Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Last Ten

Fuh Pending lama dah nih...ok moh abihkan,

My fav 10 movie 2007


Hot Fuzz

Plot : An overachiever police officer is transfered to a remote countryside where nothing much seems to be happening..yeah right!

Why : It's from the makers of Shaun of the Dead!...what's not to like? it's funny, over the top...infact it went over the hill already!,the storytelling was nice...can't believe that brits can make me laugh out loud.The style was also ..well stylish!Then the ending...BUWAHAHAHAHA the most stupidest unbelievable motive ever!There's also a handfull of action sequence that can keep u entertain, as for got gore!woooooooo! it!

Fav Scene : From the bar where he caught some underage kids till he locked em up


Saw 4

Plot : Jigsaw is still haunting us...luckily he didn't pull a Jason and wake up from the dead to torture more human souls..or did he? :>

Why : The plot the plot the plot....that's bout it..if not for it, i'll say it might be another saw movie..but nooooooooo...they decided to fuck my brains again(pardon me french)The gore was a bit too much for me..but hey..its gore..tee hee.However please end the series...I can't take more of this.

Fav Scene : The ending, i hate u writers.



Plot : The earth is doomed (what else is new?) so a bunch of people went up to space to get closer to the sun so they can jumpstart it..since it's dying..defying god much?

Why : notch..except Michelle Yeoh, she was just..there?Special note for Chris Evans..thought he was only some pretty boy who can just act..however woah..great acting..great hair too.Story?...depressing..sweet and uncanny ( aku main campak jer ayat2 nih ahahaha teka mana satu yg tak masuk :P)Outcome? awesome...shots?pretty..the sun is such a pretty place to be at.Tearjerker? a way..boringness? a bit..but there's still a story..not just some line's like..."dah makan?"

Fav Scene : Hmmmmm when they reach the sun and the lead scream at the sun and pause...slowmo..beautiful..somebody hold me.


Grindhouse : Planet Terror

Plot : Zombies invading us..runnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

Why :It's not scary at all...but funny as hell..and they meant for it to be funny.Gore gore gore!Over the top, tons of blood and exploding heads!Chics? huhuhuhu hotttttttttt...note!I never like Marley Shelton..she's just to blonde..but she impressed me here..and her character is the funniest of the bunch!And then the style...simply cool....felt like watching some good old piece of crap movie that u found in the dumpster after being soiled by rat's urine.But COOL!

Fav Scene : Anything with Marley Shelton, Fergie getting killed (i laugh my ass off!) and Rose McGowan's scene with the gun leh..HEH!



Plot : Man with abs fights off ugly man from east.

Why : Another simply amazing visual treat.Great great visuals...not only's also have a like the Queen least the queen is strong willed.Entertainment value = high..gore is also on the menu.Fights choreography is the highlight of the movie..for me.I dunno what else to say..this movie is entertaining..HIGHLY entertaining..oh and the Gerald dude is amazing.

Fav Scene : A well choreographed fight scene,the one before one of the named characters got his head chooped off.



Plot : A girl in the 2D cartoon world found herself in our world which is not so...merry?

Why : It's fun!..ok i'll make it easier.
How does she know you love her?
How does she know she's yours?

How do you show her you love her?

How does she know that you really, really, truely love her?
How does she know that you love her?
How do you show her you love her?
How does she know that you really, really, truely love her?

It's not enough to take the one you love for granted
You must remind her, or she'll be inclined to say...
"How do I know he loves me?"
(How does she know that you love her?
How do you show her you love her?)
"How do I know he's mine?"
(How does she know that you really, really, truely love her?)

Well does he leave a little note to tell you you are on his mind?
Send you yellow flowers when the sky is grey? Heyy!
He'll find a new way to show you, a little bit everyday
That's how you know, that's how you know!
He's your love...

Everybody wants to live happily ever after
Everybody wants to know their true love is true...
How do you know he loves you?
(How does she know that you love her?
How do you show her you need her?)
How do you know he's yours?
(How does she know that you really, really, truely-)

Well does he take you out dancin' just so he can hold you close?
Dedicate a song with words in
Just for you? Ohhh!

He'll find his own way to tell you
With the little things he'll do
That's how you know
That's how you know!

He's your love
He's your love...

That's how you know
(la la la la la la la la)
He loves you
(la la la la la la la la)
That's how you know
(la la la la la la la la)
It's true
(la la la la la)

Because he'll wear your favorite color
Just so he can match your eyes
Rent a private picnic
By the fires glow-oohh!

His heart will be yours forever
Something everyday will show
That's how you know
(That's how you know)
That's how you know
(That's how you know)
That's how you know
(That's how you know)
That's how you know
(That's how you know)
That's how you know
(That's how you know)
That's how you know
(That's how you know)
That's how you know!

He's your love...

That's how you know...
That's how you know...
He's your love...

Fav Scene : Nak aku copy paste balik?


30 Days of Night

Plot : The citizens of some Alaskan town is cut off, the sun won't come up till 30 more days,it's cold and dark..and vampires are lurking nearby...brrr..someone hold me

Why : Manyak orang talak suka cerita ini..I however love love it!...nak aku copy paste lagu Enchanted?..Let's start with the vamps...AWESOMEEEEEEEE and menacing to boot! I said previously..they look some fucked up icelandic people..with pretty those vamps head's all bout the heads.Story/,I like it when there seems like no hope at all these people can survive..seriously..the vamps really have the upper hand.Acting was so-so...I wanted more of The Stranger!..and gore!! I just finished the unrated one and by god the beheading part was reallllllllllistic.However the ending is a bit cheh..though it was based on a fell kot.

Fav Scene : Beheaded part...aku jerit jerit dan jerit takmo berhenti dah..oh and this teen girl got taunted and tortured..sian.



Plot : Tracy longs to be part of the Nicest Kids in Town group, they're hip they're cool and they shake their asses all day long.Can she wiggle her way in?

Why : What's not to like, all around a really fun story..the opening itself got me hooked!Nikki is soooooooooooo likeable and cute..and for that size..she's one hell of a dancer.The others also played their role really really well..but dela made a good point..Travolta being the mother is somewhat..meaningless.Anyhoo...apart from singing the plot is pretty good and then the music...fuh...I fell like dancing away the whole movie.I fell in love instant with You Can't Stop the Beat.This movie is a must see.

Fav Scene : The intro song..and the final song.


Bridge to Terabathia

Plot : A kid with no friends befriended a new girl in town.She's hip and spunky but others also see her as a freak.So they created a world of their run away from their sad life...not really that sad..but being friendless is definately hard.

Why : It reminded me a lot of My Girl..for some obvious reasons.The story is just sad and sweet.Then there's the girl...she's sooo cute, she got that sparkle that you can't just resist..also the hero's lil girl..another cute one.Don't be fooled by the previews's not a fantasy story.But seriously i like it better like this..and fyi..this is by far my most heartbreaking movie.

Fav Scene : When the first day the imagine about the fantasy cute.


28 weeks Later

Plot : 28 weeks have past after the outbreak.Everything seems fine now so they decided to repopulate england (stupid much?)..then unexpectedly (ahaha) the virus began to spread and everyone goes eeeee and aaaaaaaaa.

Why : The opening scene is one of the freakiest scene I've ever seen.The chase was to die for..the crazy ass rage people..was downright crazy!Then the score at that time..haunting seh!..After that chaotic scene after the outbreak..havoc I tell you..and it was great!..The gore?usah ckp lah..adengan mesin rumput tuh best!The characters were excellent! I love em to bits.I dunno what else to say..actually the intro itself already got me hooked till the end..great great movie..for me.

Nearly made the list : Resident 3, if Milla hadn't tried too hard.Hatchet and my personal secret fav..Invasion

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Esok atau Lusa?


*updated...aku malas bukak post baru...Brad Renfro of Bully and APT Pupil died, 01/15/08...aku terkejut..he was 25..
*dan uncanny xmen mungkin cancel after #500, wtf...oh the bad news keeps coming in


ok can finally update!...just finished watching, and i'm in love with the movie..let's discover why..

Plot : A farewell party is interrupted when the party guest felt a tremor a all the lights went off.Not knowing what actually happens everyone merrily went to the top of the building to see what it.And then the invasion starts.What follows is a fight for survival and slight stupidity to get off the island.

Verdict : I'm sooooooooooo loving this story.Where shall we start..hmm let's start with the good; effects...MAK AIH SUPERB!nothing much to do with the was fine..somewhat weird looking...but the effects of town collapsing, the soldiers fighting back..running in the streets, the bloody attack below the god..effects never looked this real.Two main favourite scene of mine are when they first saw the monster close up and the camera pans back only to see the soldiers started firing at the monster...real man..real!I especially loved the addition of Marlena running franticly from those army guys. The the subway..scary shit..when they fight back that thing I was like shit shit shit!

Spook factor..i was seriously spooked by this felt real.I actually screamed woah! at one particular scene..and yeah the shit shit shit during the subway attack.The camera work really made it real..good choice..seriously.Storyline? Pretty good..some complain there's nuting bout the monster...I don't actually care..I wanted to see the monster true..but I going through the movie..i actually don't give a damn..the characters we're watching was good enuff to make me pay attention.This is more on survival and humanity story i suppose.Acting? good enuff...I love Janis Ian (ini bukan nama sebenar atau nama watak..nih nama dia dlm Mean Girls) she rockes!her lines are funny and I felt she's the more realistic and a figther compare to the others, i was also waiting for her to scream "ur mom's chest hair!"..*sapa faham faham lah yeh.Rob (character) had one emotional scene..and he nailed it!..the others also did well.

Bad, the characters choice was somewhat dumb..I dunno..I would have haul ass after the first try failed..seriously..I will like..ok I love u..but bye...then run off into the horizon.Logic? ada beberapa benda off skit gak at times, like the millatary guy went..ok go..good luck young man!!??!?and a couple more that I can't recall now.Then the should have been a bit shorter..I would actually love an ending like Alien3 where we can hear Ripley's recorded voice from logging an entry.However i guess I do understand why they wanted to do the ending they pick.

Now the motion sickness...most of the people that watched with me got sick..seriously..some went pale face..I guess I understand..I didn't fell anything actually..but poor me friends..I guess yeah..the shaking2 cam is a bit intense a longgggg..Then remarks on the poor taste of reliving 9/11 tragedy..this is what i got to say...OOOO YEH KE..SINI TAK AFFECTED SO WHATEVER.sensitif gak korang yeh..

oh lupa nak add...some said movienyer too short..aku pon nak kat setuju till cyber dv cam bkn ke 130 min jer dude.

Anyway this movie is great..seriously doubt any movie this year that can beat this least for me lah..korang yg lain aku taktau..8.5/10

Monday, January 14, 2008

Happy B'day Dearest MoM!

Today tepat 12am..would be me mom's Happy B'day mom...nasib tahun nih aku ingat awal skit...all thanks to those peeps yg wat email berantai kat facebook..serious kalau tak tentu aku lupa sampai lah the very day..i'm that bad at dates!Selain nak wish I had the bestest of weekend..(one of) firstly cause I had a conversation through YM! with one of my fav Malaysian stars...all thanks to eh takmo sebut lah..karang obvious...tapi nih a partial of my conversation..seriously..aku starstruck sat...luckily tak jadik cam aku jumpa Amy Mastura dulu..

XXX: hi hi! u nih kwn xxx eh??
XXX: xxx paste apa u type kat dia tadi..huhuhuhu
reza: aiseh....
reza: nih betul ke fake nih
reza: karang tak pesal jatuh kerusi
XXX: yep..
XXX: betul la
XXX: heheheh
XXX: dlm ic ngan surat beranak ckp betul..
XXX: sorry ganggu
XXX: eheheheeh cool, apa xxx copy paste tu menambah2 hebat actually...jgn ingat i'm some lunatic fan lak
XXX: dan nope tak ganggu

it lasted quite long and ended with

reza: anyhoo...i really really gotta go
reza: however u did made my day.Thank you so much 4 msging me..
XXX: u too!
XXX: take care deari
reza: likewise!...i'll be following ur career..:D

OH..sesungguhnyer aku starstruck...LABIA!..kepada orang tuh yg baik hati kasik aku this chance..thank you!!!...aku tau seems poyo..tapi bila lagi aku nak chat ngan someone I admire kan..
Now how do i know it's real?well razli made some good few points..he check the id through mail..dan mmg kuar that person's friendster.weeeee!Tapi aku takder lah add dia dan dan tuh...takmo lah jadik crazy stalker lak..karang tak pesal2 dia masuk list Celebrity Near Death Exprience

Razli jugak wat lawak best..

dabomb (1/13/2008 4:51:13 PM): so lepas ni kalo tiba2 klua urtv "xxx intim dgn rakan seYM" aku tau lah sapa tu ye
Reza (1/13/2008 4:51:24 PM): AHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA
Reza (1/13/2008 4:51:27 PM): ok kor buat aku gelak kuat
Reza (1/13/2008 4:51:29 PM): AHAHHAHAHAH
dabomb (1/13/2008 4:51:33 PM): ni lah masa nak kenakan ko hahahahahha
Reza (1/13/2008 4:51:38 PM): pastuh uzz : hmmm cinta ym sekarang sangat berleluasa
dabomb (1/13/2008 4:51:46 PM): hahahahaha
dabomb (1/13/2008 4:51:58 PM): tak dia cam uzz: uzz tetap dgn msn messenger

kor cool gak rupanyer yeh razz
ok in other news..aku hampir terbeli mainan baru..grindhouse..cantik siot..tapi kerana dah kuar duit beli present kat mak dan banjer mkn..terus pokai..boleh2 tuh boleh beli..tapi it come in cam malas nak beli the set, update terkini...ring Charlie Lost aku terpijak...faham2 lah apa jadik kat ia...demnit sangat!.

Anyhoo happy bday mom..for me day me nak psp! hik!

Monday, January 07, 2008

Part 1 Fav Movie of 2007

Hi...!This year choices are a handfull, really really can't fact some actually belong in 2006 however! it shown @ malaysian cinemas in 2007 so I'm considering that as a 2007 movie..boleh kan?Finally narrow it down to 25...sheesh skit cause patut nak 20 jer..tapi entah..payah gila..anyhoot it's gonna be a 2 parter..gonna start with 25-11 ending with goes!...



Plot : The conclusion the POTC.Jack's stuck in limbo so the others sets out on a journey to bring him back to the real world while fishface is right behind their arse to stop em.

Why : To tell you the truth, i didn't like no had it moments but failed to amaze me..probally cause the jokes were not as laughable as the first one, then came At Worlds End...1st half was ok, 2nd half was the most boring part of the the entire series...luckily the last part was spectacular...The final battle was trully awesome. And the movie ended well I guess POTC is a OK in my book..but fwd the middle was draggyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Fav moment : When they turned the boat upside down to reach the real cool is that!


Surf's Up

Plot : A penguin wants to join a surfing competition.

Why : I like the concept..the reality show's funny a fresh,for a cartoon...anything that involves talking to the camera and making stupid,bitchy statement made me laugh..Then the animation...the surfing part was the nicest..cun.

Fav moment : The part where the hero fell from a big wave and the tv kept cutting back to the same scene again and again



Plot : A simple quest for a fallen star leads to a bigger grand adventure.

Why : Michelle Pfeiffer is spot on!...Deniro is wayyyyyyyy funny and Claire Danes is classy..Those 3 peeps kept me glued to the tv. Then the adventure...I have to say that there aren't many really2 good fantasy movie that came out since..i dunno since the fantasy days...(or maybe i can't recall) watching this movie was refreshing.Quick note : SMG was suppose to star as the star (eh rhymes) and she declines...well i love SMG to death but that was a stupid stupid stupid move..shesh.

Fav moment : Deniro's scene...I didn't see that coming..reminded me a LOT of Gene Hackman's scene in The Birdcage


Death Proof

Plot : An ex stuntman hunt down girls in his death proof car.

Why : 2 big reasons...1 the dialogues are like my everyday conversation with some of me peeps...It doesn't have to be mindblowing dialogues...just believable.Then the last 20/30 one of the funniest...exciting climatic ending ever for 2007..kudos.

Fav moment : Last


Meet the Robinsons

Plot : A young kid is desperate to find his mother whom abandon him at an orphanage

Why : I love what the movie is trying convey.."look foward" that's animation is bad bad bad..and the jokes aren't what I usually like watching from Cartoons...but the message itself is really heartwarming....and with Abg Long (Rob Thomas) song Lil Wonders playing as the OST...really2 made me a lil teary while watching this it

Fav moment : When the kid traveled back in time to find his mom..


Music and Lyrics

Plot : A has been superstar tries to make a comeback by collaborating with a current rising star...what he needs is a great new song, enters Drew Barrymore..

Why : The intro was excellent...I snickered at the intro vid cause it reminded me a lot of those 80s video clips like A-ha(i like!) and Duran2 (like as well)..then theres the lovely Drewwho you can't hate.The music? Way Back into Love is definitely one of my fav song last year.Story? not really much but it's interesting to watch how songwriters develop or process their ideas for a song.oh and hugh was a hoot!...always a pleasure to see him on the silver screen.

Fav scene : PoP Goes my Heart by PoP...I laughed


Dead Silence

Plot : The ghost of a murdered ventriloquist comes back for revenge..and the old lady is pissed...and scary

Why : Some hated it..some loved it..I loved it..the effing ghost was downright scary..when she smiled...yo!..finally an original spooky American ghost, the kills?brutal!we only get the body but the thought of getting the jaw ripped (or slashed?) is brutal..the twist was great..eventhough I saw it coming..but it was still great.Minor problems with the plot but at least it was original..unless someone can prove otherwise?

Fav Scene : Anything with that old lady..she scares the crap out of me.


Bourne Ultimatum (whatever that means)

Plot : Bourne whines his way through the endless goverment coverup to find out his true purpose in the agency (i was kidding bout the whine)

Why : Ok I actually didn't like the first two bourne..I watched it..was mildly impress..then forgot bout the whole plot..the only thing I remebered was the german chic.If not for Ed,I wouldn't have watch this third one.Though I still think Matt Damon doesn't make a fact good action hero...I was impress with the story..Pretty strong..and how he weasels his way into finally finding out the truth is also cool..and for that..I applaud bourne.

Fav Scene :Everything at the train station with that unfortunate journalist.



Plot : Old man kills cheating wife, cocky lawyer comes in..thinking it's an easy case..and boy was he wrong.

Why : Nothing suprising bout Ant Hopkins acting ability by now..he can play this type of role in his sleep.Ryan Gosling did ok..a few off moments here and there but I still think he'll be one of the greater actors one day.That's the the plot..whoah..Court drama,when executed correctly can be very intense..Runaway Jury anyone?And I was with Ryan's character the whole way trying to figure out how to convict and find the bloody weapon..the outcome?Waaaaaaaaaaay simple...and yet I didn't figure it out.Good show.

Fav Scene : Ant Hop shot his wife point blank..yo!Brutal.


The Simpsons.

Plot : Homer screwed up...again, Springfield is in trouble because of him..D'oh!

Why : Hey it's the Simpsons..been watching it since..i Dunno..8?10? earliest memory of The simpsons is when I imitate Lisa calling her father a Baboon and Homer's reaction was priceless!..I was expecting the same reaction from me dad..i didn't get it LOL (it's true...people do imitate stuff from tv..or maybe it's just me)'s the simpsons? What's not to love...the jokes are there...good enough plot, the whole gang is there..however..most of the jokes have been made tons of times and other characters are just there..not much of em..I want more Patti and Selma + Barney! I didn't actually laugh out loud a lot...nonetheless there are a few joke which I personally found memorable.

Fav moment : There's a few, here's what i love the most
1 .Ralph's "I like men now"...bodoh lah budak retard nih
2. Spider Pig...of all the things...
3. Clap for Alaska!
4.The police behind the alley kissing..I was like what what!!..didn't see that coming
5. rest!rest!rest!...bodoh


Children of Men

Plot : A potrayal of the world's possible future where the youngest human alive is 18 years old..and all humans can't reproduce.

Why : Actually I wanted to see Little Children, but I found out i got the wrong movie..but since I went through all the trouble I decided to just go ahead and watch Children of Men and wow was I impressed.Great flick...who came up with this possile future?Scary shit..erm the cast are mostly well known, Clive Owen still bores me though..the effect and cinematography was top notch..and there's gore! whopeeeee!...

Fav Scene : Someone got killed really really early..and sorta brutal..shocker



Plot : Oh you know the story

Why : I nver actually followed transformers...not a huge robot fan..but since the trailer was cool enough and it seems it'll be a definate blockbuster..why not kan?What I got was a cool action flick with sorta good storyline,not bad action sequen..fab effects..and great comedy.My only complain is that near the's sorta hard to figure out which is which since all of em look alike and it was not really that well lit..maybe they wanna coverup the spoilt effect i dunno.

Fav Scene : She DID IT!....i rolled on the was expected but I still laughed.


Die Hard 4.0

Plot : Hacker hacks, bad ass cop comes bang bang

Why : Story was pretty easy..but the action...woahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, fun stuff...and non stop.But u really gotta ignore the highly illogical stuff that is happening in the order to really2 enjoy..if not u'll find urself whinning and complaining on how stupid this movie is.Another reason why is Maggie Q is hot..really really really HOT.nuff said

Fav Scene : Gotta be the flyover chase scene..fuyooooooooo


The Holiday

Plot : Two ladies decide to switch houses in order to get away from their daily life routine.

Why : First off, cerita nih kuar Jan 2007 kat Malaysia iktiraf 2007 I don't care.The basic plot was cute and sweet but i loveeee the subplot involving the old man..I want my own theme song too..:(, after this story my interest in theme music grows enormously..I respected it more.Then some insights on movie terms...I love it! it love it.Oh dan ada abg ngah plus.

Fav Scene : Jack Black with Kate at the video store..playing guess the music score and Cameron Di with Jude's kids under the tent.


Pan's Labia

Plot : A girl drifts away from the cruel reality to this wonderfull magical world

Why : Uniq story, amazingggggggggg graphics, beautiful cinematography and great acting..with all this combine you get a really really good movie.Pan's just simply awesome.And it's still debatable if it really happens or not.I say it didn't cause personally it'll be a better ending for her.

Fav Scene : The freakish monster...whoever thought of that look is a genius.

Mulberry Street ; one of the 8 horror film to die for

Baruuuuuu jer abih tgk cerita nih...and I was in a way impress.Teruja terus nak letak dlm blog sebelum tiba2 lost interest (my habit) ataupon short term memory kicks in.Mulberry Street ialah salah satu movie dari 8 films to die for 2007, aku baru teringat nak carik these 8 far got two..but yg nih mmg aku agak impress..a definate step up from 2006 entries..yg majoritynyer gila snorefest..Penny Dreadful?Unrest?...

Mulberry Streest budget was 60K (eh ke aku merapu?) if not mistaken...and the outcome look great!antara sebab aku impress ngan cerita nih..Plot mengisahkan Manhattan diserang tikus2 ganas yg membawa sejenis virus dimana once bitten...miker2 nih akan bertukar jadik wererats ( :D ) ok sounds dumb I know but it was seriously beautifully done..and by beautifull i meant red eyes, rat's teeth and claws ( i know im sick)...

The flick is obviously inspired by 28 days later,the style and the crazy ass people went berserk, hence its a no brainer that many people pan the makers for being unoriginal..however I beg to differ...this flick stands on its own...the shots are seriously amazing for a low budget movie..the chaotic streets?awesome..and the best part bout this movie is..the acting...sumpah acting superb! by all! and suprisingly...aku suka all characters..semua lah aku melayang2 kaki suh go to safety.

Bad? Pacing agak slow, tapi understandable cause aku dapat rasa build up tensionnyer.Then the ending..aku cam emo apa jadik kat one of the characters.Apa2 Mulbery Street bagus , good movie to start the year..!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Happy New Year

Ok so, I'm 3 days late..but whatever..I didn't use the pc much this past few days, only used it to watch tv series or what now we're in 2008, how the time flies no?2007 for me was a better year than last a good enuff job..the movies this year are awesome..and I'm loving life a bit more..This year's resolution? Dunno yet..ha ok I'll start with # 1...HUNT DOWN EMPIRE RECORDS! (the movie)..anyone see it pls inform me...cause I'm missing that movie a lot!...Now annually this time around, I'll round up the movies I love or hate this year...the bad was easy to pick cause there were a few which stood out for me..the good was hard to pick..I'm still choosing FYI.Soo off we go to

Top 10 Movie associate with kentut

10. Bloodrayne 2

Plot : I won't bother

Why it sucked : Easy, Uwe Boll directed it, I missed the first Bloodrayne but was a bit intrested in watching if Uwe Boll have learned anything from House of Dead or Alone in the dark.Personally he did a bit better, however his movies still sucked..Bloodrayne 2 did ok in the action department but fails because of an unintresting plot AND stupid stupid dialogues. Oh and unlike 30 days of night..the vamps in here sucked..I don't like cowboy vamps..nuff said

Saving Grace : 2 kids got killed on screen, i was shocked

9. The Messengers

Plot : Desfunctional family moves into a new house in the country, ghost appears here and there..shocking twist at the end.NOT!

Why it sucked? : Firstly, it's directed by the Pang Bros who did the very Excellent The Eye and the great Re-Cycle hence It should have been good (at least!)...I was expecting cool visuals, great ghost..spookfest!..what I got was a lame lame lame ghost flick.The ending was too predictable..the ghost was laughable..though in the trailer it did looked spooky, well it did actually in the movie..the first half hour..then it got old.All in all..disapointing.

Saving Grace : Kristen Stewart got pulled from behind, I jumped a lil..a lil.

8. Premonition

Plot : Sandra husband got killed, but when she wakes up the following day..he's still alive???Then the next day he's dead indeed.

Why it sucked? : Cause I picked it early last year as one of the movies to see this year..boy was i wrong.It was dull, didn't grab my attention at all.It does have a good plot but the storytelling is a bit confusing AND inconsistent..i.e: one of the daugthers had bruises on sunday(dont remember actually when), then on monday she got the bruise..then back tuesday it was missing..EH?..maybe I got the days wrong but I'm pretty sure the timeline was like that..Anyhoo..premonition = snorefest

Saving Grace : The car accident at the end was nice

7. Black Sheep

Plot :Experiment went wrong, sheep goes crazy and likes human meat..I was wondering when will this bloody movie ends

Why it sucked : Cause I was overexcited to see this movie, and then it turn out to be crap.It was stupid, NOT funny, gross (the types I don't like) and..crappy! I didn't enjoy it one single bit. I know it is suppose to be stupid..I've seen Dead Alive and loved it..but this one is just pure crap!See i used crap 3 times already.Gore was good but it didn't helped the movie much (for me)..when the movie reaches the part where a were-sheep appeared..I fast foward the movie till the end credits, jump up with joy and did a spread eagle then went to sleep.

Saving Grace : The gore


Plot : A boy and girl drives home from college meet with an accident which leaves them stranded on a deserted road.Oh yeah and it's cold outside.

Why it sucked : The characters are annoying, specially Emily Blunt who was great in Devil Wears Prada.I didn't like the characters and I can't relate to them.The ghost was ok, but the spook factor = 0. Scary shadows outside the door...ooooooooooo I'm shaking.Lastly the snorefest factor...I thought Premonition was slow as hell...I was wrong.

Saving Grace : The dude was ok I guess, I was rooting for him but!ter spoil lak karang


Plot : A big ass croc terrorize Africa, stupid people went to check on it.

Why it sucked : Domunic Puracel has one big ass neck, and it was distracting..maybe cause his acting ability failed beyond believe so I decided to just watch the neck.As for the other characters, I couldn't be bothered...the croc didn't eat em fast enough.As for the croc...too menacing, too CGI and toooooooo outstanding, I'm not a specialist on crocs but this croc it's hungry 24/7...the subplot was ok...but I didn't want that...I want some croc killing action that isn't far fetch.

Saving Grace : Well nothing on this movie, but the real croc intrest me and I went to wikipedia searching infos on it..quite fascinating.


Plot : A Viking boy is left behind after his clan battles a Native American tribe. They raise him, Viking people came back...he fights em and TADA! the end.

Why it sucked : It was in a way visually stunning, and the gore was cool but the storytelling was boooooooooooooooring.Karl Urban was boooooooooooooring, he didn't have pressence, dialogues was booooooooooooring and dumb..bad guys was boooooooooooooooring..everything was booring so I sleept.The end

Saving Grace : Entah, I wasn't paying attention much


Plot : Loser guy marries and big size woman, old flame came back and big size woman ain't happy.

Why it sucked : Casuse it stars Eddie Murphy, he tends to overeact and some of his jokes are lame.There's just nothing intresting bout this movie, it was more annoying than entertaining...I don't know why I went to the cinema to watch this *bad Reza.Maybe because I was attracted to the large ass from the trailer.

Saving Grace : I did laugh when the big lady went on the slide.

2.Happily Never After

Plot : Wow...I don't remember.And I won't bother looking it up in IMDB.

Why it sucked : PLOT! a very dull version of Shrek.Characters! lame,stupid and uninspired.Jokes! noneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! HAHAHA came out from me..I wanted to like this flick,seriously...cause SMG is in it..but boy does it sucked balls...seriously, IT SUCKEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!

Saving Grace : TAKDER..sumpah! aku tak tipu.

1 .Epic Movie

Plot : I don't know what to say cause it's jumbled up and illogical.

Why it sucked : Before I continue, I want to say sorry to the ones that watch this movie with me,I didn't realize that it will suck that bad.As above, the plots are jumbled up withouht actually mean anything..they just put in stuff here and there and hope it will become a plot.Which it didnt!Scary Movie did it so well,Another Teen Movie also did ok..but this one..nothing!'s just like stealing movie scene, extend it and add it stupid jokes in it..and I'm sorry to say, black people jokes in this one is way way annoying.Oh then there's this additional stupid video clip about the pirates which brings no significant but only to make the movie longer then box it and shown to the cinema..pls people..avoid this movie at any cost.

Saving Grace : Yeah lah sangat ada saving grace tuk movie nih

that's bout it ; nearly nearly made the list, Shrek 3 for being dull and The Invisible for being annoying near the last 20 minute