Sunday, December 21, 2008

No exchange gift thingy

For this year, YEAH! Aku officially dah pokai..kena jadik budak baik dan duk umah..jgn gatal mimpi mkn hebat dan kuar bermesra..dlm tuh juga mengharap gaji masuk cepat. Sebelum aku teruskan apa2..ingin mengucapkan Happy Bday (belated) pada Mills again dan juga thankx kat Mandela kerana bagi idea..oh scratch that!..kasik superb tgk Marcell kat Wineroom for Mills present, though aku sesungguhnyer xtau sapakah Marcell to begin with AND i didn't exactly enjoyed his show, it all comes down to if Mills enjoyed it..and thankfully
she did (hmm kalau dah dapat cium2 & dakap, tak puas hati aku xtau lah). BTW me thinks Palette Palat (or whatever) sucked, there I said it, XOXO.(except Mills "cake")

Now though it is good that they canceled the gift exchange thingy, tapi..slightly a wee bit boring lah gak x dapat gift cam last year's gift which was a speaker! wohooo!..mana lah tau kot kot tahun nih IF jadik lah christmas exchange gift aku dapat new snow cap ker..anyhoot,been searching the net for anything interesting (a.k.a toys) to buy since me tgk Jason, Leatherface dan Ghostface cam perlukan new friend...and woah...there are loads of cool crap I would love to get my hands on which then leads me to this topic of stuff i would have love to get as a present for the christmas exchange gift (JT + Af take note :P)

10. Go-go Yubari

Me likey her...the Jap student-killer-assassin vibe she had rocking is mighty sexy (not to mention her mini skirt too)actually it's not really THAT hard to find but by now if we want to buy it we have to buy the whole set..which includes the other Crazy 69? which..heck NO!

9. American Werewolf in London/ The Mist DVD

I had the copy once upon a time, then someone forgot to give it back AND i forgot who...emo nih. The DVD Rules mmmkay! Special feature rocks!

As for the Mist, me hear the dvd is cool, wish i could have it

8. 100 movie passes for a year (GSC saja)

AHAHAHA like thats ever gonna happen

7. Psylocke

Been lovin this chic since I was a kid, hands down my fav X-men ever (and the movie killed her role!)

6.Empire Record Poster

Dunno why but I simply love this movie, I have the DVD, i lost the original soundtrack(celaka) and I want the poster!..there's something bout Liv's legs that reads also like everyone's pose in the poster.

5. Mic Myers

He's the only Horror icon left that i really2 want to have on my shelve abg ngah..AHAHAHAHA

4. Friday the 13th 3-D poster

This would be so cool beside the Nightmare on Elm Street 3D poster.

3. Tickets to Thailand..

Heck near everyone I know been there..aku jeles..tapi xkan nak gi sesorang.

2. Keje baru yg tak perlu aku angkat tepon

Possible tak?

1. SMG wrapped with a Bow.

NEEEEEEEEEEVER gonna happen i know...but one can wish right...but I can settle for her action figure..god i miss Buffy.

I end with yet again, Happy Bday Mills!!


Miss Brat said...

The mist, screenplay yg dibuat oleh orang yg sama buat Shawshank Redemption, dunno why ppl hate the ending, but I really like it!

I agreed with u pasal Empire Records tu, one of my fave film! I suka part dia glue syiling kat atas lantai, so kelakar!

Uhhh michael myers, how I wish I tak bagi topeng michael myers away 2 years ago, or else I can give it to u my dear...

Reza said...


Spiral said...

hahahahaha aku dah agak ko musti nangis punya

Miss Brat said...

Alaaaaa janganlah nangis, you can have my leatherface mask...

Reza said...

ahahaha...xpa2 i'll get over it

JT said...

ahhahaa....why JT & AF gotta tk note eh??? HAHAHA....since no gift xchange, tak der la emo man! sorry dude! wait till nx yr IF we all still kerjo bersamo!! PEACE!!

eh btw, my bf tu love all those patung patung ..he did hv a few for collection...mostly (AO) JAPAN figure~~

btw...last ok~last~bagi la chance aku cakap nie~~
that err....BANNER~ FEEEWIIIT~~ u did some touch up?~ mcm la some bangla/pengemis AFTER u did that touch up...keisan the MODEL~
i wonder...."did HE KNOW?~

reza said...

1.cause ur the officemates...ehehehe, and june of course u next year ada, u bond 2 years AHAHAHAHAHAHA, me open agent.

2.yeah, collector of toys rules!keh keh keh

3.yeah a bit touch up, xmo kelihatan cantik sangat...kenapa u mau saya buat muka dia cam porcelin mcm itu bob ka? oh i mentioned..dunno he look already or not

** JT ** said...

kakaka....i saw MINE (daniel yg mkover) cis...if la...if there's 1 handsome saw that pix & fell deepmy madly in love with me, once dia tgk muka sure he run like a light!! damn~ cursing! :P

Reza said...

can lah curse milady, see my blog title tak cukup cursing ka? next time ur pix touch up more lah...make more sheena -ish (i know u dont like her) :P

Che underscore Lee said...

aku setuju
food kat Palate Palette agak sucky
with that price.. x berbaloi pliss..

but the service was good la
the waiter n waitress sangat baik