Monday, March 30, 2009

Martyrs - My Bloody Valentine - Bride Wars & Knowing

First up Ya Ampun Cik Lyna, my cuzz dah book siap mmg I tak lepaskan peluang nih, seriously..other than that there's nothing more I can say. So what U guys did time Earth Hour? Fortunately Dela called ajak pi some Yoga-ing thingy dekat The Curve..dan oleh kerana takmo menari depan peti ais (seperti aku janji kat Noi).. aku pon pi jer ah. I conclude that Yoga menyakitkan..would i do it again?..heck no!(ok unless it's free)..ok diteruskan dengan movie.


Woah...seriously woah..heavy...a must see.

Bride Wars

Aku ada dengar..ada kawan kepada kawan sorang nih nangeh bila tgk cerita nih..hmm I can't see why, mungkin i'm not entirely a wedding type of person..tapi sekadar nak layan saja2 cerita nih..ia boleh dilayan. Anne cute.


Mempunyai aksi yg hebat dan menggerunkan..the plane crash and subway scene is amazingly made...dan agak emo..cause tambah scene yg aku confirm terbayang bila naik plane...tetapi..cerita nih mempunyai crappy ass ending..aku tak suka, and i don't see the point apahal that message was sent out in the first place? Faith tuk character Nic Cage?..don't think so..entah..pelik point dia bagi aku..if say the point is solely on faith...aku rather tgk The Signs kot.


Finally setelah 2 bulan menunggu cuzz tersayang book, tapi..bukan 3D...mangkuk tul maysian cinemas nih..ah apa2 keghairahan telah berakhir. MBV aku suka..solely cause ia Slasher..aku rindu cerita2 slasher gini..rindu zaman Scream dan IKWYDLS...malah tgk cerita2 nih kat pawagam lagi awesome. Cerita nih laju dan gory.which is good, suspense gak..part kat mini market tuh aku suka..I actually thought that bimbo might make it. Cast good enuff..Jaime King in a white top is the best..ahaha,actually minah tuh tak berapa..Dean Winchester is the MAN!..and then the ending..i like it..a friend said it sucked due to one of the characters sudden change of heart...I kinda like was sorta different. Anyway cerita nih COOL!..the only problem is that I saw it in 2D...bangsat!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Coolest Couple on Screen

This is a great tribute to em, not made by me..oh yeah and the writers screw up their relationship recently,,well done lamers.

And here's where the screwing begins, Fyi kepada yg follow, jgn tgk yg nih

Friday, March 27, 2009

Excellent! Bogus! Party On!

Since Jaya's internet is down, it's up to me to dl/bring movies in. 1st day brought in Sex Drive, yesterday I brought in an old movie. Internet was slow..reaLLLLLLLLLy...slow..ntah pehal. So didn't manage to complete any dl...hence me went into me rack..after dusting off the er dust(drama), saw this very Excellent! movie I bought @ Ipoh 2 years back in which I haven't test it yet. So what the heck lets give it try, mana tau manusia2 office nih leh layan...dan as figured, not 1 knows this movie...pretty weird considering the movie is set during my kiddy days (manusia2 yg hadir di office pon semua dekat2 jer umur) but since a young Keanu stars in it...semua ok. At first miker semua cam tak interested but as the movie progress..aku rasa semua dah terpaku gak. Ayat-ayat seperti Sohai (ejaan) semua kuar, which is well justified since watak2 nyer mmg sohai!...actually that word is spot on! Thank god ah gak mereka2 layan..cause agak dated ah effect dan style movie nih , hello... 1989.

As for me, movie is still great..still stupid yet fun.AAAahh I miss those days bila tgk movie/stoner movie yg tak kira relevance or what-not and just hang with the people you have in common with then gelak cam sial, I take this movie anytime than those oscar overated crap...hmm maybe after this I should watch Jay and Silent Bob....Tak nyesal aku bawak movie nih...ini buktinyer semuanyer kena bermula dari hati..kan? :P

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

15 mins of fame..

Earlier chatted with sorang burung kukor nih, was about reality tv..those who know me knows that am an avid reality show fan (ala apa2 benda tv pon aku usha actually)..I'll watch nearly everything. They say all of us are entitled to 15 mins of's possible since reality shows are sorta everywhere nowadays, even Malaysia have it's fair share, no matter how dumb the turnout might be (mencari cinta x3). come none of the people I know, thus far haven't been in a reality show? Dela came close, alas she was too short (kot..aku agak jer :D).So burung and me thought of some oh the shows that might be suitable for us (and by us I mean; dels,mils,leha,joe etc) to participate.

Dela :

Bimbs might be suitable for something revolving around her, so I guess creating a reality show to expand her entourage is pretty cool. Think Paris Hilton's BFF show, challanges includes withstanding Dela's never ending weird statements/outburst and finding "makcik bantal" near Seremban. Of kos all of us would be included from time to time as Guest Judge..beware of Izar though..he's the bitchiest..heh.

If all else fails...then I guess Dela would be great as a contestant in Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader. Be warned dela's answers would blow your mind (literally), hence make great television.

Joe :

Only one show comes to mind, The Moment of Truth.Show's bout 1 guy/gal who have to answer 21 questions truthfully in order to win the big bucks. Beforehand they are strapped to that machine (I forgot what that thing is called)..polygraph?monograph?momograph? (jeez maybe I should join 5th grader). So the answeres would be accurate if say they decided to lie. Don't worry Joe..we would be on the sidelines with balloons and all :).

Milo :

Mencari Cinta!...ahaha kidding, that show is LAME!..Mils would be great as an object of everyone affection, so something like A shot @ Love with Tila Tequila would be great.Might be called Milo Aihs satu Jehan...AHAHA!

And if that fails, Mils would make a great cooperate lady, hence The Apprentice might be cool for her..this would be fun for us to watch cause once u cross this lady..she'll jump on yah and tear u into pieces(meow!). So Omarrosa's of the world beware.

Izar :

Ok pilih zar, "Drag" Race or Amazing Race? heeeee! okok...I guess Amazing Race is better suited for Izar. He's knows loads of language..I lost count after 3, and he's pretty darn good @ geography. Though running might pose as a challenge to him..but u'll never know...his partner would be Dela...for comedic purposes.

oh wait what's that...the phone is ringing...ok will continue esok2 lah..(poyo, I know)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Cleavagefield!!!! AHAHAHAHA

Ok aku baru 2 hari lepas balik dari Sipadan-Mataking-Sabah (5 days wohoo!), best..dah that's it..I end there.
Arinih teramat buhsan di office..tapi malas nak bloggin topic baru ke apa...tapi tadi tgh buat illegal surfing terserempak ngan upcoming B-movie tajuk Cleavagefield!...MANGKUK GILA!...adei lah...tergelak besar aku...dan obviously ia spoof me fav 2008 movie Cloverfield, here's the plot :

A bunch of hot chicks are having a slumber party for their friend Tiffany, who’s off to Sweden to make a high end Triple X movie. The festivities are in high gear; but then a giant monster inexplicably invades Los Angeles. One girl videos everything as the babes make a run for it through the city. But there are more things to beware of beside the monster. According to some naked hotties seen in an alley way, the monster is covered with moth-mites that drop off its slimy body then attack unwary female victims, chewing off their clothes. It’s a harrowing night for all involved

*dicuit dari En Arrow

Ok cukup2..this is too funny..sesungguhnyer aku akan gunakan kaedah *explicit word* tuk mencari movie nih kelak (said to come out 1st April)..and in another news..masa ku tgh gembira atas boat tiba2 dapat coverage maka tgk sms dari seorang rakan nih tanyer ada tak MBV this month and I just check and yes...ada..!! tak sabar khamis next week...moh naik ateh semua!(inside joke)

Monday, March 09, 2009

Babysitter Wanted

Direcommend oleh Iwan, skrg direcommend oleh aku..first 40 min,mengarut..bunyi Jeng! Boom! memejam...but when the twist was panjang...great last 40 min.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Tengok Jantan

Will be watching tomorrow yebaaa!(walaupon aku tak familiar LANGSUNG!apa kes cerita nih, tapi nampak menarik) still xmo banjer..pffffft. Oh cool tak edited poster nih...ahaha I'm no fan of Wolverine (comicnyer yeh) me thinks he's majorly overexposed (whore)...but this looks nice/funny?..hey at least the one created this has a sense of humour..*diambik dari facebook

Updated 03/09/09

ok apparently ada mangkuk2 (no nih bukan kutukan, its just my "in" word for the month or two, somewhat like Lucah..still love u guys xoxo) ingatkan I was checking out Wolverine...heck no. Origins lambat lagi weih...bih tuh kor ingat the title "Tengok Jantan" aku tgk Hugh Jackman?...celaka. So its Watchmen k..Tgk Laki/Jantan...get it? no? aaahh screw you!..heh.

Nnnnway...Watchmen was awesome...coming in aku taktau what to expect. Title sequence dia pon dah gila gila kewl dan well made...score?THE BEST!...suka suka suka...seriously nih agak different from those comics i've been reading since forever...(except from New X-men when they decided to kill kids)..x lupa juga pawagam was awesome...sound system great!...take note...GSC Midval Pawagam 10..though coming in the 2nd hr bontot aku dah agak sore..apa2 ini movie banyak bagus..for me..I know some hated it..(ramai aku perasan kuar pawagam and never came back)

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Antara Chun Li VS Sex Drive

Pilihan wayang last week agak sucky, Chun Li ada bakat meh..dan Sex Drive ada bakat pesta potong..tanyer itu wanita..dia leaning more towards Chun Li (dia takut akward kot tgk cerita ada tajuk "sex" dlmnyer) Kaji lebey dlm..dari segi cast aku kenal ramai lagi dlm Chun Li..hello Lana. Sex Drive ada Marsden..hmm maka book dua2..tapi jatuh tgk Chun Li..kerana rasa elok lah tgk cerita rated U.

Bad Move?agak...Chun Li cam hampeh..jgn tgk. Dua benda jer menarik..Chun Li dan adengan yg membuat aku terjaga sat..go figure kisah apa.

Kemudian balik terus *explicit word* Sex Drive, aku jumpa Unrated version...layan...mlm tuh gak tgk..kerana nak cuci perasaan hampa tgk Chun Li.Now Sex Drive...this is my kind of movie...lawak nak mampus.Masa awal ada disclaimer yg gila lawak..the writers mintak tgk yg normal version nyer...after going through the full 2 I know why. Tapi that doesn't mean the unrated one sucked. It was great!...banyak adengan melons (and dick) yg tak masuk akal...ahaha..AND the idea of doing this particular unrated version is marvelous!..good good idea. Banyak adengan stand out tapi aku cap satu jer ah...saja spoiler skit..Oh aku end sini juga..go see it, khas kepada..

Razli:Somewhat like Superbad..but with dumb joke, aku dapat rasakan kor leh suka
Dela : kor confirm gelak
Izar : banyak adengan ko, BUT mmg dumb jokes nyer best.

Dare I say the American Pie of this decade?hmmm...