Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Rupa2nyer it's ki ki ma ma (jgn cuba wat lawak)...bkn ci ci ca ca...

Now I know!...ahaha selama nih aku yakin sebut ci ci ca ca...anyway setelah seminggu menunggu (kerana some undisclosed Internet provider yg agak babi these few weeks)..FINALLY! dapat gak ini documentary.

Maka lepas dapat jer tadi...apa lagi usha ah, seriously a fun documentary, enjoyed it the whole 1 hr 20+ mins, and remaining true to "i shall not review" are the point forms :D :

-Aku suka sangat that they called back a lot of the cast from previous movies.Memula agak emo Vera xda...tapi tiba2 muncul!...wohooo!..thank you!
-Fun fair kat Universal Studios tuh best leh...level jeles yg tinggi.
-Aku lost memory tuk Friday 7th 8th and Jason Goes to Hell(cause they suck~~~)..maka sapa2 cast dari movie berikut sesungguhnyer aku nganga..oh tapi Kelly Hu, Kevin Bacon, Crispin Glover, Corey Feldman xda?Xkan dah popular terus ignore kot.
-Betsy Palmer tak berubah...weird..
-That cute chic from 2nd installment grows up well..suka suka suka.
-The idea of survivors vs Jason is cool..sila buat.
-End credits lawak gila...i like the banana part..terguling aku gelak.
-Seriously ki ki ma ma? i could've sworn its ci ci ca ca...ah pedulik! i'm using cici caca
-The trivia parts are cool..some sesungguhnyer eden taktau
-I would really want to know how Friday 13th 2 was suppose to end, didn't get that here.
-Ted (Final Chapter) ada..YEAH!...
-Final Chapter is still my fav
-Hostnyer cool

dah tu jer kot..oh dan Feb still sucks.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mandela; The Sassy Chic : How I came to be Chapter 2

Sugah, if ur against this pic tell me..I'll find new one (maybe the Cloverfield pix :D), btw personally u look more like that Planet of the Apes Chic..I forgot her character's name...solaris? (no bukan beruk tuh)

Dela is first up for me long and trying to be dramatic post of chapters in my life. This chic is pretty unique..hell her name is rare enuff, sumpah dia satu2nyer Dela aku kenal atau dengar dan berani bet mungkin xda nama lain kuar bila search kat Google(aku xnah try). What else is unique?..Kebimbo-annyer..confirm, she normally say the darnest thing..sapa yg tau kes makcik bantal leh faham lah.Kebimbo-annyer juga telah berjaya dispread ke setengah2 manusia dlm group aku..aku one of em (yes woman I blame u)

So I first knew her through role-playing, it's not as kinky as it sounds mind u, knew her through Afne if not mistaken. Then got her YM! and started role-playing Drew Barrymore's scene in SCREAM, me all time fav dan dia melayan ok! Ignoring the fact that she totally destroyed Drew's character..but from there on.. me know she's cool, and I also have to say that she's one of the few people I know through a movie hence! why this particular meet up is memorable. (ada tulis dlm 25 random things, tapi malas post..cause...well~~~ malas!)

Me also likes how she normally use my stupid arse one liner or quotes..which mumumaaahhhkes me happy.(sekali sekala aku suka gak dicredit).Oh and movie wise she's pretty brilliant specially the 80's or 90's movie...Sapa lagi yg leh ingat Summer of Fear dan Don't answer the Phone!...seriously when she said she remembers the movie I was like wowowowo mucho points for ya.And apparently one of her fav movie is Waxwork...dimana aku lagi lah wowowowo...BUT...tolonglah jgn dengar movie recommendation (UNTUK TGK WAYANG )dia harus fail (Saint freakin Ange)...tapi as of late..she's pretty good (baru 1 jer yg pass don't get ur hopes high yet), and with that I'm gonna end with...Hey Dods..ur pretty awesome, without ya my memories of 80s flick might diminish just like that.Butterflies :-)

p/s : (Menjeling ke arah Baby)No nih bukan post godaan, ur next anyway..Baby Razz; Rocker yg tak fornicate

Thursday, February 19, 2009

13 : Fear is Real...

Adalah sebuah reality show yg aku tgh tgk sekarang tuk melayan diri..mengisahkan 13 peserta2 ini travel ke some secluded forest dengan tujuan bermain game melawan some Jigsaw-like mastermind.

Verdict :

Sapa ingat Murder in Small Town X? (or something like that)..aku suka show tuh..walaupon start tgk halfway...aku expect dia cam show ni (murder x)...tapi takkkkk..Bukan nak ckp gamenyer tak best...dia nyer execution game mostly menarik ah gak (but sesungguhnyer banyak yg curi dari SAW)...tapi game tgh2 dan gap cerita kat tengah2 agak membuhsankan...dia xda mysteri apa pon...lepak2, hang around tuduh2 (i'll get back to this one later) tuh jer..pastuh tunggu game.

The big turn off about this show is the editing, nampak sangat banyak benda re-shot atau di dubbed balik.And the shaky2 cams didn't help too..aku lagi annoyed ada lah. Tapi seriously..sesungguhnyer ada re-edit nih...TAK MUNGKIN peserta2 (or shall I say pelakon?) nih menjerit sakan hanya tuk benda2 yg level takut nyer meh jer.

And not to forget when every contestant yg kalah dekat execution game...konon dibuat miker nih betul2 mati lah..cth : bakar @ the stakes...kor leh dengar ah bunyi orang jerit konon2 dijilat api...sesungguhnyer cheese factor time aku tgk nih tinggi.Nak gelak hebat pon ada. Oh and they added a twist..ada wujudnyer Death Box nih...sapa jumpa nih leh jadik killer in the group...di mana bagi aku...buhsan gila! Ia hanya ignite drama tuduh menuduh...killernyer bukan buat apa pon sangat..baiklah hire one "contestant" tuk belakon jadik musuh dlm selimut..lagi lah better kot.

But on a lighter note...2-3 ep nih ada lah menarik dah thinks masa kat utan limited sangat kot...masa kat asylum dan abandon slaughter house tuh...dah start gerun ah skit game2nyer..(tapi editing still cam sial)

So after saying all that...I'm still watching the show...AHAHA...bukan addictive ke apa pon..cause saja nak tgk endingnyer camner...skrg tinggal 5 orang..xda sorang pon yg aku ada suka skit dah tinggal..maka tambah boring lah aku..if sapa2 rajin nak cuba tgk..cubalah..not highly recommended but who knows..u might like it

fyi: aku tak simpan..maka jgn mintak jer..tak susah..yg pasti..perasaan nak tuh kena bermula dari hati.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Bergenang air mata

Junie tadi kata "eh reza i saw horror movie preview just now, u may like"
And I was like what! (mata terbeliak)....she said something 3D like..
my jaw dropped!...woooooooooooooooahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! don't tell me its Me Bloody Valentine cause I'll cry...
and apparently it IS..but she saw it on Astro which can only mean , it's showing in South East Asia,doesn't exactly mean it'll be showing in Malaysia..but what the heck..check jer GSC..mana tau kan..anddd....

oh today is a good peeps moh! 3d nih weih...pisau2 kuar bagai

Monday, February 09, 2009

For Fu!@$ sake that's not her kid!

Actually dah janji xmo mereview tapi tapi..Changeling BEST OK!.Nah aku kasik point form jer.

1. Not Jolie's best performance..Mils betul, dia control cun.But that doesn't mean she sucked here...kira above average gak ah
2. Joe tak tertido di tayangan midnight!..that says a lot.Kami (Mills,Kecik and urs trully) juga mata terbeliak sampai abih..dan truth be told semua sangka akan pengsan separuh jalan.
3. In a way cerita nih agak brutal...melihat wanita2 kena hmm apa kejadah benda2 kat wad gila tuh dipanggil yeh?..oh well..kena torture kat wad tuh agak terlalu kesian. Dan juga pembunuhan kanak2 yg dilakukan offscreen..walaupon offscreen..yesh..brutal.
4. Cerita nih walaupon dramady, selain scene2 brutal di atas..sangat sangat intense.Mystery cerita nih sangat berkesan, i was intrigue till the end.
5. Bersedia tuk kasik tamparan2 ke udara cause that's what I felt like doing. Gila celaka majority watak2 dlm cerita nih. Mentang zaman 1920s...buatnyer skrg..lama dah kena bitch slap.
6. Potrayal zaman tuh gila cool.
7. Kenapa poster dia agak sucky? (hence y aku tak teruja nak tgk pon memula)..poster tuh cam nunjukkan Jolie nak telan budak tuh leh?paling tak sedut.
8. Dela...finally a great recommendation from ya. Kudos points..esok aku kasik donkey k.
9. Aku tak into politik..tapi aku behind Sultan, hey aku pure Perak yeh.Whole family from there.Others can go fcuk emselves. Mesra (maaf jika terlalu harsh...but seriously..udah2 ler tuh)
10.Saja nak cukup 10.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Quotes & Imitating : How I came to be - EP 1

Since near EVERYONE is being Nostalgic now. Me wanna try too, who knows it might be good for me soul.It just occurred to me that lately, my movie spoofing-quoting lines-reenact scene days are over? not entirely over..but it's getting less and less.and y? really dunno, could be lifestyle change (in sense of its getting boring) or I'm getting too old to be a goofball oh and the fact I can't remember scenes as well as i use to. Anyway enough of the tissue sniffing moments, as stated above my life revolves around movie spoofing-quoting lines-reenact scene, dunno where it all begins but the earliest memory I had as a kid was quoting something out of The Simpsons.

I can say the 3 most influential tv series are Buffy the Vampire Slayer, F.R.I.E.N.D.S and The Simpsons. And Simpsons I've been watching since errrr...6 I guess(maybe younger). And one fateful day I found this one scene from the Simpsons really funny, Lisa was mad @ Homer cause as usual he spoiled everything..then Lisa called Homer Baboon!...and the reaction of Homer's face was priceless..and guess what? I tried that on my father...(mind you I dont know what the hell is baboon during the time) when I quoted/reenact that scene..the results wasn't pretty..and after I look up what Baboon actually was...huhuhu big time OOPSIE. Luckily I kept quite and just tough out the punishment (which is just verbal nonsense), cause if I try to justify why the heck I called pa Baboon, heh...I bet,Simpsons would be a no no for me ergo I won't be what I am now.

Fast foward to the future..I still at times quote The Simpsons, but back then it was boring during my teen years due to the fact that no one I know really is into The Simpsons. Now I have Siber to pull Ralph's "I Like Men Now", Izar to immitate Nelson's "har har" and other to like go "do you remember the ep where Homer did this and that..blah3" in which I'm really thankful. Oh and a shoutout to Pam for melayan-ing my constant Simpsons moment crap.And with that I end.

Next Crap : Erm Dela's great memories of anything 80's and late 90's

In this note : Ayahanda , The Simpsons , Izar, Henzi dan Pamster. Sneak Preview of Dels.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Melayan Ajurina lagi

Aku malas buat topic baru, xda mood...oleh kerana itu..mari melayan Ju awesome.

RULES: The rules are simple. Use Google Image to search the answers to the questions below. Then you must choose a picture in the first page of the results (Gambar dekat first page jer tau..jgn ngelat2 amik page 2,3,4....), and post it as your answer. After that tag 6 people.

I'm...bored shitless (right now)

I really want to go to...Thailand

My favorite place...GSC MidValley

My favorite thing...Comics

My favorite lemon tea

My favorite food...Chic Chop (am pretty easy)

My favorite

I live in...Bangi

Dont ask me y
I was born in...Ipoh

My school/college...mmu

My favorite story...Scream

My movie movie

I wish..I can teleport just like that (snap fingers)

erm aku takmo tag orang..malas..sapa rajin silakan..salam mesra.Oh thanks ju bagi aku benda tuk layan selama 30 minit