Sunday, September 23, 2012

"ur all gonna die down here" - red queen

and done!...just finished Resident Evil 1-5 in one go..well I saw Retribution a week back but 1-4 was back to back.

The first reason for me to watch RE was definitely Mrs Anderson = Milla Jovovich. Sorta a big fan of her (after SMG of course), had a crush on her since Fifth Element (a fav) plus she's sorta like my best substitute for Lt Ellen Ripley. Another reason is I love the game!...I'm not really a gamer but Resident Evil and Silent Hill are some of the few games that I actually finished and really really enjoyed...and when I heard there's a movie of it...whopeedo was I overjoyed. And so here you go RE franchise 1-5

Resident Evil 2002

Still the best, the original usually is right? I like it cause it felt like the game, the map..the hive..everything...and then we have the lovely Milla..and woff! her in that Red dress is a sight to behold. The zombies were also great, specialy those devil dogs..true to the game. Let's just say the makeup department did good, the licker though was not really that great looking...I can forgive it though cause this was back in 2002. Story was allright same can be same bout the direction. On a side note, I dig most Paul Anderson's work (Event Horizon anyone?)

Watching this one back particularly was a hoot, cause I automatically went back to first time I saw this flick at the cinema..a lot of movie-goers were definitely excited. When Milla did a spin kick to the devil dog people start applauding in the cinema..this was a first to me...ahh sweet memories when I was young.

Resident Evil Apocalypse 2004

When I first heard they're bringing in Jill Valentine I was happy..when I saw the promo images I was scared...and when I saw the movie...I was not impress. Sienna Guillory, she's pretty for sure, but she was not Jill...far from it. But the sadness didn't just end there..Nemesis, though it looked exactly like it did in the game...the thing was pretty blagh on screen..I blame the director (no Paul Anderson thank god!..but he did pen the story) not using Nemesis more + effectively. Playing RE 3 was really fun when Nemesis kept tailing me or bust in out of nowhere. It did not happen here. That said, the movie did fell like the game, in fact some of the scenes were re-image from the game which was pretty cool...but a failed game movie this was. Even Mila bad ass moments (which was so cool!) in the movie can't help this sorry ass movie. And lastly the logic, I think they wanted the game feel...but near everyone I talk to complained bout the cemetery scene. I don't blame was pretty...WTF.

Resident Evil Extinction 2007

This one was pretty weird..personally as a stand alone movie, which is not related to RE it might have been a good zombie flick. But this one doesn't fell like RE..felt like Mad Maxa bit (I know a lot of people said this but I felt it too) Alice powers was visually entertaining (the flame thrower scene) ..but as a character build up I didn't like it..made her too amazing...(but wait till RE 4)..but again this is a good movie..but it didn't feel like a RE movie. Oh yeah..Ali Larter as Claire is a good addition to the cast AND least they had this one right.

Resident Evil Afterlife 2010

Saw this one in 3D first time it came out. It was amazing..but watching it was ok. The slow motion scene were a distraction to me, and Alice being the superhuman didn't jive well with me (luckily they fix that after 10 minutes in)...but this entry bring not much value to the franchise, it was just there.purely for fun..purely to see Milla kicking more arse. And purely for Paul Anderson to test his visual was good..but just too much at times. OH OH but that giant axe wielding zombie was cool and fun to watch, unlike that big bag Wesker which I found amusing.

and now
Resident Evil Retribution 2012

Lets start with the bucket load of characters that came back..I'm gonna start with Sienna as Jill, sexy!!!! did you see her shooting and shaking sexily in this one scene near the end..that stuff purely for fanboys wet dream..hehe. They did Jill good in this one. It's also cool to see Rain back with Michelle Rodriguez juggling 2 different characters..I like it, I specially like her as that non military chic. Carlos is also back, but there's not much of for Milla she's back as Alice, awesome as ever..kicking more zombie ass while looking good...nuff said.
The newbies, I'm familiar with Leon, but am not familiar with Ada Wong..Leon looks and acts exactly like Leon in the game!(it's the hair) I dig...Ada Wong..again I'm not familiar cause I stopped RE after..well I don't remember..but I didn't reach Ada Wong's entry to RE. Ada Wong...pretty..nice legs..but don't talk..everytime she talks I laughed.

Zombies, we still have your basic zombies..still cool. The Axe Wielding zombies (yeah more than 1) are also back and contributes to one fine action scene...and then they added Nazi Zombies! which was funny to watch cause it kept reminding me of that movie Dead Snow 2007 (cool flick watch it if you have the time)

Plotwise I like this one, it made a whole lot a sense more than the previous entries...AND It felt like the RE game back. Those maps are important yo!.Paul Anderson helms the director chair again..and this time he uses his eye for visual fx nicely. I! the backwards slow motion scene at the beginning...that was really well made and thought of.

What I don't like...the last fight was pretty boring..and the end scene made me scared for the future RE films...let's hope Mr. Anderson can pull of something in the next installment...but overall Retribution is I should say..the best sequel out of the 4...the end.

Monday, September 17, 2012

yea I took the bait...bummer

First up RE was pretty RAD, but I'm gonna save that for next post..cause I'm gonna review the franchise thus far..I'm going backwards actually, dunno why.

Anyway any of u guys saw that promo forBAIT 3D? I was diggin the trailer and the idea of a shark stalking a group of survivors of a tsunami in a mall of a places!

Sounds dumb I know, but I dig shark flicks..and sometimes those monster b-grade flicks you see on SyFy or in my case download. Sometimes I find the need to watch these dumb flicks that are generally fun if you ignore the appalling plot and horrendous acting...oh not to forget the LOL dialogue (Shark Attack : Megalodon scene comes to mind)

But Bait 3D? ...aiyaaaaaa. Like I said , I see these type of movie to generally have fun, regardless if it's low / big budget. But when you take out the fun...what's the point of watching these type of movies right? That's what happen here in Bait , it ain't fun...I didn't LOL with joy, slightly found the kills gruesome (fx was shitty at times) and the shark...pfft.

My biggest complain are the kills, NOT a lot of those, but the cast was pretty big! is refreshing to see a lot of people survive BUT with the lack of awesome kills / some elaborated stalk scene / or a jab of suspense I found the flick to be...yet again...blagh! ..take Rogue for instance..not a lot of kills but by god is the movie full of suspense.
Then the fx, it's probably the budget but early on I was already turned off by the first shark attack scene..however the more natural makeup fx were pretty good..there's a few scenes that uses makeup with marvelous fx i.e sawing a dead hand. Another good thing bout the movie is how they kill off the sharks..not too shabby..but that is all.

Acting..though there few known names in Julian McMahon..acting was not the best, but with the material they got..I don't blame em at all. Oh also that dude from Chronicles is in this flick. Well that's it...basically AVOID..

and with that I bid you ado..mesra

Monday, September 03, 2012

Movies that scared the crap out of me # 2

Hey! It's back! Another chapter of movies that scared the crap out of me. Wanted to do something else but the bloody DVD I have won't play..guess I gotta find other means (:P) to screen cap that scene. Anyway #2 movies that scared the crap out of me is...


I read a review somewhere that states the new Blu Ray copy of Jaws is awesome as the image quality is enhance 10x and of course me being the movie freak I was raised to become went looking for the copy and found it and boy was I impressed.
Anyway..Jaws who wasn't freaked out by it went if first came out? Granted I wasn't even born yet when it came out but when I first saw it (a kid dunno what age ) It scared the crap out of me!
There were 3 scenes that got imbedded in me brain forever..1st is of course the first victim scene, that scene is a classic..first time watching you tend to wonder what attacked her (but then again if you see the poster..well u know)..but I did wonder cause I was a kid and I dunno what Jaws was about (dulu xda internet ye) 2nd scene was the 2nd victim scene which was really a sad scene cause a kid got eaten by the shark..and that my friends is pretty taboo for a standard movie..gutsy move I tell ya..and being a kid myself first time watching made me understand that no one is safe. and lastly the pond scene where we catch a glimpse of the big ass shark..the victim's severed leg didn't scare me really but when I caught a glimpse of the shark mouth open slowly reaching the victim..yikes I tell you yikes!

I would like to add watching the flick in HD made me tear up, the image was very detailed, the first victim scene is not that dark can actually see boobs now!..ahahaha...

Why was I affected by this movie?
1. Sharks are real..duh
2. I love to a kid swimming in the sea I tend to hear that freaky Jaws theme while swimming..and then I panic and go back to the beach..(actually I think most people did back then when the flick came out)
3. A kid died!..pretty brutal scene lak can see the sea turned red instantly
4. Sharks are real damnit!