Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Month Week 4

Nearing the end now! Sad :( : Nway 10 movies this week! But am gonna do this short cause damn my schedule is hectic nowadays..Sometimes I wonder how most of you bloggers update like 10 paragraphs per post.

1.Paranormal Activity 4

Another installment from the P.A franchise. # 3 is definitely a fav of mine. 1st was shocking enough and 2nd was pretty bland. Now the 4th? Jeez, lame sorry ass of a sequel. It continues years after the 2nd flick. Katie's back and she moves in to a new home while her "son" does some crazy shit (not so crazy really) to their new unsuspecting neighbor. The Night 1, Night 2, concept has become enormously tiresome and most of the Nights were pretty bland. The addition of the new motion detector X-box fx were pretty neat but that's about it. The only remotely scary part was at the ending but it was just a lil too late. A no for me.

2.Snakes on a Plane

Watching this again cause I wanted to have fun. Basically the title says it all. About Snakes on a Plane, such an extreme measure the baddie took just to take out one dude. This is a fun flick, nothing more. But the first time I saw this flick at the cinema I was slightly paranoid cause I was worried bout my dangling foot..hehe. Silly I know...now..not so much, but again it is a fun flick.

3.Howling 2

Once awhile there comes a time, after a movie you'll thought to yourself...What The F@!$% did I just watched. This movie was one of it. Before this I've only watch Howling 1 , 4 and 5. They were good, not bad and pretty awesome. Howling 2 was pure crap..pure pure crap..It supposedly continue after H 1 events, they even remade the final scene in H1..which was badly made I might add. This shit should be avoided at any cost, and I'm really surprise that Christopher Lee agreed to do this movie. More things I don't like, the confusing editing + horrendous editing. Again..dumb ass flick.

4. Bad Moon

Another werewolf flick, but thank god this one was cool. About a dude that lives with his sister and her lil kid, unbeknownst to them, dude's a werewolf! 1 thing I remember bout this flick is the intro scene,hehe..it's one for the books. It's as cool as Jason Goes to Hell chick cut in flick scene. Watching it again, first scene was still cool, movie? Though it felt like a tv movie at times..it's all good. At least there's a clear story with family involve and the family dog as a big time hero. Good to watch again and again.

5. Silent Hill 2

Continues after the first movie. Alessa's all grown up but still having nightmares of Silent Hill. Moving in to a new place, things started getting stranger, it seems like Silent Hill found her and they want her back. Okay..Silent Hill...such a confusing flick! And not the good kinds, I love the first one..it was also confusing but very well made. This time around, visually it's awesome to the max, but the flick is just too confusing and TOO convenient. Chill factor was cool enough, few morbid monsters...and the nurses are back and cooler + hornier as ever. Overall an okay flick, might want to see it again to understand the flick better.

6. c.h.u.d

and old classic about mutated humans. This is the first time I'm watching this flick, and though it maybe a classic, I didn't like it. It was a dumb 80s flick that's not even funny for me. I've C.H.U.D II in my collection but now I don't think I'll be watching it. The movie is just plain stupid. Maybe a remake would be nice? hehe

7. of unknown origin

A rat terrorizing Peter Wellar in his apartment. Good flick, Petter Sellar was great in this one, the transition to a levelheaded executive to a nut job in the end was a hoot to watch. And then the RAT...by gof was it evil...I would go nuts too with this rat. A good watch.

8. Silent House

A teen girl and her father came back to their old house and strange things started happening. A lot of people noted that Elizabeth Olsen was good in this one, she was..thing is...the movie was not. It was bloody too slow and tre to the title itself..silent..I can accept atmospheric flick but this one was just too bland..and actually I figured out the ending halfway through. Not really recommended unless you want to fall asleep fast.

9. Jeepers Creepers 2

The Creeper is back! This time it's targeting a bus load f kids. Second time watching this flick this year, cause my nephew out of the blue wanted to see it..and boy was he in for a surprise. The lil bit got scared and didn't finish watching the flick. Anyway JC 2 is a flick that I dig a lot while most don't. It's a flick that I would call a missed opportunity. It has the goods but was not utilize properly. Even so, I still like this one..if only they could elaborate the mass running away scene near the end. I do love chase scenes.

Company of Wolves

Another werewolf movie..a collection of werewolf stories told by the characters from the main story. It's not really that scary this one...far from it (well maybe except for the story with Stephen Rea) but overall it's a cool flick..should have ended with one of the better Howling movies though.

halloween eve tonight people!...tell me what ur watching!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Halloween Month Week 3

And I'm back!
Bad week for me , movie-wise..watched a lot of average to below average flicks..my own fault for trying out lots of new flick I have not seen before or checked it out based on hearsay (except for Tall Man of course)...won't do it again this week. Anyway last week at the movies!

1. AVPR: Aliens vs Predator - Requiem

About : Aliens vs Predator basically

In a nutshell : I love Aliens, anything with Xenomorph in it is a win for me.

so... : I didn't really intend to watch this flick this month, but when I saw a friend of mine updated his status with something like "Aliens flick are always good..except AVPR" ..that got me riled up a bit. But I didn't pick a fight with the dude, cause dude's a good friend of mine..and an opinion is an opinion. But generally this flick is shrug off by 99% of the population. I'm one of the few that liked this one...not love but liked. Of all the Aliens related series AVP is the one I had an issue with. Anyway AVPR..liked it..it had mucho alien vs predator action and the most important thing of all Pred-Alien was hooooooooooot!...loving the look..1 problem..the flick is at time way too dark..great cover-up for shitty FX but bad for viewers to wanna actually see something.

2. Prophecy (1979)

About : A mutated bear wrecks havoc on a countryside

In a nutshell : a 1979 flick so expect poor fx, it doesn't really age well but it still have its few unsettling scenes

so... : for a long time I was searching for this flick, I watched it way back when I was a lil bit, and was freaked out by some of the bear attack scenes (the campers scene) ..and suddenly out of the blue I saw this list (top 10 fav Man vs Beast flick) from a fav reviewer of mine and notice one of the flicks sounded awfully familiar...and after hunting it down, true enough this is the flick! The wonders of the internet for ya. As for the movie, well I don't remember it being this slow..but all is well when the bear starts showing off it's ugly mug, and still to this date I found the campers being ravage scene (they were eaten/ravage off screen) was pretty brutal. And then the last 20 mins of the flick is still as good as I use to remember...one problem though : the bear looks like it was skateboarding while stalking the town-folks ..made me laugh a little..damn u 70s fx.

3. Texas Chainsaw Massacre : The Beginning

About : The beginnings of Mr Leatherface

In a nutshell : first viewing the flick when it first came out, I hated this flick...seeing it back again..it still pfft-able but it does have it's cool moments.
Run Diora..RUN!

so... : the only good thing I got out from this flick when I first saw it was Diora Baird. She's hot! and that's it...but now watching it again..I guess I was being slightly harsh on the flick. Maybe cause those days I was so full of myself deciding which flick rules and which flick does not. As I said earlier, it ain't the best but there are a few stand-out moments.

4. Sinister

About : A writer moves into a house in which the past tenants were brutally murdered.

In a nutshell : pretty neat, this year's insidious / drag me to hell for me

so... : first up, the opening sequence. WOW! Love it, very atmospheric .. the super 8 effect was also a nice touch. Next, Ethan Hawke, dude ur awesome! Freak out factor, a lot! even though some of the scenes I've already seen it from the trailers. However these scary moments rely too much on the sound fx which volume was pumped up to the max. A good scary flick should not really entirely on these boom fx..*and black cats jumping out of nowhere. The Deity / villain is interesting and scary looking which is always good. The mystery surrounding the deity was also fun. Now the ending, felt a bit rush..would love for the makers to slow it down a bit...but overall, a good one

5. The Barrens
About : Family man decides to bring his family down for the weekend at the Barrens, legend has it The Jersey Devil lurks in the forest killing unexpected visitors

In a nutshell : boring, moring, snoring, wth wth wth

so... : I saw this solely cause a reviewer was praising the flick..and I don't get it after watching this flick. It's bloody boring. A pity cause it has a few cool names attached to the flick (Shawn Ashmore, Stephen Moyer, MIA freakin Kirshner!) I've always been fascinated with the Jersey Devil legend, but up till now no one has come up with an interesting story and concept for the legend. Even X-Files tried once and it was just lukewarm for me..oh but Supernatural's episode dedicated for the beast was not bad..but still...I need a full length film for Jersey Devil, pleaseeee.

6. Wrong Turn 5
About : Hmmm nothing new here, just more victims for the inbreds

In a nutshell : 1 was awesome, 2 was interesting, 3 was bleaggggggh, 4 gave me hope and 5 reduce the franchise to a pile of dung.

so... : The previous installment (4th a prequel) was not bad, gave me hope for the future of the series. And then this came..sigh..the kills were good and cool but the story is getting tired. And the inbreds looks worst that before, fail in the makeup category. erm that's it..nothing new.

7. Werewolf : Beast Among Us
About : Set in the 19th century, a group of hunters are hunting down a peculiar Werewolf that has been terrorizing a small community.

In a nutshell : ..hey at least it's not sparkling vampires!

so... : it's ok, kinda a letdown for the last horror flick for the week, but it will do I suppose. The first scene set up the movie nicely, but as it progress there's not really anything interesting bout the movie. There are a few twist and the reasoning behind the killings is pretty good plus the fx was not too shabby but alas it fails to be interesting. I think I wanna check out one of the Howling flicks this month..let see how that one fares.
And that's it...

p/s : Silent Hill this week.....wohoooooooooo!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Things to come in Week 4 post

Normally I would wait, but I just gotta let it out somewhere...Paranormal Activity 4
And that is all
I was struggling to give a thumbs down here

Friday, October 19, 2012

Ulasan dari Panggung: Looper

Maaf saudara Reza kerana sudah lama tak menyumbang dalam halaman ini.

Saya akan cuba berubah dan mandi lebih kerap selepas ini. Tapi utk menaip panjang-panjang macam selalu mungkin tidak. Nukilan-nukilan saya akan lebih ringkas selepas ini kerana saya bukanlah bijak sangat nak mengulas. Selalu ikut emosi sahaja.

Apapun, filem terakhir yang saya sempat tonton di pawagam adalah Looper. Pautan IMDB di sini http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1276104/

Kisah mengenai seorang pembunuh upahan yg mangsa-mangsanya adalah si malang dari masa hadapan.

Para mangsa dihantar melalui Mesin Masa yang selepas sahaja mula diwartakan terus diharamkan oleh pihak berkuasa. Tapi seperti biasa, yg haram itulah yang seronok utk dipergunakan.

Selama ini kerja Joe hanyalah menembak orang. Upahnya dlm bentuk kepingan-kepingan perak. Malam sampai siang hanya untuk berjoli dan hisap dadah. Kadangkala berborak bersama pembunuh-pembunuh yang lain yang muka mereka semuanya taklah jahat langsung. Kerja membunuh sebagai Looper ini nampaknya dah jadi sesuatu yg 'cool'.

Nak dijadikan cerita, Joe dari masa hadapan telah menghadapi hukuman bunuh tetapi sempat terlepas dari genggaman para samseng lantas ambil peluang untuk pandu Mesin Masa sendirian. Di sinilah dia berdepan dengan Joe Muda. Joe Muda, lakonan bertopeng prostetik JGL (gambar), saya suka dia. Lebih 'cool' dari yg lain.

Apapun, babak aksi yang kita harapkan byk berada di hujung filem. Di tengah-tengah kita dikenalkan dengan satu keluarga ibu dan anak lakonan Emily Blunt dan Pierce Gagnon.

Ketika JGL atau Joe bersama mereka, barulah filem memasuki fasa mempersoalkan tentang prinsip hidup kita. Joe yg muda tak tergamak utk membunuh seorang anak kecil. Joe tua, terlalu emosi, inginkan kembali isterinya yg dibunuh sanggup menembak anak-anak kecil yg dianggapnya akan jadi Rainmaker pada masa hadapan.

Menarik kerana kedua-dua personaliti berbeza watak Joe ini tidak bercanggah dgn diri Joe yg sebenar. Maksudnya Joe yg muda belum lagi melalui kematangan dan merasai cinta utk sanggup membunuh anak-anak. Manakala Joe tua terlalu yakin beliau akan bertemu kembali dgn isterinya sedangkan ia kemungkinan yg sangat sukar utk dikecapi kembali.

Saya paling suka Emily Blunt dlm filem ini. Sedikit berbeza dari ketika dia berlakon Adjustment Bureau tetapi perwatakannya sebagai gadis yg meminggirkan kemajuan dan batu-batu konkrit hanya utk pastikan beliau dan anak hidup dlm ketenangan (anaknya mmg perlu tempat yg tenang-tenang sahaja) amatlah berkesan.

Filem yang baik. Permainan masa dari satu babak ke babak yg lain boleh diperbaiki. Rekabentuk set kelihatan sedikit murah. Lakonan boleh tahan. Saya beri 7/10.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Halloween Month Week 2

awooooofff! back for another week. Week 2 was a busy week for me (work-wise and life :P) but I still manage to sit in front of the TV and watch these few horror movies. Oh before I proceed...Sinister is out this week, shriiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkssss!...eh?

1.Dark Shadows

About : Dude turned into a vampire (actually cursed), captured then buried alive. Decades later he's out and wanting revenge. Laughter ensues...eh?

In a nutshell : Johnny Depp typecast; Tim Burton WTH happen?

so... : never watched the original show and after this I don't intend to...I don't like this one. It was dull, not funny and the leads have no redeeming qualities ..how am I suppose to root for em? Johnny Depp is again a weirdo..it's getting old by now and I'm bored. The only redeeming thing bout this flick are the visuals (but if you've seen one Burton movie u've seen it all) and Eva Green who was marvelous as the witch..the cracking effects helps too.

2.The New Kids

Love this poster, has this retro + cover book feel

About : After their parents died in a freak accident, the kids (1 gal 1 guy) were forced to move in their uncle's house. At the new school they are targeted by the school bullies.

In a nutshell : not bad...everything I expect from a Sean Cunningham flick.

so... : Sean Cunningham..dude's a legend..he created Jason..one of my fav villain (Michale still wins though)..he also produce and direct a bevy of horror flicks..so I was excited too see this one. After watching..it's ok...I was expecting Friday the 13th hack and slash flick..but it's not like that at all. It's mainly bout the siblings adjusting to the new school..and while at that..bunch of bullies make their life hell..one thing exciting bout this flick though..it stars a very young James Spader and Lori Loughlin, u know the hottie in Full House.

3.The Tall Man

About : A small town is terrorize by someone they dubbed the Tall Man, who has been kidnapping children.

In a nutshell : OMG GREAT FLICK!

so... : I did not see this one coming..I read few reviews saying it's a good flick..but I did not expect it to be this good!..the flick me throw me into a spin...the flick is not what you expect it to be. The less I say bout the movie the better..but I got two things to say. Jessica Biel was good in this flick..she's known for her bod which then distracted viewers from her acting chops..but in this flick she proves that she can act!(good thing they tone down her hotness) And then there's the twist..I did not see that coming. Love this one!

4.Taken 2

About : Producers wants fast money so they decided to make an unnecessary sequel to the awesome Taken.

In a nutshell : pfffffffffffffffft

so... : I shun off this flick cause I read a lot of bad reviews bout this flick. But nothing else was good at the cinema! You expect me to watch Universal Soldier I dunno what # which trailer looks so dull it could just have been a direct to video flick? Anyway Taken...I label it as a fast money flick...it's uninspired and lacking the intense action scenes from the first flick. But to be fair..the first half was ok..but the second half was just too quick to resolve all the problem. Avoid this one, please.

5.Halloween 20 Years Later
About : the final showdown between Michael and Laurie.. yum! (it's not the final showdown I know..but refuse to remember Halloween 7.

In a nutshell : siblings duking it out..loving it!
Love this scene and the chase that leads up to this scene.

so... : H20 has its flaws (the logic for one) but it's one of the finer sequels to Halloween..it's short simple..to the point..and the main characters from the original Halloween came back to duke it out. Also I had fond memories seeing this movie 3 times at the cinema back when it first came out (tickets were really affordable back then). Like last week I'm glad I ended up with a flick I love..but maybe next week I'm gonna try something that I have not watch before..and see how it fairs..I might come upon another treasure like Tall Man (watch Tall Man people!)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Halloween month Week 1

Damnit I promise myself I would update this on the first week of the month, but am too bloody busy nowadays..work is hard..and I'm like taking my last few minutes left of my office hours to update the blog.

Anyway..Halloween month! wooopeeedoooo! Like last year am gonna watch as much horror flicks I can during this awesome month..no party though this year as Halloween falls on Wednesday this year and I work mostly at night time. Unlike last year in which I limit myself to 2 horror flicks per week this time I'm gonna go for more than 2. So here's last my first week

1. Detention

About : High School kids gets killed off one by one and then...I got lost.

In a nutshell : The style is hip and cool but halfway through I got confuse on what I was watching.

So... : Well it started off really funny, and as I said the styling is cool..and then it got too MTV..very flashy and the storyline went out the window cause I don't get what I was watching...or maybe I'm just too mature now for these sort of flicks? I dunno, the styling is pretty much like Scott Pilgrim a movie I loathe (I'm in the minority I know)

2.Chernobyl Diaries

About : Tourist deemed visiting the Chernobyl site is a good idea..it ain't

In a nutshell : snoozefest

So... : Firstly, it was marketed as a found footage flick...it is not! not even partially. Shaky cams galore sure but it was not held by the cast member ala Cloverfield. The cast was ok with the exception of teen pop idol Jesse McCathy which looked seriously out of place. The thrills equals to none..well except the appearance of a rabid bear which was a far scarier scene than any of the scenes with the mutants..the kills are ALL offscreen which led me to belief that the movie is made on a very tight budget..but comeone at least show someone getting bitten or something...and with that this one is lame..avoid.(figures the reviews were all bad)

3. Massacre at Central High

About : New guy seeks revenge on the school bullies and then when all of em are killed off, the existing losers went over their heads and decided to become the new bullies. New guy not happy...new guy kills again.

In a nutshell : another weird flick, the plot doesn't make sense and the script was downright funny..but the bottom-line is I had fun watching this one.

So...: This flick doesn't make sense, high school students are getting killed off one by one and people are still going to school merrily. The obvious victims don't even have a clue or act like they actually care when they're obviously in the kill list...and no one even suspected the very obvious killer?!??(some does but did nothing) WTF.and then the script good god it was funny, there's this one scene where the lead chic is confessing to her bf that she nearly cheated was SILLY!..even the actress delivering the line was half-ass acting during that scene..but with that said..with the campy vibe and knowing this movie is from the 70s I had a good time watching this one..if given a better budget it might have been a great solid slasher flick. Oh extra note Kimberly Beck is in this flick, she's the lead chic in one of the better Friday the 13th sequels (Final Chapter)

4. Beneath the Darkness

About : The mortician is hiding a secret..stupid kids decided it's fun to check out what it is.

In a nutshell : zzzzzzzzzzz

So...: I'm gonna start with the leads, they deserve what is coming to them..I don't fell any remorse..they were seriously asking for it, Though it is a pity that one of em died (oh please like ur gonna watch it after this review) ..The plot is pretty simple and the big mystery surrounding the mortician is not really jaw dropping worthy in fact I actually felt sad for the mortician (dennis quiad btw)..gross sure but still sad. Oh Dennis Quiad makes an okay villain he looks like joker sometimes..and over did his scenes from time to time..but without him the tv would be watching me and not the other way around.

5. Hotel Transylvania

About : A hotel for monsters hidden from humans

In a nutshell : I'm Draculla!..bleh bleh bleh~

So...: I know I know this is not a horror flick but it's about monsters..that counts right? It's not the best animation ever but it has it's cool moments. Some of the lines are noteworthy (I'm still using bleh bleh bleh whilst my cousin is still using that Zing word) and meant to teach us something I suppose..well cartoons are normally meant to send out message no? ..it started out pretty boring but when the lol scenes started it laugh-city till the end credits..I employ you to watch it, it's still screening ..don't go for 3D though..there's not much 3D going for this flick.

6. Fright Night

About : A vampire moves in next door, nuff said

In a nutshell : You're so cool Brewster!

So...: Still a great flick and didn't feel dated at all. I remember saying after watching the remake that Colin Farrel was a better Jerry..WHAT WAS I THINKING...watching this again..Chris Sarandon IS the better Jerry. He oozes with charm and when he gets all monstery (is there such word) ..he was downright scary..and the makeup helps too..why can't people do vampire makeup like that anymore..now what we get are glowing vampires..pffft. The cast was excellent..but my highlight is Evil Ed...he was way cool! His scene with the red wig freaked me out as a kid..well now too a little. Good thing I ended the week with this one...it felt good!

All in all, an okay week of horror..the only F@$@! up flick was Chernobyl Diaries..till the following week people! Bleh bleh bleh!

Thursday, October 04, 2012

The Tube

Any of you readers a Weeds fan?
Well I'm a fan, and to those who have been following from 2005, you might know that the show ended after 7 years with 8 seasons..personally it was an acceptable ending...the only thing I would want to see was Elizabeth Perkins (Celia in the show) who left the show after season 5 which was a good call made by her as after season 4 the show was not as good as it was before. (though it manage to stuck around for 3 more season)

But even though Weeds was not the same after season 5, I still stuck around and watch it till it ended recently, kinda sad..not as sad as I was when Buffy ended..but still sad. You see this show is one of the shows that I follow since the beginning, when it came out in 2005 I watched it when it premiered (back then I only had dial up connection ..gigih tak!) ..and never stopped watching. I will miss you MILF Mary Louise Parker (Nancy) and Kevin Nealon (Doug) who kept the show funny till season 8...cheers Weeds, I never regret following ya..(unlike Heroes ..pffft)

Now to the Tube!...Fall begins and you know what that means? Awesome shows are coming back wohoooooo! 3 of my fav (current) scripted shows are all returning. Big Bang Theory / Criminal Minds and Dexter! All started last week.

The Big Bag Theory

Was introduce by my cousin last year cause she said the show reminded her of me. This show was never in my radar..but after much pressure from my cousin..I watched it..and babi now I understand why she wants me to watch it. The people in the show were somewhat like me..somewhat(note that)..not an exact replicate..but yeah I can see how my cuzz can be reminded of me when watching the show. This season I can't wait to see Sheldon and Amy's relationship escalate. (amy is played by that chic from Blossom fame) Bring on the Penny Penny Penny!

Season to watch : All! but if I have to choose..it'll be Season 4..when Amy was made a regular

Criminal Minds

I dunno why CM gets a lot of flack from TWOP, this show is awesome!...I started watching during season 4 @ astro (cable) ...liked it but was only interested watching it from Astro. That is until a colleague gave me the full 1-7 season. I watched it religiously and after 4 months..I'm up to date..and just on time, cause last week is the latest season (8) premier. Again I would like to stress out this is a great show..it's not only a fbi chasing criminals show it has more layers..some eps were really outstanding.

Season to watch : 1 + 2 + 4 + 7 (skip the early eps in season 6)


Best show with a serial killer as the lead. Introduce by a colleague of mine cause he said I would love this type of show..and I did..a lot! I like the fact that the lead is a Anti-Hero...and how dark and very layered his character is...and then we have Michael C Hall...greaaat actor!. I also like Julie Benz..but that all went to hell after season 4...Last season was pretty piss poor with a very lame big bad..but the latest episode ..things are looking up..pretty intense premier.

Season to watch: 1 + 4 (John Lithgow was good in S4)

well gotta run..work. Still waiting in the wings are American Horror Story, Supernatural, Walking Dead and Vampire Diaries! (don't judge me!) more of those in the next post..maybe.