Sunday, September 30, 2007


inspirational...tell u the truth I haven't been totally hundred percent inspired by mom yeah, in a way..however lets say I have to write a long essay or even put down anyone's name under "who's the person that ur inspired by."I'll be totally clueless.I'll write anything that comes to mind.FYI...I wrote Abe Lincoln for my MMU application...whattttt theeee heellll was I thinking.Actually I don't really want to be inspired by anyone...maybe that's mah main problem...totally selfish and thinking I'm all high and mighty in which then...leads to my sudden mood swings, and dare I say depression(i think i really do have depression..if that's even a sickness or u can "get" depression)And just now, around 2 plus a.m.I just realise that I was inspired by this one girl,living 25 years and finally I realise i need to be inspired by someone...and funny thing, it came from someone participating in ANTM? but really.Heather brought some light into mah life for awhile just now...Y?

Firstly, I can see me in her(not that kind of in yeh)Being (alamak lupa nama penyakit dia)...partially socially awkward I understand how she felt being in a room full of loud people and different.And it's even worst for her cause she has that disease(masih lupa nama penyakit tuh) and yet she pushed herself to join ANTM?a contest in which she needs to stand out to be that's inspiring.Does this make sense?Or I'm rambling?Oh well...for me the point when i fell for her is in the judging room,when she stood beside Saleisha...and looked over then tried to pose herself like Saleisha..she looked awkward!But then..and this is thanks to the judges...she was called (SPOILERRRRRRR!) first..and she looked shocked,really really shocked...and I can't help myself but say awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.U can't fake that.So that's bout it actually,kinda simple and silly huh...but I dunno.It felt special.After this, even if she doesn't so proud of her.(still rooting for Lisa and Jenah though :P)

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Now here's another inspirational tv serie,KID NATION.

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Bout a bunch of kids age 8-15 get thrown in a deserted town in which they are forced to live together without adult supervision.Cruel huh.But hey that makes good tv.Clever producers,milking money out of kids drama, first day itself there were loads of drama,1 kid already quit...Jimmy.Pity that kid.But there are shining stars in those bunch of kids.Sofia to name one..then Micheal.When they receive the gold star and called their parents..aiyoo that was so's true kids can make u smile.I'm actually a bit impress with those kids.Anyhoo I really urge anyone interested to watch's in a way cool.Izar and Klux are already watching so now...I want to convert...sapa yeh...ha Jurina!..Ju dl yeh ju.Anyhoot watch it.2 eps already.

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Sofia calling home after winning the medal

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Jimmy wanting to go home

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this kid need to shut it,annoying much?

oh before I end, my earlier statements above is not a cry for help but just something I wanted to say.I actually dont think Heather would be mah role model for life cause my lifespan of interest is actually short.However it's nice to look back and say "ha pada tarikh nih lah tiba2 aku terasa sesuatu" :P.I'm weird...i know

p/s : happy bday leha lentik

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Moh ...del

ANTM Cycle 9 starts last Thursday,saw the chics early on through and they look alright...a step up from last season, last season was a bit dry...was rooting for the 2 plus size ladies but alas...weak i tell u ,weak!where's toccara when u need a plus size.Anywho just finished watching the first ep,good thing there's no elimination for the first ep...season premier just 1 hr ma.And after seeing the ladies,i tell ya...the prettiest bunch since erm erm...Cycle 5 i suppose.In sense of majority...cause personally the top 13 are all above avarage...seriously...all(except 1 but i'll get to that later ya) am really looking fwd for this season.As well as Survivor China.

The Cast who wants to be on Top


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First glance through pics..I was ready to hate her, I even think she might go out first.But in the audition room.She looks a ok for me.Not that she's drop dead gorgeous..but there is something there.OH her walk is niceeeeeeeee.


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Me thinks she's the least pretty of em all.Seriously she looks like those typical blacks at the mall(cam aku tinggal america jer).I don't get it.Why pick her?y Tyra y?y Y y?Get her out now...throw her overboard


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Like Ambreal, I was ready to ignore her.Then like Ambreal her personality shines..Me like what me see.Though typical looking...for a white gal.She got something2 there.


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They dubbed her the mean girl.Yeah she looks mean,acts like a bitch too.But..she not entirely ugly looking,unlike that one in Cycle 7..apa nama tu?Ala yg saiko2 sakit pastuh tak wat photoshoot tuh?*izargh!!Oh well i don't see her winning..but oklah kot.


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Weird and yet stunning looking..camner tuh?I like her...she's a bit hunchback but her photoshoot at the beach..meowwwwww!Totally rooting for her.


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One of mah early favourites from going through the pics.I always like short hair chics *i.e Naima,sara last cycle.Currently still one of mah fav..but the disposable favourite..kinda like..I'll sacrafice her to get Jenah or Lisa to go further.


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Ladies and Gents..this is mah fav.From the early scanning through the pix and first ep..she's still mah fav.Though know it all alert..aiyaaaaa!Harap kor tone it down cepat...Appart from that..I lurrrrrrrveeeeeeee her.Really can see her doing jeans ad.


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Those eyes...beautiful.Don't see much of her in the first ep..hmmm indication she might stay longer in the show?Maybe...but again..those eyes...yowZA!


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Second and really close to the first one fav.Lisa looks like Kim cycle 5.I like her she ooze sex.Hehe boleh dlm bulan puasa aku ckp camnih?Apa2 pon mah second fav..


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She has one of mah fav model/actress name..So does that automatically makes me root for her?Nope..not really into her looks.Still pretty though, but not my cup of tea.


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Hmmmm.........hmmmmmmm...doesn't intrest me much.Jolie lips..other than that..meh.


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Normal size modal..oklah kot...not really into her much..sigh..I miss Toccara.


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I kinda like her look.The hot nerdish one..kinda looked like Amanda from Buffy the Vampire Slayer..but a far hotter one.Sorta kinda a bit rooting for her..Can?

Fav to least fav : Jenah,Lisa,Heather,Janet,Kimberly,Victoria,Ambreal,Chantal,Sarah,Ebony,Mila,Saleisha and Bianca.
And then we have Survivor China..intresting no?..china..who would have thought..but i thought it was in those caves or near the wall or something..tgk2 pulau..yet again..cit.But after watching first ep..not bad..really not bad..I'm gonna try follow this one..unlike the lackluster last season.which the only good thing bout it was Yau man.This season..we have a pro wrestler, a skank waitress who needs a big slap,LUNCH ROOM LADY!,former model(perlu ke former model?abihtuh sekarang buat apa??????),gravedigger,someone who participate in the miss usa(hope its not south carolina) and others...but all in all an intresting bunch of people.I mean seriously a lunch lady???! wayyyy cool..sooo rooting for u.Am not gonna introduce one by one cause im lazy..So just naming who im rooting for.

The Lunch Lady
The asian chic (though after the end of 1st ep...i think i might jump ship..might)
The gravedigger

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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Me first Book Review

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That day went with Izar to BTS , just for the sake of going out, mah original plan was to buy some paperback comics to read during my 8p.m -5a.m workshift if I ever got bored.There were loads to choose from, but then I saw this book titled "HOW TO SURVIVE A HORROR MOVIE" which really attracted me.Imagine lights shining down on the book and close up on my face floating towards the book.The first page already got me hooked.First page is an apology letter from Wes Craven stating that he' sorry that he ends a lot of teenagers life who might have done loads when grown up..So I'm hooked now with that book,It doesn't actually refer to any movies but I got a pretty good idea what movie it refers to ;

i.e : some slashers having gone way ahead and made a futuristic horror movie which is rare, in spaceships and such...

-guess what movie is dat?give u a hint...X

another favourite chapter of mine is on How to avoid being killed by Satan..and the solution?

Show your penis if ur a guy or get a guy to show his penis.LOL.reasons?..

-it's sudden
-male frontal nudity is rare in horror films..:)) and such as(south carolina)

anyhoot aku tak rasa korang akan beli however when i'm done with it...anyone is welcome to borrow it...cuma..kena basuh tangan


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

7 weird things about me

amik dari blog ju, teringin nak wat gak..cause aku rasa banyak benda agak pelik kisah aku.Anyhoo...aku baru balik keje 1st day tempat baru nih...dan syok balik awal pagi tak kena jamm,but tiba2 terjaga lak...baru 3 jam tido nih..haiyoo..kena tido balik cecepat..

7 weird things about me

1.Comic tuh macam baby aku :
Dulu2 masa aku kecik, aku pantang orang sentuh comic aku,boleh tuh boleh..cuma derang kena cuci tangan ngan sabun dan keringkan sebelum kononnyer comic aku tuh kena virus free lah,dan aku juga wat camtuh bila nak baca comic.Skrg tak dah..tapi secretly, kekadang aku basuh gak tangan sebelum baca..cuma aku tak paksa lah orang lain sabunkan tangan sebelum nak baca.ehe nih khas tuk cousin aku..ampun eda.

2.pembelot orang Perak :
Bkn belot camner pon, aku takleh mkn durian dan tempoyak langsung..which is kinda cam mknan fav orang2 Perak..sampai sekarang aku still taknah try ataupon cadang nak try..bkn allergic pon.dan aku takder masalah dengan bau dia pon.

3.picky eater :
Aku seorang yg terlalu picky eater..anything looks weird..overly red or bercampur aduk memacam..aku avoid.aku selalu go for food yg nampak senang, cam sandwhich or corn flakes.kat asrama dulu mmg susah nak please aku...dan tetiap minggu if sapa2 datang aku order suh bawak McD. mknan asas aku

4.kuat berangan :
bila aku buhsan ataupon dlm tandas doing the #2.aku suka mengelamun..aku siap ada plotline lagi.cast nyer semua bebudak kelas lama aku.xmo cerita lelebih cause sangat hehe.tapi basically dia cam zaman2 conan the babarian mix with lord of the ring sikit..dan kekadang tiba ke planet lain cam fifth element..huhuhuh.rasa cam nak tukar cast cause susah weih nak manage 30 plus character...ahahaha. dan yeah noi..kor ada..tapi character kor selalu mati tgh2, cause tuk bina character aku...muahahahahahhaa

5.suka perempuan independent
aku suka perempuan independent.tgk lah aku idolize buffy..i'm all for girl power.tapi bila ter-over the edge tuh yg off skit.yg tak abih2 i have an opinion on something..yg laki is crap and woman are superior..tuh gila gila aku off

6.DVD/VCD cover
dvd/vcd cover aku kena elok, original cover or poster...if ada jer sikit butir tampalan..tambah yg photoshop pistol kat tangan tak abih2 tuh...mmg takkan beli..but lately dah leh terima skit cause..susah mau carik maa

7.korang pick kan aku dah taktau nak letak apa..dan let me see if aku setuju tak

nak tidoooooooooooooooooooooooo,if I can

Friday, September 07, 2007

It's been a while since..

I've watched a movie @ the cinema alone..that Wednesday,me went to the cinema alone...since everyone is @ work & jaa was ..sleeping i guess.So went to Mines alone to catch anything..wanted to see Rush Hour 3 but heh, the show was @ 5pm..i'm not gonna stay there that long.Saw Cyber and his 'questionable sexual orientation friends' *wink cyber, and ate with em.Then went to see Fracture.There was 5 people all together in the cinema...all couples...sigh.Whatever lah, to pass the time.


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The Plot : Old man Hopkins played him again.He killed his wife in cold blood, got caught and sent to trial.Up and rising star in the D.A *Ryan Grosling plays the young big shot who thinks this case is easy as pie.Something to do b4 moving on to a bigger company.What he doesn't know is that Mr Hopkins is one manipulative mutha F.He played his cards well, so it's up to this hothead D.A to convict him..if he can that is.

The verdict : Wow..i really mean it wow.Ok lah semi -wow actually.Great story,there's no big twist actually since they showed early on that Hopkins did shot the wife in the head early on.The story is basically on how to convict Hopkins as they can't find the murder weapon.You see, the man after shotting his wife, barricade himself in his house..and he never went out till the cops came.So where in the world did he hid the murder weapon.Basically that's the thing we need to look out for.And let me say it's pretty simple in the end but clever,really really clever.

Acting again marvelous by Hopkins,though he's been playing this type of character since something different ur buttcrack or something.Gosling was ok,suprisingly I found him to be a tad off..he's usually spot on.Rosamund was beautiful and that's it.Oh and Embeth looks old..haiya.

Overall a 7, a good psychology thriller.


Ok here's a new trailer for ya all,Caps are from One Missed Call.Looks ok.I've seen the original however...there wasn't any subtitles.So crap...i watched that movie and pretended to understand everything.Here's the caps

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Sunday, September 02, 2007

For The Children

Ok aku rasa lawak gila nak mampus tgk nih
Here's what happened

and here's the spoof

For the Children