Thursday, January 26, 2012

10 - 1 Year 2011

Like finally! some idle time in office, ok moh finish this up.. 10 -1 Year 2011..

10. Horrible Bosses

3 dudes plot to murder their bosses, simple. I laughed so hard watching this at the cinema, regardless of the annoying editing to avoid foul languages / sexy? scenes. This flick spotted faces that I'm unfamiliar with like Charlie Day and Jason Sudekis, both of them rules in this movie! The supporting cast were also great..but the main person you need to look out for is Jen Aniston, truth be told I was never a fan of her..and I don't really find her appealing.. but then this movie came along..and yeah you can throw out all those negative comments I had of her before out the window cause now I'm a fan!..she was hilarious!...and hot..smokin hot!..oh oh..also watch Just Go with It, another flick where she oozes us with her hotness.

Defining Moment : a tie between Charlie Day's screaming rape! scene and Jen Anniston ...eating a hotdog in her nightie's funny! and hot!

9. The Thing 2011

A prequel to John Carpenter's 1980s remake. I was pumped to see this one, was let down after my entry for free premier screening was rejected when at first it was! But whatever I still got to see it and I loved it!'s not as good as the original (the 80s one) but it delivers, I don't really mind that it's somewhat of a carbon copy of the long as it deliver the thrills and sporting a pretty good leading lady (Mary Winstead) and the Thing appears again..I'm good! My only problem? The creature effect is not as awesome as the original...the original looks icky and raw..this one was...too CGI-ish.

Defining Moment : The Thing absorbing a dude from the cheek, fuyooo.

8. Real Steel

In the near future humans are banned from participating in a boxing match, so they use robots instead! Wasn't expecting to love this movie, but after the boxing match with Midas and Noisy Boy..I was a fan. Story-wise was know what to expect..but they made up with the awesome fx and an even more awesome robo fights. The fights were cool, was pumped and even felt like air boxing while watching the movie..but since I'm an adult..I'll let the kids do it. And the last the commentator quote " it's a battle on par with David and Goliath"...couldn't agree more.

Defining Moment : The last match...too awesome.

7. Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

The Planet of the Apes origin? Another movie I wasn't expecting much but when I saw it...woooah. GREAT movie! The apes eventhough CGI were great!...not only in effects but acting as well. Seriously Andy Serkis needs some recognition. He alone held the movie, unlike the other Human actors who looked sleepy.

Defining Moment : Definitely the 'NO!" scene..wooooah chiils.

6.Harry Potter Deathly Hallows 2

The ending to the Harry Potter saga. It was a sad day when I saw this flick. I'm not really a HUGE fan but I like the series..the series as a whole is good, this doesn't include Half Blood Prince in which I struggled to keep awake. Anyway enjoyable flick that indeed ended with a bang. Will miss this lah bila lagi nak ada fantasy flick yg last around 5 > flicks?

5. Super 8

A bunch of kids witness a train crash, the train in question is holding a pretty pissed alien. Ok here's the deal, if you like those 80-90s kid flick with a lil bit of edge, this flick is for you. I know I enjoyed it...A LOT.

Defining Moment : The end credits..and I'm not trying to be funny

4. 50/50

The life and struggles of a cancer stricken dude. This movie sorta hits close to home, all the emotions that were conveyed were spot on and Joseph Gordon Levitt again proves he's an excellent actor.(who was snubbed of an oscar nomination)

Defining Moment : The scene with his family just before he went into surgery..sniff

3. Scream 4

Ghostface returns! to terrorize Sidney Prescot again! This is a really BIAS entry..hehe. Cause I'm a BIG BIG, in fact let's just say HUGE fan of the franchise..this movie jump start my love for horror flicks. But in all seriousness I did enjoy this movie enormously.. I watch it twice at the cinema and multiple times at..ehem well u know.Anyway the movie was back to it's old self, non stop pop culture reference..making fun of horror flick and the old scream events!..I love it! Then the characters..some of em were really well written (hint!Kirby)..and few really mirrors some of the characters from the original scream (hint!Kirby again) thing though...the motive was It's interesting ...but eh? If not for that this might jump to #2 but the #2 spot belongs to...

Defining Moment : Kirby recalling all the love love!

2. Insidious

A family terrorize by a ghost. The flick freaked me out, I drove home alone avoiding the middle mirror (or whatever you call it)..and I like the idea of the movie, cool concept...the furthers, though when we reached that land it was sorta of a letdown. The ghost!..we got a lot..each and everyone of em spooked me. And finally the cast, pretty perfect! Love me some of Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne and Lin Shaye. Roll all those into one make a pretty damn good flick. *note the whole cinema experience either people were really quiet or someone was screaming out load..

Defining Moment : darth maul appears and I went WTF!

1. X-Men First Class

X-Men Origins!..wohooo!..and no unlike Scream 4 this is not a bias entry. Regardless of my love for The X-Men, X-Men Origins was-one-great-flick. It got action, drama, cool fight scenes, a very well written and developed characters and spotted Grant Morrison's X costume during his run I dunno if this was intentional or not but it sure looked like that costume. Then the team picked for first x-men...though pretty much historically incorrect..they were a pretty good mix(except wtf!)...and dare I say this..the changes made to the history of X-men from the comics timeline in which I'm accustom to..was pretty good..and..sometimes for the for The Villains. they were also cool..come on la..Kevin Bacon as Shaw! Let's just hope there's a sequel..and this time bring back Psylocke!..ignore X-Men Last Stand!..if that happens..make my marvel!

Defining Moment : Charles Xavier teaching Magneto to control his anger..that was a...nice moment.

Ok tu je..I actually got lots more to write bout current tv series but alas...time time time! I end with Honorable Mention :

hantu kak limah
mother's day
crazy sexy love
Kung Fu Panda 2
just go with it

Thursday, January 19, 2012

20 - 11 For the Year 2011

Let's cut to the chase, dah lama bebel nak wat 20 - 01 tapi x wat wat. Agak busy dan mood kurang nak update, lagipon aku selalu update bila kat office. If banyak bebenor ok bebel..tadi kata cut to the chase..anyway in my humble opinion my 20 - 11 of 2011

20. The Woman

About a family taming an uncivilized chic the father found in the woods. This is actually a sequelyo Offspring 2009, never seen it before but after this maybe I should. I love the family portrayed in this flick the men are sadistic! while the woman are weaklings..I liked the boy and the mother the most (played excellently by Angela Bettis) and then we have "the woman" she was intense! love her! And finally the wth sorta twisted ending..nice one..didn't see it coming.

Defining moment : The Woman fight back...was rooting for her all the way!

19. A Lonely Place to Die

A group of mountaineers lead by the excellent Melissa George discovered a kidnapped kid which are then pursued by the captors. Sounds like a simple flick right? It is actually...but the breathtaking scenes and the cool cat and mouse chase scene made this movie a win! for me. Oh there's a simple twist near the end..not an OMG twist..more like an..oooh camtu..hehe.

Defining moment : The white water rapids scene involving Melissa George..cantik.

18.Take me Home Tonight

I may be the only person listing this as top 20 in 2011 but...
Set in the 80s, a one night story film involving the cast lives after high school/uni. 1. I love the 80s 2. I love one night flicks! (Empire Records, Can't Hardly Wait, Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist) 3. Great great music! And with that I don't care bout the simple plot..the few silly funny give me all those 3..I'll fall in love with you just like that *snaps fingers.

Defining Moment : Better Davis Eyes playing while the leads were driving in the car....aweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesome!

17. Devil's Double

Supposedly about Saddam Hussein's son double. A lot were praising Dominic Cooper's performance in this one..I agree he alone held the movie. Not saying the flick is not is's just that it felt a lil bit overly sensationalized. Whether the portrayal is true or decide..I just like this flick

Defining Moment : When a good friend of the family got gutted ...yikes!

16. Flipped

This flick came out late Sept 2010. About two lovers early beginnings told by each others point of view. This shouldn't have been in the list since it came out in 2010 so I'm cheating here a bit. But whatever it's my list and I saw it in 2011 and fell in love with this really sweet cutesy kiddie love flick. I like how that this story was told by the two leads point of view. One in denial dude and one very delusional girl. Watching this flick I went awww a lot of time and wishing this was my childhood...I wish sangat.

Defining Moment : I dunno I love all scenes but if I must pick I gotta say the last scene with the two leads planting a made me smile.

15. FD5

Death is back and now haunting another set of survivors. After the 2nd FD the sequels were either mediocre or just there. There were less this one..this one brought back the thrills...the eerie feeling something is gonna happen..the elaborated kills..and good death scenes. Oh and watching this in 3D was way cool!..I jerked the whole way. Plus the surprise way cool twist! Sorta didn't see it coming!

Defining Moment : a toss between the eye laser surgery scene and that gymnast scene

14. Seru

Surprise? Me too..first Malay flick in my top 20 list ever! Congrats! It's about a group of film makers making a horror flick. I totally didn't see this movie coming..It was a good surprise. I found this film original by local film standard..the idea was good the scares were there and the dialogue/script was believable (I always complain bout Malay films dialogue) Kudos to whoever made this film..I like it..I even bought the original dvd tau! :D

Defining Moment : first attack before everyone went scrambling into the woods.

13. Thor

Marvel Comics Thor beginnings..nuff said. A flick I was baaah not really interested at first but then after seeing this..I like what I saw. Thor was perfectly cast..I dunno bout the others though cause I'm not really familiar with his human friends and as for the Asgardians they weren't really showcased much. And then came Loki...I DIG this character..and I can't wait for his return in Avengers..good choice for a Villain..LOKI FTW!..kill those Avengers! Erm ok back to topic entertainment..Kat Dennings co-starring = awesome ..Asgard looks way cool and not too shabby fight scenes. Round that all up = wohoo! top 20 worthy.

Defining Moment : Thor got tasered ... it again do it again!

12.Attack The Block

Alien invasion in the streets of London. I dunno what to say..this movie was mucho fun!..even with the hard to understand accent I still enjoyed the flick simply I put it was FUN!..and the creature design..NICE!

Defining Moment : The two wee kids killed an Alien..hehe!

11. Warrior

Two brother entering the same mixed martial arts tournament! This sort of movie is not really my cup of tea..Rocky pon aku xnah tgk!..first one only saw halfway then yawned..but then after reading a lot of people putting this in their top 10 late last year I was intrigue. So I checked it out and loved it. Why wasn't this promoted more? At the cinemas when It got out It looked like some lame boxing movie. A pity cause seriously this movie deserve recognition.

Defining Moment : One of the brothers vs Koba..good god that was a good match.

That's it for now...remaining 10 will be up hopefully soon..-n-

Friday, January 13, 2012

1st Friday the 13th!

Rajin bebenor lak aku update blog lately ni.
Anyway happy Friday the 13th! Klu tak kerana FB mmg aku x perasan arini Friday the 13th..last year aku usha Friday the 13th VIII on this eventful day..this year ..not planned actually..aku usha Chillerama , A horror comedy with 4 short flicks in it.

1. Wadzilla : Kisah a dude ni, yg mempunyai 1 jer sperm count dlm each ejaculation..but one day his sperm came out as a Monster it terrorizes NYC

*sumpah lawak GILA cerita yang nih. It was made as a corny bad B Grade horror flick. Tapi best!...Monster nyer over the top..fx dia gila classic dan laughable..sexual innuendo ia lawak! well it is in fact bout a Monster Sperm kan. apa-apa aku really enjoyed this

2. I Was a Teenage Werebear : Closeted dude got bit by a werebear and in turn transform into a werebear whenever he's horny..yes horny

*yang nih musical..lagu2nyer x la best sangat..except "Love Bit me on the ass" (or something like that)..lawaknyer not bad. Tapi overall xda la apa sangat. Cast was cool though..ada Lin Shaye!..always a hoot to watch her. Then this one dude from 1001 Maniacs..aku x ingat nama..and lastly Gabbby from Scream Queen reality series. She needs to be in more horror flicks! Love her!

3. The Diary of Anne Frankenstein : Hitler creating a monster...nuff said

*black and white flick..start start aku dah gelak. Oh it's in German tapi ada lah subs..cumanyer yg bakon jadi Hitler tu american..dan dia ckp gibberish! aku perasan pon halfway bila tetiba dengor nama Van Gohn..ngok sangat..oh ada surprise dlm flick nih..Kane Hodder was the monster..really cool!..overall..ini better lah dari the 2nd one

4. Zom B Movie : A drive in cinema is plague by a swarm of horny zombies...yes..again with the horny beings.

*ni core story..depa2 nih gi tgk the above 3 flicks..tgh2 tgk sorang2 tukar jadi zombie..due to one dude yg earlier got bitten on the nuts. Yang ni not bad ah..kurang kelakar nyer..tapi boleh dilayan.

Filem nih agak ngarut lah juga..aku x rasa ia tuk semua..tapi kalau nak gelak layankan je..not for the squeamish though..

And in other news..promotion for X-Men Vs Avengers nyer event dah keluar..and one of it is Psylocke vs. Black Widow...obviously aku team Psylocke..Psylocke for the win! And in other sorta related news..other fav X characters are back..Polaris and Havoc!..wooooo! I heart em..ok tu je..enjoy the weekends peeps!

Psylocke FTW!

Havoc and Polaris now in X-Factor

*all images are not mine btw..

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Kill List...what in the world?

Cerita ni pelik, intriguing at first but when the 3rd act came in it left me confused (sampai xleh tido ni!). However if you've seen some titles that came out in recent years (I won't name em cause it'll definitely spoil the ending) you might have seen the ending coming..but still there are few weird scenes that will make you go heh? ...I know I did. Ok I want to name one movie that resembles this movie only cause the fame whore in me gotta be let loose from time to's A Serbian Film!..seriously near the 3rd act I got ASF vibe from for the other movie...well watch It..if you're a horror fan, you'll get it. Since it's like near morning and I need sleep I end with :

Definitely an Intriguing movie, with a few creepy scenes which goes hand to hand with the creepy score..oh and there's gore! yum! But watch out for the 3rd act,you'll either love it or hate it...I'm still undecided..leaning more towards loving it (after reading the few theories from IMDB board)..oh do opt for subs..English slang really made it difficult for me to understand.

Saturday, January 07, 2012

here comes the turds

Gotta be the easiest list I've compile thus far, there were a lot of standouts ranging from the supposedly blockbuster flick to a few direct to vid flicks. So let's not waste time..from 10 - 1 are my sucky movie list.

10.Sector 7

Those wacky Koreans tricked me, I thought I was gonna watch a cool monster flick like The Host or at least something fun like Deep Rising, but noooooo what I got was some lame ass asian flick with a lame ass monster killing A LOT of lame ass characters.

Redeeming Qualities : Near the end (the final girl battle) it got interesting a bit, just a bit..but honestly like Jojo sang, It's Just a Lil too late.


hmmm what was this movie about again? All I remember is rating this movie pretty low in IMDB, and not remembering much bout the movie, I guess it deserves to be here. Oh but I do remember something, the baddie vamp near close make me like Edward...just that says something.

Redeeming Qualities : Maggie Q


I remember going to the movies after a friend's wedding, we were split into 2 groups, 1 went to see Mehrong (which is a sucky movie too but didn't belong in this list cause for a Malay did try) and the other went to see Beastly. And I remember vividly 2 of my friends who were conned into watching Beastly came out groaning...and only months after I got "privilege" to watch this movie..and sucked.Plus Vanessa Hudgens cuteness didn't hold my attention watching this fact she made me hate her..the girl failed in this movie.

Redeeming Qualities : I wanna say Neil Patrick Harris but..he didn't do much so I'm just gonna say the tattoo the lead dude got was RAD!..that is all.

7.Bad Teacher

A comedy which is half funny, no message and has a lead character with no redeeming qualities..go figure why this movie is in the list.

Redeeming Qualities : Cameron Diaz, she was funny here(when is she not funny/cute pon)..too bad the movie is shitty.


A very lame attempt to reboot Single White Female. The lead was zzzz-ish, the villain actually was slightly ok, but she seriously need to step up her game cause she didn't actually do for the plot..nothing we can't predict really.

Redeeming Qualities : a few cameos that got me pumped for awhile *hint Vampire Diaries

5.Red Ridding Hood

I love Amanda Seyfried since Mean Girls, love her even more after Mamma Mia, but then she really lost me with her acting chops. This year I found her really off in two movies, this was one..the other was In Time. She herself made those movies unbearable. It's like she was sleepwalking while acting. But she is not alone to be blame for Red Riding Hood. RRH wolf blows! specially when it started talking (telepathically) and it was really predictable for me, I call out the wolf halfway through the movie...seriously it was easy.

4.Cowboys and Aliens

What in the world was I watching. I was so excited to watch this flick at the cinema but ended up struggling to keep myself awake halfway through the movie. Movie had no thrills! and the aliens were a bit BLAAAAH. And the twist they introduce halfway in the movie was pffft! Acting was ok..Harrison and Craig held their own, and Wilde oozes with sexiness...but that wasn't enough to keep me excited.

Redeeming Qualities : That cool gadget Craig held, hot!


A movie with Rachel Weisz, Daniel Craig and Naomi Watts you'd expect something good right? But no, this movie was downright awful. The story was easy, movie was not scary as what the trailer made us to believe and everyone was sleepwalking throughout the movie. The only winners of this flick were the 3 leads who got paid to act in this shitty flick...and did I mention this movie is predictable? Try eliminating the characters in the'll get the ending really fast!

Redeeming Qualities : I didn't pay to see this movie..yay!

2.Howling Reborn

The Turds of 2011

I wouldn't really put a direct to video film in this list unless it really really sucks..this movie is, and it came out here in Malaysian cinema. Okay where do I begin...WHERE IS THE GORE!!! For a werewolf flick I'd expect more blood..we didn't get much here. Werewolf design was okay, but we don't see much action from the wolf..all I can see were wolves jumping and running around. And the jab/negative comments bout the original Howling movies was totally uncalled for. This movie reeks...avoid at any cost.

Redeeming Qualities : nada!


After watching this movie I quickly tweeted this movie was a winner for my sucky movie of the year..the title lasted till end of year. When anyone ask me how the movie was, I reply simply .."cam gampang". Why this movie is #1 instead of Howling is because I expect it to be awesome..or at least moderate.What i got was a pile of crap..and the amazing stuff that was shown in the trailer were the only amazing stuff in the movie..I've already ranted a lot in my immortals post, so I won't say anything more..except don't see this.

Redeeming Qualities : Visually awesome..but ur better off watching 300 for that

dishonorable mention :

The Jack Sparrow ain't cool anymore POTC : On Stranger Tides. Indy or direct to video flicks Hostel 3 and Apollo 18. In Time with the laughable as an action hero Justin Timberlake, but he is not alone to be blame..Amanda Seyfried amazingly sux here. The only Marvel movie I hate last year Green Latern and Trespass that had two A list actors with the addition of Cam Giggante (should have known it'll suck). Ok folks that is all, next one would be fav movies..still tweaking the list a bit.till then! -n-

Friday, January 06, 2012

it's 2012!

I'm a tad late I know but Happy New Year peeps! I went shopping crazy on the eve of new year, dunno what got over me and then after 5 years went to see the fireworks was nice.

I closed 2011 with The Darkest Hour, I remember last year it was The Tourist and damn did that movie sucked major ass, dunno how Depp and Jolie was nominated for a Golden Globe base on THAT movie. Anyway Darkest Hour, It was okay, it wasn't terrible, but wasn't awesome was just..there. But honestly I prefer watching Darkest Hour than The Tourist again if given the chance. Darkest Hour got everything I want for a quickie was quick (duh),got action, got aliens, pretty cast, not bad settings and also not bad effects. easy movie..and it was expected to be easy. My sole big problem is probably the horrible dialogue...good god tak convincing langsung..specially when the lead dude was delivering a speech bout surviving or some let's just say if you have time to kill and love thrillers / alien invasion (like me) ..try ah tgk..doesn't hurt..oh oh Iklan..that aussie babe is A BABE!

On new year day itself I watched number of movies that were sitting nicely on my desk collecting dust, I've been slacking...I know..first movie was Hall Pass..and I like it, Jason Sudekis I dunno where he came from but he is fast becoming a reason for my choice of comedy movie to far I've seen AND like the movies that he's in which includes Horrible Bosses (win!) and A Good Old Fashioned Orgy. so Hall Pass...pretty cool..btw I love the below scene to death!

Next up was an old horror flick titled Without Warning, was impressed with the cast which includes Jack Palance and Martin Landau...but after like 20 minutes the movie lost was just too...classic. It didn't age well, it was slow..and dumb!..the alien wasn't impressive..however given the movie's released year (1980)..the fx was not too shabby. Another impressive thing bout the movie is that David Caruso is in it!...suara tak pecah lagi!..ahahaha.

Horatio as a horny teen

Then while bz browsing the net and watching the suckfest known as Without Warning..I wiki "zombie movies" in hopes of searching this one movie I saw as kid..didn't know the title but remembered few of the plot details. I've been searching for that movie quite some time now..and wala! after intense search of movies from year 1980-1990 (cause I know I saw this before I was indicted to that hell hole during college years) I came upon Zombie 4 ..and after reading the plot..YES! this is the one!...and luckily 1 kind soul shared it! night I was able to watch it.

So Zombie 4, well quality wise was laughable...but you know what I don't really care, it's that kind of movie..stupid people trapped in an island congested with non-stop spewing goo? zombie (which can run I might add). Actually they look more like demons than that Dario Argento Demons movie. What I enjoy most watching this flick is remembering few of the stuff that I can recall when I was watching as a kid..god I had a good memory..nowadays after a movie I struggle to remember the details. Overall I can watch this movie again..and definitely keeping this one.

Go Figure how these images are imbedded in me brain since childhood

So that is all folks..again happy new's to hoping we get great movies this year! -n-