Saturday, October 03, 2009

I Wanna

Watch Sorority Row tonight...

And it was pretty cool..I dig it, thank god last minute someone was willing to follow me catch this movie..people still don't get how I really3 need to watch a movie @ the cinema..give me some credit...3 weeks no movie? can drive me INSANE! Anyway enuff bout that...
Coming in I wasn't expecting much...BUT I was excited..hey hooded killer, who dunnit, stab stab kill kinda movie. Where do I start? The cast? pretty cool..I'm a fan of Julian Morris from Cry Wolf, but he didn't do much here,blaggh.
That leading chic? Pretty..that's about it.
I like Chugs(name of characther), she's cool..
The asian chic was ok I guess, but she made a fatal EPIC FAIL move (oops).
The Queen Bitch? on and her lines though.
Matt O Reily? Needs a better movie to star in...he was awesome in Frailty!
Carrie Fisher???yes she's in the movie..she's really OFF...i didn't buy her character AT ALL...they could cast a random "makcik" for all I care.
Audrina hot.
And finally Rumer Wills, love loveeeeeee her scenes...but sometimes she does seem to overeact, maybe it's her Bruce Wills jaw that kept distracting me I dunno..but overall she did fine..that is until she transition into a bad-ass ...that felt weird..a bit.

What I like about this movie is definitely the lines..they're some funny moments which I love. Most of it involve Rumer. Do chics really act like this? in real life? if so..awesome! can't believe chics can be witty and such a smartass when the time calls for it.(if ur one of these check FB me, LOL)The kills are pretty good...subject matter cool.kudos points for that.
The killer? BAAAAAAAAAH motives..didn't buy fact the build up to the twist was a little dry for me. First hr was cool but then it felt weird, Carrie Fisher acted weird...Rumer acted weird..the twist was blah...oh not to forget the shaky camera work during any suspense scene didn't quite fit in for me. Why do people do that nowadays? STOP!..but overall when the credits roll I enjoyed viewing this flick..hey what can I say...I HEART SLASHER FLICKS.
See it if ur into Slasher or at least horror...don't see it if ur expecting Carrie Fisher to win Best Supporting Actress here.Eh actually don't see it if ur expecting artsy fartsy movie. The end.

Side Note : Terima Kasih kepada bidan terjun yg teman..


Ed said...

reminiscence of old school slasher movies... :)
anyhoooo... wished the twist really twisted cam the orphan... but the orphan is one of a kind kan... still sorority rows is a fun movie to watch for a movie night with friends...

Reza said...'s a typical slasher flick...but it's still enjoyable...not gonna whine and moan about it...i need this sort of flick.

and pls don't compare with Orphan laaa...that's way beyond excellent...pale in comparison with Sorority Row...kot yeh pon compare with Urban Legend...IKWYDLS etc.