Wednesday, April 20, 2011

dissecting an awesome vid

Was about to review Scream 4, and then saw someone Twitted this..and now I gotta write something!..cause these movies brings back a lot... A LOT of memories

0:32 : There's nothing to worry about..ur gonna be just fine...I'm ur #1 fan!
*dudeeee this movie bring back memories waayyy back in the day...Love Kathy Bates from here on...her potrayal as an obsessive fan is downright FREAKY!..Annie rules!

0:42 : We just go a lil mad sometimes
* a horror fan should know this line..seriously...It was embedded in my head even more after Billy Loomis said it in Scream

0:50 : ..
*Ok I don't quite remember this line...but the movie was a fav of mine back's just say I'll watch only the juicy parts..

1:10 : Have you check the children?
*epic!...but honestly after the babysitter scene..the movie was lame...

1:20 : wait a minute I didn't tell you my name..
*my fav invasion movie..the last scene was to die for! woooo veronica cartwright!

1:28 : whatver you do...don't..fall...asleep
*aahh of the first final girl I love

1:48 : they mostly come at night...mostly
*Newt!...great movie..but I wonder why they didn't pick the "stay away from her u BITCH!" scene..weird...cause..this quote didn't really do anything to me.

2.12 : ur doomed, ur all doooooomed
*hahaha I forgot this cracker's name..I'm gonna guess ralph?..well whatever it is ...yeah this was memorable...Friday 1-4 rules!..and Jason X...hehe..oh and the 6th!

2:33 : se-ven ..days
*damnnn I miss this movie...gotta see this again one day.

2:39 : No you LISTEN to me u lil BITCH..if you hang up on me again..I'm gonna cut you like a fish..
*the rest is history...and I fell in love with scream..and the horror genre in general.

2:51 : It's Halloween, I guess everyone is entittled to one good scare
* well call me ignorant..I just realized this was reuse in things you learn in youtube...hehe

2:53 : What an excellent day for an exorcism..
*iwan's fav movie..everytime he quotes this made me laugh...dem I miss the good old days.

3:11 : I'm lucifer..the devil in the flesh!
*great great movie...this when I started to notice Jennifer Carpenter..great acting from her..brr chills yo chills!

3:23 : Hi I'm chucky wanna play!
*true aunt saw this movie first...she threw out all her daughter's dolls that resembles chucky and gave me the tape...hehe..but yeah..first chucky was pretty scary...old..but scary.

4:15 : Join us!
*ash!...a fav of mine..and cyber's...brought this to school one night(I stayed @ a hostel)..a lot were scared, they were pretending to be cool...but pffft..they were scared.

4:33 : Look at me's all for you..
*yeah...this scene freak me out as a kid...I saw this pretty early...still small..not traumatized but affected me.

4:48 : ...
*familiar..what movie is this?...anyone..sumpah familiar...weird

5:57 : ..squawk squawk..they're coming..they're coming!
*seriously...why in the world is this movie scary..ppfffft..this my least fav classic horror flick..I mean seriously...birds?

6:01 : ur gonna need a bigger boat
*ah another fav of mine when I was a kid...scary shit..

6:06 : ur gotta be fucking kidding...
*hmm this each their own..but the movie!...HAAWWWWWT!..another early favourite.

6:31 : why she wouldn't harm a fly...
*great line...great acting...great fade to black..shivers..

6:52 : Agnes it's me Billy..
*ok this movie...THIS SCENE...scared the shit out of me when I first saw it..

7:21 : candyman ...candyman...candyman..
*virginia mardsen..where have you for the was scary..slow..a lil bit preachy..but scary.

7:27 : gobble goobble we accept her
*HAH just saw this movie this the ending when all the freaks crawled towards the..err ok I forgot her name..

7:54 : we'll tear your soul apart
*nice..scared me also when I was a kid...good job..I don't wanna see em again

8:03 : kill her mommy..kill her
*betsy palmer...the original friday killer..epic!

8:23 : I'm gonna bash ur fucking brains in
*jack nicholson..fav actor..nuff said..and this scene will never be the same again...after I saw Homer Simpsons spoof this scene..that ho..that funny ho.

9:01 : kiri kiri kiri kiriiiii
*demmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm the ultimate psycho bitch, aku actually lupa bout this movie...this scene is sick!...sick!

9:21 : ur suffering will be LEgendary...even in hell
*ok I just wanna point out...Pinhead said it first! it Barney!

10:05 : pleeeese helppp me
*u know what..I saw this movie when I was little..then saw it again..and got confuse...cause where the hell is the "helllp me" ending? what I didn't know then was that The Fly had a remake..dulu mana aku tau concept remake.

11:00 : THEY all floooooaattt
*boyfriend cik Lyn...AHAHAHAHAHAHA...dan eh!..seth green!

11:22 : they're hereeeeee
*epic...still wondering what would Poltegiest 3 (ending) be like if Heather was still alive.

11:47 : ..suspiria scene
*gory flick...weird flick...I don't wanna watch this alone flick...hehe..someone hold me..

this may be a pointless post...but I love watching this type of vidz on youtube and reflecting on how these movie effected me..if anyone comes upon any more...throw it over in the mood.oh and kudos to the creator of this video...cyber..moh buat spoof? hahaha!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Bangang on a whole new level

Last week aku pi training kat KL, on Friday training abih awal as dengan gembiranyer aku lari ke Curve sorang-sorang, dengan niat nak tgk wayang...tapi rerakan xda sorang pon yg which tak salah miker pon...keje kot..Curve kosong!..syok!..tapi pawagamnyer xda apa hot pada time aku sampai..Source Code lak tak tayang lari lah ke OU sat...ha sini banyak showtime skit...dan tgk lah aku Source Code..puas..kemudian tgk jam...ada banyak masa lagi sblm aku jumpa member yg janji nak hangout sat mlm tgk lah Dilarang Masuk atas desakkan kawanku months earlier di Uni dulu yg mengatakan aku confirm akan suka cerita nih...dengan suka hatinyer aku pon tgk ah cerita nih....dan MASYALLAH bodoh bebenor cerita nih!!!!!!!

Kawanku yg recommend nih pelakon film, padan lah dia recommend gegila (aku yg bangang benor tak sedar)..ayat dia cam "ko kena tgk..kor suka cerita camnih"...and I really did trust his judgement..due to the fact dulu kat uni dia rajin tgk DVD or wayang ngan aku...and he definitely knows what I like. So the movie...entah lah..aku rasa bodoh gila..aku xdalah nak review film Malaysia sangat unless really-really good (Hantu Kak Limah)...cerita yg bagi aku pfft (Mehrong) aku malas nak jot down sangat, tapi cerita nih gila aku tak maafkan...nak dekat sama bodoh level bangang dia ngan Mistik dulu...and what made it worst..aku masuk-masuk, duduk..tgk-tgk minah x reti belakon from Lagenda Budak Setan is in it...fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! I should have done my homework...she alone could have made me stay away from this movie IF I've had the smarts to checkout some info on this movie earlier.

And yes in here she still fails, yg lain..did fairly well lah kot..the sexy chic was fine (acting wise but honestly she is pretty sexy)'s the specky dude (maaf aku couldn't be bothered nak ingat nama watak miker)..azma? (bwahahah!)...oklah kot.Oh baru teringat..the psycho FAIL gak!'s probably the material he's given agak thin...tapi yeeeeesh! tak berjaya langsung! Another ok thing bout the movie is the editing style..not bad BUT! by halftime it was really overdoing it.

Movie nih bagi aku lah...really trying hard to be artsy fartsy...with the weird ending and all (which didn't work! for me)...yang peliknyer they tried do be different tapi part terkejut semua giiilaaaaaaaaaaaaaa typical...ngan sound effect over kuat nyer...pfft..decide lah dey!..

The movie pace was damn slow!..sampai tertido aku dibuatnyer at one time, but in a way I did appreciate it cause tak banyak movie even international yang terus go for the killings...this movie took it's time..tapi if nak wat citer camnih kan...bagi lah ending hebat!...nih tak!..lagi aku WTF happen ada lah! aku tak fhm xda xda...mmg ending cam ikhlas lah dari aku...avoid.

Oh and did I mention yg Source Code not bad?..see that instead.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

and yet another SCRE4M rant

Am waiting with the cinema with the bird now, waiting for our movie to start around 1150pm, (its 1030 now)...while waiting and look what I saw showing at GSC screen!

So if for whatever reason SCRE4M is pulled from the screens I'm gonna be soooooooooo pissed!

Ok I end my rant