Thursday, October 15, 2009

Gives me hell Day 2

Day 2
Woke up late! around 10ish I guess, this is due to the exhausting day b4. So today mostly went sight seeing near...erm I forgot the name but it's like the end of BKK...there's the train station which was in a way cool..due to how old school it looked. Me thinks Izar and others came here from Malaysia right? Correct me if I'm wrong, but as my memory recall there's one picture looks exactly the same.

Nway went snappy2 here and there, then walk outside to go to the Grand Temple? A lot of the locals tried to sway us elsewhere with stuff like. It's close..blah3..some even wants to join in (free ride?) bunch of con artist. Reached there around 1 kot? Waited for Bob's friend..Zulieta? from Brazil...nice us lost though..but fortunately I got the chance to eat some local delicacies (don't ask me if its halal or that time im mad tired again and couldn't care less..but I can say that it's all vege..hey at least no pork kan...kan?) Went back to mainland by ferry..Thai river is so scary looking. And THEN decided to go to grand temple in which it's already close...GREAT!Awesome...hell yeah! emo.
Zulita said there's another one walking distance..and waala!there is 1..and it's free entrance ... not as big though..but "that will do pig, that will do".

Went back to hotel by bus..this is cool.Dunno why..but i like the bus ride..Then reached hotel by evening..Bob went elsewhere I went to see a movie...and YES the cinema was hugeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and cooler! LOVE it! I went to Espelade Cinema's just behind me hotel.The seats were awesome..waiting bay..awesome!eh all awesome lah senang ckp. But got a shock when suddenly everyone started to stand up be4 the show begins..lagu negaraku dema ok! patriotic ..i just follow along..don't wanna be the odd man out..oh btw..Pandorum show was canceled I watched bloody FAME...yesh,it's ok..but yesh! Tomorrow day 3

That's lil ol me @ the train tiny no?

eh u can figure what these 2 pix are about right?

Life jacket, if shit happens just hold safe

that's bob going picture happy

foood! thinks it's call Pataya?

one of the temples there


ladyfisz said...

abg baju biru tu jual apa? 1 je ke tample? kata banyak. mana???

reza said...

roti pisang....nampak sedap...tapi tak mkn...
dan banyak temple cuma yg masuk satu...dan ia free..woo! save duit

Che underscore Lee said...

ouh the trains station tu yes yes benar kami sampai di situ.. nama dia Hua Lamphong Station

Dela said...

not bad gak gambo2 bob nih. awesome! alor nak gi gak!!

Reza said...

he's a pro anyway..aku lah best dapat pose my best shots..AHAHAHA but its not gonna be shown here...neverrrrrrrrrr gonna happen

Ed said...

dels, when is ur turn to bangkok???
hmmm... me been thinking of going for the new year again... heehhe...

thanezra said...

entahnyer dels...kor arituh semangat wat status
jatuh aku gi dulu