Thursday, December 31, 2009

It's New Year's u know where ur kids are?

Hey y'all another year have flown by us, I'm sitting in the office with a couple of officemates yet again this year. mood? sucky, but I guess I'll manage lah kot. No point going into the new year all grumpy and bahhh humbug like. So what to reflect on? 2009 was a good year in comparison to 2008. Dad is recovering well, his mouth is back as well...ah biarkan lah, buat pekak jer ah. Work was fun, except when it comes to Malaysian holiday then i'll be all grumpy life not bad. Travel..went Thailand like finally but overall experience was so-so, Sipadan was better..hope to go there again when I have the money. A couple of loses that shocked me to the core (no not MJ). Al Fatihah to arwah Enda (eda's mom) who pass away.

DADDDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY!..ehehe that never gets old

Movie was gooooood! In comparison to last year's entry this year..fuh better2.Watchmen,Orphan,Drag Me to Hell, Star name a few. Tv shows? Started liking a show named Dexter..dunno who to gave credit 4 introducing me to this show..but there was someone who mentioned I would like it...whoever it is u have my thanks. Err then there's Scrubs in which I thought ended came back!..(beria aku bukak post solely for Scrubs) but meh...the new staff kinda weak. As for True Blood...naah not yet...maybe next year I start...maybe.

Now how bout the decade...should I review? Actually dah ready a couple of times to list out top 20 movie/shows/moments in cinema ...tapi ultimately..aku malas spend time menulis...I rather be in front of the pc watching movies/shows. However in a nutshell maybe I'll just review some of the memorable least memorable for me lah.

Better than Edward's sparkling skin no?

Pitch Black introduced me to the ever cool Vin Dissel (in which aku xtau mana hang pi dah)..his anti-hero character Riddick blowed me away...I was a fan there and then. Also the movie was great!..fav scene gotta be the part they walk in the dark towards salvation with only a lil amount of light to keep the monsters at bay..good image shown there.

The Descent didn't know where this movie came from..I download it only because in IMDB The Cave's page someone said The Descent was mightier and it really really really was. First 40 min was just cool but I was near to tears due to boredom but when that thing showed it's fugly face via made me jumped..and I don't mean technically I literally was shocked!Plus I was wearing headphones. the rest of the movie was simply doubt one of the best movie this year.

2000 came in Battle Royale, saw it in 2001 i think, thanks to Kazumi who saw my must see movie list at that time..and I didnt even know it was a Japanese movie.HAHA (gelak fake) But yo what a movie, what a controversial and cool (yes I find people hacking each other cool)movie. And I had a small crush on girl #2, Yukie i think was her name..but alas her scene was short.I was so obsess with this movie, i bought the t-shirt (which is now lost in limbo) and I even have the Manga comic..and the Manga Comic was goooooooooooooooooood..soo good I think they should make a tv series out of it..and then there's Battle Royale 2...that bombed.nuff said.

Cloverfield, I think i'm the only one in love with this movie, cause I see only like 1 person have mentioned this movie as their fav in decade..the others? none existent. agak kecewa ah gak..but after much least it'll make it much special for me..kot. I saw this movie like 4 times at the cinema kot..and wasn't one bit bored even after I know what would happen next and next and next. Marlena's scene still sticking out in me head..i think by now it's embedded there. The only reason I can think of Y i love this movie so much is because, it felt real..i imagine a lot..seriously..and to see a city being attack and looked so real, like I was there

Zombie flicks, a lot came in this decade..I think that's the horror theme for this decade..80s was slasher..90s...erm 90s aku taktau..mixture kot? Anyway the first appearance of the zombie in 28 Days Later redefine was scary it was simply wow..yeah WOW. I think I was doing a sprint too watching that scene..and Cillian Murphy u rule.great great acting..and that wasn't the end..somehow Dawn of Dead was remade...and for me ingat for me superior than the original. I Lurrrrrrrrrrrrrrve it. and then came more, 28 Weeks Later which intro scene is really haunting, love the score during this scene; REC/ Quarantine and some other ok and sucky zombie movie.

What else..erm lots of remake, some hits and some misses. Superior than the orignal for me were ; Hills have Eyes, Last House on the Left, Dawn of the Dead (there maybe more but I can't recall now); some good ones like Texas Chainsaw (yes I like this movie) and some really really bad ones..When Stranger Calls,HALLOWEEN; boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

New Villains were introduce; Jigsaw, That freakshow in Hatchet (i want more of u!)..The Ruins plants to name a few. A lot of good revamped (supposedly not remake) like Star Trek and Batman Begins both woah movies...and then ermm apa lagi yeh..oh there's Scream 3 in 2000...ehehe nak sebut gak. It was good enuff for me...not the best..but Wes Craven did came back with Red Eye which rocks...quite intense thriller.. erm apa xmo mengarut dah lah...I thought of writing a lil now look what I have done..ahahaha. Maybe I'll continue with Tv series..maybe I won't but whatever it is...

HAVE AN EXCELLENT NEW YEAR..thanks for supporting the blog u readers..mesra

Friday, December 25, 2009

Elementary my dear Watson

Dr Watson dan Scarlet *tuan punya gambar..pinjam ek

Line ni xda yeh..or did i miss it out?..aku admit aku tertido seketika cause banyak sangat "when carbon dioxide coexist with blah blah and ammonia blah blah" but put that aside cerita nih fun...seronok tgk Holmes yg tak prim and propper..Dr Watson lagi lah...tak bulat..Jude Law use to be fav star jadi Dr Watson tuh..overall fun flick...great leads..hope it doesn't get lost in the Avatar craze people are in now. *tapi Avatar mmg hebat lagi ah

Cirque du Freak tonight..maybe..maybe..
*Update; Malas bkk topic baru

Cirque du Freak Vampire Asst menarik!..sapa ada buku dia nak!..nih baru vampire mellow yg cool..xyah kuar cahaya2 sparkle membuhsankan.+ Aku suka the freaks! kecewa miker tak tunjuk skill dan berlawan, ada tuh ada tapi ciput benor..Dan suka mamat memegang watak Steve tuh..(budak Terabathia) dia terbaik. Tak sabar for the 2nd

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Wow..i mean seriously wow

Jumaat arituh..tgk beramai2 Avatar sambil sambut bday Milo..12 tix telah dibook dan 8 yg digunakan..apa2 berjaya gak hampir fill mid section.Ikutkan hati nak directly review..tapi gila sibuk jumaat-now..baboon tul schedule + makcik2 yg suh datang cepat gi wedding supaya leh buat keramaian...geeeezzzz. Nih mlm kang pon kena pi lagi sekali...kena pakai full set baju melayu..sampin and all...groan gila. Kang ada yg pura2 tido takmo bangun karang. Oh sebelum aku teruskan ngan Avatar, ada previews movie akan datang yg nampak sangat cool! 1st ada Legion...oh aku excited tgk trailer nih, 2nd ada cerita nih aku lupa tajuk...tapi dia kisah anak Poseidon..cerita fantasy..nampak awesome. 3rd Alvin and Chipmunks..I know I know "Are u kidding me?" tapi part All the Single Ladies tuh buat aku gelak gila..not to mention Nikkie pon berjaya gegarkan satu pawagam ngan ngilai-an dia.

Neytiri from Avatar; Lululululululul

Ok so Avatar..mmg best, nak kata best gila boleh gak. Seperti mana ramai org akan cakap ah..Avatar reminds me of Aliens(top 10 fav mov EVER!), bukan saja kerana Ms Weaver who happen to be one of my fav actress (tak caya tgk profile Flixster aku) ada dlm tuh..tapi entah those lil bits here and there. For instance..gerabak besar yg the armies pakai tuk angkat barang dan lawan The Navi (the natives) hampir sebijik cam apa Ripley pakai masa lawan Alien Queen dlm Aliens.. dan lagi..Michelle Rodriguez, walaupon tak semacho + seawesome Vasquez dlm Aliens perwatakan dia hampir sama..malah her SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER TAKMO SPOIL PEJAM MATA LALALALA SAMPAI LINE BAWAH. her demise pon cam nak reflect pada Vasquez.
Speaking of character, Neytiri is the one to watch gila! ayat nih pon dikeluarkan dari Nikkie dan Milo. Hot aside, facial expression dia gila superb!...masa time dia sedih raung2 someone died...aku lak rasa sedih gila, real seh. Time dia emo ber-hisssssss hissssssssss pon cool nak mampus. Yg lain did just good at what is given, kecuali I want more of Rodriguez.
Cerita, ramai kata typical (imdb) well logic kot...but me thinks typical smikal apa2 ia cerita yg menarik..dari passage to becoming afull fledge Navi-nyer hingga the very so awesome perang kat ending...semuanyer nicely done, cuma pace mungkin agak slow awal2 (bagi yg cadang tgk midnite, pastikan ko well rested sebelum tgk cerita nih). Ada satu part nih bila a big ass tree went down, itu bagi aku moment sangat sedih..terasa kesayuan kaum2 Navi AND with that bagi aku this is my fav part lah kot in the movie, mungkin ada political msg dlm nih tapi aku malas fikir cause im not into decrypting any hidden msg..another fav scene is the kick ass War near the end.
Now the wow!.cam aku cakap earlier...facial expression puak2 Navi...gila welllllllll made...masa derang sedih aku cam "eh aku pon sedih lak"..backdrop lak usah cerita...impressive. Oh binatang2 tambahan juga cool.

Kemudian semua balik happy2 dan goyang2 kemudian syok sendiri rambut panjang supaya leh cucuk2 dengan rambut2 org lain (tgk Avatar to understand)

Monday, December 14, 2009

2 Big Ones

Recently saw two well known horror flicks Saw 6 and Halloween 2. Big titles with lots of sequels under their name. But how do they fare this time?

Saw 6

Surprisingly good. Had sorta lost hope after #5 but it certainly has gain back it's umph! in latest installment. Ada lah flaws here and there but overall pretty good. Especially love the Carousel Trap/Game? that was intense. Eh actually most of the traps/games ARE good. Another good stuff i like is the lead dude..though he's an ass I kinda like his character and did wish he prevail till the end.The other assholes in the movie are believable i.e; That bitch Lawyer, The Assistants (well some at least) and that makcik receptionist (ok this lady is not an ass) Even new Jigsaw has grown a lil on me..i hated his smug in 4 and 5. And lastly, Amanda's story got full circle, pretty well done.

Now I hate...some of the LOL lines; i.e : "You look at me when you kill me!"? hooookeyyy I could have live without that line.There are others but nothing I can remember now. Andddd, I also hated Tanedra's scene, FYI she was the winner for the Reality Show MTV's Scream Queen. She was good in that show...but she ain't here..her scene is actually funny...she looked desperate to deliver and when she chopped of her hands i'm like..heh?But overall it was good...oh another note.Love the last image of the movie.Yikes!

Halloween 2

Macam harammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! One thing I've always hated in ANY type of genre is a dream sequence that elaborates till no end, ok i lasted like 15 min, but still 15 freakin minute?????! ish sangat. I know that Rob probably wanted to acknowledge the original Halloween 2, but..xyah lah lama sangat kan. Personally it brings NATHING to the plate, only good thing I can think of is the Brutal stabbing Mic gave Shaniqua.
Other stuff I hated...Sheri Moon, a waste...a waste! She was hot and cool in Devil's Reject, remember "Chinese Man, look at these!" woof! Here...I dunno, she's different! it's not cause she's fully dress the whole movie but she felt a lil bit off and out of place...and what's with the horse (berani bet ramai yg fikir dlm akan sanjung nih).

Ok more hating, some off scenes, why in the world would Mic kill those people in the stripper bar?Why kill that chic in the van first then proceed to Annie's house, when Laurie is already nearby?..y?Y?Y?Y?Y? those scene are sorta HUH question mark for me.And more hating, Mic showed his face and screamed DIE!....OMG Y! nuff said.
And lastly, Laurie...u suck, but don't think it's entirely her fault, with the stuff thrown at her for this're bound to suck.
The only good thing? Annie..oh and the visuals, Rob Zombie is pretty good at that..can't deny that

On the side note; I saw the director's cut version, and was told that Theater version was better, cause it had a better ending. And the new scenes included in DC version were pretty sucky..well that maybe, I still think Halloween 2 suck..UR soooo in the bottom 10 this year.

I end with...this week Avatar weih! mohhhhhhhhhhh!

Monday, December 07, 2009

Nikki - Maria Full of Grace

Hey sports fans! Long time no Nothing much to update actually..last weekday was a bust...didn't do was sucky(lotsa calls, still like my job though)..and i dunno why everyday i woke up just in the nick of time for work. So i can't keep up my "lengkung" shape (as Mils and Dels would say)...and me sad. But luckily Mils swam with me yesterday, hopefully that covers the whole week of Cheese Nan frenzy (i blame Daniel)..oh and thanx beb.

Am not gonna talk bout movies today..eventhough there are some new interesting titles I have watch recently..but naaahh i'm gonna talk bout me life for a change. Can?

Going into the weekends I was pretty and pa went back to Ipoh, and being the mama's boy that I am...I don't feel like staying home eating maggie on my own. And with some of the mah most trustee friends being bz with stuff..I was bored being home alone. Fortunately there are some friends available, you just need to seek em out (IN UR FACE SCORPIO!)..i'm skipping Saturday and will continue with Sunday..a night out with Nikki a.k.a Maria Full of Grace.

Had fun just hanging with Nikki, she's currently bz with a reality show she's part of. An untitled football seeking new talent competition (sebenarnyer aku tak ingat title, but bagus pon..karang kena saman). Though bz she still has time for her friends...unlike SOMEONE i know (in ur face u know who u are!)..and she's one of the people I actually can trust..she has her faults..but who doesnt? Thing is someone seems to be pulling her away...and I'm not gonna let her go THAAAAAAAT easily..u have to get through me and my sheild a.k.a dela.

Waiting for her in the car, she walk calmly in the rain towards my car- opened the door and threw in A HANDBAG! WOOT WOOOT!...those who knows her surely would know that she never ever carry a doesn't go with her style..and i'm like baffled..

dlm hati : biar betik kamu pakai handbag..xpa karang tanyer

She introduce her friend i never met b4..Pollyana (mak aih nama)cool chic..Nik u really know how to pick a friend. Then I didnt even ask yet and she said

Nik : cool tak aku pegang handbag?LOL...bukan akunyer lah...*explicit* punya..takkan lah aku nak pakai handbag...LV lagi tuhhhh...nak tgk apa kandungan dlm?

I nod rapidly...dont judge us-we just looked ok!..didn't touch a thing.So as usual by Nik's standard..we went to FRIENDZ cafe..her fav hangout place and I asked a couple of stuff bout her reality's some highlights;

Me : So...ko kata ada immunity does it work?
Nik : Ala the usual stuff..tolak bola2 besar naik bukit..berenang nak dapatkan immunity idol...that sort of stuff.
Me : Bebudak ko pilih drama tak? (fyi participants are 12 and below)
Nik : Drama gilaaaaaaaaaa, sorang budak nih kuat nangis..dia leh nangis ok action! nangis.
Me : Aku suka title sequence tv series...yg nih korang buat camner?
Nik : Memula muka *explicit* muncul dan sebut "do u wanna be on topppp!", background song antara Kelis - Milkshake, atau whoever yg nyanyi Body Beautiful tuh.
Me : apa budak2 ni menang?
Nik : 1st prize 10,000 ribu...anddd....a cover and 6 page spread in 17 Magazine, sponsored by Biskut Tiger.
Me : Not baadd, tentu ramai jual anyway I heard someone emailed u?
Nik : Ha'ah...aku kan neutral..
Me : TAKKKKKKKKK kor MARIA FULL of GRACE...abih baik lah tuh!
Maria : MARIA LAAAAA?!?!?!?!

Inilah gambar profile yg digunakan oleh Maria Full of Grace

after some heavy dosage of ox-tail soup and then Choc Brownies I went back...then terlupa nak amik comic..demnit! Oh parents are back...with me bro in tow,he's staying for 3 days...hmmm the battle for affection starts now!

Disclaimer:btw the reality show above is true...but most of what had been said and written is just for laughs...don't take it seriously...though there are 1-2 information which are correct..