Thursday, July 29, 2010

Melinda Gordon Mode : Chix that KICK ARSE

I got canceled!

Ahhh in the mood to go all Melinda Gordon today; must be the string of good news I've been getting this week. Since Salt has reach our shores finally, I decided to go through the list of chix that for me Kick some major butt! I love independent-tough chix but not literally tough, you know muscles and all. I prefer my action heroine to be non-muscly, preferably slim but don't really mind if they have some meat in em (think Xena Warrior Princess), ah enuff babble to the list!

10. Private Vasquez - Aliens

Ok yg nih would be the only muscled chic in my list..promise! I dig this chic, in a non sexual way cause she resembles any muscled dude. But character wise she kick ASS! Me also dig her bad-ass machine gun, masa kecik2 dulu selalu bayangkan ada the same gun, pastuh jerit "LET'S ROCCCCCCKKK! pechuiiii pechuiii..."..ahh fun times. The defining moment in the movie for me gotta be her one on one scene with an alien in the air shaft, she went head on with one Alien with just a normal gun and survive! (though badly injured)...rare ok! This continues with her blowing herself up (with pussy ass Gordon) while killing some more aliens in the process...classy chic..U Rule!...LETS ROCK!

9.Lara Croft - Tomb Raider 1 + 2

Like Patrick Stewart who is born to be Prof Xavier. Mrs Pitt is born to be Lara (maybe Megan Fox is a close 2nd) I haven't really play Tomb Raider before, I got one of the game but never finish it, but when the news got out Jolie is Tomb Raider, I couldn't agree more. Jolie excels at playing Lara, she got the right attitude, build and most importantly the face! One of me kawan siap do the rambut jatuh look Jolie was rocking in the movie (and yes dela it's YOU!) But if you notice me only talk bout Jolie's look and not the movie...that is cause....wait for it...wait for it....THE MOVIE SORTA SUCKED!...1st one maybe ok....but the 2nd???? I totally forgot all bout it...the only thing I remember is Lara fighting a shark..that's it. Oh well at least the image of Lara floating up and down up and down in the silk (im guessing it's silk) white shirt will forever be embedded in me head.

8. The Bride - Kill Bill Vol 1 only (vol 2 buat aku tido)

Uma..not really my type. Interesting face but blaahhh, however in Kill Bill, she's uber cool! Whats not to like bout the Bride? She was shot at the head..survive..tried to move her toe in the car for hours (tee hee) then move on to kill her killers. Machooooooo sialllll...and the sword...woff! great weapon of choice...and then the massacre near the end...awesome is the only word I can say. Oh and her fight with Go-go Yubari...meow! it. (actually was thinking to put go-go in the list but her scenes was just too brief)..The Bride Defining moment?...hard too choose..but I'm gonna say the toe scene...great acting chops there. Tahniah.

7. Hit Girl - Kick-Ass

This lil bit made me come up with the list. I've mentioned this in previous post, I came in to the cinema watching this movie expecting NAATTHING at all, I haven't heard much buzz bout the movie..I only know it's about super heroes so why not kan? Then wow...the awesomeness never ends from A to Z, but the real star of the show is Hit Girl. This lil bit made me go awww cutie at first and then yikeeeeeeeS! when she..well KICK ASS! And she took a hit really well(not that I want to see a kid getting hit). Fav moment, when she whoop ass everyone at the loft with Joan Jett's Bad Reputation played in the background (good song choice btw)

6. Trinity - Matrix

In 1999, promos everywhere (at least yg aku nampak ah)..shows Trinity Jumping off a building the get slammed on the window across. Fuh...teruja terus aku. Matrix at that time was pretty hush-hush, nothing was really known but I was intrigue enough to wanna watch if ASAP. First scene, we have Trinity, and boy does she look hot!..the sunglasses did wonders to the actress. Me at that point...L-O-V-E Trinity, and then she did the 360 camera angle kick...fuh! nganga jatuh popcorn. And the rest of the movie, we are treated to her cold demure (which works) but still hot character...that is until we see her in the real world...that..was..a..little..upsetting, but whatever...I always await when she comes back into the Matrix. Fav Trinity moment...a lot!...the kick, the jumping off the building, the "dodge this" scene...all yummy worthy...

Nak balik rumah dah...the end...will continue with Part 2 bila2 aku ada mood...
p/s :cyber sila tampar aku bila aku tiba2 xda mood

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A good reason to buy Blu Ray player

In addition to all the features included on the previous special edition DVD, the Blu-ray will include a new board game, collectible storyboard prints, a 1985 souvenir magazine with behind-the-scenes stories about the actual filming in Astoria, Oregon, including the production design that transformed Astoria into the “Goon Docks,” and a reprint of a 2009 article with updates of the entire cast, as well as producer Steven Spielberg and director Richard Donner. (one of fav movie nih..nuff said)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Proof of Life

Scream 4 still in production...walaupon banyak gak controversy, (i read Kevin Williamson left..if this is true....boooo!)
Anyhoot got this from Arrow who got it from Wes Twitter account ( I dont have twitter account) like what me see...homage to Drew's awesome scene perhaps?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

X-Force 27

Last weekend went to pick up me FINALLY muncul gak..berzaman aku nunggu, came in a bulk, 7 issues (there's more coming)...tapi the damage is done, aku dah agak malas ngan kedai comic aku tuh, dulu aku ckp issue apa aku suka miker akan keep on ordering the issues yg aku following, kira cam ongoing series ah..but now...aku kena datang monthly bayar full siap order apa issue nak (dulu xyah)...pastuh nunggu berzaman tuk dapatkan issue yg aku nak...tak ke buhsan? Dah ler Midval ngan umah aku jauh...and with that aku cam rasa nak quit ah gak collect benda nih..paling tak ikut 1-2 issue jer (currently ikut 6) least save duit skit. There's always on9 download. Eventhough it ain't actually the same as holding the comics...xpalah..sacrifice skit(xpon cari kedai baru yg hotter)

Anyhoot the main reason for this post is cause I wanna say Second Coming X-men is hot!!!! Love this event; Nightcrawler died, Magik lost in Limbo, Karma leg amputated, Ariel died, Vanisher died(?) and now in X-Force 27 Hellion majorly injured..this issue is the latest I have..more is coming, I'm assuming more deaths/wounded characters would be included...oh and I love the first 10 pages of X-Force text just it was really well drawn and near the end...ada Sooraya Qadir!!!!...gila lama tak muncul. Enjoy the art

Hellion out of the game

Sooraya Qadir at the bottom panel

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Predator baru kacak lagi bergaya

Baru jer sat tadi na balik dari tgk Predators, and what I think bout it?...personally hot enuff ah gak. In a way....agak cam the original Predator which ok enuff for me.

Y I say that?....for starters pacing dia agak as slow as the original...u know...round2 the jungle not knowing wth is which the Predators only show their ugly mug near halfway the movie (but don't fret there are some actions here and there...and a bunch of "hounds" stalking the cast) a way it is cool..but then again majority manusia bumi dah tau kot camner rupa Predator nih (kacak yeh) the suspense aint there...unless say this is a new idea/ might have worked better.

Secondly most of the cast adalah the first one..but kali nih askar actors ah bkn cam original dimana ada beberapa dari miker wrestlers. Apa lagi cam first ek...ha yes! the original ingat tak ada this native american took a stand agains the predator, then he was killed of screen? (that was a macho-cool scene btw)kali nih ada gak...but at least kali nih ada adengan berlawannyer..which was pretty cool....ha lain2 sama jer ah...oh pls note ada acknowledgement of the first movie dlm cerita yay! for continuity.

nah aku spoil muka baru predators..sapa suh tak tgk awal2..hehe (gelak fake)

Predators baru? actually tak hot enuff..aku saja jer bisik kat milo tadi kata dia kacak...kacak lagi predator dulu. Tapi keganasannyer menyerlah ah gak.Tapi lama2 aku tick of gak ah Predator nih...xda keje lain ke?..latest one nih lagi lah...xda langsung kasi chance or grace period pada para "contestant", cam previous entries..Danny Glover bunuh sekor predator dia disanjung, minah yg dlm god awful Alien vs Predator yg bunuh sekor Alien tuh dapat acknowledgement dari Predator last yg tinggal...malah mereka lari bersama2 dibelakangi back light yg mengujakan. So I hate these new predators...they obviously have the upper hand and they don't even give a grace period when one em is killed...booooo! pussies!

Now back to the story as a whole....a bit slow..tapi kata if this is a new movie(as in xda predator lain sblm nih) might have worked better. Milo tadi made a good point gak.."cam lost lak" katanyer masa scene awal2...cause mmg cam "apakah semua nih" awal2..which bring me back to the early point...if it's a new might have worked better...but ultimately cerita nyer hot enuff lah...ample action, cool gore scenes, great cast..and a pretty good showdown near the all in all..not too shabby.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

It's July and....

Scream 4 is still a go! excited for this soo excited..even more excited when I saw the new addition to the cast.

"Joining up are dudes Adam Brody and Erik Knudsen and babe Marley Shelton." from Joblo

I love the addition, I think Marley Shelton is fairly underrated and most of the movies she's been in bombed ...or doesn't really show her acting skills..Valentine?...pfft forgettable (sort of)
As for the dudes..Adam Brody? soooo awesome!!! liking it..the other one I dunno who..

"According to THR's Heat Vision blog, Brody will play a cop and recent college grad "who was raised on the 'CSI' TV series." Shelton will play a deputy who knew Neve Campbell's character back in high school (the well-endowed Lake Bell was previously attached to this role). And finally, Knudsen will be the film's comedy relief, filling a role similar to that of Jamie Kennedy's from the original as someone "who is familiar with horror movie conventions". " more from Joblo

...the full cast includes the original trio - Sid-Gale-Dewey will be back (yay!), Hayden Pannetiere and Emma Roberts (yay gak!) kill off Sid already!..that'll be fun!