Sunday, September 30, 2007


inspirational...tell u the truth I haven't been totally hundred percent inspired by mom yeah, in a way..however lets say I have to write a long essay or even put down anyone's name under "who's the person that ur inspired by."I'll be totally clueless.I'll write anything that comes to mind.FYI...I wrote Abe Lincoln for my MMU application...whattttt theeee heellll was I thinking.Actually I don't really want to be inspired by anyone...maybe that's mah main problem...totally selfish and thinking I'm all high and mighty in which then...leads to my sudden mood swings, and dare I say depression(i think i really do have depression..if that's even a sickness or u can "get" depression)And just now, around 2 plus a.m.I just realise that I was inspired by this one girl,living 25 years and finally I realise i need to be inspired by someone...and funny thing, it came from someone participating in ANTM? but really.Heather brought some light into mah life for awhile just now...Y?

Firstly, I can see me in her(not that kind of in yeh)Being (alamak lupa nama penyakit dia)...partially socially awkward I understand how she felt being in a room full of loud people and different.And it's even worst for her cause she has that disease(masih lupa nama penyakit tuh) and yet she pushed herself to join ANTM?a contest in which she needs to stand out to be that's inspiring.Does this make sense?Or I'm rambling?Oh well...for me the point when i fell for her is in the judging room,when she stood beside Saleisha...and looked over then tried to pose herself like Saleisha..she looked awkward!But then..and this is thanks to the judges...she was called (SPOILERRRRRRR!) first..and she looked shocked,really really shocked...and I can't help myself but say awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.U can't fake that.So that's bout it actually,kinda simple and silly huh...but I dunno.It felt special.After this, even if she doesn't so proud of her.(still rooting for Lisa and Jenah though :P)

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Now here's another inspirational tv serie,KID NATION.

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Bout a bunch of kids age 8-15 get thrown in a deserted town in which they are forced to live together without adult supervision.Cruel huh.But hey that makes good tv.Clever producers,milking money out of kids drama, first day itself there were loads of drama,1 kid already quit...Jimmy.Pity that kid.But there are shining stars in those bunch of kids.Sofia to name one..then Micheal.When they receive the gold star and called their parents..aiyoo that was so's true kids can make u smile.I'm actually a bit impress with those kids.Anyhoo I really urge anyone interested to watch's in a way cool.Izar and Klux are already watching so now...I want to convert...sapa yeh...ha Jurina!..Ju dl yeh ju.Anyhoot watch it.2 eps already.

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Sofia calling home after winning the medal

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Jimmy wanting to go home

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this kid need to shut it,annoying much?

oh before I end, my earlier statements above is not a cry for help but just something I wanted to say.I actually dont think Heather would be mah role model for life cause my lifespan of interest is actually short.However it's nice to look back and say "ha pada tarikh nih lah tiba2 aku terasa sesuatu" :P.I'm weird...i know

p/s : happy bday leha lentik


Che underscore Lee said...

since ko dah spoil sket... aku nak spoil yang Jenah wont win.. coz she's out early huhuhu!

dan aku rooting for Sofia and Michael..

Sofia is very brave to stand on her own ground and said what ever she thinks right.

Michael is a very good motivator, a good talker, dan rajin pliss. Masa dia call mak dia cam halaaaa....

Aku ske gak Laurel, dan kesian gak dengan Emilie yang pro-chicken hehe!

Greg trying too hard for the gold star and oh pls FORCE OUT that bitch Taylor!! dari kecik dah cam cilake nyer perangai!

delamyra said...

:)) terhapa tah entry kor nih. aku rasa lawok.

Firstly, I can see me in her(not that kind of in yeh)Being (alamak lupa nama penyakit dia) -> ahah bunyi dia agak menakutkan.

so..u see it? (the light)

delamyra said...

oh yerrrrr...kor nyer season 1 episode 11 ngan 12 :(( nakkkkkk...

reza said...

eh biarlah, its mah blog hun not urs...ghost aku tuh jer yg ada
yg confirm missing is season 2 ep 1 and 2 lain2 i dunno

delamyra said...

sedih. 11 ngan 12 s1 tak der. tgk ah kot2 terselit mana2 ker tgh s2 ke..

lagi satu ada cd lain - apa tah nama dia something. or mansion? eh. tak ingat.

something with m aku tak ingat..ade 3 cd tuh. aku cam ....citer pebende tu?

milo boyd said...

cilake..nyesal aku masuk sini..perlu laa nak spoil tuh izar..ok hate!

layan lah how i met ur mother..fani..n gossip gurl! taste!!! wiyuwiyuwiyu