Monday, January 07, 2013

it's 2013!

5 weeks it's been since my last post. reason really..just felt like I rather just watch movies than talk bout it..funny thing is I wanted to write..I already opened like 3 post before this..which was abandoned / not finished. Even this new post is sorta a half ass job (I did not check the whole movie list of 2013).

Typically for my blog this post would be available by December but I totally forgot to post it now my 11 most anticipated movies of 2013..

11. Mama

Saw the trailer when I was watching Pitch Perfect. The trailer was interesting enough and then..saw the name Guillermo del Toro attached to it (no not as director) and the anticipation to watch this one just went up a notch. Movie revolves around these two kids that were left to fend for themselves in the forest for 5 years. Now civilized their Uncle adopted em and before you can say baaaaaaad move..weird things started to happen.

Sounds good enough, and Guillermo movies are normally cool or at least visually stunning. Plus I got a few friends already interested in watching this flick..night out with friends watching a horror flick is always a hoot!

10.Man of Steel

Why this low? Well..I'm not really a big Superman fan..heck I'm not even a big DC fan. The only DC stuff I really dig is Batman. But Superman 2 was really fun..the villains that Ice Cold lady (I can't recall her name) and to hear the same villain (different actor) Zorg (right?) is being brought back...I say hey why Zack Snyder is the director! I'm not gonna check out more on the movie..I'll just book the movie when it comes out and hope for the best.

p/s: Henry Cavill as Superman? Great casting there!

9. Warm Bodies

A comedy bout a zombie who feel in love with a life chic.
1. Zombiessssssssss!
2. Great leads!
3. Horror Comedy in the lines of Shaun of the dead.
ergo ...yes! definitely yes!

8. A good day to Die Hard!

Jonh McClane is backkkk! Since Die Hard 4.0 is way awesome (eventhough they over did the action scenes) I can't wait for this one..specially after knowing Mary Winstead is coming back! yippie kay yay mofo! wooooooot!

7. The Last Exorcism 2

One of the better Exorcism related flicks (remember that horrible horrible The Devil Inside?) The first Exorcism was a shocking was pretty scary and has an interesting ending. Dunno what the 2nd one will bring..but I wait anxiously for it.

6. Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D

Hehehe, hey I love this sort of flicks..A LOT. I grew up loving Michael Myers, Jason Vorhees, Pinhead and of course Leatherface any chance to watch em on the big screen or watch a continuation of the franchise I'm game!..even if the chances of the movie gonna suck is high (it has come out in the are bad) ..

5. The Host 2

I love the first flick a lot..the monster fx and idea was cool. And the short preview of an attack scene from the 2nd flick looks intense!..can't wait to see the monster again.

4. World War Z

A zombie flick...on a larger scale! with a big budget! Am there am there!

3. Wolverine

Wolverine Origin sucked so hard, even non fans of Marvel hated it. It was so sooo wrong. I won't ramble on cause it'll be long..specially about the characters and history wise. Saying that..I still can't wait for this one..cause hey X-men ma. Plus it is set during his time in Japan where most of his better adventures are from.

2. Star Trek Into Darkness

I watched Star Trek Generations as a kid, liked Data..and that's bout it. The movies during Generations run was okay..but wasn't really diggin it. Then came Star Trek 2009 by J.J Abrahams; he made the Star Trek world way cooler than it was before. (to me) and the movie was mind blowing..changing the timeline was a bold move. And the cast! Love em all, seriously who thinks the past Uhura was hot please raise their hand! Most of the upgraded cast I really like, Uhura and Kirk especially...hoping the 2nd Star Trek movie by Abrahams will be as good or better than the first.

1. Evil Dead 2013

HAVE YOU SEEN THE TRAILER? It's gooooood! and hella gory! I'm there!

and that's it..

honorable mention :

Jeepers Creepers 3: Cathedral - if it comes out this year
OZ The Great and Powerful
Jack and the Giant Slayer
- Bryan Singer...nuff said
Beautiful Creatures - Emmy Rossum
Oblivion - I don't know much bout this one but the poster looks good (yes poster)
ABCs of Death
- horror anthology
Carrie 2013
Dark Skies