Sunday, February 25, 2007

MOH Season 2 Part :2

Ampun Ju, tak berniat nak biar blog nih berlalang,bz lah...mikir banyak benor kisah life, cewah..Anyhoo,update baru nih pon cam kor suka jer,lagi kor muntah ada lah kot..Continuing from previous post regarding Masters of Horror Season 2, ep 5 - 9.Oh before i move along, last week got the chance to see 3 movies at the cinema, Norbit (oh god y), Music and Lyrics(sooooo cute,Drew rowks!) and Ghost Rider (meh..)


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Plot : A young girl gets impregnated by a demon and decides to abort it a nearby clinic, but daddy's pissed.(Her daddy and the baby's daddy)

Who : Dir : John Carpenter (The Thing a.k.a dela) ,Cast: Ron Perlman (Blade 2)

Verdict : Well it's not good, not bad either..just average i guess.At least it beats the previous Carpenter installer (personally, the latter was a lil to0 artsy).The gore is great in this one,though it screams CGI!,but i can look past it.Plot,nothing much...but I like the demon/monster whatever, brings back memories how disgusting/cool Carpenters monsters are.Not a memorable episode but good enough to watch it twice or so.


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Plot : Racoon fur made into fur coats seek revenge on those who wear or linked in the creation.

Who : Dir : Dario Argento (the ever excellent Suspiria) , Cast : Meat Loaf ("I would do anything for love"fame)

Verdict : This is an intresting episode, somewhat artsy (but the kinds that I can actually bear) but loads of shocking moments where the victims self inflict and die.It's also kinda of a cute plot,u know...racoons seeking revenge..tee hee,cute.And Finally a great entry in this series.A must see.

7.The Screwfly Solution

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Plot : The end of the world is near,but what causes it and why the women are the first die?

Who : Dir : Joe Dante (Gremlins!) , Cast : Jason Priestley (90210)

Verdict : I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee this one!.It's weird and really have a dark tone to it.This could actually been made into an excellent full feature lenght film, and I would go see it on the double.Jason Priestley god forbid, is actually a good actor.So the other cast,the wife was smokin hot!Back to the plot, never would have thought to see a movie where the world ends, not through race war or nuclear war but the woman beeing killed off on the spot, fuh...scary thought..And the ending! man,wouldn't have seen it coming...2 thumbs up this one.

8.Valerie on the Stairs (cool title)

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Plot : A strugling writer moves into a hostel for writers?(i dunno, never heard of this thing) and suspects the hostel is sorta haunted.

Who : Dir : Clive Barker (Hellraiser), Cast :Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future), Tony Todd (Candyman)

Verdict : This flick is kinda cool,very strange and have a bit of the twilight zone flair in it.BUT! damn its sloww!The only intresting part is the time Valarie appears (mind u not because she's not wearing anything) other than that,the story of each character = snoring..Ok ending though.Dont watch before near ur bedtime.

9.Right to Die

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Plot : A vengeful,burnt wife, who is currently struggling to come out of a coma haunts the dumbass hubby who could have just finished her early on rather than beeing taunt by her time after time

Who : Dir : Rob Schmidt (Wrong Turn), Cast : Martin Donovan (Weeds)

Verdict : This one was above average.The burnt wife was cool,reminded me of Hellraiser 2.Cast did well,plot..not that original but i think the main great thing bout this installment is the Husband.The dude is way indecisive and would do anything to get out of trouble.He's majorly an ass but at the same time very sympathetic.This is actually another good entry,worth watching.

will continue on the final 4 episodes maybe..dunno, while feast on this new upcoming thriller,seems cool enough..somewhat like Rear Window,but aimed more for the teens.whatever it is,i'll be watching this one..oh it stars that kid in Even Steven

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

MOH Season 2 Part :1

Lately I have no time at all to watch anything! at home,heck i even can't update this blog at least on a weekly basis,all thanks to my "clever" company which empowered the rules everyone should O.T 2.5 hrs nearly everyday...thanks IT-shithole,i love u.

Anyhoo Masters of Horror just ended,13 episodes again.It was ok,but most of the episodes are lackluster to say the least.They went to artsy and too political in this season,and some just downright HUH?.For the time beeing i'll promote the first 4 then move along till ep13 mmkay?

1.The Damned Thing

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Plot : The Damned Thing is the apocalyptic tale of a mysterious creature that terrorizes a small Texas town .Oooooo this gonna be good...NOT!

Who : Directed by : Tobe Hopper(u gotta be kidding me) acted by ;Sean Patrick Flanery(of Young Indy Fame) Marissa Couglan (Teaching Mrs Tingle)Brendan Fletcher(banyak) and Ted Raimi(lagi banyak!)

Verdict : Who in the world put this episode first in line,it reeeeks!Sux hell.First of, up till now, I dont get what the thing is and what it wants!And why it comesby from time to time.I was really clueless with this entry,the starting was great,then there's this scene where a dude,self hit himself with the back of a hammer (u know the sharp pointy end,refer pic)....that scene got me of the first moment in horror history i turned away from the tv.Thennnnnnnnn....the overly long explanation that didnt even explain anything..and then the dull takeover and the ending....that's it.

So my final say is,Tobe gotta stop making stupid shows,it will just downgrade him.
And if u have the full season of MOH2,pls see this in the middle,make it like the 3rd episode u watch,cause its such a letdown watching a lackluster first ep.The only good thing i have to say bout this movie is the gore,that's it.


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Plot : A serial killer who collects people of all ages to complete his happy family.Make sense?

Who : John Landis(american werewolf in london) Matt Keeslar, Meredith Monroe (Dawson's I dont wanna wait for our lives to be over Creek) and George Wendt (Cheers)

Verdict : After the painful 1st episode,this kinda made up for it.Good twist at the end,great psychotic lead and plot.Avarage acting.Gorewise kinda ok,though CGI,it is kinda shocking.What it lacks is just the thrill.

An ok entry,great for a lazy afternoon

3.The V Word

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Plot : 2 teens break into a mortuary.Everyone spell stupid now.Oh yeah, a vampire of some kind awaits them.snoreeeeeeeeeee

Who : Ernest Dickerson (Demon Knight,love it),Michael Ironside...i only care for this guy.Others not worth mentioning

Verdict : Another lame entry,it started out good,I was into it..who wouldn't...2 teens stuck in a mortuary...brrrrrr,then this scary looking dude chase them and killed one of em...then...i lost intrest..It got all mushy and whinny till i just wish the thing bite the lead already and get over it.I didnt even know the bad guy was a vampire till near the end,that's how bad my intrest was into this flick.The only reason to watch this one is if u have a huge boner over Micheal Ironside with his scary looking makeup...and...erm nothing else.

Don't waste ur time basically

4.Sounds Like

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Plot : A supervisor for a quality control call center(heh,terasa sat)...starts having this ability to hear everything after his sons death.It gets worst day by day as the sounds begin to overwhelm him.

Who : Brad Anderson (Session 9),and acted by someone who looks like Red from 70's show

Verdict : This is more of a Twilight Zone episode rather than something i expect to come out of Masters of Horror.And not the best kind,there's no thrill whatsoever,no gore,not boos,no...well basically nothing.Mostly is about this strange middle age man that develops this ability and how he copes with it.The best thing i get out of this entry is just the laughs i had watching this dude's antics.

Not for the faint heart(tee hee hee),watch it like never.Unless ur into this type of self discovery stories

Ok that's all i can afford to write now,await the next 4 episode ok.Gotta sleep,not much rest.Ta

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Meet Cute

So this week I manage to see 2 movies,luckily both is good enuff in my book,1st was The Holiday,on thursday...been aiming that movie for weeks now (cause abg ngah bakon,dan jaa bukan jack black yeh!)and on that day Noi came to town,so great chance to catch up while watching the movie.Though it could have been better if i wasnt working on that day(that day was Thaipusam,fyi) ...then yesterday saw Babel with Jaa and friends,also after working...god i need a new job.


The Holiday

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I'll keep it short cause i have no mood as previously somehow,everything I wrote earlier for this entry went missing.

Allrite,The Holiday is for me fluffy cute(oxymoron i know)It made me smiled coyly like every 10 min.It's a cute movie,with an ending that u can smells miles and miles away.But that's not really a problem for me cause, i wasnt expecting Beautiful Minds or whatever.

The bad.It was way too long,my firm buttocks was sore and i change position loads of time after it passes the 1hr 30 min time.They could have cut some scenes short.Thats the only negative for me.

The acting was fine,Jack is smooth,i like him more after this movie.Kate's a sweetheart you'll fall for her akwardness and her speech bout the defination of love.Cameron's a ditz,but that works for her,still hot though..and Jude is still awesome.Oh the kids also are very believable and cute,their scene in the tent with Jude and Cameron is cute.

Now the best thing I like bout this movie is the subplot regarding Kate's old neighbour.His story really moved me personally as it got me wondering,WHY THE HELL AM I NOT WORKING IN ANY MEDIA DEPT!, this old dude can actually be me,though he is more deeper that I am.Sigh..well enough bout me,another scene comes to mind is when Jack Black was singing the scores to the movies he pick up and kinda made Kate guess what movie it was.At one time I really wanted to scream "JAWS!!!!!".

So that's bout it for The Holiday,I like the movie,possiblity of buying is high.And i recommend this movie to those who loves this mushy fluffy cutesy kinda movie.

Quote from movie :
Say a man and a woman both need something to sleep in and both go to the same men's pajama department. The man says to the salesman, "I just need bottoms," and the woman says, "I just need a top." They look at each other and that's the 'meet cute.'


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Now I dont know what Babel means, it sounded like "people talking at once,or someone making noise" but just checked and this came up

an ancient city in the land of Shinar in which the building of a tower (Tower of Babel) intended to reach heaven was begun and the confusion of the language of the people took place. so base on that, it now does make sense a little.

Production,character,story nearly everything bout this story was good, however i dont get what they are trying to say,what i saw is a potrayal of how bad another country condition is.Maybe after the above description it makes a lil more sense, specially the Jap gir plot.

Though it is intresting to watch each culture,its also kinda pisses me i heard noises from the back went groan and ew and ick when they potrayed how bad arab countries are,eventhough it could be THAT bad.But the reaction from other audiance seems to downgrade these people more rather than make them realise how bad their conditions are, and for that...i again say...i dont get what this movie is trying to say.I dont want to go on saying more cause,i really dont know how to explain what i felt after watching this movie.

I end with,everything is good,but personally something isnt quite right bout this movie.


Now lets see what is coming in the future and what I'm still waiting for to see

First up is Black Christmas remake which im pissing my pants to see ASAP,I dont think it be showing here anytime soon,so im guessing I have to go for other alternative.Though reviews are quite bad for this remake,i still want to see it as the cast is awesome...and the original was eerie,specially the last part

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kantoi gila Dawn Buffy mampus,tapi poster gila best..dan bila lagi nak tgk minah tuh get it!!

Next is Black Sheep,bout sheeps goes wild and eat people,that's a riot, im soooooo watching this one

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Blood and Choclate is next,it seems that its already out here,so probally next week am gonna see it,eventhough reviews are kinda bad,but werewolves?...bila lagi

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Bridge to Terabithia trailer is not that great,but when i out of curiousity,i checked IMDB what this movie is about,and it seems like a great movie,base on the comments of people that have read the sooooo there

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Grindhouse, Rose Mcgowan,that dude from Aliens,Quentin, and Rodriguez plus gore gore gore...nuff said

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Anything with Gellar in it,eventhough its just her voice...Happily Never After,here i come

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The remake was awesome,better than the original,so im hoping that Hills Have Eyes 2 exceeds my expactation

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