Saturday, December 29, 2007

Try it

Yo mah peeps, before a new year dawns upon us (poyo sat) let me intrest yall with this community website...I know I know...another myspace,facebook? yada2...but hear me basically is where people chat bout movies,rate join just out of curiosity...and I kinda like, though at times it tends to be a bit dull (when there's nothing to chat bout) but least the movie news is up to date...though be warn....there are some people in there are in it to meet people (datewise),there are a few who generally talk bout if ur intrested..check it out..oh a do add me as a friend,you guys know where to find me...

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

AVP 2 : Requiem

Memula nak ucapkan terima kasih pada semua yg hadir, first time ever all 10 tix booked abih digunakan..selalu guna last2 2 jer...4 jer..paling tinggi 6, nih abih all 10..seronok aku rasa, walaupon lepas beli terus aku pokai tak ingat...terpaksa aku call anyone yg dah berdekatan suh mai cepat ke Midvalley cause aku nak beli comic sebelum dia tutup (9 pm at that time), nasib lah As maih awal..another thing nak cakap sorryyyyyyyyy sangat kat cuz Eda n Bf, juga Dela dan jantannyer cause tak join in sama cinema,In my defense I did specificly mentioned that I want all 10 booked tickets to be in the same row, tgk2 bukan jer tak same row...tak same cinema??????????! camner! dan in my defense again, hello orang jual ticket...apa kes aku beli 10 ticket kor letak half lain pawagam? what the sungguh...apa2 ampun pada yg BAD.Now off to the review....

Plot : Directly from the lame ass AVP 1, a predalien is born and wreck havoc on the Predator vessel which then crashes back on earth.Which leads to loads of action fun.

Verdict : Coooooool, a definate step up from the very very lame AVP1. Basically its a great mindless action romp flick.The action is non-stop which is what I wanted in the first place, gore? wohohohohoho loads of it...though CGI galore it's still pretty much brutal...and are killed yall..and babies too.Which was kinda shocking.

Acting?ahahahahaha!...nothing much to be said, characthers are 1 deminsional..we can also tell who's gonna bite the dust early..1 black dude in particular was the first to get killed from this bunch of group...way typical(i actually whispered to the friend beside me "typical tak?")Most of the cast have only 1-2 scene then they're a goner..but it's ok..I'm not there to watch people's acting ability..I'm there to watch the aliens baby!Relatable character?...well the lead guy is way cool, he ooze of machonism like Dean from Supernatural..the chick?suprisingly there's nothing much from her..other than looking macho..well at least for this AVP I remembered the character..which what I normally do for Alien movies,EXCEPT AVP 1.

Plot?ILEK!...pretty easy..alien lands..kills people..predator comes along..kills people and alien..the town nearly infested and boom! the end.Speaking bout the predator...this time he rocks...the first AVP most of em got pussywhip..which was kinda depressing...Alien?cool as always..Predalien...kinda cool...takut actually..ahahhahha that is some big ass face!Dreadlocks tuh usah ckp ah..cun.What else...erm trivial value..they(imdb) said there's some trivial values from previous movies..hmm but I can't see a fanboy for aliens,I'm sad cause it means I am not really a fanboy..haiya..oh oh ..but one scene does sorta reminds me of Lambert's scene in Alien 1..and they showed of the leaders in that effing coperation from Alien 1-4....tapi sapakah yg belakon tuh?seriously familiar but I can't put my finger on it?most probally one of the cast in the previous aliens?...really gotta check...anyway...I'm happy!...7/10

Monday, December 24, 2007

I am pissed

I don't know bout u guys but I am Legend sorta kinda in a way, sucked.Though not the worst movie this year, far from's also not one of the best movie i've seen this year.What surprise me most is..that many people liked it, hmm weird..for me lah..luckily there are a few who like, me hated it...

I am Legend

Plot : Mr Will Smith is the last living man on earth, others have turned into violent,meat eating or should i say man eating mutant.How will he survive? and is he really the only living non-mindless human being left?

Verdict : As above, I was sorta dissapointed with this flick, probally cause I kinda like Omega Man, which this movie was based on which was also based on Last Man Standing and based on the Novel with the same title.

Probally I shouldn't have compare this movie will Omega Man throughout the whole movie but I just can't help it, the similarities is uncanny (uncanny lah :P).Anyhoot lets begin, erm basically I was impress with how New York looked post apocalypse, kinda cool and bleak...however I've seen more realistic shot of New York being deserted (Vanilla Sky)..Then...the lions and the deers...fuh now that's realistic applause for that one,Jgn PETA ngengada nyibuk udah.

I actually like the first 40 minutes but then after that, it went bleaggggggggggggggh!.Now the biggest factor why i went off, the CGI for those freaks, oh mannnnnnnnnnnnnnn , badddddddddddd!Based on previews I was actually glad that it looked more menacing than the ones in Omega Man, at least it does look threatening...boy was I wrong,though menacing it sucked!I actually wanted the hooded annoying freaks back(nearly)

Hmm what else, well Will Smith at first is a more refreshing hero that Charlton Heston did, cause Charlton embodies macho bullcrap while Willie is more sympathetic looking and he does seem to be battling with being lonely.I guess if I had to pick I think Will Smith did better, acting and characterwise.

Then the story went preachy,'s not enuff they gave us a crappy CGI mutant, but then it went preachy,"listen carefully", "look for the butterfly", ah whatever..and then the sudden ending..oh comeon,give the hero a proper ending...shesh..luckily the ending was kinda cool in sense of there's a new hope but all in all, i didn't enjoy this flick...6/10

Saw 4

Plot : Jigsaw's still playing people eventhough he's dead..the target?Some detectives.Let the games begin!...yet again.

Verdict : In a way, i have enuff of Jigsaw's antics...seriously get over it.Your life is ending/ended..sux to be u.The problem I have is that from what I see we all are sinners and should be tested, like for example me...I'm not loving life that much cause I watch tv 24/7 (well nearly) does that mean I don't cherish life?Should I be trialed?..hmph..anyway..these sort of villains in a way are annoying,what do you actually want?'ve prove your point..why still playing..well the best I can think of is the dude is simply saikotic, hmmm you're so going into the annoying villain list along with samara and that dark water bitch.

However though annoying, I actually applaud the still kept me guessing,who wrote this shit?..seriously since 1-2-3 till now, not one details I can officially say.."cheh aku dah agak".Bummer.Gore...i actually looked away some part...the surgery scene is ...yucky.Hence gore is on the menu...most of em made me go erk.What more to say?Actually there's nothing more...Saw's strong point is the alone deserve high 8/10

i leave with you with Lost Season 4 trailer,wooopedooooooooooo...

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Got meself a chirstmas present

Semalam kelam kabut carik present for the christmas exchange gift thingy for mah company...mmg kelam ah and me out of last2 decide beli vcd original Pirates 3, typical me kan..heee.Ala the limit was kira RM24.90 tuh jadik ah, the thought that counts kan kan...sampai office mak aih semua present rap elok2...aku jer letak dlm paperback (pink lagi!ahahaha...guna maknyer bekas lama)..but whatever letak jer ah, i'm expecting something cheap as well so tralalala..tapi bila time tuk bukak present...mak aih terkejut beruk aku dengan tahap besar kotak aku dapat...but i was fikir.."nih tentu 4 kotak tissue nih"...bukak2 tgk...ha amik! SPEAKER GABAK BESAR..for me gabak ah cause speaker aku selalu beli comel2 jer(am not an audio person)...mau area rm50 plus nih...huishhhhhhhhhhhh baiknyer hati orang beli it made me fell bad beli VCD jer kat orang lain tuh..tapi aku tanyer gak dia ok ker...NASIBlah orang tuh kata dia pon taknah tgk pirates no 3...dan dl connection umah dia slow..sooooooooooo THANK GOD!ori tuh ori :P....anyhoo thanks to Raymond kerana belikan speaker nih!

Gambar hiasan terkejut beruk

Friday, December 14, 2007

Kid Nation Finale

Kid Nation, trully a great series,for those Haters..HAH!those who didn't even give it a friggin chance even before it was aired!..HAH!..tgk lah nanti..bila tunjuk kat tv nanti *kot,tentu ada rasanyer..baru terkapai2.."eh kena tgk Kid Nation"anyway it's a great reality series..though may seems got heart.There are shinning stars from the start and most of em grew personality wise along the show. Mah early fav and still, Morgan,Sofia,Mallory,Alex,Laurel and Micheal...really shines early on,how I wish I someday have kids like em..then there's Zach, Taylor, Greg,DK,Anjay,Migle and Nathan who I originally hate or couldn't care less..grew on me and glad that they proved me wrong..specially Zach.Then some..ehehe I don't wanna hear from anymore(don't want to sound mean) like Mike (pls shut up) and Jared.Oh there's another kid I wanted to know more of,but her screen time was wayyyy limited...her only line I heard is a funny one "Don't step on that poo!"

Now the finale, all 4 who got the gold stars really really deserves it..specially Sofia.And the look on the this is how it feels like to be proud of ur kids.I don't want to say much but Kid Nation is the warmest,coolest show this year thus far and I'm sooooo privilaged to have watched it. I went cap be warn

my gal sofia

Micheal the superstar

Laurel,another fav of mine

Mallory,cutest girl of the bunch

Last minor gold star goes to Zac!

last day drama,entah apa2

that unknown girl i like,tuh jer linenyer sepanjang season

parents coming in after 39 days

2rd major gold star goes to Morgan,well deserved,first was Sofia..most deserving

last major gold star goes to migle

shocked parents of migle

Taylor,Queen B

Nak Abih dah


I love kid nation..i will dearly miss those 40 kids

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

That Golden Thingy

Well last week cinema galore yet again, gotta stop this in bank is reducing fastly, someone @ office told me I'm wasting my money going to the cinema 24/7but whatever lah's my life, mah money.Anyhoot back to Golden Compass last ..friday rasanyer.Near midnite show,with Eda and BF + milo and that kluxy guy.Here's what me thinks....

Plot : Ok bare with me cause I'm a wee bit lost with the plot outline here.Here's my guess, A 13 year old orphan chick stumbles upon a plot by the Mag..something to rule the world and other reality.So it's up to her and her very shiny Golden Compass to thwart their plans with a hottie witch chic,some guy who flies a big baloon? a bear and Gyptians (spelling mungkin salah)

Verdict :Golden Compass...have nooooooo idea what this movie would be about, all i know is it's some fantasy movie (yet again) looking to bank in loads of money like the LOTR franchise. Well personally I don't actually mind cause fantasy movie kinda was extinct awhile back (before LOTR), I remember the times where there were loads of fantasy stuff shown @ TV like The Princess Bride,Ewoks movie..even Conan!

Now back to the Compass, the good..i love the concept..specially the deamon thing.Quick note; Deamon's are kinda like our spirit animal, if we die they die..vice versa.What made it even cooler is after the human dies the deamon automatically turns to dust..and it was beautiful reminds me a bit of Buffy the Vampire Slayer where the vamps automatically turns to dust when killed.Appart from that the backdrop, the props the, the costume was awesomeeeeeee!way regal, specially for Nicole.

The characters are also kinda cool.Kinda like the girl, she's mischievous..not like those typical "oh i'm a sweet virgin girl".Then there's the big ass bear...hoh! me like that..the battle between him and this other bear was fab!..specially the outcome..Nicole!...way classy and regal..nuff said..and lastly that Witch Serafina something...fuh..she's hot and there's a feeling fo serenity whenever she's on screen..dunno why *maybe muka dia cam buhsan kot.

The Unforgivable bad...I DONT GET THIS MOVIE...i really dunno what it's about..too many Jargans..i was like aha aha..ok..ok, eh what?!!!!..somebody rewind!People say the pacing is slow..i beg to differ...i dont think it's slow, infact i think its a bit too fast in sense of that more explanation is needed for people to understand (or maybe just me).It's also very compact,lots of things is put in there but not much of a developement..and that my friends...turns me off!..

Me end with and above avarage flick,definately would see the sequel..but won't kill anyone for tickets..6.5/10

Now prior to Golden Compass me saw Heartbreak Kid, with izar,milo,klux,kak ju and adlie..not much to say bout the was ok i guess but in a way i kinda hated it..Y?'s mean spirited..I don't see the msg..actually i don't think there was a msg.Ben Stiller's character is annoying,mean and stupid + difficult..and he thinks his newly wed wife was bad?sheesh!...the jokes are sorta funny at times..1 scene in particular is definately Stiller's thing..getting all tantrum over something (me talking bout the time he went mad at the mexican singers)..I had hope at least there's some redeeming qualities from the dude's characther but nope...nothing..I rather see Shallow Hall..4.5/10

Now my fav part...scary movies!weeeeeeee..first up is a croc movie titled Black Water..

Plot : 3 people went fishing and is terrorize by a croc who's definately pissed of about something..actually the croc is kinda like some psycho..stalking,taunting..pandai itu croc.

Verdict : Suspense, though lacking in was really a suspensefull flick for me..*kaki aku bnayak terangkat weih!..bodoh buaya..buat aku cuak 24/7.I was trully scared for those people..cause the water was murky and the croc could anytime decide to CAK! himself*in which he did!!!!!bodoh buaya!

For a low budget movie,the flick is pretty good,kudos.Acting was nothing to scream about but good enough.The croc was ok least it's not CGI all the way..however! was kinda slow..and with the Aussie accent I was like huh!?..i actually struggle a bit in the beginning.But the struggle was worth it..7/10


Plot : A workaholic lady is trapped and stalked at the carpark.

Verdict : Not bad..not bad at all.Good thing bout this movie is that it can happen, and unlike Heartbreak Kid there might be a msg there..which is "DON'T WORK TILL EVERYONE LEFT YOU STUPID COW!SPECIALLY DURING HOLIDAY!".

Suspense?Good enough..mainly cause the stalker was creepy..Wes Bently was a dead on, as always.The chic also did well, i like to note that I love it when the chic at least got hurt badly during the running and that chic who got her fingers cut in House of Wax..she also did well securing her boobs cause it looks like it will pop out anytime and greet HELLO!

The gore..suprisingly..gory!You got guts!ok guts!..I was genuinely shocked.Pacing?ok enuff..there are some slow parts but it gets better..I don't think there's more to say appart from ..6/10

Monday, December 03, 2007

How does she know....

Guess what..I saw Enchated...twice!ahahaha me lurrrrrrrrrrve that movie.Way cute..i love cutesy2 movie.First saw it with cuz Eda and bf plus Sutun 2 on the side (psst datang pakai smart standard red carpet nih, katanyer baru dari award ceremony).2 weeks back I was like waiting online for the booking to open then it erm opened? me quickly clicky click.Show was @12 if not mistaken.So fastly from The Curve me went Midvalley then reach counter. I first booked 2, but the other 2 I invite canceled last minute so I told the patron, "ha 4 jer bang"...and *BM sat boleh lah dia went clicky happy and cancel all! I was like "biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitchhhhhhhhhhh u better take 4 of the seats back!" *kepala geleng2 dan jari pusing gaya makcik ada attitude. Yeh lah beria aku book tiba2 dia leh cancel semua..buatnyer elok mmg ada orang nak tgk cerita tuh camner..ha..ha..jawab!

2nd time was with Milo Phoenix, she actually wanted to see thousands year something, from previews it seems ok, plus! Evan Racheal Wood was in it, yum!While waiting at OU (show was 12 midnite as well) Naiza Azwa whines that she wants to see Enchanted, so I oblige but only if there are seats available from the back..andddddddddd, there are seats fastly called Phoenix and agreed on Enchanted..tapi yg bestnyer aku gi beli 5 tix..!Demn, kelam kabut aku nak fikir sapa mangsa nak call for the extra tix, semua bz...dela tgh lipo, Joe marathon gossip girl, izar gi wedding someone, cyber tgh tgk Hitman, azmir tak suka disney!, demnit! out of options...nasib phoenix jumpa orang.Nak jual balik boleh..tapi ada ker loser mana2 datang sorang2 ke pawagam tgk Enchanted kul 12 tgh mlm? (eh tak baiknyer kata loser,tapi....)

So now of to Enchanted...

Fav Scene

Plot : A bimbo-ish red haired? princess from 2D cartoon land got pushed into a well and found herself in our world where the defination of love is actually a lil bit diffrent.

Review :BESTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT gilos!, thought Hairspray was the only story this year that was cute/funny, then came along this flick.Though Hairsray is superior in many ways than this one, Enchanted drove me nuts loads of times..I guess basically it was Amy Adams potrayal of a naive princess was spot on!..hand expression, face and all..I guess she really studied hard for this one. Then the musical parts..oh man..I was smiling all the way through.

Oh another good acting was by James Marsden, himbo weih!..the part where he was biting his knuckles was priceless!And then the other superstar, the chipmunk!...I won't spoil much but this one scene was so great someone actually clapped in the cinema..then other join..and I have to say, I wanted to join in too.

Erm what else, the jokes were to die for, plot? good blend of reality and fantasy where the princess sorta looking for the defination of true love...then..erm that's it I guess,lets just say this flick is TOO CUTE!.

Bad..?The ending, I could have deal without that dragon,seriously..kinda too cartoony, should have made it more menacing, or at least the fight should havelasted a tad longer.And it does seem like the ending is a wee bit rushed.I conclude with go watch it! easily 8/10..even if it's THATTTTpredictable.

I saw more flicks the past 2 weeks, but malas nak I'll make it fast, BEE MOVIE SUX BALLS, HITMAN was bleagggggggggggh! and Beowulf was ok I guess,too much buts if u ask me..

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Link2 di kanan part duex

ok kita teruskan yar, oh juga shoutout..sesapa terasa dirinyer ada link di blog razli..lihatlah apa dia review ya cause dia pon inspired by my current topic which was inspired by Jurina


Seorang mamat yg bagi aku boleh bawak berbincang mengenai horror2 movie,tapi takleh kisah2 Disney kerana dia anti-disney..dunno why(terikut sangat kot dengan scandal2 disney = sex). Dia meminati cerita2 horror yg juga over the top which me like..cerita2 jepun cam audition dan lain2..cuma aku actually tak suka Audition..tapi ngeri gak ah usha cerita tuh..brr.Mamat nih juga agak jiwang in a way..tapi who isn't bila dah terasa perlu time tuk kahwin kan (not me!)..blog2nyer banyak kisah cinta yg actually best..sumpah!..tapi officially close baru2 nih..but me still hoping it'll be up.

Movie sesuai tonton : Saw 4 (if kuar Malaysia) or...kita cuba The Mist nak..aku chop kor!


Makcik loud mouth, kor leh dengor dia dari jarak mana pon..dan leh cam lak tuh...serious takleh jadik serial killer or stalker. Jamin fail!..nak survive horror movie lagi takleh!..tapi dlm2 loud mouth makcik ni..dia nih mmg cool orangnyer..there's more to her then that god awfull noise..:P. Lately dia agak zen sikit..aku pon dunno why..mungkin dah banyak sangat baca buku self motivation book kot..we want the old JAA!..blognyer banyak kisah issue2 semasa..dan kerana ramai kawan aku (2 jer) taktau nama benar dia..mari aku reveal nama Jaa ialah Jaaratul Adawiyah..uniq tak?

Movie sesuai tonton : Apa2 yg leh buat dia gelak..tapi pastikan tgk kat umah..cause if dlm pawagam boleh kena baling pop corn kot..aku cadangkan erm erm..Harold and Kumar 2


Rakan sekolah dan juga satu U, budak kecik comel yg mempunyai personality yg awesomely cool. Agak hyper tapi kekadang pendiam gak..ikut mood swing kot. Juga kuat flirt..tapi tuh dulu..sekarang dan kahwin dah tenang skit..cuma still periang cam dulu..mempunyai graphic blog yg cool..wishing u all the best in Ipoh inaz!

Movie Sesuai Tonton : Enchanted bagi pasangan baru kahwin nih


Aku tak kenal sangat mamat nih lagi..dari balas2 post dlm blog jer..tapi orangnyer very deep,i mean really really deep..taknah aku kenal orang sedeep dia.Banyak benda dia leh tafsir...terasa cam mamat penafsir dlm Lady in the Water pon ada (betul ke tuh tajuknyer..saya dah lupa)..Tapi aku suka dia cause dia juga peminat horror yg bagus..cuma i'm more towards the blood and thrills kot..entah..nih pandangan aku jer..anyhoo..hopefully one day we'll meet..dan RUGI KOR TAK IKUT TGK ENCHANTED! nuff said..

Movie Sesuai Tonton : hmmm The Mist kot...


Bro nih entah mana lama tak update..benda aku gi blog dia dulu religiously gak..but still keeping the link cause am hoping for the best satu hari tiba2 dia update..tak silap dia tinggal dah kahwin..kot..nih base on blog yeh..aku chat ngan dia pon taknah..

Movie Sesuai Tonton : Semua horror movie bakal muncul, hA! AVP 2


Burung ini kenalan melalui dela yg tak sehot milo nih.Milo nih nampak jer real life camtuh tapi photogenic siottttttt..check out myspace dia..tapi aku takmo kasik link..carik sendiri.hik!..sebagai seorang wanita dia ada lah nampak brutal skit..tapi deep deep keperempuanan dia terselah.OH! seperti Noi dia juga makin kurus..woah!..aku takleh imagine camner if dia capai tahap 60kg..mau secun Sara ANTM cycle 9 nih kot.Dia juga best bawak jalan dan mkn..kerana lawak2nyer ada bakat semua orang muntah..oh lupa..dia yg actually kuat nyer banyak kisarkan hidup nyer dan lawak2 jenaka..oh dan check out suara dia..fuh!..setanding dela..dela top skit jer lagi..

Movie Sesuai Tonton : Cerita romantic comedy yg end ngan tragedy..Notebook part 2, :D...takpon cerita2 comedy funny..tapi hati2 dia bila2 jer leh muntah..rasa 27 dreses dia leh layan kot.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Link2 di kanan

Inspired by blog Ajurina Stone, mmg dah lama nak tiru benda nih dari blog ju, tapi saja simpan tuk lazy afternoon di office (which is NOW!).So baik jadik pekerja productive dan update blog :P.
Post arinih mengenai the peeps yg aku link kat nun kanan tuh, siapa derang..oh tapi aku tambah twist :D.Aku juga add in jenis2 movie mereka here goes.

Corset :

Juga dikenali sebagai Nurul,dia nih lah kawan paling lama aku kenal(dari tadika :P), dan yg agak rapat...nasib lah taknah terjadi cam typical movie mana2 yg tiba2 minah nih leh lafazkan kata cinta kan!...fuh!terima kasih noi kerana taknah pull a my best friend tapi then again aku tak kahwin lagi..erk. Orangnyer baik dan juga tenang..suka membantu sambil memakai corset(hence the nick)..lately dia agak kurus mendadak..tapi tak obvious sangat..kerana dia duk pakai baju cam queen2 england zaman dulu yg gabak besar (dan tak lupa corset) dia lately dipenuhi dengan barang2 herbalife..

Movie sesuai tonton : sesuai tonton cerita2 comedy ngan dia..takleh berat2 karang dia banyak soal..oh horror pon boleh tapi selalunyer dia takder perasaan.recommended upcoming movie : Enchanted

My sis

Obviously kakak aku, seorang yg rajin bekerja dan bijak pintar..tapi juga ganas..oh tapi dia juga lasak..tak cam adiknyer nih..then again bila aku nyatakan nak gi bungy jumping satu family lompat atas aku..camner?Sudah berkahwin dan ada 3 anak yg comel dan kuat nangis.

Movie sesuai tonton : Yg mempunyai pelakon2 fav dia cam John Cusack, cadangkan next movie adalah...erm Martian Boy cause ada John Cusack,takpon Prince Caspian cause anak2 dia minat Narnia


Seorang kawan rapat yg sangat touchy.Juga lawak nak mampus dan over the top. Antara kawan yg terror buat expressi selain aku.Juga tak segan menari cam Britney di khayalak ramai..yg kekadang buatkan aku lari.Awek dia juga cool dan comel.Blognyer banyak kisah sajak2/pantun2 yg actually banyaknyer aku taknah faham..tee hee..tapi kerana dia cool aku kekadang cuba layan..tambah2 sajak2 nyer yg tiba2 bermula ngan perkataan TERLANJANG!.

Movie sesuai tonton : Dia nih memacam suka,comedy,horror, drama semua dia layan dan leh join aku...tapi aku rasa better kasik cerita2 yg mempunyai plot lah kot..aku cadangkan..erm erm..Poltergay!


Mamat pakar bahasa yg boleh bertutur dalam banyak language, tapi level apa taktau lah..serious banyak language tapi aku tak sure lah Urdu dia leh tak. Juga arif dlm geografi..dia boleh tau nama2 negara/bandar..selain itu dia juga rakan movie yg menarik cause dia leh ingat adengan2 lucu yg boleh dispoofkan dan digunakan in real life time. Juga sangat gatal teramat2 dimana if kita tgh having conversation ngan dia dia leh tiba2 terWOW! kat orang belakang ataupon Eh akak tembok!.Juga seorang lelaki yg sangat sangat sarcastic.

*Paragraph diatas mungkin telah diedit skit tuk mengcover beberapa benda.. :P

Movie sesuai tonton : yg lawak ya amat2, tak kira camner stupid..jamin dia akan gunakan..ku cadangkan Balls of Fury? Oh dia nih juga romantic orangnyer so rasanyer Enchanted tentu dia suka..tambah ada cast2 "gorgeous". Speaking of which if pelakon2nyer good looking mmg jamin dia tonton..tak kira lah fast fwd ke tgk full :D


Seorang wanita clumsy yg sangat blonde. Dia sangat tak fani bila dia mencuba tapi bila unintended gila lawak best leh muntah..cth: jatuh mana2.erm apa lagi yeh...dia mempunyai life yg agak menarik..drama kiri kanan dan juga ke mana2 so best baca blog kisah review2 tempat shopping or such as. Juga suka movie tambah classic2 yg best...tapi hati2..jgn sesekali bagi dia pilih movie..melainkan romantic comedy.

Movie Sesuai Tonton : 27 Dresses dan juga Enchanted


Seorang wanita yg sangat susah nak gelak besar. Seriously aku taknah nampak gusi dia..dia agak stone..jalan pon macho dan juga mempunyai pose yg tegak. Dia meminati banyak gak tv series dan believe it or not..dia lah perkenalkan AMERICAN NEXT TOP MODEL kat aku sebelum isma dll beria promote..which is at that time dah season 3! Dia juga boleh bertukar2 skin tone..dari merah ke choc balik dengan gitu kejap...sangat cool. Oh baru2 nih dianyer kereta kena bang ngan anic bangang so..bila gi blog dia jangan wat lawak2 bodoh ya.

Movie Sesuai Tonton : Cerita2 cartoon cause dia suka animation nampak gayanyer..tapi dia juga suka memacam kecuali! horror..ku cadangkan Kung Fu Panda next year :D


Satu2 mamat rocker yg real aku kenal..tapi dlm rocker2 dia nih juga sangat down to earth takder lah cam rocker2 lain yg amik dadah dan fornocate memejam...tapi idol2 dia camtuh. Juga mempunyai best friend yg sangat popular iaitu Aqasha. Sangat terror berguitar dan dlm seni creativity..dia agak bagus dan Aqasha patut bawak dia ke tengah mana2..supaya aku leh tumpang glamour.heeeeeeeeee. Juga sesuai bincang mengenai benda2 trivial cause dia agak suka benda2 camnih..Juga mempunyai avatar facebook terkini yg agak sesuatu?...

Movie Sesuai Tonton : hmmmm cerita Bob Dylan tuh kot..aku lupa tajuk

eh aku letih..esok aku continue ya...mesraaaaaa

Friday, November 23, 2007

Better by age

U know Ghost Whisperer, that one show that no one bothers except maybe me. Personally me think the show is not given it's rightful credit.Season 1 was good enuff and the ending...woah!Season 2 was good as well, the build up was excellent but the ending bahhhhhhh!Then now begins Season 3, it started out way slow, way mushy, the types I don't like.Then came episode 2 and I was blown away, it was freakyyyyyyyyyyy! though a bit copying the recent horror movie ghost but at least this time the ghost was really really scary, and from there on the plot thickens with great twist, here are some highlights so far this season

1. Melinda has a stalker (no not the brother/other psychic), and the dude is freak-er than the ghost in that episode ( i expect him to be back)
2. The addition of Melinda's dad (ghost/not?, still a mystery) gives more plot to develop
3. 2 weeks back episode explains that Grandview is not what it seems, there's more ghost lurking underneath and one of eyes and all...brrr

4. Melinda's and hubby plot takes a new turn, which is good, they needed the drama, no couple is thatttt perfect.
5. Guess stars are getting better, there was Amy Acker,Josh Hopkins, that goth dude from Final Dest 3, the dead chic in Buffy season 7, Shalamar from Mutant X, whinny Taylor from the O.C (yes i watch o.c) just to name a few

Hence I applaud Ghost Whis, I actually question way back in season 1 how the plot is gonna develop , I thought it was only gonna be bout helping whinny ghost crossing the light and how many episodes can you do regarding that till we get bored.So kudos, expecting more this season..

and now i end with Drawn Together is officially over...awwwwwwwwwww.Oh btw season finale suck balls!!!( bak kata Toot)

Monday, November 19, 2007

Offensive yet funny as hell

The latest Drawn Together episode 3x13 gotta be one of the funniest episode this season,it was racist,rude + offensive yet wayyyyy funny.This time they poke fun of Fat Albert and the Indians. Fat Albert's storyline was a bit blaghhhh, but the Indian that one's a gem.

Toot and Foxy got into a fight where they bet that Toot must be a slut while Foxy will give up sex.Since Toot's a plus size..she might need some help in getting a man's wee wee into her.So she bought a mumu (i guess that's how it's spelt)
...feeling overjoyed she happily stroll along the parking lot and Bang an Indian family hit her with a car...what follows are some very very racial dialogues in which i can't help laughing at.Then those Indian peeps brought her home to nurse her back to health cause they taught she was a cow since she's fat and kept saying muumuu (the dress she bought)

racial remarks :

1.We have a hit the most sacred of all creature in our very sensible religion..a cow!
2.Oh my hundreds of goofy god!
3.We must take her back to our hideously decorated home and nurse her back to health with our horrible tasting food.

then, some typical Indian singing in the middle of movie happen, which was quite ok..and later Toot was brought to India since they thought she's a sacred cow god..Now the next scene is one of the funniest for me,since I happen to understand and lias with this type of people...when coming into the castle the king was on the phone with someone..

Oh ma'am did you tried alt control delete?aha bout shutting down the I'm not name is Steve from Texas!!

LOL...babi sangat!...Reminded me of the time when i was working at HSBC..with all those Indians in Hyderabad(or however u spell it)..

Then they made her into a king ..lalala more funny events which ended with my last fave scene, of some angry Indian ladies firing lasers from their forehead!...BUAWAHHAHAHAHAH bodoh lah drawn together!!..

Oh how will I miss this show,supposedly the last ep is next week..sigh.anyway fun times watching this week..Next update!...Ghost Whisperer getting surprisingly better.

Friday, November 09, 2007

The Eye

Skeptism aside, awesome poster!!!..but like.But still gonna see it, eventhough I think it'll suck.The original was one of the best and scariest horror film to date.Seriously..that bloody woman at the classroom..brrr

Thursday, November 01, 2007

30 days of Night

updated ...11/2/07

ok cyber dah bebel suh update 30 days of night.last week sunday we went to OU (wan utama) cause i excitedly booked 6 tickets for the 5 pm show.Aku refresh banyak kali yeh nak nunggu bila leh aku book nih.bila dapat jer kelam kabut book sakan mula lah pesta mengajak...last2 cyber jer datang..cit tul...pam aku maafkan cause dia ada seminar kecantikan ari ahad(tuh pon dia cuba yeh)...oh juga leha kerana dia dah inform awal2..yg lain tuh ada geram skit..(bean)

anyhoo sebelum aku tgk ada lah burung sorang nih kata tak best,siap good luck nih...spoil tul mood aku...dah ler tgh overexcited dapat tgk cerita itu..ah whatever gak..cause reviews banyak kata best..tapi fav reviewer aku nih kata so-so lak..ugh..anyhoo here's what I think.

Plot : A bunch of vampires attacks the unsuspecting residents of..ok forgot but somewhere in Alaska.The fight for survival starts here.

Me thinks : 30 Days of night is awesome.It was predicted to be the best horror movie this year..well personally I don't think it was the best horror movie this year..that title belongs to another fav of mine,but 30 days is a good contender for the title.
Lets start with the good, the vampires are bank!awesome any recent vampire anytime..specially the ones that open wide and went all fangs galore.There's this one lady vampire..she was soooooo exotic looking,really weird yet hot.Bukan weird Devon Aoki yeh.*great casting for the vampires.Oh there's another skinny dude which looked like Marylin Manson..that one was cool too.
Gore..?Excellent!!Though it was sorta heavily cut in the cinema, the ones that made it was great.I heard the beheaded scene near the end was realistic..alas it wasn't shown in the cinema i went..haih.
Premise..the of the reasons that got me hooked and overexcited to watch this flick.What's not to like?..alaska?seclusion?dark 24/7?us against a bunch of nasty vamps for 30 days.haih scary.
Direction was nice, me like the top view shot of the town being attack,nicely done and choreograph.Also the tension..of being stalk 24/7..yikes.
The bad..some of the cast are laughable,Melissa George..though hot,god bless her..was very2 dull..she had the worst dialogs.Josh Hartnet was also meh...though at one time he impressed me a lil.My fav was The Stranger played by the ever multi talented Ben Foster..unfortunately he wasn't in it long oops.

Now here's the conflicting part,some complain that it was a tad boring..some even went night2..true however it's good alien..the flick was pretty quiet,hence the sense of tension and eeriness.
2.where the vamp came from..hmm I actually kinda wanted to know more bout the vamps..however since it was based on a comic..and they actually have more sequels after that..i guess I can let it go.My best bet is they're icelandic(leh?)..cause they looked the part,with fangs that is.

Ok i end with 30 days being the best vamp flick in recent's good seeing that people can still come up with decent vamp flick after many idiotic attempts.solid 8/10

Friday, October 26, 2007

An unjustified screentime of an actress..or day player

Me thinks apart from movie review and mah bloody life..maybe I need to spice the blog a bit with more issues(appart from the top 10,a newer one is coming)so me thinks me should write more stuff like that topic I did way back about the hollywood in thing;which was running/walking or whatever down the street a boom ur arse is hit by a car.

Which comes to the current movie I wanna talk bout ; Battle Royale 2 : Requim.
This movie fails in so many levels.BR1 was a classic but this,appart from the pretty cast and so-so first 40 minutes..BR2 is pure crap.Which now brings me to this one particular character,actually she's not the only one..there are others but she sticks out the most.

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Girl #10
Yuko Natsukawa
Soccer Team Manager
A local girl, the daughter of a local restaurant owner.
She's very motherly to the class so her nickname is "Mom."

When BR2 cast was announce,we(the fans) were treated to the full cast list with pictures of the kids.Fun times, as some of the cast are obvious choice for an early demise.And this chic was one of em.Don't get me wrong, I wasn't rooting for her to survive but her death was too,how can i put this..pushed?or maybe forced?

Scene : Some of the students collar started to beep(which indicates it'll explode anytime soon) everyone went panicky which is understandable..then came chic #10 going eee ooo aaa then stood up and run..and boom!..shocking.

My issue : Why the hell is she singled out?The other "prettier" chics had like 10 sec more to live..what the..everyone died nearly the same time(the chics are tag to other male hooligans,if they die..the chics dies..vice versa)And girl#10 partner died like why the first chic didn't explode first??haaa think bout that.My guess is like, this girl is big and a liability so why not kill her off first(and also the other gals are way hotter than her)...I can imagine it now, the director was like hmm we need one to die why not...(pointing towards the whole class)....YOU!(girl#10)..bloody hell.Pity her..well at least she had her moment in the 15 sec of it..ahaha!mostly i only notice her for the pony tail(good effort btw to highlight her)

But all in all a good show from her.Bad director for taking out the plus size one.

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Bloody hell!,why am i singled out

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Ok seriously,why is mine beeping stronger than the others

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Screw you mr. director I'm coming for ya!

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