Monday, September 17, 2012

yea I took the bait...bummer

First up RE was pretty RAD, but I'm gonna save that for next post..cause I'm gonna review the franchise thus far..I'm going backwards actually, dunno why.

Anyway any of u guys saw that promo forBAIT 3D? I was diggin the trailer and the idea of a shark stalking a group of survivors of a tsunami in a mall of a places!

Sounds dumb I know, but I dig shark flicks..and sometimes those monster b-grade flicks you see on SyFy or in my case download. Sometimes I find the need to watch these dumb flicks that are generally fun if you ignore the appalling plot and horrendous acting...oh not to forget the LOL dialogue (Shark Attack : Megalodon scene comes to mind)

But Bait 3D? ...aiyaaaaaa. Like I said , I see these type of movie to generally have fun, regardless if it's low / big budget. But when you take out the fun...what's the point of watching these type of movies right? That's what happen here in Bait , it ain't fun...I didn't LOL with joy, slightly found the kills gruesome (fx was shitty at times) and the shark...pfft.

My biggest complain are the kills, NOT a lot of those, but the cast was pretty big! is refreshing to see a lot of people survive BUT with the lack of awesome kills / some elaborated stalk scene / or a jab of suspense I found the flick to be...yet again...blagh! ..take Rogue for instance..not a lot of kills but by god is the movie full of suspense.
Then the fx, it's probably the budget but early on I was already turned off by the first shark attack scene..however the more natural makeup fx were pretty good..there's a few scenes that uses makeup with marvelous fx i.e sawing a dead hand. Another good thing bout the movie is how they kill off the sharks..not too shabby..but that is all.

Acting..though there few known names in Julian McMahon..acting was not the best, but with the material they got..I don't blame em at all. Oh also that dude from Chronicles is in this flick. Well that's it...basically AVOID..

and with that I bid you ado..mesra