. If not for her..I might just go to sleep after Sarah Darling dies.

Fav Moment:
"Here's how I see it. I've got no house, no bodyguard, no movie and I'm being stalked. Because someone wants to kill me? No, because someone wants to kill you. So, now, starting now, I go where you go. So that if someone wants to kill me, I'll be with you and since they really wanna kill you, they won't kill me, they'll kill you, make sense"

"Where, Nancy Drew wants to know where!"


The geek that nearly ended with the chic, too bad that didn't happen. Jamie Kennedy as an actor pretty much sux with one exception..his potrayal of Randy..he was majorly entertaining and his knowledge in movie trivia/theories blows me away. I'm getting ahead of myself here but I really gotta elaborate on my favourite scene..he has a number of awesome moments..but in Scream 2 when he said "fuck you!" after being taunted by the killer...really made my day the first time I saw it. The delivery was funny + he looked really pissed when the killer mocked him...too bad he decided to proceed in locating the killer...anyway..booo! to who decided to kill him off

Fav moment :
Scream 2: Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck You!
Scream 1: "Really if? "+ who could forget his 3 rules to survive a horror movie speech.

2.Tatum Riley

Tatum Tatum, so sassy..lots of fire..but then decided to shove herself into the kitty hole..what was she thinking??? The killer was already on the more damage girl! have it in you!Haiyooo. Luckily her death scene was well least she got a nice send off. Ahh Tatum looking so fine in that yellow t-shirt + red short skirt(Eh in regards to her clothes..she wore that for two days kan?..weird)...too fine!..I didn't even notice Sid.I think this may be the reason I don't take notice of Sid till now...aahhh rule

Fav Scene :
"I'll send you a copy BAM! bitch went down", too cute! too cute!

and this scene..this is the closest T&A action in the whole Scream franchise..quite weird no?

1.Casey Becker

Portrayed by an excellent actress, Craven couldn't ask for a better actress. A lot of people that I promoted this movie was duped into watching this movie just cause Drew Barrymore name is attached to it.Unknown to them she dies first and has like 10 minutes worth of screen time. But those 10 minutes or so made me love this franchise so much..and ultimately establish my love for horror flicks. Sumpah betul.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

If you want something bad enough

No I don't have womanly fingers..itu delanyer

U'll go all the way right? So yeah I am a bit freaky when it comes to movies I wanna see as early as I can. So I did a lot of stuff to get it. I'm talking bout Special Screening tix of X-Men. I got a pair of it..thank god. I was begging my ass off for it. came through...they gave me premier tix, love em for this. So yeah yesterday I just watched the best movie thus far this year..

X-Men first class was RAD! To be honest was a bit dishearten bout the movie at first..solely cause of the First Class line up. They changed it a LOT...I've been a fan of X-men since the late 80s during the outback X-Men team (hence why I'm in love with Psylocke) I do know quite a number of stuff bout X-Men. So when they change the history of X-Men I was a bit pissed...SPECIALLY when they made Psylocke a villain in X3 Last Stand, then killed her off just like that..babi much?

However X-Men first class was too cool...I was majorly entertain...storywise was really well done, pacing wise was excellent...I didn't feel the near 2 hr movie experience..there's no dull moment. How they use the X-Peeps was also good...I love how they utilize Banshee. I love how cool Havok looked (another X-Men fav..he's from Outback team too)...and Emma Frost...HOTTIE!..jugs with tiny waist..pergh mana ler korang jumpa....and how they showed the bromance between Charles and Eric, though was a great friendship. Only thing I hate was Angel...yeeesh..she wasn't that memorable in the comic...I dunno why they decided to use her...oh Mystique also was a bit off...Romijin still rules as Mystique...

So I end with, not as great as X2...but a close contender. BTW watched out for cameos from two previous X-Men scene...oh also do take note...there's no additional footage...xyah lah nunggu...everyone groaned at the ending when there was nothing..shown.