Monday, April 23, 2007

Birthday bash! I'm 1/4 already...crap!

Well finally got a chance to update
truth be told prior to my birthday week, i was feeling a bit down, ok a lot...near on the verge of a mental breakdown...found myself a bit more bitchy,snapish and full of negative energy...and all thanx to ...?MY JOB!Like previous job, i lost the will to work now...i mostly hid myself from most of the people i know...i only talk to the ones i snapish but at least can smile a lil..why wont i cause i had genuine fun during my birthday week..actually wanna go somewhere further but money issue and people issue(everyone is piss poor by then) i decide somewhere nearer...birthday bash started early...erm

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Something i bought for meself

15th April 2007 :
As per usual i have to celebrate early to accomodate bro in law birthday is a week earlier,so had family dinner complains here since we ate at Chilis! wohoooooo, but i ordered the chicken salad???what was i thinking...luckily my sister was nice enuff to hand over Naqib's food,since the lad is asleep now,Before that went to PC fair,didnt buy much since money was an issue, holy F@$@! those sound related stuff was aweessome...then i hang around at KLCC(BORE!) and went back home with a sprain leg,cause PC FAIR was wayyyy tiring

17th April 2007
Bowling nite supported by the company is back!(the only fun thing bout this co.)Went with Anne ,played 2 games...beat loads of peeps...hehehe fun...and manage to surpass my personal record which was 123 (cool number huh), then continued to play pool with Anne,the lil practice I had was no help as i was beaten by Anne...badly!...oh well at least i killed her in bowling...then finish the day off with playing the arcade race mathingy.. i won! wohooooo yeah me.

18th April 2007
I was happy going to work,full of smiles until Veron the beyotch came to my place 30 min before i'm off and asked "reza can u OT today?"

i replied while typing some stuff super fast
"no no no no i dont want i dont want i dont want!"
her reply
"erm ok thanx"

ohhhhhhh now i know how to say no...u gotta be mean,if previously she would still be insisting and give all those muah2 thrown at me(which why sometimes i fall for...veron is actually kinda good looking..kinda)

oh first extra fast valid birthday wish came from Meishin...thanx girl!

and since its no surprise anymore after that i went to the gym...i renew my membership with this hyper active boob bouncing chick named lynda...i just call her boink can?

well she's kinda fun,a step up from other agents.Oh and she insist on me giving her 10 i pick the top 5 who would say yes, and top 5 who would say no on the spot...what i didnt know is that she will the next day,use my name to "pancing" the names i put on the list. and why this equal to = FUC~~~~~~~~!...easy...i dont want anyone to know.well some do know,like cyber,cause he doesnt judge...jaa, cause she can keep a secret and Noi cause she's a great friend...others i wont say a thing cause i know ,everyone will LOL ...yeah it is funny but demotivating at the same time cause i go in for real and everyone will thinks it's a joke...cause really most of my friends prefer laughing rather than supporting whatever u do..Dont deny it.

19th April 2007
The day...guess first midnite wish came from whom?Miss Boink!now that's a shocker...then followed slowly but surely by others.This day i only decide on sleeping and watching i watch Something I love, something that's in my collection but haven't gotten the chance to watch it ,something sweet and funny that will make me giggle like schoolgirl and something new

Something I love was : SCREAM3

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I wanted to watch Scream2 but i actually love Scream3 more, and i watched Scream 1 last halloween.Let relieves Scream 3...why i love Scream 3?After watching it again...i still love it...mostly because of the witty dialog...i mostly love Jenny Mccarthy's line "this is candy,hang on let me get some clothes on" funnyyyyy!And who would have thought,the lady can act...with hooters.The other one i love is Parker Posey's potrayal of Gale, another funny characther!Sidney aka Neve Campbell finally grown on me, i actually think she makes a fine Scream queen now.The kills was kinda fun, the blowing up house was to die for!The killers motive was weird but I respect how it can tie all the Scream franchise together.

All in all 8/10

Something i Had in my collection a long time : Haute Tension

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Now why would i miss this, this movie is awesome!The lead chic was stellar,she alone made me love this movie.He character is kinda complex...and when the credit finally made sense...but I still didnt see it coming.Gore was cool, and since its French the sexyness of the movie is sizzling hot!This is definately a great movie


Something that'll make me giggle : Mannequin

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Kim Cantral = hot!...still valid

Ahhhhhhhhhh memories, i love this movie...with the song Nothing's Gonna Stop Us playing in the background, oh memories.Not to forget, the lead was the way cute when young Kim Cantral....and woah is she hot!She oooze X :P.Andrew Mccarthy is also great as the boy next door,he stands strong with my fav teen heroes in the 80's with Matthew Broderict's Ferris Beuler Day Off.But I can do without the Hollywood character, when i was younger...he seems it sways more towards beeing a tad annoying..Overall i love Mannequin

a 10!

Something New...actually i skipped this tee hee...but await next day

I also went to the comic shop to buy some comics,the end

20th April 2007
I dubbed thee, my crazy day...went to OU and marathon 4 movies, back to back.The movies in order are Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle , The Hitcher 2007, Number 23 and the most anticipated by me Jangan Pandang Bakang.

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Venue : OU GSC
Time : 12 p.m - 11 p.m

Up first : Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

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Verdict : Not as great as i expected it to be, but it still delivers, it has more of a darker tone to it which is fine,but it lost the rad jokes I've come to love in the tv cartoon.SMG voice rules as April voice...ehehe and so are the others, the only one i had a problem is with Splinter...lame much?...But the best selling point for this flick is the to say the least.


Next : The Hitcher 2007

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Verdict : Having to love the original flick, i was a bit afraid of this remake...the original was a classic tale of cat and mouse game.So does it surpass the original?Nope...but it is ok.I guess if u havent watch the original,and went directly watching this guess is that you're gonna like it.Sean Bean did well but he's not as menacing and F@!%@# Up as Mr Hauger from the original.
This flick is face pace compare to the original which takes it time, but good in their own way,but for this one i prefer the original.Plot are all the same with one big adjustment....Oh and one more big diffrence that make the original stand out more is...the lead was more sympathetic.


Number 23

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Verdict :I really didnt know what to expect from Number 23, it just seems cool.However the timing i saw this one was bad.Was a bit tired by this time...and this movie have loads of facts to go through.However it really is not that hard to understand when you get to the bottom of it.The twist was ok in a way.Jim Carrey did fine,which still proves he can be versatile.Virginia Madsen , i've not seen her act for a long time...its refreshing to see her in here.Hmmm what else, appart from the cool theory...this story is kinda average.


And lastly : Jangan Pandang Bakang

Ok who was the one who made the status "BEST MALAYSIAN HORROR",ur kidding right? Though i do applaud it for making a REAL shost story.But the movie making sux hell thus made me roll my eyes more rather than beeing scared.However there are some key scary parts, but it was all spoiled by the dumb looking ghost...shesh,at a glance it was ok...but when u get to see it...haih!Acting...booooooooo!specially the girls....the nenek did good though.It is a good effort, but spoiled by the way the made this film...though not to worry, Camp Slaugther is still the worst.Jgn Pandang Bakang indeed, i left the cinema without turning back.

4.5/10 ...the point 5 is for effort.

then i went to fetch the excellent Noi.

21st April 2007
Went to Genting early in the morning.Had a blast there, the only thing i regret is not booking a room in advance,actually i wanted to stay there...but then dela out of nowhere said there's free tix to Good Charlotte which i love.If she could have warn like a week earlier i could have scheduled correctly..and i wouldnt have all depends on a gamble if there's room left at Genting..:the answer is no btw.(some pics in myspace...some will never be publish)

Oh i finally went up that Superman thingy,kinda cool but the wait was terrible...somehow there was something wrong in the mechanism which made us stuck for around 20 min,but the problem is...since it was stuck,why not let us out of the bloody cage???? I felt like Hannibal Lecter in there...shesh!

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Exactly how i felt

Then went down to see Good Charlotte concert, and its the best concert i've been in thus far.However i could live without the 1 hr plus opening act.Hellooooooooo i was there to see Good Charlotte not you!

Then they came out, and Iwan,bless us in the VIP ...erm spot, which was kinda near, i didnt wait for anyone i get as near as I can, and i did get kinda near, well at least if I threw the mineral bottle it could hit one of em.My fav moment is when they played the songs in the second album which is one of my fav album..specially Boys and girls,which I jumped like a wild animal.

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The best shot of Joel i can get

Oh another annoying moment,there's this kid behind me.who's kinda annoying answered like a kid on drugs to everything Joel asked...

Joel : I need a new twin brother
The Monkey : Pick me,pick me im the cutest one here...(what?????????!)

The day ended with me feeling kinda moody cause I was way tired, and Jaa decide to play hide and seek and everyone wants to go mad left and right (sigh whatever,janji aku enjoy)...and i went to see Noi for awhile since her bag was with me...takmo dia bogel kat umah tuh kan..(oh apa2 pon thanks dela)

22nd April 2007
Last day off fun, tomorrow will work at that sucky place,but before that,went out with Noi to Berjaya Times Square and spend loads of time reading at Borders...not bad..cause i took note loads of movies I need to see.

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Bought this classic comic book(which i use to collect),using mom i consider this present ...tee heee

so that bout week,finally a good birthday..that i personally thing i deserve...gamaknyer kena plan sendiri pasnih...kepada yg wish extra awal(yan) ...terlalu lewat..(azmir) thanx!terutama kepada Noi kerana menjayakan trip Genting

Sunday, April 01, 2007

U guys are DEAD wrong

Ok nak reveal dah,anyone decides to watch this movie...pls look away or visit the other blogs available oh the left (i recommend the perut one)..








Here are the girls death, in order

1st offed : Miss Clair Crosby

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Ok im totally surprise cause most of you predicted this gal is the heroine, cool...ok we'll try to discuss later on what might be the factor...ok from the pix,she died of a pen stab through the eye,can u see the pen?...anyhoo she have only one scene...pity

2nd offed : Miss Megan Helms

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haha this one no one predicted, not that surprise cause all the scenes she's in...she's always bitter, death also stab to the eye...this time with something sharper.

3rd offed : Miss Eve Agnew

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The freak got offed, only pamster predict this girl survive..well dont totally blame her cause..the reserve one usually came back at the end to save the heroine.She got beheaded ...maybe the director have some problems with freaks?

4th offed : Miss Dana Mathis

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I'm pretty shocked she got killed,and very early! truthfully i thought she might survive cause of the popularity factor,this one of the better known actress and in the promo's she's always in the middle...good job misslead me.Death : head smack with something that looks like a small shovel?

5th offed : Miss Heather Lee

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Also one of the popular actress, i didnt expect her to live though, cause her character brings no meaning, she's kinda lame in here.Death : offscreen, maybe neck slash?cause the blood splattered screen suggest so.

6th offed : Ms. MacHenry

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Heh, no one predicted this one would survive, wouldn't blame you guys, i didn't thought so too...but her death scene is the worst, death by accident.head impaled with the ice sharp ice thingy.

7th offed : Miss Melissa Kit

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Wohooooo!But no surprise here, cause promo poster somehow suggested that she'll bite the the other her eyes was gauge

8th offed :Miss Lauren Hanon

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You know it's coming after her nude shower scene...seems the rules still apply, no nudity in a horror film.Death offscreen, but was found eyes gauge out.

9th offed : Miss Leigh

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awwwwwwwwwwwwwww, i wanted this one to survive, give some happy ending for god's sake.she just lost her sister and went through hell, and finally understood the meaning of sisterhood, then she get killed,wtf...many expect her to survive, i did too...death : neck snap while the actor/actress that killed her provide the worst acting ever in the movie..ok actually more towards the annoying.

The survivor is that blond beeyatch...the hell.I wouldn't have guess cause 1.blonde duh ..2.she's not at all popular..3.she'll make a bad bad heroine.actually she did make a bad heroine..4.character is dumb i tell u...suggest the stupidest things.But as you go along with this movie, you might have guess she'll survive cause mostly the plot revolves around her...bore.

I hate this heroine, she's up there in the list of my most hated heroine..with Halloween 8 and others which i can't recall now...

Anyhooo the interesting is that most of you guys predicted the young Colvin sister to survive,was it the looks or the fact that the character is related to another character ergo , the plot could have thicken blah2.U tell me...