Thursday, May 31, 2012

Double the Ds

..doesn't exactly means double the fun. Watched Piranha 3DD yesterday..another one of the most awaited movies in 2012 for me. It was silly as expected..downright dumb..boobs galore (in slow-mo...Baywatch-ish) but lack the thrills and gore. Not saying that what is shown was brutal, some kills / near-kills were brutal but there wasn't more of it..I guess that's what happen when you change the venue to a waterpark ... not really a lot of people to be killed.

The one really good thing I can say bout the movie is adding the HOFF into the cast, he was funny...very very funny .. he was made into a fool in the movie but I guess as long as it pays his bills why not huh? Ultimately I really really wanted to love the flick but with the lack of gore and kills plus add some pretty WTF moments, I ended up just happy with the movie. Now bring on the triple Ds and go back into the river/lake please!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Ulasan dari Pawagam: Marvel The Avengers

Saya tak pasti kalau ramai dah bosan dengan ulasan mengenai filem ini. Sudah sebulan ditayangkan di Malaysia dan saya pasti hampir semua peminat filem sudah menontonnya. Tetapi setelah menonton, saya tak rasa rugi walaupun sedikit terlewat.

Filem ini, jika anda tak berapa pasti, adalah amat mudah utk dibaca. Nick Fury memerlukan semua superhero dari dunia Marvel yang pernah muncul dalam filem-filem sebelum ini untuk bergabung. Kecuali Spiderman yang hakcipta filem dipegang oleh Sony, Paramount/Disney berjaya memanggil Iron Man, Hulk, Thor dan Captain America.

Malang sekali, cara abang-abang adiwira ini dipanggil tidak bersambung dari filem-filem sebelum ini yang mana, Nick Fury atau yang lain akan muncul dalam setiap kredit penamat mengajak insan-insan tertentu untuk bergabung dalam inisiatif Avengers. Tak mengapalah.

Berbalik kepada cerita. Mudah. Loki mencuri Tesseract, ingin buka portal angkasa yang lebih besar untuk kemasukan askar-askar Chitauri. Nick Fury gelabah lalu minta Black Widow bawa balik Bruce Banner. Captain America dijemput secara peribadi oleh Nick dan Tony Stark dijemput oleh Ejen Coulson.

Mereka bergabung. Sesekali bergaduh sebab belum serasi lagi. IronMan bergaduh dengan Thor yang tiba-tiba datang nak bawa balik Loki. Selepas mereka (Avengers dan Nick Fury) berbalah sesama sendiri di dalam Helicarrier, Hawkeye yang masih dalam rasukan Loki menyerang mereka. Bruce Banner menjadi marah lalu menjadi Hulk dan menyerang Black Widow. Helicarrier masih terapung-apung sambil dibaiki Tony dan Captain.

Pintu portal untuk Chitauri mula terbuka. Semua pergi ke kawasan berdekatan bangunan Stark. Mula berlawan. Hulk membelasah Loki dengan mudahnya. Chitauri terbang sana ke sini tapi nampak sangat lemah sangat bangsa asing ini mudah dihentak oleh Black Widow. Jet pejuang datang untuk musnahkan seluruh bandar New york (bagi saya, tindakan ini amat bodoh). IronMan mengendalakan rancangan tersebut dan menghantar peluru berpandu ke angkasa. Pintu portal tertutup. Thor bawa balik Loki. Saya balik tidur.

Filem ini, di bahagian akhir, saya mula rasakan seperti menonton semula filem Transformers. Kerana kesinambungan aksinya seperti filem Michael Bay tersebut. Tiada adegan 'perang' seperti yang konon diwar-warkan Nick Fury. Hanya sekumpulan Chitauri yang tiada arah tuju yang jelas, walau dari Loki sekalipun, terbang sekumpulan dan tembak membabi-buta.

Lakonan dalam filem ini hanya dijuarai oleh Tony Stark dan Bruce Banner. Pelik sedikit kerana saya amat sukakan Edward Norton dalam filem Hulk yang sebelum ini tapi Mark Ruffalo dapat membawanya dengan baik. Malah saya amat suka setiap adegan yang melibatkan beliau dan Hulk.

Lakonlayar boleh tahan. Dialog di antara para pemain, walaupun tidak banyak barisan-barisan yang menarik tapi bila dibawa dengan sedikit nada komedi dan hanya ketika itu ia kelihatan hidup.

Rekod di IMDB menunjukkan filem ini mendapat 8.7/10 ketika ini. Tapi bagi saya ia 7/10. Untuk aksi dan IronMan dan Hulk.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Movies that scared the crap out of me # 1

Hey peeps! ...if you see me updating a post today it means that I have idle time in office..yipee!
I thought of doing a post about this a number of times but couldn't find the time to compile and do research (cewah)like I use to. Then I figured might as well do a post per horror flick that spooked me thus far in my 26 movie worshiping years.

In 1974 a Canadian flick made waves with it's whodunnit thriller about college students getting off-ed one by one in their sorority house. Loosely base on real life events the film garnered a cult following. It's also known for being one of the early slasher flicks which inspired more slasher flicks like Halloween (and for that I thank you Black Christmas!)
Thought I would never see this movie but thank god for the internet, around mid 2000-ish I got the chance to see this flick and see what all the fuss was about. Honestly it was really a slow paced flick..really really..and production value was sorta another way of saying didn't age that well. But I threw all that felling outside near the last 20-30 mins of the flick. Started when Margot Kidder was stabbed brutally (off-screen but it sure did look brutal) then slowly escalated to Olivia Hussey finding the bodies of her friends...and then,my friend a scene that scared the crap out of me. Olivia Hussey while still confused on what was happening saw an eye..A VERY MENACING LOOKING EYE peeking through the small opening from the door. That scene alone brought me chills.

Then what follows was a pretty edge of your seat cat and mouse chase one point the killer manage to grab the lead's hair and threw her down while Olivia Hussey screaming at the top of her lung. That also was another great looked brutal..and real! with that Black Christmas is indicted in on of the movie that scared me.

Why was I affected by this movie?
1. My room is near the attic, the movie has an attic where the first victim was stored.
2. Seeing an eye peeking through the door's opening is not my idea of a fun time. (and with seriously disturbed eye I might add)
3. The surrealism of the final chase scene...seriously either that was great acting..or the actor that played the killer really yanked Olivia Hussey's hair hard
Oh btw, there was a remake in 2006...I didn't hate it as much as most people do..I find it not bad..hey the kills were awesome..and it had a lot of young up and coming actress in it Mary Winstead, Lacey Chabert! and Michelle Trachtenberg to name a few. Cool no?

Monday, May 07, 2012

New Mutants The movie?!?!

Hell yeah!

A group I joined in FB attached a link on their wall with remarks New Mutant movie. When I opened the link I was so happy to learn that there's a possibility that The New Mutants will be made into a film! .. what is New Mutants you ask? ok firstly here's the link to that article

Now what is The New Mutant? It's a comic book bout a handful of teens with abilities, trained to be a future X-Men member / control their abilities. After X-Men, New Mutants is a comic book I'm looking forward to buy monthly .. I grew up with these two comics..oh and X-Factor, but the first series of X-Factor was only got interesting after Havoc took over.

Well enough bout that, let's talk in detail bout New Mutants..two main characters that should be in the movie are Dani Moonstar and Sam Guthrie (codename Mirage & Cannonball) not just because they're my top 10 X-Peeps..but because they ARE The New Mutants, if I don't see the casting list with Mirage and Cannonball in it I would just die!..DIE! Both at one point or another have been leaders and co-leaders of the team. *Mirage is the current leader now. Both kick ass! (Mirage took down Sugar Man without using any powers! whilst Cannonball took down Gladiator, a very hard man to beat)..seriously these two needs to be in the movie.

Mirage kicking Sugar Man's arse! awesome fight

Cannonball defeating Gladiator I don't have this comic, but it's a pretty well known accomplishment of Sam

Normal standard is normally 5-6 person in a team so I guess we could throw in Roberto DaCosata (Sunspot) in there, he is in fact the strong one in the group, you gotta have at least one strong guy in the group (and flier , but Cannonball already covered that).I don't really like Sunspot but I guess he is needed. Also add in Xi'an Coy Manh (Karma) one of the most unappreciated characters in the X-verse. She's one of the strongest one in the group but rarely got the chance to shine...and want to know something juicier? She doesn't swing the conventional way..if you catch my drift. 2 more? ...erm

Roberto Dacosta codename Sunspot

Karma going up against Cameron Hodge...alone! she lost her leg during this battle

Probably Illyana Rasputin (Magik), she's Colossus lil sister and one of the most layered characters in X-verse. I would love to see her conveyed over to the big screen when she goes full on she-devil mode (she's a demon prodigy)..lastly...probably Doug Ramsey (Cypher), one of the most useless New Mutants cause his power is only language (hard to explain, but by his codename you'd probably understand) ... however he got a pretty sad and gripping send-off during the early New Mutants stint..his character was killed which left the team shaken for a few issues, I was pretty shocked too cause basically the team consist of kids! (yea kids can get killed I know)

Illyana as the Darkchylde

Cypher and *sigh Warlock

BUT knowing how movie screw up the comics history (Angel as a First Class X-men??? WTF!!!!) I don't think they're gonna take all the original New Mutants team as a character for the movie. They're probably gonna add some Generation X brat or Academy X whiners...but if they wanna make it worst..they could probably just put in any core X-men character which haven't been portrayed in the movies in there (Dazzler , Longshot..etc) BUT if they do wanna mix it up, I really hope they'll bring in Sooraya Qadir (Dust) a very well written (positively) Muslim character...she's way cool..and dangerous when she's pissed!

Sooraya Qadir codename Dust

Villains? depends on what they're aiming for..if it's a teen action flick. Hellions are the best bet. The Hellions clash with the New Mutants from time to time. They're like the anti New Mutants from a different school. Now IF they wanted to make something edgier .. Illyana's demon "friends" would make a one hell of a scary villain...or maybe Hela from Asgard, that'd be awesome .. in both story and visual sense..cause Asgard is visually amazing! (as depicted in the comic).Or maybe Cameron Hodge / The Ani-mator , each one of em manage to kill a New Mutant.


And lastly, the story arc, The Fall of the Mutants is a good one..Doug dies in that Arc. The team realizes that they could actually die and it's no fun and games after that. Another good arc is Inferno, where Illyana lost control of her domain (limbo)..the ending of that issue was a nail biter...and the villains in it? problem though..I don't think audience in general would appreciate demons as the main villain...oh oh how bout The Asgard adventures where Dani turned into an evil Valkyrie and was manipulated by Hela to kill Odin..that story arc was fun! you know what...take the Asgard adventure ..puhhleeeeez.I just thought of something today (this blog post was written last week FYI) before posting I remembered a story arch from the Academy X Children titled Childhood's End, that story arc was one amazing story arc and will translate brilliantly to the big screen..the only thing is the antagonist (William Stryker) is already used and died in X2

One of my favourite New Mutants cover, the ending to the Asgard arch

Cypher dies, from Fall of the Mutants

Inferno's ending

Childhood's End arch, reflection on Mercury face shows the blown up bus containing the depowered students, powerful arch this one

Now what I wish they won't do...add Warlock into the line-up...he sucks...and annoying. That's it..that's a very small request ok!..but if the movie is made lah (tgk2 xda..camner? teruk2 aku bebel)...ok that's it...lama tak bebel pasal comic kan..hehe..sekali sekala...allright..happy weekends wonderful peeps! exact sentiment .. vomit!

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Ulasan dari Rumah: Diary of a Wimpy Kid (2010)

Masalah saya pada waktu sekarang adalah masa untuk menonton filem-filem terbaru. Bukanlah ia satu masalah yang besar tapi penat juga untuk cari masa sesuai untuk menonton.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid, berdasarkan buku tulisan Jeff Kinney yang filemnya adalah mengenai Greg, seorang anak kecil yang belum matang dan cita-citanya untuk menjadi pelajar paling dikenali pada tahun persekolahan pra-menengahnya.

Ia juga berkisar tentang persahabatan Greg dengan Rowley dan perseteruan beliau dengan abangnya Rodrick. Selain itu, filem ini memaparkan pembaziran penggunaan ChloĆ« Grace Moretz yang wataknya amatlah tidak berkembang.

Komen saya, walaupun filem ini nampak biasa dan ringkas tapi pembinaan watak dan perhubungan (lebih-lebih lagi antara Greg dan Rowley) dibuat dengan baik dan meninggalkan kesan pada hati saya (ya hati). Saya boleh terasa perasaan kecewa, sedih, dan marah Rowley bila Greg membuat perangai bodoh buat kesekian kalinya. Kadangkala saya rasa Rowley adalah watak utama filem ini bila melihat babak-babak yang melibatkan diri beliau. Kadangkala juga saya rasa penyudah filem ini dibuat dengan tergesa-gesa dan terdesak. Saya sudah agak keju (objek sub-cerita) tersebut akan digunakan tapi tak sangka ia akan jadi sebab untuk Rowley kepada Greg.

Filem yang santai dan ringan. Bakal muncul dengan episod Dog Days tahun ini.