Tuesday, July 31, 2007


pagi nih aku jadik bimbo

Reza XXXXX, Noordin XXX : kak kham
Reza XXXXX, Noordin XXX : tadi pagi takder sapa nak tlg
Reza XXXXX, Noordin XXX : tlg leh
Reza XXXXX, Noordin XXX : reset print Q
Reza XXXXX, Noordin XXX : PNKL00003914114
Kaur, Kashminder : reza u got the wrong person

aku malu
the end

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Mati keras

Hi Movie Fans, first up...this week..from last sunday that is, I had fun watching loads and loads of movie, the great thing is...all of em rocks!!!!

I'll start with Pothead and the Order of The Pheonix, as the previous entry stated I had a bad time watching Pothead the first time around..fortunately someone booked a show for me on Sunday so tralalala i watched Potter second round on Sunday.

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Plot : Potter's all grown up, but he's still the shortest of the bunch(tee heee),Hermoine's grown well(tee hee as well)..and Ron..is Ron with bigger hair.No one believes Harry crap bout Voldermont back from the dead story so he's been alienated at school.But Voldermont is back so it's Harry' job to prepare these underage kids with the "defense against the dark magic".

Verdict : Allrite..a lot..i mean a lot of people don't like this entry,I on the other hand lurrrrrrrrrve it.Ok I can understand maybe those hardcore fans of the books maybe a tad upset(hey I was pretty much pissed by some of the changes in X-Men the movie) however I don't get some of them saying it's no more fun, ok maybe they should have added some games or magic or nudity in it.But hey Harry's all grown up..so it's logical that the story a bit more mature.In which Y! the main reason I like this entry, It's dark, Harry's story progressing in a whole new level..he's more edgy(acting is also great BTW) and he's character got more depth.So I like like..I'll keep this short cause I need to review other movies, but I wanted to add that the addition of the Bitch Umbridge and Luna is awesome ...love em both..Luna is so weird/freaky ..and Umbridge is such an A@#hole..seriously she's one of my fav bitch to hate now..Bad?..well i would actually like to see more of Hermoine and Ron (ron's not really funny anymore).Overall i like it 7/10 ...oh fyi im not a big fan of pothead..but after this..hmm lets just say i grew an interest.Oh I might want to add, I heard this one dude at the office says *Ala potter sucks...tak logic langsung"...so Transformers are logical?...nice.

Next off Live Free or Die Hard a.k.a Die Hard 4.0, saw it at Puchong IOI (sigh...my arse still hurts) after my colleagues wanted to bowl there.Their lines "hey u come to ioi laaa,bowl there not many people looo...blah2 yada2" then...the unexpected happen...the bowling lanes are full till 11p.m babi much?

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Plot : Bruce is older, but he still rocking.Some hacker dude hacks into some national guard system or whatever then shut downs the whole country system...awesome.

Verdict : Fyi I've only watch the 2nd and 3rd..and I actually dont remember what happens in the 3rd.But ultimately it doesn't matter, it's a stand alone movie itself.Notice I didn't write much regarding the plot..well that's how awesome the action was, I totally forgot bout the plot.From the get go the action was none stop...most of em are excellent,some are illogical but still jaw dropping but it's still GREAT.Bruce and Justin did great, also Maggie Q is stunning!woof!Oh oh watch out for Kevin Smith's appearance..that dude still rocks.The jokes in the movie is cool,typical Bruce Wills dialog but still cool.erm what else...oh and the idea of our system can be shutdown just like that*aku snapping fingers ni* is scary..Ultimately Die Hard 4 is a fun ride..nearly matched my fav Bruce movie, Fifth Element..8/10,while jumping high doing a split

Next Severance,I heard lots of good things bout this movie...

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Plot : Some cooperate personal went into the woods for some bonding session.Unbeknown to em the place where they are staying is where these savages live and have fun killing people for sports...niceeeee

Verdict : It started out somewhat a snorefest, but luckily there are some awesome jokes here and there.Which was helped by the very excellent cast,seriously the cast here is stellar.Actually I was a bit bored watching the beginning only because I was struggling to understand what in the world are they talking about..I dont get a long of their slang's.However when the action starts none of that matters..the gore was cool enuff for my standards..nothing I've seen before but the jokes in the movie was funny as hell.There's this one scene involving a bazooka is to die for, I laugh out loud rolling on the floor.Overall this is a cool flick but I could have use some subtitles. 7/10

I've been waiting to see this, Hannibal Rising

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Plot : A prequel to the devilish Hannibal Lec..erm lupa spelling leh?

Verdict : Ok the dude playing a younger Anthony Hopkins, doesn't look anything like Anthony Hopkins his acting is top notch, the smile, brrr.Erm the story is interesting, revenge for his younger sister after these soldier ate here(yup A.T.E her)..it was interesting enuff but somehow it felt a bit boring,maybe cause Gong Li looked like she wanted to sleep.But nearing the end after he started offing these guys ha that's where it got good,the kills are gruesome..1 death in particular is awesome,eventhough they didn't show the outcome..I can imagine what happen..yikes..erm what else..oh but there are a few plotholes in the movie which doesn't make sense for the later Hannibal movies, which was kinda a letdown..but still I wouldn't mind seeing this movie again, 6/10

Hot Fuzz, i was indecisive with this one,should i watch it or not..then today I just finished watching

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Plot : An overachiving policeman is sent to the country side with LOL reasons by the chief inspector.What follows is a murder mystery,make that murders that no one there seem to bother.

Verdict : Ok Shaun of the Dead was funny,this...is wayy funnier!It started out with some hillarious jokes got lalala in the middle but when the killing starts...wahhahahahah funny!The acting like Shaun was great,all of em are...see Brits are funny.Plot was hillarious!The reason behind the killings is so OUTRAGEOUS.And the killings are bloody...now that's a wow..the gory stuff was great!..I don't know what else to say but if ur a fan of Shaun of the Dead...go see this!..8/10

I leave you with the upcoming poster and a bit screen cap of Invasion,starring Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig,I'm note sure if this is a remake...but the plot does seems the same as the Invasion of the Body Snatchers(i really really really love the 70s version)...btw the first screen cap is Veronica Cartwright she was in the original and gave one of the most Chilling screams ever..I still love that scene, to recap..click here..

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Watching Potter was a Blast! (tiru ayat letupan dela)

But before I'll go into the details of my trip to the wonderful land of TGV OU ,I'll do this first,review Zombie Kampung Pisang.When it first came out I was like meh..another obviously stupid Malay movie..so I totally ignored it.It kinda became a joke to me like what I did with Sivaji..."Nak tgk apa?..."me :"Sivaji?" laughter follows.Then like 4 mnths later the VCD came out,and again I ignored it...scoffing it off like what I did when I saw Dela's Tummy (it comes out for air from time to time)...but after,I heard loads of people saying it's actually kinda good...and me cuzz says that the slang is from Perak..and I as a kid hailing from Perak, I was kinda a wee bit intrigue.So what the heck...i "borrowed" the movie from Izar...so here's my review ..(best tak built up aku?)

ZOMBIE KAMPUNG PISANG (direct translation, Funny Zombies from Kampung Banana)

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The starting of great things to come

Plot : The villagers of Kampung Pisang are plague by flour faced zombies.How would they survive as the average IQ level of this villagers are less than 100.

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Verdict : Take note of this,I like this movie..I dare say it could be somewhat of a cult movie.It's stupidly good.Make sense?No?..ah screw u.Well it does have style..in it's own weird way...at least to compare with Dont Look Back..I like the prodcution quality here more..the atmosphere..the "balai raya", however the dubbing still sux..I'm not gonna complain cause i dont know anything bout dubbing...but why is it that Malaysian movies still have problem with this?Allrite then...i like most of the jokes...some dialogs are awesomely funny."Terbeliak mcm Ziana Zain.."Funny!....Which then leads to the great cast..the cast are kinda perfect..with the exception of Ezlyn.Awie did well...though most of his dialog are bad, AC is annoyingly funny, Que something is good as well...but the highlight is some of the minor cast...Like Usop i think his name..but let's just call him "Pakcik Tgn"...

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That dude rockssssssss!...seriously without him in this movie...i think i'll be less impress.His constant swaying hand is funny..every frame he's in I totally enjoyed it...someone give him a Golden Globe plsss( Oscar takleh lagi)...and the villagers also did ok..I mean they do look awkward and forced...but hey it's a funny movie...so it works.

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Ok I'm obsess...ahahaha

HOWEVERRRRRRRRRRR....the movie went downhill after the second half...it didnt stay as strong..after everyone left the Balai Raya..it became kinda dull.Then there's mamat khalid's kid scene...there is absolutely no need for that!..waste of space..I know he's ur kid...but put him elsewhere..he can always be one of the villagers at the Balai raya...why made one scene..scratch that...make that 2..scene revolving around that kid..a waste..

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But all in all,I enjoyed this movie..not bad..won't be in my list of top 20 fav movie this year..but at least it's ok enuff in my book..so me give it 5.5/10


now off to Potter, I can't give a full review as yet as cause after all the asking for leave, drive a long way...book in advance...I only manage to see the first 2 hrs, the last half an hr was spoilt for me.The cinema screen went haywire(still can watch but highly annoying), and no one wanted to walk out and tell the workers there...IN WHICH! I dont blame em...

1.Cause they are not! gonna rewind it, so why should i be victimize by this?
2.Heck its the last 30 minutes, the climax, potter is getting on his groove...so's the lovely Luna (oh such a cutie)
3.It's not my job to go out for 5 min a warn someone

seriously FUCK TVG OU!!!, i've already had 3 bad exprience there...and u know what they say..thirds time the charm.

exp 1 . Alexander : the screen went off ever 10 minutes
exp 2 . The Hills Have Eyes 2 : The dubbing was fucking bad!What you just cut the frames and glue it??????
exp 3 . Pothead 5 : As above

So I was already in the pissed off mode, and was ready to go complain and rally the other movie goers, but despite the sigh,cit and curses...most of em went out after the show..OH MAN!THAT IS SOOOOOOOOOOOO TYPICAL MALAYSIAN.So me izar and joe went out the other way,not the exit entrance...and was mighty pissed(well at least i know i am), konon2 rebelious dah lah nak kuar jln lain.Then there was another movie goer who was readying herself at the counter (she's pissed too,good for her!!)...so the attack continues.They said the manager and asst manager isnt in...how convenient.In which we all suspect is a lie!Then we waited like 10 min or so, and some whatever his title is came to assist...and this guy was an idiot!

The guy "Tak logic lah, kenapa dlm 30 minit tuh takder sapa keluar report?"

That's when i blew,hellooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.It is my job?...but that not what i said..i think i said something in the lines of...

"Even if I went out, would you rewind it for me?NO! rite!..so why would i want to do that as i paid to watch the full movie!...and obviously no one wanted to go out as its the climax!sheeeeeeeesh" ...shesh mungkin tambah

Then Joe went on to calm me down, I guess my eyes was giving the evil eye or something,then he took over..graciously i might add, if it was up to me...i won't be that gracious...i'm more of the emotional type..heh

So this dude went on saying no logic lah, only happens sometimes lah...yada yada blah blah blah...and the lady provide some excellent points to where finally they said the manager agrees to redeem the money...yeah US!..

The lady also point out something really important, they're lucky it's only the 5 of us...if lets say all...haaaaaaaaaaaaa...

Anyhoo Harry Potter was great!...it was darker than the previous which is way cool...and the new additions are great...however i will have to go and watch it again to totally take in everything...not now though...cause money tipis ma

but for now...7.5/10

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Luna is cool

p/s : middle finger TGV OU!!
p/s 2 : the prove...ask izar for the image...he captured the screen

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Nak kena manager2 aku nih

Dah selalu kena
baru letup
tak faham2 bahasa

Sunil Willie Stephan:Anon, Frances, Farisa nd Noordin ... pls help
Sunil Willie Stephan :Farisa = Faris ... sorry typo error
Sunil Willie Stephan :9 LC pending in Q
Noordin XXX Reza XXXXX :my father doesnt work here
Sunil Willie Stephan :laaaaa .... ok noted