Tuesday, May 26, 2009

One by one

Pammy is really on the loose, arituh dia recommend tgk dis one show called Harper's Island. I was whining( tapi x sampai level org tuh lah) bahawasanyer banyak show dah finale. Hence bakal boring tuh tinggi. Sambil2 tuh mmg tgh dl Reaper ngan Family Guy on the side..tapi perlukan lagi cause banyak slot dah kosong. So datang lah Pammy ni recommend Harper's Island yg dia kata sangat best.

Dia kasik link youtube je, tapi aku tak tgk pon actually, yg aku tgk adalah sipnosisnya which states something like " A group of people attending a wedding gets murdered off one by one..blah blah blah.." aku tak baca seterusnyer...aku nampak Murder je + one by one maka HAH! SOLD! Pam xyah explain lebih pon...aku terus carik link rapid.

But just for promoting purposes, plotnyer mengisahkan couple nih nak kawin. The chic dari family kaya, the dude tuh org biasa ah. Both came from Harper's Island. 6 years prior (or izzit 7?) ada pembunuhan beramai2 kat island tuh, ramai mati..semua hang kat atas pokok. One of the victims ialah mak kepada groomnyer best friend (a chic).So they all tralala to Harper's Island. Ramai ah gak, cast besar. Unbeknownst to em, ada lah pembunuh nih looming in the woods bunuh miker one by one. Setiap ep, tentu ada sekor mati..x lupa agak kejam gila majority kena bunuh. So it's up to the leads, groom plus groom best friend to figure out sapakah pembunuh tuh. Dan semangat nyer nak bunuh satu kampung...so far..9 dead up to ep 6.

The makers call this Scream meets Agatha Crisstie's (kalau salah eja ampun) And then there were none. Hoh dua2 aku suka...I mean Agatha's nyer work ada aku dah tgk..yg kat train tuh..aku lupa tajuk...tapi mmg best. Dan SCREAM?? perlu ke aku mention tuh fav movie everrrr aku. Tapi ada lah unsur2 tuh..whodunnit , the kills , the mystery. Aku?Suka gak ah, cause cast mmg besar ergo ramai mati dan kills yg cool. Mystery nyer not bad ah...tapi kekadang adalah unsur2 drama tgh hari. But whatever. Janji kills sememangnyer cool.

One of the awesome kills

Ia dibintangi oleh...nih yg aku familiar ah..Mamat geek dlm Ugly Betty tuh yg jadik love interest masa season 2(groom). Ms Cassidy yg jadi Ruby dlm Supernatural Season 3..the hot blond one yeh (bride). Adam Campbell yg bakon dlm Date Movie yg sucky tuh (The Outsider) dan lain2 yg mungkin familiar gak ah, seperti Ayah bride yg selalu ada dlm tv series dan Victor Webster yg belakon dlm Mutant X tuh. Oh ada sorang awek nih cam Emilie de Ravin (Lost) ha dia comel. Ok tuh je..if berminat, aku ada copy :D.

Monday, May 18, 2009

YUEN Revisited

Sabtu arituh gi Yuen again, Junie nak mkn steamboat katanyer...maka gi lah again..kali nih kena makan dengan ikhlas kerana aku bayar sendiri...arituh dibelanja...maka xdalah rasa obligated nak capai RM20 benda2 yg aku mkn. Tapi ada eye opener stuff happen...arituh aku mkn ngan rakan2 nih...xdalak orang2 menggila gi amik ayam disalut madu yg dikatakan house "special"...tapi arituh...masyallah...cam org xnah mkn setahun!
Attached below is the video...sila tgk telatah the guy in green...mamat tuh buat aku gelak kuat dlm kedai mkn tuh.

*credits to Jaya's Gf., seriously look @ the guy in green

In other side of news...lama lak tak review movie kan..tiba2 banyak kisah hidup..so last2 week aku pi Tgk Star Trek atas godaan Jurina. Memula nak ckp...aku tau lah serba skit Star Trek nih...tau tau gitu jer ah...pastuh Generations ada gak tgk...TAPI..gila buhsan nak mampus cerita2 Star Trek nih. So imagine my surprise when this new movie in particular is actually good, pretty damn good.And can I say how smart J.J is revamping the whole series, that's just downright brilliant! It's pretty much current to todays standard, that's all I can say. Sbb kalau compare dgn dulu yg maha berpuitis sembang bagai, agak berbeza ah gak. Another thing...great cast...New Spock..I'm now a FAN! Uhura pon awesome...beats the afro chic in the 70s in so many levels..including the skirt. Best movie so far this year. Aku kasik rating 5 tatas Dela.

Pastuh..aku baru tergerak hati nak dl movie2 horror..agak lama seh tak layan horror kat umah.(1 minggu consider lama yeh) First movie satu Brit Horror which poster caught me eye..tajuknyer The Children, memula at first agak yawner ah gak..well brits..it's either ngantuk cause struggle nak faham derang cakap OR awal2 gila gila gila slow...tapi worth the wait gak ah..cause halfway through ceritanyer jadik menarik. Sebelum aku bebel lagi, cerita nih kisah kanak2 tiba2 jadi gila nak bunuh parents mereka (cerita nih sangat sesuai tuk Munek). Mungkin virus mungkin some cult related mambo jumbo aku pon taktau...tapi yg pasti...in away agak ganas cerita nih. Kalau korang tak sampai hati tgk budak2 kena langgar, tercacak etc2...sila alih perhatian ke movie yg lebih ceria...seperti Barney's Journey to the Zoo. As for me..aku agak suka...mainly cause kanak2 tuh agak brutal, lakonan pon berjaya dari both kanak2 saiko dan parents. Ku bagi 3 lebam mata Dela dan separuh tundukan masa drilling.

Lastly Slaughter, salah satu movie dari Horrorfest ini tahun..first one I saw; Perkins 14 gila lackluster( aku ingatkan yg nih patut best) so harapan tgk Slaughter agak kureng ah. Tapi lepas abih tgk...not bad ah..tapi again second half baru pick up, awal2 gila buhsan..blah3 here blah3 there...mungkin penting gak tuk pengenalan character heroine ngan antagonist nyer tapi...leh tak cepat skit? Tapi apa2 bila 2nd half bermula...not bad ah, the evil one berjaya in my book. Heroine? fail..kerana banyak buat benda bodoh..lakonan ok la. Apa2 ok di 2nd half. Oh lupa..plotnyer kisah awek nih nak lari dari abusive ex-nyer, pastuh lepak kat farm kawan dia yg dia baru kenal (BIG mistake)

tuh je lah kot...I end with Psylocke dah kembali di Uncanny X-men, what what!!!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Some woman

At times like this I would utter the words "some woman...". Here's the story, a weirdo, attention seeking beyotch asked for me help 2 days back. CC related. I agreed to help since 1.She says she'll pay it end of month and 2. free points for me. What I should have done is just shot her down (literally) since b4 this Nikkie Norliza Othman have warned me bout this asswipe. But nooooooooo , I still decided to help out (i have a problem in saying no upfront I guess). That night all transaction is settled but the next day she called me up in the morning, while I was sleeping dreaming of Gellar I might add! saying that there's some issue with the transaction. Apparently I have to go down KLIA to swipe my card and then It'll be authorized. BULLSHIT!. Then she add in some stuff bout cheaper tickets and what not where I'm actually losing interest. More issues follow suit which I won't bother jotting down the details here.

That ho got the nerve to ask me a favor by heading up to KLIA meself and swipe my card..KEPALA HOTAK KOR BERJAMBUL!I wont work for something I'm paying for ur bloody convenience. Some more yada yada follows, then I went directly to work. As expected, the ho called me like 10 times I think, I ignored it of kos, I actually changed her name to something else just to entertain meself seeing her name pop up on my screen every 5 min. But what I didn't expect it hobag called her teammate and ask him to locate me. Talk bout desperate. But alas, I succumb and agreed to go along with her to KLIA with the ONLY because I have to cancel/verify some transaction that bitch made. Luckily I got a ride from Afifi ergo proves I am still not working for her convenience.

This is # 5

Near Equine now, meet her up..I can tell that she was pissed that I didn't drive meself there..HAH! bohoo for u, I knew she wanted either me to drive or we drive in separate cars. Again...KEPALA HOTAK KOR BERJAMBUL! Oh and apparently, the bf didn't want me to be driven or seen in the same car as she was in..and I'm like WTF...do u want to use my CC or not??!?!? Sekor lagi drama people..ha elok lah made for each other. Then more dramas in the car via phone, the ho even brought along her cousin (a chic) just to prove to the Bf that she won't be alone in the car with another man. HAHA..like i'm interested. Then reached KLIA, and guess what..the thing is not as DRAMATIC as the hobag mentioned...it took like what? 10 mins for the thing to get settled? Jeeeeeez...drama! Oh btw I even asked directly the cuzz (ho aint nearby) if she's always this dramatic? She nod. And all this took the full hr of my break plus another 1...great. Luckily Junie was available to buy food..XOXO Junie!

Phone call # 6 I guess

Points to pounder on:
1.With the facts given by Nikkie, why the hell I agreed to help this loser? Could it be she was a Siren in her pass life, tricking Seamen to their death? could..be..she looked like one only FUGLIER.
2.If the world consist of 50% of these type of woman, I'll volunteer offing these people, maybe I can pull a Patrick Bateman, that'll be fun.
3.And this one is personal, for someone who preaches "I hate it when people don't reply my sms" Where were you when I sms-ed you yesterday asking for help with this fucking issue?


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Scrubs Series Finale : Am not gonna cry am not gonna cry

Luckily when I started writing this blog, Buffy the Vampire Slayer had long ended. If not u bet ur ass I'm gonna go all choked up bout it here. Same thing could be said bout FRIENDS and Malcolm in the Middle. And now Scrubs just ended, and while I did get a wee bit weepy @ all three stated b4, the finales weren't actually as I wanted it to be. Buffy ended like that *snap fingers (im like WTF), FRIENDS was highly predictable (seriously come ON, Ross and Rachael definitely would end up 2gether) and Malcolm was good but wasn't really that emotional. Now Scrubs!...SEDIH SIALLLLLLLLLLLL!

For something that ain't real, it's funny how we become attach to it for so long. This show is all thanks to Kazumi who urge me to see it, in fact he even tied me up to the chair and played the show (yg tie tuh for drama purposes) It was ok, after first show..mainly cause i'm an egoistic a-hole who won't admit something someone recommended is actually good but I came around @ admit Scrubs was the bomb. Slowly but surely it came to be one of my favs...it's especially a hoot when I knew Siber loved that show as well. And what follows is a never ending exchange series quote and nicknaming each other Brown Bear and Vanilla (fyi i dont love that nick..but whatever)

I actually see myself in J.D tapi since Siber had dibs on him first....shehs,but seriously...lets list it-i dream a lot, i'm not the manliest man around, I hate sports (except basketball or at least something im good at) heck I even dance to the beat of Wannabe (puas?)So watching J.D living his life is like watching my own life, in a way. BUT again, since siber had dibs on him first..no worries I settle for Turk.(biarlah whore tuh menang sekali sekala)

Now the series finale.Something bout the finale was beautiful, the last scene where J.D walked along the corridors, reflecting on those who he had met,loved, work with etc..that was nicely made. Nak jer lari dlm tandas pastuh pasang shower, NOT!...but yeah it was nice, Wouldn't it be nice if one could have the exact same thing happen to em, exiting an office after quiting? leaving the country for god knows how long..stuff like that warrants scenes this. Ok here's the deal masa aku bila2 nak travel 3 years ke Europe (tergelak sorang2 dlm otak)..

I want Izar on the left holding a balloon, Dela on the right with her Moodyfication lil black T adjust just nicely near the (hehe), ajurina holding up 2 kek batik(tuh namanyer kan?), siber in a hugging-like pose, baby razz with his guitar, mils still in her work out tights, kecik u can hold a banana and others lining up biding me farewell...oh that would be nice (x malu kan request)

Anyway here's to Scrubs...thank you for the awesome 8? years u provided.End, oh tadi tgk Star Trek, ju ur the best,last night was the best...kidding! XOXO

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Why I did it

Berjaya tutup sampai MAY! hehe. And y I did it? Aku blame Razli(dia macho)..dia kata lock blog is the in thing...aku terpedaya!..tapi in all seriousness ada benda aku nak luah dimana aku xmo beberapa jenis orang nampak...janji aku dah lepaskan..all is well now...moving on.

April was a blast!..well maybe except for the house got broke into part.Before moving forward I would like to express my deepest; sensuous (kecuali izar dan joe) gratitude to you guys who organize the meet up + food frenzy thingy. It was fun eventhough i loathe seafood...tapi at least me not allergic to it, still leh mkn. I also enjoyed myself during the "soccer thingy on the table", karaoke sessions and movie night event. It was fun, I especially love it when Dela sang Wannabe (aku tau aku in denial)..again thanks guys.

Up till now aku still x berjaya tgk Coming Soon, agak emo...tapi xpa ah mostly mix review...aku pon dah loose hope dan menunggu Terminator lak. Tapi yg pasti..aku dah berjaya tgk Wolvie Origins dan The Uninvited.

Uninvited tgk ngan manusia2 kat paragraph 2 tuh lah. Memula miker nak tgk She's just not that into you. THANK GOD tak tgk tuh...taknak aku tgk jiwang2 tgh mlm...karang Nik Norli nangeh.Unbeknownst to me uninvited to remake Tale of 2 Sisters..cit sangat..padan lah separuh jln plot seems familiar dan dah figure out the ending. Tapi if Dekda tak ckp mmg aku tak ingat lah remake cerita apa. But suprisingly...Uninvited still good tapi Tale is superior ah.Tak lupa juga ada some plot changes made, at leastthey tried dan berjaya ah gak plot tuh. Tak lupa juga elder sister dan mak tiri hotness. Dah the end.

Then tgk Wolvie Origins ngan Leha Lentik..aku kecewa Milo Boyd tak dapat ikut...tapi what to du..aku kena tgk cepat since that weekend balik Ipoh. All in all..sesungguhnyer average...mostly character wise aku tak pueh hati. Cth : sejak bila Emma Frost related to Silver Fox? Blob kurus sebelum nih???!!?!? and don't get me started bout Deadpool...if they had leave him like his first appearance aku dah sesungguhnyer ok..oh tak lupa juga Sabertooth...WTH. TAPI suprisingly..bagi aku GAMBIT berjaya. Action banyak ah tapi tak memorable..tak sehot Wolverine Vs Lady Deathstrike dlm X2. Plotwise not bad...T&A sesungguhnyer banyak sampai aku jeles. But overall...okok je. Here's hoping X-men First Class will be cool. Oh and lookie @ James Stewart cameo botox ke apa tuh? LOL.

This week Star Trek kuar...pfft tak berminat langsung..tapi if ada yg book..aku ok je.Eh tapikan fav reviewer kasik 9/10...hmmmmmm