Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Battle of the Finales

Fuh...loads of series finale this and last month.Some are simply amazing,some are so-so...and there are those lackluster finale...but overall a good season for most of the show's i'm watching..here's the overall review...BTW i'll try to be discreet,but beware of spoilers!!

ANTM Cycle 8

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Yeah to the winner,she's cool...though she at first looks like a run down ho...she grew on me...and starting to look classier...and her walk Woff!...and yeah to Natasya for making the final 2.Overall this season..the photoshoot are impressive...but the gals mostly doesn't have a lasting effect...most of em are forgetable...and it is also a letdown that the 2 plus size model are kinda a snorefest....i was expecting great things for em...overall an ok finale...didnt make me jump up with joy...5/10..overall

Ugly Betty

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It started with a bang, got kinda tired in the middle...then came Alexis and bang again!then snore again...but the finale...woah..cool..cliffhanger anyone?..didn't expect that from a show like betty...(don't worry its not like someone pop out and said..."im ur pa")The finale was shocking and sad...both great attributes for a finale..the moment Betty's sis drop down and cried...awwww so sad...however!...the finale is way to compact...9/10

Ghost Whisperer

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An ok season, got very very interesting in the middle....but sigh..got slow again...the finale was good...but nothing i didn't see coming..but it does leave a question mark at the end.the second last episode was great...but final...haih...tuh je?...6/10

*takder caps ada orang pinjam :(

A great opening episode, and good plot progress...when it strays a little (filler episodes) it came back in line the next ep.The demons are much more interesting this time..and the addition of special kids are way cool...too bad they weren't use properly..best episode is definately ...erm alamak lupa title...but it's about a town gone crazy...and all the townspeople went missing...awesome!!...and good new charather addition ...however i need more regulars..maybe someone they came across...like Ghost Whisperer...the second last episode was to die for...but finale...ok lah kot.....7/10

Survivor Fiji
*takyah caps

It was ok,but the finale was awesome...cause solely by the tribal council...those people were pissed...however the winner, we all can see it a mile away...7/10.Oh yeah Earl wins...whoopeedoo..and Dreamz sux(i'm echoing Lisi...."consider a name change")


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Overall, the best new series ever...i'm glad i saw the promo in my comics...if not..who knows...this story is like X-men with character development..i like how the plot works,how the character progress, and how they dont mind killing off important roles early on..woah much?and claire is such a darling,however finale?haihhhhhhhhhh...underuse...the battle was...erm like a whimper...shesh...i expect more...!but sad ending...hope that someone doesnt die..9/10


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Started out way dull, probably cause of the boring finale in season 2, but it pick up its pace...started to get interesting when Echo got off, then got more interesting when Jack screamed RUNNNNNNNNN! to that whore Kate.Got a bit slow in the middle again...however it picked up its pace again till the very great season finale!!Such a sad, revealing,weird and cool ending...U are everybody indeed..(apa aku ckp nih)...10/10


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Saturday, May 26, 2007

2007 list

Wikipidea terlalu hot!...it list every major/or non major horror movie coming this year...i'm sooo gonna book mark this, so here's the list :

28 Weeks Later : best movie this year so far
Alone with Her
Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon
Black Sheep : nak tgkkkkkkkkk!
Blood and Chocolate : not bad, it's a beautiful story at least
Creepshow 3 : ok taktau
Dark Corners
Dead Mary
Dead Silence
Decoys 2: Alien Seduction : tgh download
Disturbia : nak tgkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!
Doctor Beak
Ed Gein: The Butcher of Plainfield
Grim Reaper
Grindhouse : i'd kill to see this (is dela ok enuff?)
Hannibal Rising
Hills Have Eyes 2, The : ......meh
Hitcher, The : not bad
The Hunt for the BTK Killer
Invisible, The
Kilometer 31
Lake Placid 2 : buwahahaha cerita cam fantat!...ha kan dah carut
Mad, The
Messengers, The : not great
The Number 23 : boleh lah tahan
Primeval : missed it at the cinema...hunting down now
Reaping, The : good enuff
Sightings:Ghosts Heartland
Skin Crawl
Thirst, The
Vacancy : nak tgkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!
Wind Chill

and this is still in production or awaiting release :

1408 : i swear to you the trailer is spooooooooky!
2001 Maniacs: Beverly Hellbillys : me likey2
30 Days of Night
6 Records
Alien vs. Predator: Survival of the Fittest : aliens!!!...oh high!ermmm~~
Alphabet Killer, The
The Attic
Big Bad Wolf
Chicago Massacre
Day of the Dead : tak perlu
Death Sentence
Eye, The
Forest Of The Dead
Halloween : paling tak perlu!!!!
Haunted Forest
Hostel: Part 2
I Am Legend
I Know Who Killed Me : lindsay lohan bakon nih
I Remember
Invasion, The
Land of Canaan
Last House on the Left, The : oh?taktau
List, The
Mist, The
Mulberry Street
My Name is Bruce
Open Graves
Perfect Creature
Resident Evil: Extinction : nak tgkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!jamin mc time kuar
Return to House on Haunted Hill
Return To Sleepaway Camp : :(( sleepaway camp 1,2,3,4 pon taknah tgk
Rise: Blood Hunter
Royal Kill
Saw IV : am sooooo there
Skinwalkers : haaaaaa see ED kan aku ckp ada cerita nih
Shadow Puppets
Simon Says
Somebody Help Me
The Strangers
The Third Mother
Trick 'r Treat
Urban Decay
When a Stranger Calls 2 : whaT!!! like the first one wasnt bad enuff
White Noise 2: The Light
Wrong Turn 2 : banyak hot babes....ehehehe
Zombie Town

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Most memorable moments in a cinema

It's been quite some time that I haven't done a top 10 list,the day I went marathon 4 movies in a row, it got me thinking...what were the most memorable moments I had at the cinema, at first wanna make it just like 10, but hey...this is me...only 10 best moment?...don't think so...so I finalize it to top 15 moments in a cinema 0-25 y/o, oh how i love those moments


15. Peter Pan

Moment : You know how u went all giddy,excited or fanning urself rapidly when u see an actress or actor (in leha's case) you like.It happens to all of us,i belief....but what if you let it all out..LOUDLY.ok not loudly actually...but noticeable...it happened to me while I was watching Peter Pan with to other friends, 1 gal 1 guy...Peter was like doing this cutesy stuff with Wendy and suddenly out of nowhere...someone sigh pleasurably...it was the gal....it was something in the lines of Ermmmmmmmm....ahahahha, the best part is the other guys reaction...ahahah fun times...the gal ...u know who u are,thank you for that moment..and dont be shy bout it...it happens to the best of us....NOT! :p

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getting high worthy?

14. Saint f!@#%in Ange

Moment : What the hell were we watching,there were loads of us, cant remember everyone..but i remembered there's Joe, Izar(who snores) and Dela...who's being her.There was nothing to watch at that time so this extinct bird suggest Saint Ange, poster look ok enuff...but we were dead wrong!...this movie is by far the worst movie i've seen in my entire life, what the hell this movie means, and where is the frickin ghost for god's sake...shesh....and izar snored...so that's enuff to say that this movie reeeeeeeeeeeks.

13. X-files The Movie

Moment : No big moment, but this is the first movie...i saw in the cinema, and slept...i still remember the Venue, Mines TGV.I slept through half the movie...cool huh, but in all seriousness.. i hate the X-files movie.

12. 13th Warrior

Moment : This is great movie,should watch it again, but what was so memorable bout this cinema exprience...well me and me friend was the only two person in there...if not mistaken it was something related to my school having an off time or something,but not other schools...venus is still Mines, woah just realise that i watch loads of movie at Mines..oh yeah thinking bout it...its one of the coldest cinema moments i've been to(2 person duh..)

11.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

Moment : This is the first Ninja Turtle movie,u know the one with the Turtles in those obvious suits and the ugly April ...i got two free tickets from my aunt to watch the premier at this "only for kids" cinema opening...and woahhhhhh havoc in there, pop corns flying, kids laughing out loud without anyone to shush them and everyone jump up and down wildly when those turtles start fighting...(cam cinema orang putih lak)...cool moments

10. Hocus Pocus

Moment : Saw this at Lido or Cathay cinema at Ipoh, love this flick btw, but why was it one of the best cinema moments in my life?...well cause simply...me bro bought me there...you see, me bro wasn't the "i want to socialize with my siblings type" but somehow he brought me to see this..and what a great flick it was

9. 4 movies in a row

Moment : As you all know, if u read my blog religiously lah....this year bithday bash, i did a marathon at OU, 4 movies in row...it was like one of my lifelong dream to do..and i did it....tee hee hee...though by the time we reach 4...my eyes were a bit blury...nearly dooze off too , if not for the prone to scream girl beside me kept tugging my shirt...

8. Disturbing Behaviour

Moment : Saw this with my fav teacher(a gal), brought her along cause that time the 18 above rule was kinda strict.so bought her to make me look older.Ok coming in the movie, i only knew it was some psycho shit movie...but what i didn't realize is that some of the XXX scene are kinda...erm how u put it...not watchable with someone elder(sis,mother,dad...teacher!)....the first scene was uneasy enuff, when the girl went down on the guy...i was like...STIFF!...dlm hati : alamak!!....luckily teacher was cool with it.I hope

7. Jurrasic Park

Moment : Loads, i mean this is the first time I see a dinosaur so lifelike, that's amazing enuff..i was totally in awe...and the scream factor....this is one of those movies that i jumped a lot at first viewing..(now no more already ma)...saw this with loads of cousins...that was also memorable as one of the younger cuzz was crying because her ticket got ripped so someone said she cant go in if that happens..actually that someone was me..love u Emma :P

6. Something bout Mary

Moment : The moment Ben Stillers wee wee got stuck at the zipper, we (me friends and all) couldn't stop laughing...and i think that's one of my most funniest scene's i seen ever...the subtitle made it more laughable (dia melancap! dia melancap!)...even after the movie finishes...we were all still talking bout it.

5. Armegeddon/ Titanic

Moment : I'm gonna cheat here a bit, i put both of the movie in the same spot is because both movie made me shed tears like a schoolgirl just got dump.Titanic,cheesy apart was soooooo beautiful...sigh...the moment the movie ends, can fell the silence in the cinema as everyone seems to be into the movie...best part is..i saw some couples holding hands as they got out....Now as for Armeggeddon, i watched it with a lot of schoolmates, nearly everyone was sniffing,then spoiled by the Taiping dude "apehal engko nangeh nih?"....dude shut it.


Moment : First and foremost, Gellar i love you!!!...I saw this alone belief it or not,dunno why...maybe I wanted to see this movie so badly...as the previews in Cinema3(remember that show) looks awesome!, and i'm a major slasher fan.This is one of the sweetest moment, cause without this day, i might not have liked Gellar, when i saw her in that green dress. pow!...love love love.Also apart from that the jolt factor were a handfull, added in the girl i dont know who at the back who kept screaming...i was jumping up a down many times, and i thank her for that....cause it made this movie exprience one of my most frightening.

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run gellar run!

3. Deep Blue Sea

Moment : One of my best moments with friends, saw this with Junai, Wan Nurul, Aslaniyah, Pengko and her girl and Asyraf.I saw this movie beforehand so i enjoyed watching the others jumped with fright after all the fright scene, also thanks to the excellent sound system. I think i enjoy watching people being scared.Asyraf was the worst, even a screw that pop out from its sockets he jumped...ahaha cool...aaaah memories, want those back...

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one of the most unexpected,jolting then 10 seconds later,funniest scene ever

2.The Fifth Element

Moment : This is one of my top 10 fav movie of all time.Partly also because i saw this with someone i had loved :P.I dunno why but i really like watching movie at Ipoh Parade, maybe i should go there back one day..i felt really cool there and i paid much attention at the screen.Oh guess what, this is the only top 10 movie, that i watch at a cinema, so that gotta mean something...i end with 5th Element rocks!

1. The Relic

Moment : Not the greatest movie ever made, but my ma and pa bought me to see this movie at OU(before it went gigantic) because it was my birthday and i just got off the bus from Ipoh.That was sooooooooo nice of em.And to pick the Relic means they actually know what type of movie i liked.Definately one of my greatest nights and cinema exprience...love ya guys!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Promo : Mutant Chronicles

Terserempak ngan site movie nih
Coming in 2008, cam cool...click here
Cast ada beberapa well known tapi masalahnyer derang juga welll known buat movie2 crappy...oh well, aku sucker bila dengar tajuk mutant, if interested websitenyer here

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Thursday, May 10, 2007


This is Paloma, she's in AuNTM season 3, i like her cause she looks like Natalie Imbruglia which i love...though her attitude stinks, i still likey her..this is 2 of her portfolio

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Current wallpaper

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** wanna go watch 28 weeks later with Ed now...ok makeup

Sunday, May 06, 2007


Ok updates!First and foremost thanks a bunch to the people who coordinate/hosted the 4-some birthday party at Joe's.The celebratee (ada ke?) were myself , jar jar , delot and blur.Was i surprise?...ehehe not at all actually cause a lil bird told me bout it beforehand..(won't say who)the party was cool enuff, the greatest thing i learn from that day is that dela's ass looks like a whale.(sorry hon, ur still awesome!)...anyhoo again thanx!...oh last week also went to Bkt Merah Waterpark for treasure hunt!...my team failed, but hey...its our first go...#75 is good enuff for me (out of 88,muwahahhaha), Bkt Merah was cool, not bad...those critters are fun, and the waterpark has some cool rides.

ok on to the movies, saw SpiddyMan3 last Thursday with Hot Anne..

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Verdict :

It's not Great nor BAD,but it ain't all that.I honestly prefer the 2nd one far better.First thing i hate was the villain, i expect more...lets start with Sandman,boooring!i think they tried to play out again Dr. Octupus character, where the villain still have a lil bit of remorse in him/her.However Dr Okto is more sympathetic and complex.On the plus side, sandman's effect was awesome. Venom, is a letdown for me, Topher is great, but I dunno, something is off.Maybe the limited screen time is the biggest factor.Goblin Jr, was cool in sense of character, but the custome...bleaaaaaaagh!

The action sequence,well most people said its good,but personally it didnt arouse me (arouse lah? :P)It's too fast i think,but the crain gone haywire was awesome!...die Gwen die!..speaking of Gwen, she's only there to look pretty a stir some drama,a.k.a boring.Kristen didn't do much for me, a pity cause she's hooot!Tobey is still good...the scene where he walks along the street checking out on the chicks was way funny.Now funny?...Bruce Campball is a hoot!...very2 funny, also that newspaper guy, whatever his name...really funny.

Plot was ok,the love triangle was not used properly..so boooo!Character developement was also an issue for me.Gwen wasn't use properly, sandman was lame...only Goblin Jr's character had some depth

Overall, i dont really love it,but it's still ok..i do however wish, they'll continue the series...with Carnage in it. 6/10

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Verdict :
Saw this with prone to scream girl.Ok the Hills remake was cool, in fact it surpasses the original.The Hills 2 original, i didnt watch(though heard it was utterly bad), so i didn't know what to expect.But i do know the plot is totally different.Now here me walking in expect a cool flick, but what i got?..a shithole of a movie.The biggest mistake for me was the characters,they should have stick with family or at least friends, but army wannabes?...hell no.Armies = bad dialog,corny characters and annoying fools.Not one is likeable, ok maybe Napoleon, but others i couldn't care less.

Most of em deserve it,"oh i'll go alone"..."lets go up the hill without backup"...."im going to pee behind the bushes without telling anyone that im going".....DUMB!Gore was pretty tame compared to previous one.Plot...what plot?..though there are gruesome moments and a bit scary scenes, but overall... rather see Jgn Pandang Bakang. 4/10

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Verdict :
Saw this alone.I didn't know what to expect from this one.I just pick this just to see what if..Plot seems original, about a girl went back to Russia because apparently her mother left her something.She doesn't really know her real mother as she died when she was a wee baby.So lalalalala she goes back to her mothers house which is totally isolated, i mean TOTALLY(think The Others, with all those fogs and gloomish surroundings...brrr).Enter the house she meets her twin!..who was also called by the lawyer.Then the mayhem begins, they see dooplegangers, they saw their mother beeing mother...even pigs are in the menu...

This movie is creepy,not scary but creepy..the dooplegangers are weird and creepy, they pop out anywhere.The house is amazing, big, wooden and bleak...brrr..Now, till now..i still can't really judge if the story is good or not, cause basically i don't understand one bit(maybe i do get it, but i still need verification)I dont really get what this entity wants,heck i dont even know what's the entity...but the mysteriousness of this movie is what makes it good(like Silent Hill..i still dont get it, but its my fav movie last year)but what this movie fails in is the fact that its too damn slow,pacing was a problem...and at times it tends to get repetitive...we get it already!..other than that, i like this flick...6.5/10

ok that's it for this week roundup...i leave u with a weird conversation with a comic book store


Me : Hi,Comics Mart, am checking if the comics i ordered are in or not?...i ordered...yada yada blah blah (the reason why i called is because i was nearby, so just wanna check if I can drop by)

Comic Guy : Oh hi, no its not in yet,dont worry, we will call you when the comics arrive.

Me : Ok cool (i was really fine with it)

Comic Guy : If the comics come we will call you, like for example "R!@!, your comics issue 94 have arrive..blah"

Me : ??????????? (the hell?)

Me : ok thats fine tq

Comic Guy : Ha?..erm ok, bye

Me : yeah thanks bye.

====guess what's wrong with the conversation?