Tuesday, September 27, 2011

W-1-1-L 8-10-10

Yesterday I watched this supposedly horror flick Titled DreamHouse and it sorta reeks. With big names like Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz and Naomi Watts you would expect something good, but by god this movie was lame and far tooo easy.

What ticked me off the most is how it was marketed, on radio they were advertising it as some horror flick with spooky kids, eh look at the poster itself..two kids blended to the wall...oooooh..but no..we have none of that..there were no spooky kids! The movie is more like a psychological thriller but seriously don't waste your time on this..you're better off watching Secret Window (which was so-so for me). Another thing I hated bout this movie is that it was way toooo easy!...How the lead figured everything out was easy..the twist was easy AND predictable...the ending was also tooo easy!..seriously..everyone involve in this movie appears to be lazy...pfft lame movie..avoid

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

An update...for real

Gamaknyer aku leh update bila keja siang jer ah, time shift lain either aku lupa / malas. Tapi don't fret..akan ku update walaupon xdalah ramai bebenor pengunjung blog nih..tapi aku suka-suka jer nak bebel sini...kat orang lain secara umum segan.

The J&J project is still going on..but moving slowly..watching movies @ cinema? still going strong. Latest watch was Contagion and Final Destination 5. Jom start with Contagion..erm honestly it's a good story..but I was seriously expecting something like Outbreak...I read somewhere "thriller it aint" mmg bukan thriller pon...a friend lak ckp "cam tgk documentari lak" .. in which aku agree pon. The story basically is about the makings of a virus, how u contain it, how it spreads blah3. More on human actions kot? They could have made it a bit exciting, you know to jolt people's mind halfway through the movie but nope..nothing. Oh but the cast is stellar, and they were awesome..Gwneth corpse can act!

As for Final Destination 5, honestly wasn't really looking forward to it. Cause basically it's all the same shit..plus The Final Destination (dumb title) sorta sucked balls...however after watching FD5..twice!..I love it..love it love it..it was fun! I was missing the very elaborated death scene from the last scene (except for Krista Allen's scene)...here there were a number of good ones. The favorite gotta be the Eye scene...I actually flinched watching that scene..and a few more. Also kudos to whoever made the trailer...they provided spoilers where you'll actually go "yeah I know this is coming" however going through the movie there's actually more to it. Loving it!..and finally the twist near the end, I actually sorta figure it out mid movie..but it's still a great twist..love it! On the flip (negative) side..there are few plot holes I want answers to but I don't wanna write it here...cause major spoilers galore..all in all...SUMPAH KOMER KENA TENGOK!

Now nak add one more movie I recently saw that got me pumped. Mother's Day 2010. It's a remake of an old silly slasher flick..I saw it once, didn't like it. The mother was over the top. Now as for 2011 mother..yoikes she rules. She's like Nurse Ratchet from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest...she seems sincere but no..SHE'S NOT. Rebecca Demornay is unrecognizable to me, but whatever .. her acting here was solid..she alone made the movie awesome. As for the other cast..loving it!..some already establish scream queens (Jaime King) to a lot of up and coming stars. I also like this movie for creating great characters / soon to be victims that you actually don't wanna see die...most of em I don't want to die, and also I kept going back and forth who's gonna bite it next cause I don't really know (except for the lead of course..yg tu obvious)...and in the end, I like the outcome..I liked that quite a number of em survived...anyway...seriously..pick this movie up if you see it..one of the superior remakes in my opinion..-n-

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Lama gak Hiatus ok here's an update