Friday, June 08, 2012


Ok I was pretty much excited to watch Prometheus the supposed Alien prequel, hey am a Huge fan of the Alien Franchise..specially Aliens (James Cameron) heck I even tolerate AVP Requiem! (not AVP though that one was blaaagh) I was pretty stoked going into the cinema yesterday..I was like this is "gonna be an awesome day" (like watching Scream 4 on the big screen)...unfortunately I didn't get want I want...not saying the movie is not's just...I wanted something else...something different...something more..(dramatic pause)..familiar.

Let's start with the good. The cast...the cast was stellar!..everyone did good!..Rapace was a good Ripley-like character. Charlize Theron always lovely to watch was mesmerizing in her tight Guy Pearce..funny thing I saw his name in the opening credits then forgot about then when everything was over realized "THAT OLD GEEZER WAS HIM?!?!?"..good one. Idris Elba didn't really do much but was cool...and really wow!..creepy android with a flair of charm..he's like Ash + Bishop combine...As for the other wallpaper character they also did well.

Story was good..well crafted, I was intrigue the whole way..waiting for stuff to shock or reveal itself to me. Unlike Bella and Thor (that snow white movie)..eventhough the pacing was dry/slow I wasn't bored one bit, the story got me hooked. Then there's the backdrop...amazing!..and the early scene @ Isle of Skye got me jealous cause I didn't go there during my Eurotrip yonks back..baaah!

And then there's the familiarity, I like how the movie sometimes felt like an Alien movie. The early half of the movie definitely gave nod to Alien + Aliens with the waking up from the sleeping pod scene to the huddle at the hangar which for me kinda echos Aliens...those scene got me may be unintentional and I may be reading into it to much..but It felt familiar. Then the space jockey...yay!!! I'm not gonna say much but the famous Space Jockey is in the film.

What I don't's not an Alien Xenomorph ( :P ) sorry none of that. I is sorta sad :( . And the somewhat (somewhat ;> ) new alien were a bit boring. Do note that this movie is not really a thriller..they have a big cast yes but wasn't use wisely ..take Aliens for example..big cast = carnage baby! didn't happen here...most of em just laze around looking for stuff. I wanted to be more Thriller than Space Advanture..nothing really thrilling happen..from someone who made Alien, a pretty slow yet effective thriller I was expecting more. (but the surgery scene was cool!)..and one point I found the movie pointless..the whole Weyland expedition seems really pointless at the end..especially when I as the viewer didn't get much answer...

One last remark..I've been dying to type this since the beginning of this post..I LOVE THE kinda (KINDA!) cancels everything negative comments I made above. Overall..the movie was intriguing but lack the suspense I above average lah kot.

So let's review back my Most Anticipated List 2012

American Reunion : above average
Cabin in the Woods : best movie EVER! (over excited lak)
Avengers : pretty darn cool
Snow White and the Huntsman : zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Underworld Awakening : average
The Woman in Black : nope..not that good.
Prometheus : gonna say above average


Henzy said...

Aku sebenarnya tak tahu menahu pasal Prometheus sebelum awal bulan March lalu.

Maybe sbb aku bukan fans Aliens.

AKu lebih suka Predator. The 1st one.

AKu kurang menonton sebulan dua ni. Nanti2!

reza said...

Maybe sbb aku bukan fans Aliens. <--- WAHAAAT!!! blasphemy!

asrap virtuoso said...

scene surgury tu la paling cool... terbayang2 John Hurt all over again jerh...

reza said...

realistic gak ah scene antara highlight