Thursday, May 31, 2012

Double the Ds

..doesn't exactly means double the fun. Watched Piranha 3DD yesterday..another one of the most awaited movies in 2012 for me. It was silly as expected..downright dumb..boobs galore (in slow-mo...Baywatch-ish) but lack the thrills and gore. Not saying that what is shown was brutal, some kills / near-kills were brutal but there wasn't more of it..I guess that's what happen when you change the venue to a waterpark ... not really a lot of people to be killed.

The one really good thing I can say bout the movie is adding the HOFF into the cast, he was funny...very very funny .. he was made into a fool in the movie but I guess as long as it pays his bills why not huh? Ultimately I really really wanted to love the flick but with the lack of gore and kills plus add some pretty WTF moments, I ended up just happy with the movie. Now bring on the triple Ds and go back into the river/lake please!


asrap virtuoso said...

Dude, cite nih mana best layan kat wayang.. censored!!

reza said...

ehehe, ticket free bro....tibai je..tapi yeh one of the reason aku turn off adalah kerana aku rasa attack kat waterpark tu banyaaaaaaaaaaak kena potong