Sunday, August 19, 2007

80s cartoon

Sigh buhsan gila weekend nih,parents takder...kekawan ramai tak bz
membuta jer ah kat umah...nasib ada MASK si Leha pass kat aku

You guys remember M.A.S.K this cartoon from our days *im guessing most mah readers are 25-ish..where u have this awesome cars and trucks...well after transformers came back and making it big..suddenly all these 80s cartoons are appearing in ..ehem..torrent sites but thanks to Izar for passing the nearly full set of MASK in which I wouldn't have to waste...3 guessing 3 get the complete series of M.A.S.K.Ada 72 episode kaaayyy..

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Now after watching like 12 eps of MASK...i found its still entertaining but a tad annoying in sense..that T-bob or is it BOT? is majorly annoying..and most of the endings are utterly bad..cause it ends with everyone laughing..I just realise in those days cartoons ends in laughter..Another major letdown is Vanessa,she's the villain from Venom which i really found hot in my younger've seen better...ehehehehehe.And another thing...what's with the corny team song?

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But watching T-bob is kinda cool..I wish I had something like him..hmm actually we do have something like T-bob...dela!...bestnyer if leh suh Dela tukar jadik motorbike mode dan naik...HEEEEEEE

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Another 80s cartoon i have in my collection is this one is still cool...I love the concept and age..with Magic and erm Technology collide.But weird thing is..there's only like 13 ep...what come it got cancelled?Man...i want more...

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But like I said earlier,with Transformers being made into a movie..I bet you some of these excellent 80s cartoon will be made as a full leght live action movie..and I do hear rumours that there will be Thundercats the cool is zat!

Now here's waiting for Visionaries, MASK,Dino Riders,Inhumanoids,ehem Smurfs...and others to be movienized..*ada ke such word?

p/s : I just realised this is my 100th post...damnit!Should have made a top ten...okok i assure i'll make one next...throw me some ideas top 10 best male bonding scene pls.


Che underscore Lee said...

ahaha babih!!

by the way.. ko lupa insert satu cartoon dlm list kau tu..

My Little Pony & Friends <-- favourite Hohoba! :P

delamyra said...

best hmmkay ponies tu!....korang cari idea tgk my you tube. i dah save banyak 80s nyer cartoon nyer title sequence..haha sangat rinduhhhhhhhhh

reza said...

erm..ok T-Bob

delamyra said...

ewwwwwwww neverrrr liet you ride me

joey jo jo said...

shadap t-bob! ur purpose of existence is for guys to ride u.


Eh, ada jumpa Visionaries kah?

janet said...

tp nape t-bob n dela?
hehe.. comel.

izar said...

okey how about Top 10 Best French Mancandy boleh?

delamyra said...

yey dela comel. nak pelok2 ciom janet. benci reza. he's not huggable and he's a blob.

diam kau jo. and i love my little pony!

reza said...

janet : y?cause benda tuh round dan imbalance dan bimbo macam....?

joe : erm ada 2 saksi pls...malah salah sorang siap kelam kabut bitau orang lain

izar : french guys?hish cam aku kenal i only know...

1.lois garrel kerana dreamers awesome
2.monica's belluci hubby
and gerard something cause joe obsess ngan orang tua itu

janet said...

muakhsss and hugssss to dela!

izar said...

- Louis Garrel of Dreamers
- Gerard Depardeu orang tua itu
- Gillaume Depardeu anak dia
- Vincent Cassel - laki Monica Bellucci
- Olivier Martinez - con dlm SWAT
- Michael Vartan of Alias
- David Charvet of Baywatch
- Josh Duhamel of Turistas (well okey he's not French but from French descendent!)
- Adrien Grenier of Drive Me Crazy n Anne Hathaway's bf in Prada
- Matt Le Blanc (again.. from French descendent)
- Brandon Routh the superman
- Milo Ventimiglia (French-Italian descendent)

and banyak lagi rasanya..

reza said...

erk saya tak reti tgk descendent2 nih