Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pre Halloween...

Guess what! me got tix to a Halloween party! wohoooo

It all happen one fine night, was driving to work and as per normal my phone was ready for any sms contest via radio. Radio host mentioned Halloween party...was actually waiting for any movie premier...but Halloween party sounds fun..so why not..I sms-ed and minutes later me phone rang..it was the dude on radio...yikes!
And yes he said I was the 9th sms-er through...but he's not ready to give me the tix yet...he asked me "if ur invited what would u go as?"

Me still in shock mode answered Pugsley Adams (cause last year I wanted to go as him).
Radio host was like whooooooooooooo?
Me replied the kid from Adams Family
After, he said ohhhhh...but he still wanted me to describe and answer why Pugsley
Me said "round-bald-pale face...as for why..its pretty easy to dress up as him"
Dude ask back..."does that mean ur round and bald?" (babi)
Me : "pretty short hair but I don't think I'm THAT round"
Then the dude asked me to sing the Adams Family theme..
I'm like waaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat
I just replied back "no sing...hum yes"
Dude : go for it
Me : humming like an ass (for those listening..im sorry for ur ears)
Dude : Ok Reza u got it!...(finally...arse sangat gi torture aku on air)

Now me planning on what to wear, Pugsley Adams IS easy but I was worried no one would know him. Last weekend planned to look for the basic black and white stripped shirt..but ultimately due to cuzz wanted to vamp up for the party...me decided to just be the basic Edward (shudders) ...dem I know...I'm gonna potray that sissy vamp...sigh. But what to do...however U'll never know, I might last minute run to any costume shop and just rent a toga..easy. Till end of week..later!

Sigh...edward..tsk tsk tsk

Friday, October 22, 2010

The Walking Dead

Get this...someone is cool enuff to create an actual tv series bout Zombies...way cool ok!...it's in my follow list...debuts 31st Oct..in time for Halloweeeeeeeeeen!

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Honestly a great flick; intense...but I don't think not all will love it as I did

(be warned its basically Ryan Renolds in a box for 90 mins..thats it!..but....)

Friday, October 15, 2010


I peed myself laughing..this movie is tooo funny!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Masa kecik2 dolu : Empire of the Ants 1977..

...tv2 dulu rajin tayang movie2 belah mlm...am antara yg semangat ah gak nak usha tambah if it's horror theme..ada certain movies nih sampai skrg stuck in my mind but terlupa nama tajuk (aku kecik lagi kot)..slowly..but surely ...me stumble upon a couple of those movies yg stood out for me masa tgk kecik2 dulu di bawah selimut.

The Scene

Paling memorable bagi aku sampai skrg stuck mental imagenyer adalah scene di atas. Seorang makcik tua(aku mmg ada fetish terhadap makcik2 dlm movie)..berlari2 dari semut gergasi (yes semut gergasi silalah gelak)..tgh2 lari..dia paling kiri (kanan?) ada sekor kat sebelah dia..scene changes to the ant's point of view (hence the multiple views of the makcik)...makcik nih dgn baiknyer duk tegak dan jerit jer..berapa harakat I dunno..but it was long.

Zaman tuh mana ada internet..oleh itu..aku xtau tajuknyer..yg aku tau..ada Joan Collins...aku tau minah nih cause mak aku suka bebenor tgk Dallas..or izzit Dynasty. But that one information is enough, bila dah ada kemudahan net nih..maka berlayar lah aku ke imdb.com ..dan search tahun dan title yg paling possible sangkut ngan cerita itu...and what do you know..ada cerita bertajuk ants dlm resume dia...and sah empire of the Ants is the movie.

Tapi nak carinyer agak susah..only this year baruuuuu lah aku jumpa..dan view balik..and let me tell you..my god laughable cerita nih..cerita nih ke yg aku takut kecik2 dulu...yeeesh! My main criticism is the acting..yikes sangat. But apa2 pon akan disimpan cerita nih cause ia membuatkan aku teringat zaman2 kecik aku tgk movie2 seram sampai ke larut mlm dibawah selimut busukku. -n-

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It's Coming!!!

Someone commented "GIVE US THE DAMN MOVIE ALREADY!" ....I concur

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Zomba....otakkk otakkk

Earlier...I guess a year plus before, if you click the home link in FB..u'll notice a lot of survey or quizzes taken by our friends...it was pretty annoying no? Thank god for the option "do not publish" if not the home page would be bombed with everything. Anyhoot reason being me writing this is because once upon a time...one of the quizzes stood out from the rest. The title reads "What you need to survive a Zombie attack" (something like that lah)

Now THAT (tonasi tuh kuat skit) quiz I took. I list out as follows (if memory serves me correct lah):

1. Machine Gun
2. Shot Gun
3. Roller Blade
4. Grenade
5. Dela Ahmad

The y?
1. Machine Gun : Bullet count is pretty important to me (cam yoyo je ada zombie invasion)..and bullet count equals many targets..plus! u can shoot freely and confirm at least a bullet would hit a target..fatal or not..thats another story.

2. Shot Gun : The feel and power of that gun amazes me. Ok I lied I never really touch one but it does look nice; held by any movie character. And the power can send a zombie backwards...heck it'll blow the freakin zombie heads away. Now that's a good weapon..also it looks sleek...yummm.

3. Roller Blade : Medium of transportation, but y roller blade? Well for one I can roller blade...not great but I can. Also it'll be sorta memorable...u know like those quirky memorable that stands out in the movies. i.e Full frontal punk chic in Return of the Living Dead...and more recent..Rose Mcgowan in Planet Terror. Like really? Machine Gun for a leg?...yum!

4. Grenade : Only use for Last Resort...cause I don't think I wanna go down alone.AND...it's pretty noble.KAN?

5. Dela Ahmad : At first it was me pissing Dela off. But now come to think of it...I do actually need her. Not as backup or anything..but as a scapegoat. I will no doubt push her towards the horde of zombies or use her as a shield. Mean no?...but thats survival of the fittest. (and before I talked bout being noble..BWAHAHA)...but in all honesty do you really think I would do that? I'm not really THAT mean right?...RIGHT????

Ah sudah aku bebel panjang lak...well actually what trigger this zombie appreciation post is cause I just recently saw 2 zombie flicks (1 actually 2 months back)...it's pretty good..and it's been awhile for a decent zombie flick to surface. Now all u get is vampires vampires vampire...blaaaagh! First movie which I saw a couple of months back was Dead Snow.

Dead Snow is about Nazi Zombies attacking a bunch of doomed vacationing people. It's pretty simple..so's the story. However considering the qualities of recent horror flicks..specially the zombie department..this did good. Had ample scares..great munching and tearing people apart scene and also!...there's a movie buff character in it..always a plus for me (remember Randy from Scream franchise?love him) At one time the dude was asking "what other movies where a bunch of people get killed off one by one in a remote place"...I was like me me me!...but then a chic answered "April Fools day" and and....god If that was real..I would have dry hump her.kidding!..but yeah...I would love her..AHAHAHAH..anyway good movie. (btw its a Scandinavian movie)

And lastly..last weekend. I saw this French Zombie flick the Horde.Bout a bunch of people trapped in an apartment and then all hell breaks loose when people started coming back from the dead. It's always like this for a zombie flick huh? people trap...but it still works...what else can be done anyway? Zombie harvesting humans?.This movie is decent as well...I specially like when one dude went one on three zombies with just his bare hands...gila powerrrr! Also the heavy usage of guns in this movie makes me happy. Ada machine gun action..wohooooo!..oh oh the zombies look are also pretty rad...but in the end...the movie is pretty pointless.For me the way it ended was like..pfft!...but still it's an a-ok movie...bring on more zombie flicks plssssssssss! no more vamps...NO MORE!