Monday, July 14, 2014

Why I love the Movies #1

Am in a bad spot recently , felt so annoyed bout lot of stuff and a good friend suggested to update the blog cause she spots tumbleweeds in it :P here I am back again.

Not gonna be writing any reviews just posting as often as I can bout why I love the movies.
Wanted the first entry to be bout my fav comic movie but earlier I read bout Monty Python and the Holy Grail and automatically brought me to this scene .. I remember laughing at the scene out loud with a bunch of friends...till this day...sometimes I used the same expression and line "I don't know that!  - bridge of death here Enjoy! I know I just did..AGAIN!


Henzy said...

Hahahaha tak baik buat aku gelak kuat2 dlm hati di bulan posa

asrap virtuoso said...

haha... still lom tgk cite nih lagi..

thanezra said...

i can do more than make u laugh henz! know that ... :D

asrap ... patut tgk...aku pon takda la minat monty python ni sangat but dam scene ni lawak!