Tuesday, March 24, 2009

15 mins of fame..

Earlier chatted with sorang burung kukor nih, was about reality tv..those who know me knows that am an avid reality show fan (ala apa2 benda tv pon aku usha actually)..I'll watch nearly everything. They say all of us are entitled to 15 mins of fame..it's possible since reality shows are sorta everywhere nowadays, even Malaysia have it's fair share, no matter how dumb the turnout might be (mencari cinta x3). Tapi...how come none of the people I know, thus far haven't been in a reality show? Dela came close, alas she was too short (kot..aku agak jer :D).So burung and me thought of some oh the shows that might be suitable for us (and by us I mean; dels,mils,leha,joe etc) to participate.

Dela :

Bimbs might be suitable for something revolving around her, so I guess creating a reality show to expand her entourage is pretty cool. Think Paris Hilton's BFF show, challanges includes withstanding Dela's never ending weird statements/outburst and finding "makcik bantal" near Seremban. Of kos all of us would be included from time to time as Guest Judge..beware of Izar though..he's the bitchiest..heh.

If all else fails...then I guess Dela would be great as a contestant in Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader. Be warned dela's answers would blow your mind (literally), hence make great television.

Joe :

Only one show comes to mind, The Moment of Truth.Show's bout 1 guy/gal who have to answer 21 questions truthfully in order to win the big bucks. Beforehand they are strapped to that machine (I forgot what that thing is called)..polygraph?monograph?momograph? (jeez maybe I should join 5th grader). So the answeres would be accurate if say they decided to lie. Don't worry Joe..we would be on the sidelines with balloons and all :).

Milo :

Mencari Cinta!...ahaha kidding, that show is LAME!..Mils would be great as an object of everyone affection, so something like A shot @ Love with Tila Tequila would be great.Might be called Milo Aihs satu with..er Jehan...AHAHA!

And if that fails, Mils would make a great cooperate lady, hence The Apprentice might be cool for her..this would be fun for us to watch cause once u cross this lady..she'll jump on yah and tear u into pieces(meow!). So Omarrosa's of the world beware.

Izar :

Ok pilih zar, "Drag" Race or Amazing Race? heeeee! okok...I guess Amazing Race is better suited for Izar. He's knows loads of language..I lost count after 3, and he's pretty darn good @ geography. Though running might pose as a challenge to him..but u'll never know...his partner would be Dela...for comedic purposes.

oh wait what's that...the phone is ringing...ok will continue esok2 lah..(poyo, I know)


Dela Ahmad said...

1. cleavagefield sumpah aku tergelak dengo tajuk dia. cam sial. dan ada ura2 gak la aku cam nak gak tgk.

2. alaa tapi aku lagi suka show pariss... dan jo kene jaga2 gila pasal yg electric tu akan disambung kat nipple ok. milo nyer show aku rasa the apprentice la. aku tau dia akan bawak beg itam ikea tu secara vast nyer. pakai hitam smer. izar hmph amazing race lah atau apa2 yang berkaitan ngan geografi.

Anonymous said...

1.ehehe tuh ah...akan carik! tapikan ada member aku sorang nih cakap..baik buat porn terus...which is true..

2.yeh kor carik BFF lagi best...tapi seronok tgk kor merepek on tv lagi..:)), as for milo..yeah aku setuju...x terfikir lak..dia ada beg LV tuh ..ahahaha

pusakputih said...

jadi aku sesuai acara ape?

Anonymous said...

anda ada dlm part2
tapi aku tak terfikir lagi apa
show apa yg seksi seksi skit?

Anonymous said...

aku lakk??
ko jgn ngade2 antm yeh...

Dela Ahmad said...

gahaha ed mesti antm.
tak pon tetiba stylista ke.

Che underscore Lee said...

ahahaha kalau aku jadi guest judge dlm Paris BFF yg ada Dela, confirm aku akan sebitchy-bitchy nye..

aku tau soalan 1 million utk Jo dlm Moment Of Truth.. "You are a secretly closeted ***" yes or no? AHAHAHA...

ouh dan yes Amazing Race.. walaupun confirm tak lari.. small jogs je.. or big walk (and it's working!) hehehe..

actually Dela leh masuk Beauty & The Geek gak.. partner dia ialah ahemmm... u know who (hint: best friend ko yg noticed ko dah loose weight kat Mataking) hehe..

ouh Ed bleh ANTM plis!

Anonymous said...

obviously thats why aku rasa Joe masuk show tuh..dan actually aku rasa before the million question pon dah kena tubi2 soklan lain lebey kurang

"actually Dela leh masuk Beauty & The Geek gak.. partner dia ialah ahemmm... u know who (hint: best friend ko yg noticed ko dah loose weight kat Mataking) hehe.." <----hey a compliment is a compliment...aku tak memilih.

Junaidi; ha tgk semua kata kor masuk top model...aku tak bersalah

Dela Ahmad said...

hint: best friend ko yg noticed ko dah loose weight kat Mataking <- aku ke? tapi a ku compliment ikhlas. apa salah nye kalo reza kuruih sikit. reza kene stop makan untuk maintain body dia as bass ass.

ok word verification: socot agak buahahaha.

reza said...

bkn kor...kor geek kah? never pon aku rasa...a hint of it pon tak..izar jeles kot..ntah..biarkan..

socot? nice weih...create something out of it.