Monday, December 07, 2009

Nikki - Maria Full of Grace

Hey sports fans! Long time no Nothing much to update actually..last weekday was a bust...didn't do was sucky(lotsa calls, still like my job though)..and i dunno why everyday i woke up just in the nick of time for work. So i can't keep up my "lengkung" shape (as Mils and Dels would say)...and me sad. But luckily Mils swam with me yesterday, hopefully that covers the whole week of Cheese Nan frenzy (i blame Daniel)..oh and thanx beb.

Am not gonna talk bout movies today..eventhough there are some new interesting titles I have watch recently..but naaahh i'm gonna talk bout me life for a change. Can?

Going into the weekends I was pretty and pa went back to Ipoh, and being the mama's boy that I am...I don't feel like staying home eating maggie on my own. And with some of the mah most trustee friends being bz with stuff..I was bored being home alone. Fortunately there are some friends available, you just need to seek em out (IN UR FACE SCORPIO!)..i'm skipping Saturday and will continue with Sunday..a night out with Nikki a.k.a Maria Full of Grace.

Had fun just hanging with Nikki, she's currently bz with a reality show she's part of. An untitled football seeking new talent competition (sebenarnyer aku tak ingat title, but bagus pon..karang kena saman). Though bz she still has time for her friends...unlike SOMEONE i know (in ur face u know who u are!)..and she's one of the people I actually can trust..she has her faults..but who doesnt? Thing is someone seems to be pulling her away...and I'm not gonna let her go THAAAAAAAT easily..u have to get through me and my sheild a.k.a dela.

Waiting for her in the car, she walk calmly in the rain towards my car- opened the door and threw in A HANDBAG! WOOT WOOOT!...those who knows her surely would know that she never ever carry a doesn't go with her style..and i'm like baffled..

dlm hati : biar betik kamu pakai handbag..xpa karang tanyer

She introduce her friend i never met b4..Pollyana (mak aih nama)cool chic..Nik u really know how to pick a friend. Then I didnt even ask yet and she said

Nik : cool tak aku pegang handbag?LOL...bukan akunyer lah...*explicit* punya..takkan lah aku nak pakai handbag...LV lagi tuhhhh...nak tgk apa kandungan dlm?

I nod rapidly...dont judge us-we just looked ok!..didn't touch a thing.So as usual by Nik's standard..we went to FRIENDZ cafe..her fav hangout place and I asked a couple of stuff bout her reality's some highlights;

Me : So...ko kata ada immunity does it work?
Nik : Ala the usual stuff..tolak bola2 besar naik bukit..berenang nak dapatkan immunity idol...that sort of stuff.
Me : Bebudak ko pilih drama tak? (fyi participants are 12 and below)
Nik : Drama gilaaaaaaaaaa, sorang budak nih kuat nangis..dia leh nangis ok action! nangis.
Me : Aku suka title sequence tv series...yg nih korang buat camner?
Nik : Memula muka *explicit* muncul dan sebut "do u wanna be on topppp!", background song antara Kelis - Milkshake, atau whoever yg nyanyi Body Beautiful tuh.
Me : apa budak2 ni menang?
Nik : 1st prize 10,000 ribu...anddd....a cover and 6 page spread in 17 Magazine, sponsored by Biskut Tiger.
Me : Not baadd, tentu ramai jual anyway I heard someone emailed u?
Nik : Ha'ah...aku kan neutral..
Me : TAKKKKKKKKK kor MARIA FULL of GRACE...abih baik lah tuh!
Maria : MARIA LAAAAA?!?!?!?!

Inilah gambar profile yg digunakan oleh Maria Full of Grace

after some heavy dosage of ox-tail soup and then Choc Brownies I went back...then terlupa nak amik comic..demnit! Oh parents are back...with me bro in tow,he's staying for 3 days...hmmm the battle for affection starts now!

Disclaimer:btw the reality show above is true...but most of what had been said and written is just for laughs...don't take it seriously...though there are 1-2 information which are correct..


Che underscore Lee said...

ahaha ala2 ANTM+MyTeam plak aku rasa reality tv tuh.. Nikki ade sebut pasal anak2 ikan yg menariks tak? :P

dan AHAHAHAHAHAAHA okey aku dah nampak the hints here and there.. ingat satu line je tee hee hee...

reza said...

aku tak tanyer soklan2 camtuh...yg tuh kor interview lak for u mag k?

aah aku pon baru perasan banyak gak...oh well...