Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Why I love the movies # 2

Let me start by saying I got this idea from my fav movie website Joblo ..so this is not an original idea for a blog post and I don't care...but credit must be given.
So # 2 is one of my childhood fav , Goonies .. am a BIG fan of Chunk and Data and recently I bought a Data figurine ..it was hard to choose from the 4 Goonies but Data won in the end...however Chunk still won by having the best scene in The Goonies.

Data beside The Predator

I normally love to imitate scenes from my favorite movies but I dare not imitate this ... enjoy


Henzy said...

I don't know why but you should try watch Th Strain.

New FX show.

thanezra said...

sbb Sean Astin ...yo mickey! ada?

I saw it btw....it was ok for now

asrap virtuoso said...

Goonis never die! One of my all time favorite movies!!

Dulu aku ada beli majalah Empire ke Total Film.... ada feature pasal Goonies nih... ada trivia, etc... tp paling best section where are the actors now.... tgk Chunk skrg yg paling best!

thanezra said...

chunk dah kurus ...yup I saw ...but from the DVD ...best DVD aku ni...feature galore