Wednesday, June 01, 2011

If you want something bad enough

No I don't have womanly fingers..itu delanyer

U'll go all the way right? So yeah I am a bit freaky when it comes to movies I wanna see as early as I can. So I did a lot of stuff to get it. I'm talking bout Special Screening tix of X-Men. I got a pair of it..thank god. I was begging my ass off for it. came through...they gave me premier tix, love em for this. So yeah yesterday I just watched the best movie thus far this year..

X-Men first class was RAD! To be honest was a bit dishearten bout the movie at first..solely cause of the First Class line up. They changed it a LOT...I've been a fan of X-men since the late 80s during the outback X-Men team (hence why I'm in love with Psylocke) I do know quite a number of stuff bout X-Men. So when they change the history of X-Men I was a bit pissed...SPECIALLY when they made Psylocke a villain in X3 Last Stand, then killed her off just like that..babi much?

However X-Men first class was too cool...I was majorly entertain...storywise was really well done, pacing wise was excellent...I didn't feel the near 2 hr movie experience..there's no dull moment. How they use the X-Peeps was also good...I love how they utilize Banshee. I love how cool Havok looked (another X-Men fav..he's from Outback team too)...and Emma Frost...HOTTIE!..jugs with tiny waist..pergh mana ler korang jumpa....and how they showed the bromance between Charles and Eric, though was a great friendship. Only thing I hate was Angel...yeeesh..she wasn't that memorable in the comic...I dunno why they decided to use her...oh Mystique also was a bit off...Romijin still rules as Mystique...

So I end with, not as great as X2...but a close contender. BTW watched out for cameos from two previous X-Men scene...oh also do take note...there's no additional footage...xyah lah nunggu...everyone groaned at the ending when there was nothing..shown.