Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Rounding it up now working in the office..basically will be celebrating here..whatever. Bukan ada benda menarik nak looking foward heard they're doing countdown on the roof later...sounds fun.Dunno lah..we'll see. Anyhoot..point is wanna wish Happy New Year to All, hopefully 2009 would be for me..2008 was ok..1 major disaster..some minor speedbumps..but all in all...a good enough year. Had great time in Sarawak (though i do actually wish we had tour Kuching a lot longer) hmm that's the only thing that stands out this year...hahaha lame.Oh gaji naik! So resolution time.

1. visit more hell with others..dont wait.opportunity comes, grab its ass.
2. find more movie-goers to..well go to the movies with
3. be nicer to dad..:D
4. find work..which i'm better suited for (though rugi gak cause dah agak stabil gaji)
5. whatever kan stuff that annoys me a.k.a less whining..(its working actually now..Yipee)
6. Loose more weight..
7. Stalk SMG

oh oh also would like to thank..Afifi & junie plus orang tua(di office) cause without u guys...would be sorta bored @ office. Ajurina..sorry cause selalu jadik tempat dengar aku whine..mohdul...yg selalu ada time wayang atau wedding visiting moments..mandela dan mills kerana selalu ada topic mind blowing yg leh chat kat McD atau tempat mkn lain. Eda the cuzz that's always there.Dan henzi a.k.a vanilla bear kerana being u.Dan the others seperti Izar, Joe, Syah erm (if aku lupa lagi sila lempang aku bila jumpa nanti)for all the joys in 2008.

that's it year in 2 hrs..have fun peeps that are partying 2nite...see ya..XOXO

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Ajurina..u did good

Kudos to Jurina for picking a GREAT movie to watch just now!..and and...i really didn't see it coming cause ...well it was GREAT!..though at 1st i wasnt really THAT excited since :
1. Trailer seems like whatever
2. Someone i sorta hate likes it
3. I was MAD tired, earlier.

However since I normally whine cause no one wanna go out during weekdays when I'm working from 6 am -3 pm why the hell not yeh tak. Plus Jurina dah jemput if I wanna join for this flick..well of course I'm soooooo there (that is after much debate with my other multiple personalities) Oh btw, me saw YES MAN...and it was cool...really really cool...made me laugh a LOT...favorite scene gotta be the "jumper" scene where Jim's character serenade a jumper by singing Jumper by 3rd Eye Blind...ahh that song brings back loads of love the late 90s...and 80s!..anyhoot..a must watch, seriously.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

No exchange gift thingy

For this year, YEAH! Aku officially dah pokai..kena jadik budak baik dan duk umah..jgn gatal mimpi mkn hebat dan kuar bermesra..dlm tuh juga mengharap gaji masuk cepat. Sebelum aku teruskan apa2..ingin mengucapkan Happy Bday (belated) pada Mills again dan juga thankx kat Mandela kerana bagi idea..oh scratch that!..kasik superb tgk Marcell kat Wineroom for Mills present, though aku sesungguhnyer xtau sapakah Marcell to begin with AND i didn't exactly enjoyed his show, it all comes down to if Mills enjoyed it..and thankfully
she did (hmm kalau dah dapat cium2 & dakap, tak puas hati aku xtau lah). BTW me thinks Palette Palat (or whatever) sucked, there I said it, XOXO.(except Mills "cake")

Now though it is good that they canceled the gift exchange thingy, tapi..slightly a wee bit boring lah gak x dapat gift cam last year's gift which was a speaker! wohooo!..mana lah tau kot kot tahun nih IF jadik lah christmas exchange gift aku dapat new snow cap ker..anyhoot,been searching the net for anything interesting (a.k.a toys) to buy since me tgk Jason, Leatherface dan Ghostface cam perlukan new friend...and woah...there are loads of cool crap I would love to get my hands on which then leads me to this topic of stuff i would have love to get as a present for the christmas exchange gift (JT + Af take note :P)

10. Go-go Yubari

Me likey her...the Jap student-killer-assassin vibe she had rocking is mighty sexy (not to mention her mini skirt too)actually it's not really THAT hard to find but by now if we want to buy it we have to buy the whole set..which includes the other Crazy 69? which..heck NO!

9. American Werewolf in London/ The Mist DVD

I had the copy once upon a time, then someone forgot to give it back AND i forgot who...emo nih. The DVD Rules mmmkay! Special feature rocks!

As for the Mist, me hear the dvd is cool, wish i could have it

8. 100 movie passes for a year (GSC saja)

AHAHAHA like thats ever gonna happen

7. Psylocke

Been lovin this chic since I was a kid, hands down my fav X-men ever (and the movie killed her role!)

6.Empire Record Poster

Dunno why but I simply love this movie, I have the DVD, i lost the original soundtrack(celaka) and I want the poster!..there's something bout Liv's legs that reads also like everyone's pose in the poster.

5. Mic Myers

He's the only Horror icon left that i really2 want to have on my shelve abg ngah..AHAHAHAHA

4. Friday the 13th 3-D poster

This would be so cool beside the Nightmare on Elm Street 3D poster.

3. Tickets to Thailand..

Heck near everyone I know been there..aku jeles..tapi xkan nak gi sesorang.

2. Keje baru yg tak perlu aku angkat tepon

Possible tak?

1. SMG wrapped with a Bow.

NEEEEEEEEEEVER gonna happen i know...but one can wish right...but I can settle for her action figure..god i miss Buffy.

I end with yet again, Happy Bday Mills!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Back to the 80s

Lately agak banyak cerita2 aku tgk kat rapid links banyak gak cerita2 80s, i took no notice of it until..tiba2 secara mendadak ada 80s slasher flick in which me like..(remembered me pernah review Chopping Mall, Tourist Trap dan..The Pledge?lupa lak tajuk yg last nih) so amik lah 2 out of a bunch nih..cause derang nampak the coolest. First up

Student Bodies

Plot : Spoof kisah horny teens kena bunuh.
Verdict : Cerita nih gila bangang..aku didnt expect it to be a spoof. Ingatkan horror comedy biasa2 jer...tgk gila tak logic dengan mengarutnyer..tapi..aku suka! ahahaha..and I thought Scary Movie was original. First scene gila dah aku gelak, tapikan satu jer lack cerita nih..direction...entah apa derang nak cuba ceritakan aku pon pening. Oh nak add satu lagi..ending suck hell. Other than that..pretty cool flick.

Final Exam
Plot : Entah i lost track after 20 mins in...but basically ada killer on campus..entah apa masalah dia.
Verdict : Banyak menguap tgk cerita nih,starting dah ok lah kot, pastuh gila gila banyak kills whatsoever until the last..oh i dunno 20-30 minutes? Though it is good derang nak cuba wat character development..tapi kepehal panjang benor..which comes down to...i dont give a rat's ass kat mana2 watak dlm cerita nih.

Skrg back to 2008, si Mohdul kasik 2 dvd mengandungi cerita2 horror dan 1 entah apakah cerita Siam tiba2 nih (aku tau ler kor tgh excited kisah thailand) oh tapi apa2 pon BIG thanks..baru sempat tgk satu jer pon which was

Joy Ride 2: Rusty Nails sucked balls.
Plot : Rusty Nails being an ass stalked kids that doesn't actually deserve being stalked.
Verdict : SANGAT kecewa.Joyride first aku suka gila...siap bawak office kasik tgk, siap leh spoof sekali sekala kat office dengan guna nada Rusty Nails "candy caneeee~~~"So bila dapat tau ada sequel agak excited gak ah..tambah aweks ganti the bros from previous. Tapi tgk2 hampeh gila! Rusty Nails sesungguhnyer tak secool dulu, lead Nicki Aycox? gila fail (adik dia better)..dan motive rusty LUCAH!. 1 jer stand out bagi aku...ada scene mamat nih kena cacak kepala...awesome.

Friday, December 12, 2008

The Day My Ass went Numb

Nih lah akibat tak amik tau holiday2 di Malaysia, kuar2 tadi dah excited dah, siap bangkit agak awal dari norm. Siap2 kuar2...nak kat sampai road stretch Midval, ha amik kor!...jam cam sial.Ticket book 4.20...jam dah 3.30p.m damnit tul..sesungguhnyer tak sempat tgk En. Keanu...tapi cuba gak.Sampai2, tempat parking...amik kor lagi! JAM!..hish..masuk parking lot...JAM!..ada lah tawaf 5 kali baru jumpa parking spot..tuh pon kena sumbat (tak caya tanyer Mohdul), then call Eda tanyer pehal banyak manusia...then baru lah tau B'day Agong...cissssssssss (dlm cis tuh gak aku sedih gak ah..lama tak layan holiday malaysia..sigh)...then gi Q, hmm agak panjang but manageable, maka dapat ah ticket 6.40..dan maka tgk gak ah aku The Day the Earth Stood Still

Plot : End of world, Jen Connelly cuba persuade jgn letupkan..abih cerita.

Verdict: Firstly aku nak ckp seat aku gila sakit..sempit!(hence the title) nasib cerita tak selamat LOTR...kalau takkkkkk.... was ok..I guess. Yg pasti..this role IS for Keanu..kekayuan dia mmg diperlukan tuk watak nih...tapikan...aduh lineeeeee...sapa ler tulis nih.Jennifer Connelly pon ok...tapi anak Will Smith tuh...aduhhhhhhh annoying nyer watak kamu!...kalau aku jadik Klaatu (Keanu) mmg aku letupkan earth dan dan tuh. He's friggin annoying..but kalau kata mmg watak meant camtuh..berjaya ah gak..he got on my nerve. OH Kathy Bates dan John Cleese berjaya!

Jln cerita? boring somewhere..but it was good enuff, msg dapatlah kot..we need to change. Tapi personally how Klaatu was persuaded to or not to (konon abih suspense lah) whipe us humans...agak meh..senangnyer...kalau aku sesungguhnyer i won't buy it.

Satu lagi aku agak meh...effect dia..though actually cun..bagi aku I need more..asap2 terbang tuh sangat normal..tambah tak nampak sangat apa jadik kat the humans bila in the path of these things..lagi aku rasa demn I need more.Oh apa2 an ok flick..leh dilayan walaupon bontot dah sakit hebat

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Surfing around my fav reviewer website I stumbled upon these pix dan omg omg omg aku excited...Friday the 13th REVAMPED!! more of the cicici and the cacacas, and least we got a decent cast(dulu2 nyer cast B grade looking gila)...some known actors in there peeps! (SAM WINCHESTER ada YE!)...i'm pretty much looking foward to this marking the date now!

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Vanilla Bear lak banjer :)

Oleh kerana weekend nih sangat lacking of "good" or at least highly promoted movie...maka tgk ah Lakeview Terrace..lagipon lama tak berwayang ngan MohDul(walaupon siber lagi lama)yg baru pulang dari BKK after stuck kat sana seminggu..yg best nyer...mamat tuh tak feel apa langsung, katanyer "aku (or izzit I?) shop jer kat sana"...hmm. Anyhoot juga ingin menyatakan thanks pada Henzi kerana belanja mkn, walaupon kuantiti terpaksa skit...demn sangat..if aku tau..aku ajak gi awal lagi..leh mkn besar lagi.

So Lakeview nih mengisahkan seorang pakcik black (Samuel L effing snakes on effing plane Jackson) nih...dia tak pueh hati ngan new neighbours all seriousness aku tak faham kenapa perlu over emo..saja nak wat issue..oh well, here's what me thinks.

Cita agak normal...mcm ku ckp kat Eda tadi-dimana dia warn aku pagi tadi(in which aku dah tgk earlier ehehehe)..this would actually make a great TV movie..but full length movie..agak waste of space...but even so, cerita nih ok..its good enough to entertain. Plot? oklah kot..kisah racism dimana logic jer kejadian2 camnih masih ada..aku rasa main good thing bout this movie is the Cast..Samuel L as usual sangat badass...sungguh cool..he can play a badass in his sleep by now.Patrick Wilson also did well..(tapi dia paling bagus dlm Hard Candy, perlu usha!) dan his black meat of a wife pon ok. Character mmg ada least nak kat last2 tau gak lah kenapa pakcik black tuh emo sangat.

All in all..jgn tgk wayang cause agak rugi, but if guna lain "kaedah" ku galakkan, apa2 this week...tgk Keanu mengkayu lagi wuhuuuuuuuuuuuu!

Monday, December 01, 2008

4 hari free day yg memenatkan

Rasa xnah aku bercuti lama jln round KL 4 days in a row...apa2 seronok gak ah cause jumpa member2 yg dekat jer actually tapi lama x jumpa (Baby Razz last i saw ya was wedding Che Pa 2 years back ok!), catching up with sorang kaki wayang yg selalu ikut aku dulu...tgk 3 movie..kalau tak 4..and attend a wedding yg aku sendiri tak ingat kewujudannyer..OH OH dan juga dibelanja orang mkn hebat twice!....terima kasih sangat...xoxo

Day 1

Bangun2 dah mikir apa nak wat...pastuh mula lah pesta call..dan oleh kerana semua bz (x salah pon cause waktu keje)...maka aku sorang lah berjalan2 kat kl..oh dan kerana dela selalu mention..aku pon gi lah Message badan...mind blowing sungguh..tambah part tiba2 dia sentuh my firm buttocks...tergamam sat...nak gelak pon ada.Then beli comic (as usual) dan fikir panjang nak tgk tak Twilight sesorang..luckily tak gi tgk sesorang.

Mlm tuh jumpa kawan lama x lepak dengan sembang pesal hopes and dreams(ayat poyo) kat McD curve sampai 1 pagi.

Day 2

Lepas Friday Prayers bawak the two Wildkittens (nuha and nisa) pi tgk High School Musical 3..yes HSM sorta suck really..too cheerful, happy2 lompat split yg sangat uuuughhh...tambah bila pray ke entah..kuar...ya allah everytime that Loser appears rasa nak Gauge my eyes out then juggle. She's thattttt annoying..kalau ler wujud manusia camtuh..brrr scary feeling...another thing..lagu tak best...HSM 2 and first one at least ada lagu sedap...kali ni zzzz...oh well at least Nuha enjoyed it..she was sooo expressive..ngan tepuk tangannyer, ngan pejam2 mata time lead ciumnyer..heh cute. 2.5/5

Yeah J.Hudgens spread lagi!

Pastuh jumpa Eda yg forever cool di Cineleisure dgn tujuan nak tgk Twilight, finally ada gak yg ingin tengok..tapi sebelum tuh sembang lama gak ah since show midnight.Then we're off to Twilight

Now Twilight was sooooooooooo effing boring!!!! least for me, and maybe my cuzz who was asleep!'s the timeline from what I remember ah;

p/s : semua ni dlm hati

First 5 min : This looks good.. so bleak and dark...wowowowowoow
10 mins later : Eh Eda dah tido?...okkk...tapi aku pon agak menahan nih..stay strong young man stay strong!
Another 10 minutes : Ok i love u i dont love u..this is getting boring...OH WAIT..BRA SHOT!...THANK YOUuuuuuuuuu
10 minutes more : oooh lookie Vampire with sparkling amazinggggggggg...sheshh.
10 minutes : Suci sangatnyer vampire nih...arghhhhh buhsan2 where are the kills! xda gigit2 pon arghhhhh stress stress!
15 minute later : Stress stress...nak kelar jari aku (aku belum tahap suicidal yeh)
10 more mins : ohhh orang jahat looks so amazing...kembangkan watak kembangkan watak!
5 more mins : Ohh baseball scene which leads to potential fighting it? no fights? oh come on people!
5 min : ok giving up now...tutututulululultututulululululululululu
Credits : tutututulululultututulululululululululu

In conclusion Twilight is mighty boring...the bad guys are cool though..and the baseball scene is nice..other than that...yawners. 2.5/5

Day 3

Hari bergumbira dengan Jurina..pi Alamanda dgn tujuan nak shop skit...tapi agak hectic since it's the first day of Grand Sale in which aku pon xtau pada mulanyer..but nothing to buy though..cuma kat Carefour (ejaan) jer lah kena beli bulb blow kat kitchen. Oh tapi dibelanja Syikin kat Pizza Hut!...yummmmms thanks a lot, seriously terharu skit...dah ler lama gilos tak jumpa contact pon jarang tiba2 dibelanja...moga kornyer Tadika blossom ngan hebatnyer fuh fuh. Fuh aku berjaya kat inaz FYI...kot.

But before that we went to see BOLT...wuhuuu, agak ok...starting was a bit slow for me..since aku tertido..ahaha letih sangat kot.But seriously luckily ada hamster tuh..dia sangat AWESOME with his never ending Awesomeness dan watak yg sangat sangat loonynyer...gila cool binatang tuh...if xda dia...confirm zzzs ...3/5

Day 4

Bangun dengan harapan malas gi mana2 dah..apart from umah akak since ibu dan ayah dah memanggil...tiba2 Elma msg kata pi tak wedding Nasir in which oh shit sangat aku bad at dates..DAN aku dah pesan kat E1 suh remind me...sedar2 dia dah balik pon dari wedding Nasiq..shhesssh..tak guna tul.Nasib ada Elma and Baby..oh oh takmo panggil Baby dah...dia drive sendiri ke wedding Nasir in which sangat for me kor dah grown..dropping the Baby ganti ngan Rocker Razz k? xoxo.

Then lepas abih and Elma cam teruja nak mkn Nachos yg R.R ada share dengan (ada share tuh menambah) pi lah SACC mall..fuh! sodappppppp...then again mmg tuh my kind of food...dan dessert dia is to live for (bak kata jurina)..sapa2 teringin gi Shah Alam moh ah attack tempat R.R..berbaloi...tambah the yummy cake..thanx Baby (nih last time aku akan guna sumpah!)

Cake Baby yg yummers

then the end.