Friday, August 31, 2007

Happy 50th Merdeka Day

Thanks to Milo for the port, thanks for Anne for trying..thanks to mah parents for letting me go till 6a.m in the morning..heeee..And again Happy Independence Day Malaysia!!! really proud to be apart of this country and privilege to have witness the excellent2 i'm gonna be 70 for the 100th Anniversary..

Now am off to see The Invasion with cyber,kena makeup elok2 cepat!...huhuhuhu hope its good..mesraaaaaaaa!

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*updated : invasion manyak bagus,sebuah remake yg ok.Film paranoya yg bagus...tetapi ending tak seberapa hebat ngan ending Invasion Body Snatchers thn 70-an.7/10

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Top Ten Manipulative Beeyotch

Lama tak wat top ten weih, ingatkan nak wat top 10 fav horror malas leh?takper2 there's always the 200th post..:P.Me want to do top 10 female beyotch cause me always like woman of power...independent sense, not those..i have an opinion 24/7 (that's y i like non sexual manner that is..more towards...t-bot and the kid relation)Anyhoo base on this as well i will watch those beyotch ladies to celebrate merdeka..leh?hik hik...i dont have war movies ma..maybe if someone can pass me Bkt Kepong,maybe I'll watch that.

Anyhoo here's the list of mah fav Manipulative Ladies* note!spoilers ensues

10.Evan Rachel Wood in Pretty Persuasion

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The Beyotch : Evan Rachel Wood plays an innocent looking girl who manipulates her friends and more unsuspecting adults to do her biddings..her reasons?....plain revenge...but to see how she played her friends and other adults just for one simple way scary

The story : Must watch, I bought it out of curiosity.The addition of the Arab girl is marvelous but her fate was somewhat over the top.And Evan Rachel Wood again excels in yet another strong drama ,7.5/10

9. Lindy Booth in Cry Wolf

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*khas tuk leha, karang dia emo duk tgk gambo2 wanita jer

The Beyotch : Lindy Booth , I've reviewed her performance previously in other post and praised her acting ability in the movie.So I dunno what else to say.She's way fine ..and her planning to use all her friends is's like playing chess.She's the mastermind and her friends are the pawns

The Story : I liked it, most people hated it.Cause it was advertise more like a slasher movie.But I like it that it's different.In fact there is one scene that made me jump.Recommended..7/10

8. Neve Campbell + Denise Richards...Wild Things

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The Beyotch :Neve and Denise played two boo-hoo we're innocent rape victims.However its all a scam to get money from Denise's...erm trust fund?:P I forgot but she inherit loads of money.What marvels me the most is Neve's attempt to pull out her teeths by herself...yo that take guts.Oh did i mention the 3-way scene is hot...ok now i mention it

The Story : One of the better stories near the end of 90s.Acting is to notch by everyone..and at that time...the ending is somewhat surprising.7.5/10

7. Jennifer Jason Leigh in Single White Female

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The Beyotch : The whatever happen Jennifer Jason.I guess lots of people should know this story by now.Young lady leaves bf, rent an appartment,needs new roomie..found one meek losery young gal.Got along,new roomie moves in....steals young lady's identity and wreck havoc.Love it.What's scary bout Jennifer potrayal is her cold stare and her mimicing Fonda's look and all...brrr

The Story : Kinda simple.But hey, it's kinda a new plot at that time.6/10

6.Rebecca De Mornay in The Hand That Rocks the Cradle

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The Beyotch : Rebecca De Mornay plays a Nanny who's bound on revenge cause her husband commit due to one lady's testimonial regarding a sexual harrastment suit.As she enters the house, all hell breaks loose.Most memorable is she breast feed the newly born child till the kid rejects the natural's mother breast milk...nice move..nice move.

The Story : Must see, Rebecca's nanny potrayal is...downright Nutty and scary.8/10

5.Glen Close in Fatal Attraction

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The Beyotch : Nak ckp melayu cause lagi best bunyinyer kot.Glen Close memainkan perasan kisah seorang perempuan yg tak puas hati, lelaki yg dia bersama dgn satu mlm (one night stand) takmo ada apa2 hubungan ngan dia.Kemudian wanita itu emosi maka dia kacau lah hidup si lelakinyer..Hello one night stand tu one night stand lah...get over it.Kenapa bagus?Glen Closenyer rage menakutkan..dan juga rambut dia..nih juga memberi msg supaya jgn cheat.

The Story : Best but a tad long for my liking.Overall Glen Close rage makes this movie 7.5/10

4.Mah Gellar in Cruel Intentions

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The Beyotch : Gellar plays a bitch, and I like it!Usually i see her as this mousy cute innocent girl.But woah, turned a 360 here.And like I like!!She manipulates everyone like puppets.But most memorable is how she manipulates Selma Blair and the kiss...should have been Reese though...Selma doesn't do much for me

The Story :In my top 10 nuff said.8/10

3.Kathy Bathes in Misery

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The Beyotch : Well she doesn't actually manipulate anyone.But she's one hell of a saikobitch.She looks kinda losery and a bit mentally challange but by god can she throw a fit.I pity James Caan character being stuck there with her.Brr thinking bout her still brings me chills.

The Story : BEST BEST BEST 9/10

2.Sharon Stone in Basic Instict

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The Beyotch : Mizz Sharon Stone, once upon a time was sooooo damn sizzling hot.And she knows how to flaunt it.The great thing bout Sharon Stone in this movie is that she knows she's hot...and she used it to manipulate others.Though I dont think she manipulates as much as the previous characters.However her sex appeal is enuff to make anyone her slave.And also...Sharon Stone's cross leg scene is used in many of my jokes..that shows how much I am in love with that scene

The Story : Biasa jer,watch only for Sharon. 6/10

1.Louise Fletcher as Nurse Ratched in One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest

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The Beyotch : If I've not looked up IMDB i wouldn't have known this lady's name.I only familiar with her charater name.Nurse Ratched.One crazy ass mutha ef of a nurse.Scary thing bout her is, she doesn't actually show or express her bitchyness.But her cold stare is sooo provoking till I wish I could bitch slap the tv screen.It's like...ha cuba lah cuba lah..She alone made me lurve this movie to death.Appart from Danny Devito and Jack Nicholson

The Story : WAYYY awesome, one of the best movie I've ever seen.9/10.It can change ur did mine...for like 1 week..ehehehehe

ok that's bout it nearly made the list are Nikki Reed - Thirteen , Poison Ivy's chicks ..Drew,Alysa and Jaime and that teacher in Teaching Mrs Tingle..

Sunday, August 19, 2007

80s cartoon

Sigh buhsan gila weekend nih,parents takder...kekawan ramai tak bz
membuta jer ah kat umah...nasib ada MASK si Leha pass kat aku

You guys remember M.A.S.K this cartoon from our days *im guessing most mah readers are 25-ish..where u have this awesome cars and trucks...well after transformers came back and making it big..suddenly all these 80s cartoons are appearing in ..ehem..torrent sites but thanks to Izar for passing the nearly full set of MASK in which I wouldn't have to waste...3 guessing 3 get the complete series of M.A.S.K.Ada 72 episode kaaayyy..

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Now after watching like 12 eps of MASK...i found its still entertaining but a tad annoying in sense..that T-bob or is it BOT? is majorly annoying..and most of the endings are utterly bad..cause it ends with everyone laughing..I just realise in those days cartoons ends in laughter..Another major letdown is Vanessa,she's the villain from Venom which i really found hot in my younger've seen better...ehehehehehe.And another thing...what's with the corny team song?

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But watching T-bob is kinda cool..I wish I had something like him..hmm actually we do have something like T-bob...dela!...bestnyer if leh suh Dela tukar jadik motorbike mode dan naik...HEEEEEEE

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Another 80s cartoon i have in my collection is this one is still cool...I love the concept and age..with Magic and erm Technology collide.But weird thing is..there's only like 13 ep...what come it got cancelled?Man...i want more...

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But like I said earlier,with Transformers being made into a movie..I bet you some of these excellent 80s cartoon will be made as a full leght live action movie..and I do hear rumours that there will be Thundercats the cool is zat!

Now here's waiting for Visionaries, MASK,Dino Riders,Inhumanoids,ehem Smurfs...and others to be movienized..*ada ke such word?

p/s : I just realised this is my 100th post...damnit!Should have made a top ten...okok i assure i'll make one next...throw me some ideas top 10 best male bonding scene pls.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

To Taiping then Penang to Ipoh and back

First off Congrats to Wani for getting Hitch..Haihhh...times like this made me feel like i'm getting older, but that's ok ...i enjoy the bachelors life...I guess.My immediate target for time being is to find a job where I can be totally happy and then I'll think of getting married...speed dating I guess (boleh?).

Anyways, I lurve last weekend though it's one of mah most tyring weekend to date.The original plan was for me & sutun2 to meet up with Mahda and tunang to be @ Restoran Jejantas Sg Buloh around 9-ish am.But the plan changed as Nole & Aida decided to tag along with me (and she informed me around 2 am..hebat2).I woke up on time,suprisingly Sutun2 as well.Tralala2 fetch Sutun2 around 8.40am @ Cheras (i think)...Mahda already SMS-ed stating she's already there..but then Nole sms saying that Aidi is still stuck @ SEREMBAN!...amboiiiiiiiiiii.takleh jauh lagi?

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But thinking positive and cause I've haven't seen these people for quite some time, I just kept quiet and fetch Nole first @ USJ..then ate MC D breakfast.Tralalalalala wait wait, finally Aida arrived around 10 plus.However the road was already packed and a bit sigh...THEN! Mahda sms-ed that her car suddenly won't start..oh mannnnnnnnn....

Reached Rawang RnR and there they are,looking a bit sad bout the car,luckily those Plus people helped out and towed the car to...erm i forgot,but we tag along to this one deserted place,waited2 made loads of joke till Nole was in tears...and it hit me, Nole is definately got the same sense of jokes like i have.Who would have thought, cause those days in Bainun, I wasn't at all close with her..She even state dat i control too much those days (ahahaha gotta agree with that one)...anyhoo around 1 ish pm the car still ain't fix so Mahda plead (yoyo) us to go ahead first, so we did.

Then drove like hell to Taiping, and reach around 4pm I guess, but it didn't feel long as we we're talking bout those days and made up a few more jokes.ehehe fun times, then reached Wani's place.As have already been kept in the kitchen, but luckily Wani save some for us, *nasib dia tak letak cam 1 ketul ayam jer dan suh rebut,tapi sudah pasti aku menang kan. Oh Noi and Nasya was already there , and said the only other Bainun peeps that showed up was Cody.

Chit chat away then I'm not sure who,I guess it was Sutun..decided we should go to Penang and have some fun.Noi and her corset of course agreed to fastly around 6 we all went up to Penang.And let me tell ya...Noi drove like the Devil...tau lah anak polis..hish.Reached Penang around 9pm if not mistaken, but Penang was kinda hectic..some got lost..but reached Bkt Ferringi around 10pm.Where I jumped out and left everybody so that I can hunt for the Simpsons DVD...and I found it! Season 9 and 10..wohooo!

Oh but everyone was rushing cause Mahda just realised she gotta go back home ASAP.So did Nole cause her mom forgot to bring the house keys in Ipoh,she has the only key..oh mannnnn..So around 11 pm went out of Penang...and channeling Noi..drove like hell...but alas, still reached Ipoh late.Dropped Nole and Aidi then zoom to KL in which suprisingly...we reached around 4 am...weird...maybe i drove really slow due to the fact that i'm the sole driver...shitze...anyway reached home around 4.30 am...and decided then I will not go to work @ 7am tomorrow .So I slept...then 7.30 am Kak Kham called,demn!...if it was someone else...i assure you I won't answer..but this chick is I answered

"Reza datang tak?...datang lah cause UA(name of team) takder sorang pon..dan mmg patutnyer u jer..." ha tuh lah pandai sangat merge...amik amik!

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So i agreed to go,reached around 8 am(patut 7 muahahaha)then slept on the desk for an hour..Then haih another wedding..luckily Nik was hot enuff and fetch me @ lalalala @ che pa's wedding then reached home 6pm..slept like a baby..the end

*i love last weekend
*the invisible sucked ass
*noi wears a corset

Friday, August 10, 2007

Office stories again

Nearing my last day now Reza the beeyatch is in On more nice and pleasent(actually tak lah pleasent sangat)...and my plan to make Veron's life a living hell has started, eheheh no more doing favours for that Faker.

Veron : Reza, can you bid for next week plsss.Help me ya :=P
Reza : Sorry can't , I got interview everyday next week


the end

Thursday, August 09, 2007


2 days back saw this pool in IMDB, kinda interesting...just from that pool...I can tell Diaz career highlights or timeline in the industry.*Diaz is Cameron Diaz btw.So the list is what you remember her most in.Character wise ... and yeah her portfolio is an interesting one...she does act a lot in memorable movies...

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here's the pool :

The voice of Princess Fiona
The frizzy-haired psycho in Being John Malkovich
One of the dynamic Charlie's Angels trio, and Drew Barrymore's BFF
The unfortunately gelled Mary Jensen in There's Something About Mary
The girl who shakes her rump in every movie
The miscast prostitute in Gangs of New York
The miscast football team owner in Any Given Sunday
The girl who broke her nose surfing
The girl with who upset Peruvians with her Maoist handbag just a couple months ago
The girl who made her big-screen debut in The Mask
The only flavor in Vanilla Sky
The girl who Anna Faris was reportedly imitating in Lost in Translation
The star of so-bad-they're-good indies such as A Life Less Ordinary and The Sweetest Thing
The person who upstaged Julia Roberts in My Best Friend's Wedding
The lovelorn person who was upstaged by the equally lovelorn Kate Winslet in The Holiday
Dyslexic Maggie from In Her Shoes
Justin Timberlake's ex
One of the few female members of the "$20 Million Club

i actually dont get the last one, but i vote the most memorable one, won by a landside...guess which one is it, or even better...which one u find her most memorable as

*masih emo office takleh bukak blog...takper2 12 hari lagi fuhhhh sabar sabar happy thoughts2

Monday, August 06, 2007

YES press it harder!

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*aku emo cause kat office takleh bukak blog dah...bodoh...what next?no bra's in the office?