Thursday, October 22, 2009

Gives me hell : Part 3

Day 3
Ok day 3, should have continued after day 2 cause I kinda have to think hard what happen today. Bare with me, I'm old. Ha ok..this time woke up earlier than before as there wasn't any happy hour. Erm straight went to Erawan Museum..journey there was confusing but we manage..and let me tell you...Erawan was astonishing! beautiful..nice architecture means was a bit weird the design as it looks like a mixture of Thai and Western culture. Look at the dome, it looks like something out of those cathedral's thingy AND not to forget, there are angels statue here and there. And if u think the dome was amazing..climb to the top of the elephant's head! yo!..niceeeeeee and it was cold..I could sleep there for hrs! Then we ate near the canteen there, green curry they was the smell.
Then we decided to venture the Ancient City, apparently if you come've covered Thailand. In this park? they re-build all the important landmarks in Thailand. It was really well made..look at the pictures urself..u can tell they're passionate bout recreating it.Impressive.To go in u need to pay 300bath and u have the option to ride a bike (free), that golf cart (200bath per hr) and other means of transportation if forgot to look at the price, but it includes a private car, something that looks like a bus (dunno what's it called).
One thing not cool is the floating market..doesn't really look that authentic. A lil bit fail..still nice though. Other buildings were a.w.e.s.o.m.e! One thing I regret though is that we were rushing as its sorta expensive to use the cart per hr. Oh btw it's far away from BKK, it'll be an expensive cab ride or long bus/tuk2 journey. Fair warning.The usual happens at night time. Hopefully tomorrow day 4 mmkay. The end.

Erawan Museum

The Dome

Top floor (kepala gajah)cam Dewata Raya lak tapi pretty gak


Top of the place we all wiggle2, btw me thinks this is the best structure there

Not so authentic floating market

Remeber Top Model Cycle 3 final challange...this is the venue!

lots of these are credited to BOB

Monday, October 19, 2009

It ends tonight

The Tribe
Possibly the worst movie ever or at least a contender for that title. Avoid
Plot : 5 stupid ass characters got stuck on a stupid ass island with a bunch of stupid ass predator reject looking cannibals lurking in the stupid ass shadows. The fight for their stupid ass life begins here.

Saw at wasn't bad...but it was certainly not awesome too. Just ok..probably cause there were too many characters and they tried to tied things up really fast near the end..felt like.."eh..tuh je?"
Plot : Dance dance shake shake, kids trying to make it as an entertainer. Oh how i wish I went that way in life (not the dancing one,me in tutu? u gotta be kidding)

Trick R Treat
Waited for this one to come out for was fun..not really that frightening as I hope it will be. But it sure does have some cool villains..tooooo cool! Great cast too. They said it's one of the best horror movie this year...I think it's one of..not the best but of it.Like I movie
Plot : 4 stories in one all tied up in one neighborhood. 1st story is about a couple taking down the Halloween decoration. 2nd about some kids that played a prank on one girl.3rd Anna Paquin looking for love in the city. 4th A sinister headmaster and 5th an old man who doesn't celebrate Halloween. eh jap ada 5..pelik.

Finally dapat berwayang ngan NOI di KL..setelah berbulan plan. Anyway this movie in a way is cool..but didn't quite like it's style..storywise was the the the the Hyper Sleep pod. but camera work and the style is a bit off for me...actors was cool..I kinda like Ben Foster in Hostage..but here he's on and off..the others are cool..and yes...Junie ur CAM did well. Oh comparison to Event Horizon..Event was better
Plot : Ben Foster's character woke up from HyperSleep, amnesiac he can't figure out what has happen , why he's there etc..searching through the ship he stumbles upon some monsters and lots of mysteries bout what had happen in the ship

Friday, October 16, 2009

Moving Along

(10:34 PM) Purak Patel: it was snowing yday
(10:34 PM) rnoordinali: aha!
(10:34 PM) rnoordinali: perfect night for coffee in front of the furnace
(10:34 PM) Purak Patel: er
(10:34 PM) rnoordinali: while watching kuch kuch hota hai
(10:34 PM) Purak Patel: u watch too many movies
(10:34 PM) rnoordinali: AHAHAHAHAHAHAH
(10:34 PM) Purak Patel: most ppl dont sit in front of the fire with a coffee
(10:35 PM) rnoordinali: thats exactly what my friends say

*hey at least it proves i have some amount of character...right?..right?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Gives me hell Day 2

Day 2
Woke up late! around 10ish I guess, this is due to the exhausting day b4. So today mostly went sight seeing near...erm I forgot the name but it's like the end of BKK...there's the train station which was in a way cool..due to how old school it looked. Me thinks Izar and others came here from Malaysia right? Correct me if I'm wrong, but as my memory recall there's one picture looks exactly the same.

Nway went snappy2 here and there, then walk outside to go to the Grand Temple? A lot of the locals tried to sway us elsewhere with stuff like. It's close..blah3..some even wants to join in (free ride?) bunch of con artist. Reached there around 1 kot? Waited for Bob's friend..Zulieta? from Brazil...nice us lost though..but fortunately I got the chance to eat some local delicacies (don't ask me if its halal or that time im mad tired again and couldn't care less..but I can say that it's all vege..hey at least no pork kan...kan?) Went back to mainland by ferry..Thai river is so scary looking. And THEN decided to go to grand temple in which it's already close...GREAT!Awesome...hell yeah! emo.
Zulita said there's another one walking distance..and waala!there is 1..and it's free entrance ... not as big though..but "that will do pig, that will do".

Went back to hotel by bus..this is cool.Dunno why..but i like the bus ride..Then reached hotel by evening..Bob went elsewhere I went to see a movie...and YES the cinema was hugeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and cooler! LOVE it! I went to Espelade Cinema's just behind me hotel.The seats were awesome..waiting bay..awesome!eh all awesome lah senang ckp. But got a shock when suddenly everyone started to stand up be4 the show begins..lagu negaraku dema ok! patriotic ..i just follow along..don't wanna be the odd man out..oh btw..Pandorum show was canceled I watched bloody FAME...yesh,it's ok..but yesh! Tomorrow day 3

That's lil ol me @ the train tiny no?

eh u can figure what these 2 pix are about right?

Life jacket, if shit happens just hold safe

that's bob going picture happy

foood! thinks it's call Pataya?

one of the temples there

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Gives me hell; DAY 1

So...2 days back baru balik dari Thailand..I didn't enjoy it 100% there are high times and the lows...mostly low kot...but whatever..nama teringin nak gi Thailand lama sangat..wanted to post pic on FB but takut manusia2 office yg taktau aku gi Thailand ternampak lak...tak ke kantoi? Anyway here's the high point on my 1st day there...sebenarnyer malas gak nak letak sini...but karang NOI bising "mana gambar - mana gambar - saya nak gambar."

Reached Thailand Airport around 9? First thing I did was buy local sim card so I can call Bob if say we got separated. Jump in into a sorta friendly cab driver then check in Inland hotel* affordable hotel with an ok space for me to move around. And the next thing you know I LOST MY FREAKING PHONE!...and with that I didn't enjoy most of my stay there. Sayang weih...4 bulan jer aku berjaya enjoy phone tersayang aku tuh. So after rummaging through my stuff i concluded its in the TAXI hence good luck getting it back.

After Bob brought me to MBK Shopping Mall up to Paragorn Mall and some other I dont really recall the name. The place was cool...but I was still not really in the mood, but mood aside I would say Thailand's shopping mall are awesome!..after that Bob brought me to Swensen, MURAH NAK MAMPUS...dan the food was heavenly..terlupa aku sat kisah handphone aku.

That night we went walking again..actually its more on getting lost...and I was mad tired already by we went to a special place then went back to the affordable hotel..will continue with Day 2 tomorrow.

the infamous TutTut

The lovely locals

Inland Hotel Room, it's Bob's room actually

Dark Choc, sesi kasi Noi jeles

*most photo credited to Bob

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Swing Swing

I'm heading out...woooooo! Swinging overseas! well not really overseas, and hoping to catch Pandorum there (really hoping). Anyone heading to AAR concert..say hi to em!..and Dela do wear that Leotard to Beyonce's concert...MESRA!

Saturday, October 03, 2009

I Wanna

Watch Sorority Row tonight...

And it was pretty cool..I dig it, thank god last minute someone was willing to follow me catch this movie..people still don't get how I really3 need to watch a movie @ the cinema..give me some credit...3 weeks no movie? can drive me INSANE! Anyway enuff bout that...
Coming in I wasn't expecting much...BUT I was excited..hey hooded killer, who dunnit, stab stab kill kinda movie. Where do I start? The cast? pretty cool..I'm a fan of Julian Morris from Cry Wolf, but he didn't do much here,blaggh.
That leading chic? Pretty..that's about it.
I like Chugs(name of characther), she's cool..
The asian chic was ok I guess, but she made a fatal EPIC FAIL move (oops).
The Queen Bitch? on and her lines though.
Matt O Reily? Needs a better movie to star in...he was awesome in Frailty!
Carrie Fisher???yes she's in the movie..she's really OFF...i didn't buy her character AT ALL...they could cast a random "makcik" for all I care.
Audrina hot.
And finally Rumer Wills, love loveeeeeee her scenes...but sometimes she does seem to overeact, maybe it's her Bruce Wills jaw that kept distracting me I dunno..but overall she did fine..that is until she transition into a bad-ass ...that felt weird..a bit.

What I like about this movie is definitely the lines..they're some funny moments which I love. Most of it involve Rumer. Do chics really act like this? in real life? if so..awesome! can't believe chics can be witty and such a smartass when the time calls for it.(if ur one of these check FB me, LOL)The kills are pretty good...subject matter cool.kudos points for that.
The killer? BAAAAAAAAAH motives..didn't buy fact the build up to the twist was a little dry for me. First hr was cool but then it felt weird, Carrie Fisher acted weird...Rumer acted weird..the twist was blah...oh not to forget the shaky camera work during any suspense scene didn't quite fit in for me. Why do people do that nowadays? STOP!..but overall when the credits roll I enjoyed viewing this flick..hey what can I say...I HEART SLASHER FLICKS.
See it if ur into Slasher or at least horror...don't see it if ur expecting Carrie Fisher to win Best Supporting Actress here.Eh actually don't see it if ur expecting artsy fartsy movie. The end.

Side Note : Terima Kasih kepada bidan terjun yg teman..