Thursday, October 22, 2009

Gives me hell : Part 3

Day 3
Ok day 3, should have continued after day 2 cause I kinda have to think hard what happen today. Bare with me, I'm old. Ha ok..this time woke up earlier than before as there wasn't any happy hour. Erm straight went to Erawan Museum..journey there was confusing but we manage..and let me tell you...Erawan was astonishing! beautiful..nice architecture means was a bit weird the design as it looks like a mixture of Thai and Western culture. Look at the dome, it looks like something out of those cathedral's thingy AND not to forget, there are angels statue here and there. And if u think the dome was amazing..climb to the top of the elephant's head! yo!..niceeeeeee and it was cold..I could sleep there for hrs! Then we ate near the canteen there, green curry they was the smell.
Then we decided to venture the Ancient City, apparently if you come've covered Thailand. In this park? they re-build all the important landmarks in Thailand. It was really well made..look at the pictures urself..u can tell they're passionate bout recreating it.Impressive.To go in u need to pay 300bath and u have the option to ride a bike (free), that golf cart (200bath per hr) and other means of transportation if forgot to look at the price, but it includes a private car, something that looks like a bus (dunno what's it called).
One thing not cool is the floating market..doesn't really look that authentic. A lil bit fail..still nice though. Other buildings were a.w.e.s.o.m.e! One thing I regret though is that we were rushing as its sorta expensive to use the cart per hr. Oh btw it's far away from BKK, it'll be an expensive cab ride or long bus/tuk2 journey. Fair warning.The usual happens at night time. Hopefully tomorrow day 4 mmkay. The end.

Erawan Museum

The Dome

Top floor (kepala gajah)cam Dewata Raya lak tapi pretty gak


Top of the place we all wiggle2, btw me thinks this is the best structure there

Not so authentic floating market

Remeber Top Model Cycle 3 final challange...this is the venue!

lots of these are credited to BOB


noi said...

gamba lawa2 la.. glemer makcik jual somtam tu.

Reza said...

yes camera bob mmg awesome!

Queenin Murni said...

yaa..mmg sgt cantiks.. i thought u googled the pic.. only then nampak aksi wiggle2 yg tak tahannn itu.. :P

milo boyd said...

whoaaaaaaaaaa gambaa awesome!!!!!! sumpah awesome!! and..ko pegi naik perahu tuh??? kan jauh dr bangkok?? gilerr lahh!