Saturday, February 07, 2009

Quotes & Imitating : How I came to be - EP 1

Since near EVERYONE is being Nostalgic now. Me wanna try too, who knows it might be good for me soul.It just occurred to me that lately, my movie spoofing-quoting lines-reenact scene days are over? not entirely over..but it's getting less and less.and y? really dunno, could be lifestyle change (in sense of its getting boring) or I'm getting too old to be a goofball oh and the fact I can't remember scenes as well as i use to. Anyway enough of the tissue sniffing moments, as stated above my life revolves around movie spoofing-quoting lines-reenact scene, dunno where it all begins but the earliest memory I had as a kid was quoting something out of The Simpsons.

I can say the 3 most influential tv series are Buffy the Vampire Slayer, F.R.I.E.N.D.S and The Simpsons. And Simpsons I've been watching since errrr...6 I guess(maybe younger). And one fateful day I found this one scene from the Simpsons really funny, Lisa was mad @ Homer cause as usual he spoiled everything..then Lisa called Homer Baboon!...and the reaction of Homer's face was priceless..and guess what? I tried that on my father...(mind you I dont know what the hell is baboon during the time) when I quoted/reenact that scene..the results wasn't pretty..and after I look up what Baboon actually was...huhuhu big time OOPSIE. Luckily I kept quite and just tough out the punishment (which is just verbal nonsense), cause if I try to justify why the heck I called pa Baboon, heh...I bet,Simpsons would be a no no for me ergo I won't be what I am now.

Fast foward to the future..I still at times quote The Simpsons, but back then it was boring during my teen years due to the fact that no one I know really is into The Simpsons. Now I have Siber to pull Ralph's "I Like Men Now", Izar to immitate Nelson's "har har" and other to like go "do you remember the ep where Homer did this and that..blah3" in which I'm really thankful. Oh and a shoutout to Pam for melayan-ing my constant Simpsons moment crap.And with that I end.

Next Crap : Erm Dela's great memories of anything 80's and late 90's

In this note : Ayahanda , The Simpsons , Izar, Henzi dan Pamster. Sneak Preview of Dels.


Siberkop said...

I love u the MOST!!

reza said...


nonetheless good one, 70's show huh

Che underscore Lee said...


hehehe baboon? sure priceless muka bapak ko kan?

reza said...

kesian dia....i can recall he was pretty upset ah gak...pastuh bebel2 sorang diri kat dapur..that's me dad.