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Top 4 Actress Entrance - TDC Blogathon: Mt. Rushmore Of Movies

Okay truth , I do not know what this is about..but I saw this on one of my fav kinda daily visit blog by Asrap ..and I'm game, since I don't wanna work now (who can blame me, it's Friday..Friday..gotta get down on Friday! I'm just gonna quote what Sir Asrap state from his blog "M. Brown of Two Dollar Cinema has come up with his first ever blogathon, titled 'Mt. Rushmore Of Movies'. To put it simply, it is in honor of President's Day and in order to participate, all you have to is choose the top 4 of anything cinematic and explain why it should be carved into the side of a mountain forever. " ..thanks bro

So I have chosen Top 4 Actress Entrance ..simply cause, recently a friend of mine ( a girl ) was promoted to full time AND a manager. To congratulate her I texted then told her to make an entrance and also gave her few slow-motion memorable entrance clip by an actress in film. You know the kind of entrance that seem to stop time and everyone around just focus on 1 goes!

4. Phoebe Cates - Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Hmmm Phoebe ~~~~~~~~ the only thing I remembered from this movie was this scene! yeah believe that...I wasn't really into it (or maybe I should watch it again) but when I saw Phoebe came out from the pool all slow-mo ..BAM embedded in me head forever. Phoebe Cates is a cutie ..I liked her before this from Gremlins..and learning that she had this scene in her resume..I had to see you.. :P (this is the tame version btw)


3. Jennifer Love Hewitt- Can't Hardly Wait

Who can forget THAT Jen Love scene from Can't Hardly Wait..she comes in, stops..looks blowing..all in slow motion..perfection! Even though I was obsess bout SMG (still am) during this time..I found Jen Love drop dead gorgeous + she has great assets talent. (the blue tank top + blue skirt helped too) ..side note: I really gotta watch back this flick.

Oh I can't find a clip of her entrance in this flick so enjoy the next best thing, from Not Another Teen Movie ( I secretly dig this movie..sue me)'s Lacey Chabet (equally hot) playing Jen Love in Can't Hardly Wait ...Hilarious!

2. Mia Kirshner - Not Another Teen Movie

Speaking of's Mia Kirshner in Not Another Teen Movie...when she came out...woaaaaaaaaaaahhh smoking! This is the first time I heard of Mia Kirshner ..and after that..yeah I did not see much of her movies ..(I tried Black Dahlia..I really did) but whenever I hear or saw the name Mia Kirshner..yep this scene comes to mind

1. Rachael Leigh Cook - She's All That

Ya ya I know a chic flick...but seriously..people in my age range would definitely remember this scene...and love it...come on admit it! I don't really dig RLC and her makeover wasn't really that..MIND-BLOWING..but there's something bout this reveal scene that made it amazing..probably is the way she comes down the stairs and slowly looking up..she really looked..innocent and pretty! ..oh and the addition of that Kiss Me song playing in the BG helped a lot. I bet many ladies wanted this sort of moment in their life..betul tak betul tak!

honorable mentions : 

Shannon Elizabeth from Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
Sandra Bullock from Miss Congeniality 
Rachael McAdams from Mean Girls (though she was actually carried in rather than walking in)

"Evil takes a human form in Regina George" ..LOL

Friday, February 21, 2014

Ramblings of a mad X-Men fan

Decided to not do work today, boss ain't around so why not...right?

Early this week, Monday to be exact was a holiday..I actually thought it was Memorial Day, turns out it's Presidents Day..whoops my bad ( you'll know why later) So I decided to occupy myself with TV series that some I've been behind with and watch some flicks.

In the evening I decided to watch my least watched X-Men flick, which was The Last Stand. If you've been following my blog from the beginning, I've actually said the movie was so-kay.. but as time pass and with some inputs by X-fans and one of my friends who is a Marvel fan...I ended up hating the flick...A LOT! ...I went on a Twitter Rant the whole movie.,,observe

Yea ..see there, I actually wrote Happy Memorial Day..whoops!

Okay I know ef you is kinda uncalled for, but me ANGRY

I did not continue with First Class nor Wolverine Origins..maybe one day before DOFP is scheduled to premier here. I do think DOFP would be at least good, cause it's Mr Singer behind the chair (thank god) but I do have my doubts specially when they made Wolverine the x-chap who went back in time instead of Kitty and also ..AND especially when I saw what Quicksilver looks like, dear god. And my friend did point out that it's kinda risky to add a whole lot of mutants in 1 flick..cause..well..look at The Last Stand...a lot of mutants but really there wasn't much depth to their character (plus the fact they change a lot of their personality..why Psylocke why! ). The new addition though does look good...Warpath - Blink - Bishop look is acceptable , I'm especially excited to see em fighting Sentinels in the flick..oh man..May can't come any sooner. Well until Joss Whedon decides to dabble with X-Men franchise..make my MARVEL!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Best of 2013 : Part 2 10 - 1

God was so busy, ok let's finish this

10. This Is The End
I wrote early last year I was gonna enjoy The World's End  more, I did not. This is The End was the better funny apocalyptic flick. TITE is stupid but fun stupid, the kind of flick I enjoyed. It spots a great cast too..apparently playing themselves ( douche Hollywood celebs )

Best Scene : Jonah Hill possessed, funny shit

9. Now You See Me
I love this flick, I love the whole cast, I love the storyline, I love that it kept me guessing bout the twist, I love the magic trick, I love the heist, I love that one scene was shot in Paris in which I recently went (brought back memories) love love

Best Scene : the first heist or big magic show was hella was the second

8. Hunger Games : Catching Fire
I never got into the first Hunger Games, probably cause I was a big fan of Battle Royale and thought the flick was sorta like a tone down version of BR. But the second one was so so much better. It proves that the flicks is not just about the games, but so much more. Also it's so not another Twilight wanna be flick which is a relief. I also love that Effie was give more to do this time, I like her.

Best Scene : The big reveal of the Mocking Jay!

7. Prisoners
Woah, this one was edgy. A flick so intense you gotta see it to the end (even though it like a 2 hr plus flick) . This flick kept me guessing the whole way. Hugh Jackman gave a wonderful performance as the distraught father. I wonder why this flick didn't get any award nom, it deserves something.

Best Scene : The big reveal..yum

6. The Hobbit : Desolation of Smaug
Like Hunger Games, I love the 2nd installation of the franchise so so much better. The Hobbit was okay but kinda dull, now Desolation .. now that's an adventure flick! The kinds we love from the 80s like Willow and others. Plus the Dragon..yo!

Best Scene : The Barrel! and well coordinated fight sequence

5. Star Trek Into the Darkness
I don't get the hate some people have towards the flick. But I love it, granted the 1st flick is better, Into the Darkness was still good. Khan (oh u know by now it's Khan!) was a great villain. A one man army sort of villain .. that's rare .. normally the hero is the one man army.

Best scene : Khaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!

4. Gravity
Oh finally a flick I like that is nominated. Gravity is good, not a lot of people love this sort of 1 person flick. My colleague hated this one, I was left confused. I thought it was compelling flick about survival. And the scenery..yo beautiful! And Ms Sandy? Great acting!

Best Scene : Sandra in a fetal position ..beautiful

3. Frozen
Do you wanna build a snow man~~. I love this flick. It's simple and yet there are a few plotlines that made you gasp. Well I did at least. Plus the songs! so uplifting (Let it Go) so sweet yet sad ( Do you wanna built a snowman) it's like what Disney movie used to be, great songs that fit the moment. Do tell how many recent 201-ish cartoon flicks that generated good songs? Epic? Hell no! Monster University? pfft! none of it. This movie I love, it made me all mushy and p/s : elsa hot!

Best Scene : Do you wanna built a snowman scene was a win for me, I was all awww the whole way...the thought of a lil kid playing alone kinda gets to me.

2. You're Next
HAH! managed to watch this in the nick of time. It was suppose to come out in MY but till now it never did. I heard lots of good stuff bout this and after watching it, yes it delivers. It delivered the gore, the excitement, the chase, the exciting cat and mouse games between the killer(s) and victims. What stood out for me is that the victims are a family, a large one. Which made it harder to stomach cause you know there is a definite bond there. However being the horror fan that I am, I saw the ending coming a mile away...but it's still a good flick me.

Best Scene : it involves a running girl and a wire, go figure.

1. The Conjuring
No surprise this is gonna be # 1 right? But if you look at the history, horror flicks rarely made it into #1 in my list, for a horror fan..that's kinda weird right? Anyway, The Conjuring totally blew me away..I came in expected to be scared and I got scared! Recently I saw this movie at my sis's and even she said she hasn't been this scared since Evil Dead. I'd say my sister could be right, the flick really felt like those old haunted house horror flicks which scared you as a kid. Plus the additional information that this is based on actually event (but really overly sensationalized) kinda make your skin crawl when thinking bout it. Plus with the good cast (really good cast) and a solid story made this flick a gem to me.

Best Scene : My favorite moment gotta be the scene when Christine (tomboy-ish hair, acted in White House Down) first encounter with the entity ..I was spooked, we didn't see anything but the sheer terror in the kid's eye sold me, would like to also add that when Lily Tomlin was possessed (whoops spoiler) scene was a WIN!

that's it, phew! -n-

Monday, January 20, 2014

The Best of 2013 : Part 1 20 -11

I'm just gonna go straight to the point. Hard it may be, I've finally finalize it. Top 20 of 2013 Part 1, here it goes ...

20. The Wolverine

Aaaah The Wolverine, my least favorite X-man that is overly exposed in both silver screen and comics. With that said, I like this one, it's less mutant oriented and at least the continuation  from other X flicks are better thought out. It could have been higher up my list if! .. both Silver Samurai and Viper characteristic, powers, look etc followed more closely to the comic..oh well at least Yukio is somewhat similar, you can't win it all.

Best scene : if not for the bonus scene at the end, this movie won't be in the list, I was such an excited fanboy when Prof X popped out..(well that and the fact that this is an X-Men flick)

19. Pacific Rim

I had a wonderful time watching this alone at the cinema on IMAX, the IMAX experience made me enjoy the movie immensely ..and then I saw it at the tv screen. Honestly Pacific Rim is best enjoyed at a big screen with Kick-Ass audio system (3D is optional)....the flick is tailor made for it. It is however an enjoyable monster-robot flick. Who doesn't like watching robots and monsters duking (if that's even a verb)
 it out. And good choice of words naming the monsters and clicks.

Best Scene : The brawls were excelent, but Mako's flashback scene during her first encounter with a Kaiju was well made, and sad

18. The Heat

The Heat is a fun buddy cop flick with chics in it. Sandra Bullock had played this sort of character before but the addition of Melissa McCarthy made the movie stood out a tad more. Both leads played the role down to the tee. McCarthy's cussing made me blush and Sandra is just a wacky girl next door which I would date, eh?

Best Scene : McCarthy may have stolen the show, but every time that albino cop appears..he made me lol

17. Stoker

Once a while there comes  a horror (or thriller if you really wanna be technical)  flick that totally blows your mind even though it takes your hours to interpret the flick. Stoker is it for me in 2013. All 3 leads played their roles very well. Specially liked Matthew Goode in this one. I don't wanna say more but go watch it.

Best Scene : The opening scene..beautiful

16. Kil

This sounds pretentious but once a year I promise myself to watch a malay flick at the cinema, last year I dunno what possessed me but I saw 3 local flicks at the cinema..1 was average, another made me scream oh god why! (refer post Worst Movie Ever early this year) and luckily for me...another one was a gem. Kil is a gloomy flick which I enjoyed. It's certainly different from your average local flick (eventhough I can smell the ending a mile away), if more local movie makers try something like this I might just go see more local flicks at the cinema. Oh another thing, the two leads! Specially the chic thats ooze that New Girl chic ( I suddenly forgot her name) aura.

Best Scene : the first date, just cause Zara oozes Zooey (yeah I finally googled) during this time

15. Iron Man 3

Not an Avengers fan but Iron Man 3 was a fun ride. If this is in fact the last  Iron Man flick then It ended well, a good full circle. And good job making us Marvel fans believing The Mandarin was The Mandarin ...really did not see that coming. Some fans hated it, I didn't. Oh I want to add, who swoooned when Gwyneth punch a hole on one of the Iron Man suits??!.. I know I did, the lady is fit!

Best Scene : Monkey in a barrel scene

14. Maniac 

Elijah Wood is a question mark for me. Sometimes I hate him and sometimes I don't..but I do think he's a good actor. And his portrayal of a shy-awkward-maniac was believable. He nailed it...and the gore, me like! Some scenes are kinda hard to watch but I still dig it. I bet all the feminist in the world hates this flick..blah, to each their own.

Best Scene : When he scalps the lady agent, yoikes dude means business!

13. Rush 

I know jack bout F1. A colleague of mine wanted to watch it, so he asked me to tag along. So I did and ended up loving the flick more than the F1 fan. I don't really know how close the movie is to real life and don't even want to check but what I saw from the flick bout the rivalry and some history of F1..I like it. It is much easier to watch AND understand than watching these F1 drivers go round and round during their matches :P. Oh Daniel Bruhl was good, why he didn't get an oscar nod? Weird.

Best Scene : hmm I dunno if there's a best scene for me in this one. It's just all around a well tailored movie.

12. Evil Dead remake

A lot of fans hated it. I did not, I watch this with an open mind knowing IT'S A BLOODY REMAKE. And I enjoyed what I saw...well except the what in the world is happening last 15 minutes (it involves blood rain..go figure) ..I thing missing though..the scare first I was kinda afraid watching it alone at night cause I remember watching the original Evil Dead back then all alone which scared the living daylight out of me. It was yikes-able at the beginning but then you get use to it.

Best Scene : Any Mia self inflicted torture scene..I said BRRRRRRrrrr

11. Ender's Game

I like to dubbed Ender's Game as one of the great movie of 2013 that no one saw. Seriously I asked around and no one saw it. Only my cousin and another movie friend saw it..and that's it. It's a good movie bout morals. What is right and what is wrong. And the quote from the beginning of the flick really made me think. I love that quote. Acting wise..the lead kid rules..and also the bully, eh let's just say all the youngsters played their roles well...the veterans though...korang tido ke apa? thing though..I did NOT like the ending...WTF was that?

Best Scene : the final "simulation"

next post ..Part 2 ...are you excited as I am? #tetiba

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

FIRST (remembering that awesome mag)

I was doing a little bit of spring cleaning and stumbled upon this stack load of Magazines which brought back fond memories. It's First!, the mag I followed religiously back then. In my opinion this is one of the best SEA based mag ever published. It has everything in it plus monthly freebies (which one of the major reasons why I love this mag). Near each month there would be a (or 4) movie postcard(s) stapled in the middle of the mag. Each time buying the mag, I go straight for these postcards first. Thankfully it looks like all the postcards I've collected is still intact, never used ..never stick up my cubicle.

But mark my work, one day. I'm gonna use all these freebies when I have my own media room. This will all go up my wall..yeah one day. Haiyoo when am I gonna have my own kick ass media room?
ANYway...the First is a Singaporean movie mag that comes out monthly from Dec 2002 - May 2009. I only started collecting in 2006 by chance and continued buying it till it ended it's run. Total mag bought 32. Apart from the freebies the other reason I love this mag is because of the monthly 10 or top 100 list of movie related stuff. I live for these lists. Most blog / movie website I follow are because of the top 10/100 list..well mostly, I do like reading reviews as well. But list? YUM! Recently I've started collecting FILM Malaysia, it's OK but really pale in comparison to First..heck even The Score another mag I used to collect (after First) is kinda better than Film Malaysia. FILM Malaysia looks pretty but lacking in content. And most of the reviews are kinda back dated, I know cause it's "Malaysia" but how I miss First Mag...bring it back!

p/s: if anyone remembers there's this Singaporean Mag during the early / mid 90s which was also good but I forgot the Mag's name. I remember once they Photoshopped Meg Ryan + Slash's mug together...any ideas anyone?

Monday, January 06, 2014

Worst Movie Ever - Comic Book Guy

Hey hey, it's that time of the year again. We'll start the new year as usual with Top 10 Horrendous flick of the year.Basically this year most of the ones in my bad movie list are the ones I'm disappointed with, not necessarily bad but disappointed. Also sadly, most of the bad movies in this list are horror flicks, I guess I'm more judgmental on horror genre.So here goes 

10. Riddick
It's not really a bad movie. However ...well let me quote the reviews that I agree with from the net "this is not the Riddick movie I wanted" & " I waited 14 years for THIS!!!"  ...It's a letdown to say the least.

Saving grace : surprise surprise the addition of  Katee Sackhoff as a kickass macho chic was superb. You see once upon a time I hated this chic, HATED! It's all because of her so annoying character in Halloween Resurrection. I swore her off there n then. But in Riddick? Such a vast improvement, Kudos to her

9. Penanggal

I don't wanna say much bout this one other than "this is my new Saint Ange" ..those who are close to me would understand.

Saving grace : well at least visually it's stunning..I'll give em that.

8. Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters

So...where the monsterS? Plural ok! Percy 2 is not really THAT bad, but I'm disappointed with it. To compare with the first flick the budget looks to have been cut down massively , heck they even replaced Pierce Brosnan with Anthony Stewart (which is not bad but I want Mr Bond!), and the challenges Percy met in this installment was downright laughable , the big bad was defeated by just one stab..COME ON!

Saving grace : the cameo from Nathan Fillion ..funny!

7. G.I Joe Retaliation

Bad guy sux, I don't feel any dread from em. I believe from the get go the GI Joe's are gonna beat the living crap out of the bad guys. There's no sense of danger at all...and...I fell asleep like the first 15 min..LOL

Saving grace : the fight scene at the mountains was kinda cool...KINDA

6. Hansel and Gretel : Witch Hunters

Great concept but BADLY executed...awesome looking witches, NOT USED to the fullest!, ya that's it

Saving grace : there's an troll named Edward, I laughed so hard

5. Among friends

Oh my what the hell is this crap, I watched this solely cause Danielle Harris helm the director's chair. And for someone very familiar with the horror genre, I can't believe this is the best that she can come up with. The acting was appalling the shock factor was...well non existent. Bad bad movie

Saving Grace : nada

4. R.I.P.D

I guess Ryan Reynolds don't have much luck in comic book adaption flicks. He should stop now cause RIPD is just lame. It's the kind of flick that you watch and 10 mins after you forget all bout it.

Saving grace : like my last statement above...I don't remember anything.

3. Fright Night 2 2013

I...I.. sigh, this one was bad. Could the just have made a follow up to the first remake flick. Sure it ain't a masterpiece but at least people can relate to it more. What we got is a kinda rehash idea from the original 80s flick but set in foreign country (not US)!

Saving Grace : 1 name , Jaime Murray

2.Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D

The quality of tcm flicks seem to go lower with each new entry. A pity cause I dig leatherface. This new entry is just blagh..they should just stop trying hard and just focus on the chase and kills. Look at Friday the 13th flick, it's not mindblowing but at least you got the awesome kills! And add more cast member, remember what randy said in Scream 2. Body count should be more!

Saving grace : the dames in the flick, they're hot!

1.The Last Exorcism 2

I'm well aware that this is not The Last Exorcism 2 poster, but it should've been!
Tsk tsk such a waste, the first flick was good. The last few frames are one of the most $$#×ed up images in horror history. So you can imagine my excitement going in the cinema to watch this. But I got none of the elements I like from the first flick. The makers should have just stayed back at the farm, the different approach/angle they were going for

Saving grace : eh none of that here

so that's it...horrible mentions : Oblivion and Epic for being so bloody boring.  Sharknando for being way too silly. The Purge which was saved because of the interesting concept and also it made me think."what if" ..and Olympus has Fallen for being stupid boom boom flick. Vikingdom could've made the list as well but I feel asleep throughout the movie so that does not count...or does it? hmmm

Monday, December 23, 2013


God honest truth, I did not expect such great movies this year, I dunno bout you guys but it's really hard to narrow down to a mere top 20 flicks of the year...but right now like what I previously did on this blog (except last year) I'm noting down the flicks I can't wait for in 2014. So here goes 2014 flicks in random order (except #1 :D)..

Nurse 3D 
I've been waiting for this one since 2 years back, it was even in my 2013 movie to watch out for. It's your typical thriller with a mad chick antagonist really..but it's the kind of flick I dig. So.. (the 3D kinda pushing the envelope a lil bit too far though)

300 : Rise of an Empire
Tonight we dine in Hell! There! so there!

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
More ape-shit fun! Plus I wanna see what is in store next for Ceaser

Godzila 2013
I had no beef with the previous US version, It was a fun ride. But this one looks far out! Gotta check this out for sure

Devil's Due
One of the more better looking horror flicks for next year

Rec 4 : Apocalypse
I'm so excited for this one, Angela was a strong and cute lead..and I love all 3 previous flick + plus the american remake. Hope this one comes out at the cinema

Friday the 13th 2014 (if it comes out 2014)
The 13th Friday the 13th!...of course I wanna see this one, hope it's a battle royale between the previous survivors and Jason...wooot I'm peeing in my pants just thinking bout it.

Hunger Games Mockingjay I
I was just okay with the first flick (it felt like a tame down version of Battle Royale) but the 2nd one woaaah. Was impressed with Catching Fire, I saw it twice and really really can't wait to see what's in store for the next flick

The Hobbit : There and Back Again
Like Hunger Games, the first flick was meh, And then came Desolation of Smaug and woaaah was that a great flick..and the ending was one of the most !@$!@% ending screaming "we want more" ending ever! yeah I want to see the last Hobbit flick ASAP

X-Men Days of Future Past
Hello, big X-men fan here .. some fanboys are unhappy with the direction Singer is going with..but hey the dude gave 2 great X-men I even deemed as the best superhero flick ever. So give Singer a the trailer rocks hard! *please...we need you to hope again*

Honorable Mention
Maleficent  : looks hot
The Amazing Spiderman 2
Guardians of the Galaxy : good comic book could be a great movie
Wolf Creek 2
How to Train Your Dragon 2
Edge of Tomorrow : tom is good in picking great action flicks (well except Oblivion)
Paranormal Activity : Marked Ones