Friday, October 26, 2007

An unjustified screentime of an actress..or day player

Me thinks apart from movie review and mah bloody life..maybe I need to spice the blog a bit with more issues(appart from the top 10,a newer one is coming)so me thinks me should write more stuff like that topic I did way back about the hollywood in thing;which was running/walking or whatever down the street a boom ur arse is hit by a car.

Which comes to the current movie I wanna talk bout ; Battle Royale 2 : Requim.
This movie fails in so many levels.BR1 was a classic but this,appart from the pretty cast and so-so first 40 minutes..BR2 is pure crap.Which now brings me to this one particular character,actually she's not the only one..there are others but she sticks out the most.

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Girl #10
Yuko Natsukawa
Soccer Team Manager
A local girl, the daughter of a local restaurant owner.
She's very motherly to the class so her nickname is "Mom."

When BR2 cast was announce,we(the fans) were treated to the full cast list with pictures of the kids.Fun times, as some of the cast are obvious choice for an early demise.And this chic was one of em.Don't get me wrong, I wasn't rooting for her to survive but her death was too,how can i put this..pushed?or maybe forced?

Scene : Some of the students collar started to beep(which indicates it'll explode anytime soon) everyone went panicky which is understandable..then came chic #10 going eee ooo aaa then stood up and run..and boom!..shocking.

My issue : Why the hell is she singled out?The other "prettier" chics had like 10 sec more to live..what the..everyone died nearly the same time(the chics are tag to other male hooligans,if they die..the chics dies..vice versa)And girl#10 partner died like why the first chic didn't explode first??haaa think bout that.My guess is like, this girl is big and a liability so why not kill her off first(and also the other gals are way hotter than her)...I can imagine it now, the director was like hmm we need one to die why not...(pointing towards the whole class)....YOU!(girl#10)..bloody hell.Pity her..well at least she had her moment in the 15 sec of it..ahaha!mostly i only notice her for the pony tail(good effort btw to highlight her)

But all in all a good show from her.Bad director for taking out the plus size one.

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Bloody hell!,why am i singled out

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Ok seriously,why is mine beeping stronger than the others

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Screw you mr. director I'm coming for ya!

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Monday, October 22, 2007

Raya 2007

Sangat meh...mana taknyer..aku tak balik kampung..walaupon lah mak ngan ayah aku elok jer ada kat sini..tapi sedih gak..memula ingat rock lah konon ala raya kl jer whatever tui(bunyi meludah tanpa kahak)...lama2 eh buhsannyer..dah ler Y! ada jaa jer cam AHAHAHAHAHA muka2 tak beraya cis sangat.As usual pagi raya 1 ayah drama..bila pon dia tak drama.Kejut aku pagi kul 8 pastuh kata nak gi Raya prayer around 8.30..aku pon "ha ok i go that time"..turun2 dia dah sakan ngan baju melayunyer tunggu kat pintu..aku tralalalala saja wat wat lambat lagi..ala lagipon yg lain pon tak ready..pastuh start lah drama ayahandanyer...nak dengor khutbah raya lah blah2 lah..mak aku senang jer "no nak gi tuh gi jer lah dulu" oh love u mom.

memula aku cam nak skip jer khutbah..tapi tgk tak ramai blah..pastuh aku pon duk kat tengah2 agak obvious jika aku diri dan jalan decide to stay..and all i heard is zina zina zina..niceee.then nak amik family potrait...DRAMA!...ngan ayah aku yg tak sabar2..dah tunggu depan umah ngan camera..mak aku lak tak abih2 nak siapkan makanan dulu..tak tau nak nyebelah mana..tapi actually more towards me mom..cause aku suka gang up ngan mak :D.Last2 dapat gak family potrait yg bagi aku the worst cause time dah tgh hari dan mata semua pakat nak pejam..dicampur ngan drama2 from everyone.I'm the nicer one...ahahaha.Then gi umah akak yg akan disewa aku nak teruskan raya dan sambut birthday one of mah bro's girls.umah tuh best siot..bakang south city plaza..masuk2 aku dah kagum..nak jer rasa tinggal situ..tapi 2 k per month..HAH!..then gi mandi2 kat pool dengan semua orang(yeah kuarga aku have the greatest idea to celebrate raya..cameron lah..some pulau lah)after that lepak ngan jaa tgk zombie kampung pisang..oh kenangan.

esoknyer..?nothing much..aku gi midvalley ngan anne..terima kasih sangat melayan kerenah aku yg tengah buhsan to the max max max.As usual kalau ngan anne mestilah berbowling..dia kalah bowl kat midvalley tuk..feeling2 disco skit.kalau tau bawak lampu2 rave tuh :)).then main pool ngan si usual juga..aku kalah..but at least i'm getting my defense aku baru main beberapa kali jer,masih dlm angka sa.Kemudian..nothing kot..ada lah sedara tuh dan ini datang

raya ke-3 ada lah sedara stay over..seronok lah aku skit.pastuh melayan lah beberapa sedara yg datang meraya,then mulalah pesta gossip..sampai gossip2 yg aku taktau kuarnyer.tapi hari nih best skit cause makcik aku over..agaknyer dia seronok ramai orang..makcik tuh siap feeling2 ngan space participant what's his face tuh.."dialah lelaki paling sejati!!!" AHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh dear god.malam tuh aku kerja..F word.

then fast2 fwd cause nothing much happen..oh boleh break kat tgh2 sat..ada family member aku sorang nih call aku cakap kisah something yg aku malas ckp sini..tapi basically aku rasa dia over.nuff said..fwd lagi sampai raya umah dela..boleh tahan best...tapi iwan gedik last minute tak dapat ikut..ngengada bila aku ingat nak ajak tak datang.tapi satu jer kecewa..aku tak berjaya reminiscene kat umah dela cause too much strong personality bising kat situ.then tadi raya umah inaz,oh sedap mee dia fuh!..suka3..nih coming from orang suka mkn McD jer nih!tapi highlight aku anak sedara inaz...tooooooooo cute..pemenang sekarang bagi boleh tendang danial ke curve(kidding dela)..bentuk semua sebijik cam inaz..serious..sebijik!..comel rupanyer inaz time baby.pastuh kuar lah gossip2 skit then aku balik tido..malas gi jumpa cyber cause aku tak tau area kajang..the end.

ampun takder gambo..aku tak banyak snap2,basically tahun nih tak best(nasib lah inaz dan dela wat open house)..thank you kepada mereka yg contribute kepada kebuhsanan ini.apa kata next time kita ke moon lak..leh jadik space participant.

oh2 sebelum aku blah..nak promote reality show lagi..kisah models..aku obsess ah ngan showbizz nih but then again annoyed gak at times..xpa aku explain why later..oh basically tajuknyer "america's most smartest model"..dia kisah nak carik model2 yg ada both beauty and brain..Fav aku sekarang this blonde bimbo (Mandy) from playboy..dianyer innocent sangat comel sampai aku pon leh sebab boobs dia?..hmm takper aku kaji..anyway nih skit skit snipet

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ok , even i dont know how to spell it but "Boob"? funny!

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miss jugs,silicon lips mandy

comments :

1.judgesnyer sux..but what u expect kan..people coming from THAT industry..tapi aku tgk gak..ahaha pening.
2.i got street smarts, OH COME's either ur smart or not..street smart is just an excuse for not beeing smart..jeezzzzzz.
3.mandy bimbo innocent..sangat cool..ahaha..the show ended with i think it came from her "oh my god i am dumb" ahahahahha classic
4.russians are scary people

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Movies movies

Lama tak review movie seh...dah piling up dah beberapa,takper i'll make it short and sweet...first up


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Plot : This happy go lucky big gal wanted to join this group of young dancers who consist of Britanny Snow,Zac Efron and others.She got in but faces some challenges from Britanny Snow and her mom.Happy2 sunshine songs ensues.

Perasaan : Going into the movies(alone! i might add) I was actually,well wasn't interested..i didnt even see the trailer..It was just something at the moment that I had to pick something..and Hairspray was it.And I like it!Scratch that...loveddddddd it!!!..from the beginning the big gal started dancing till the end.That girl was...toooooooo cute.I can't help but fall for her.And personally it's one of the best ensembled cast I've seen in a while,everyone is good.The songs were terrific,i felt like jumping up with joy .At the end of the show I felt like going barging out from the cinema while singing Good Morning Baltimore while other movie goers from behind come bouncing,flip and doing a cartwheel from behind.That's how good Hairspray is...dont fricking miss it.8/10

Wrong Turn 2

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Plot : Some producers think it would be an excellent idea to shoot a reality show in the woods where these 6 people are thrown in and try to survive.Oh, and there are mutated humans lurking in the woods.

Perasaan : Wrong Turn was a classic,and when I heard the second one was made for video...haiyaaaaaaaaa and groan.But when I actually saw the piece,It wasn't that bad..some of the cast are actually likeable and there are a few surprises here and there.Nudity is a must since Crystal Lowe is in it (she drop it off in FD3 and Black Christmas)..the gore was disgusting but me like.One problem Feast..there was this perverted scene that I actually don't like..I find it tasteless.Other than A ok film for me. 6/10


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Plot : An uptight girl hitch a ride from this dude to her hometown since the flight was full.Bitchin and moaning ensues...and then later they got stranded on a deserted road and it's dead cold outside.Then some ghost pop up here and there.

Perasaan : Wake me up when its over. 4/10.Emily Blunt how could you!!!!!


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Plot : Mardi Grass(betul ke ejaan nih?aku main tembak jer LOL) is here.And these stupid tourist decided to take a spook ride rather than join in the fun.Later they got stuck in the swamp and this ugly mutated looking good started chasing them and hack them up good..REALLLLLLLL GOOD.

Perasaan : Ok first off,Harmony from Buffy is in there!!!AWww i missed her...and then..she went topless!!!LOL.And the scene for me is one of the funniest scene in the movie.The bimbos in here rocks!Appart from the gore the jokes in this movie is to die for,hence me like this movie.It's new's fresh and hip.OH not for the faint heart.But for Dela so she'll get ideas to flash the camera. 7.5/10

Death Proof

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Plot : An old stuntman hunts young girls for fun.Killing them in/using his Death Proof times.

Perasaan : I like this movie for the realistic dialog..i can't remember who..I think it's Dela who once said realistic dialogs are cool and feels not forced..which I gotta agree...however the only problem is this movie tend to drag the conversation way toooooooo long.But when the kills started...WOAHHHH!..Those who are impatient should not watch this..cause this story have two parts..both for an hour.But I promise you the last 30 minute is one of the funniest revenge scenes EVER!..seriously!EVERRRRRR!...7.5/10

Resident Evil : Extinction

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Plot : Continuing from the last installment.Alice is still alive and running from the Umbrella cooperation.The earth is one big ass dessert now so humans are really close to become extinct.But there is hope..i think.

Perasaan : Milla is still hottttttttt..oh man she age really really well.Still remember her from the Multipass days..haih.Anyway..though she is pretty..this gotta be her worst acting role ever..i dont buy it when she got emotional..maybe it's the dialog i dunno.However when she kick ass and be all Linda Hamilton..she rocks!.Others are ok I guess..not much of em...luckily!specially Ashanti.The plot is a wee bit weak...whatever happen to Jill..come could they leave one that charater!shesh..but the action sequence are great...the crow part is cool.So i end with it's better than the second but it could have been much much more.7/10.Milla rocks!!