Sunday, October 29, 2006


Before moving on to the main topic, just wanted to say that Hari Raya was blast!, raining aside...this year's raya surpasses last year's.for one I got to see an old friend who's now married, with 2 kids(the 2nd one on the way) tell tu the truth, I was skeptic bout his life, married at can he survive, but from what I saw that day..he seems fine,better than fine actually...kudos to him.And to those that is celebrating Raya, Selamat Hari Raya,mohon maaf atas segala dosa ek.Sorry letak wish kat blog lambat benor..



So Halloween is coming, im not celebrating Halloween, but I will be watching loads of horror movie..still thinking which classic should I watch..would it be SCREAM or HALLOWEEN...hmmm

Anyway have started watching Horror movies before 31st,while I was in Ipoh I brought like 3 new never heard horror movies just for fun...but those movies were not the one that I watched yesterday.Yesterday I watched FEAST.

Let me start out by saying what an AWESOME flick!..This flick is a project done for that kinda ok reality show Project Greenlight 3, it finally got pick up by Dimension (thank u dimension!),prior to watching this flick I was a bit skeptic cause mix reviews have been thrown at it, but Arrow (my fav reviewer) nearly gave it a perfect skeptic aside, I'm still gonna watch this flick.

Like before Feast is awesome, slick and funneyyyyyyyyyyy.Oh, not to mention gore gallore.Think something like FROM DUST TILL DAWN vs DEMON KNIGHT.Both great flicks about people beeing stuck in one place because a monster/demon/etc is outside trying to get in.Here, the settings is a bar somewhere in the desert and the monsters are somewhat like...erm i dunno how to describe it, but I didnt like first!But we'll get back to the monster later.

Now regarding the plot, yes it's been done lots of times, but so what..not everything is the same, in this flick the jokes are funnier than most "trapped" horror movies I've seen and the characters are all well develope...AND the most important...they are actually not that typical.Some of the characters that died early on, I really didn't predicted..I REALLY REALLY didnt predict it.Like wow, so the fun part is, it kept me guessing who will survive, but near the ending you gotta know by then who'll survive...and it's not just 1 or 2 person...unlike most horror movie.

I also like the stating where they introduce the characters one by one with jobs,status and also life expectacy (which is really misleading!) was both funny and cool.Editing style is your typical MTV style,but I dig it, at least its not like Death Tunnel, where u wanted to vomit more than beeing in awe.

Gorewise was awesome, u got cut legs,smash heads..blood was everywhere...wohoooo!The gorriest part however was the eye pulling scene...ouch!..really ouch!..luckily i wasnt eating..(though i've never vomit before while watching a gore movie...yet!)

The actors are all good!Loved the heroine, but I loved Krista Allen (Tuffy..oh she's hot i tell ya, even hotter that she was in Baywatch) more,she's credible as the mom.The grandma was cool and funny,so's the bartender.And Balthazar(Bozo) was funnyyyyyy.Loved his comment.FYI script is not an issue here.

Now the bad, I hated the monster, it looks stupid..somewhat like that big ass thing in The Village,but with more slime...but that was the first 1 hr and 5min, then it showed its true that I like, it came of something like the Resident Evil's licker.Thats one, then some of the jokes are just plain wrong..and gross, I really don't appreciate the humping jokes..this one scene, the baby monster hump a girl in it's mouth..and first i didnt get it, then!I was like oh dear not cool.It made the movie a bit classless.

But all in all, it's still a great flick, loved it!Should have watched it Halloween nite but oh well.I give it a 3.5/5.Oh just for fun, i'm putting all the characters images and description below, try guess who made it out alive.


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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Another Type of Top Ten

This time's top ten would be slightly doesn't touch any movie scene, however! it is movie related.Remember the time when u are really so into watching this movie, u'll buy the ticket earlier, leave work early,heck even drive like crazy in order to reach the place on time...and finally u you reached there and happily watching the movie, the suckiest thing happend...u got an annoying viewer nearby! NOW THIS really really turn me here's the tribute to those people who annoy us human beings trying to watch a good show


10.Those parents

Who : those parents who brought their kids along watching a serious/none kiddie related movie...ok I dont mind if they ask a lot of question blah3, that's good...BUT! when they bring in a very very small kid (sometimes) who have the capabillity to scream any time possible...NOW THAT IS annoying...have u people heard bout babysisters?hello...heck u can even send them to someone else's house to take a care of them 2-3 hours!

9.The Cute Gf

Who : The cute gf is the one who acts cute just to get the bf's study : X-men3 (xmen 3 ok! emo!)...this girl beside me went oh'oh nearly every single scene...first time was ok..second was ok, 3rd time she's pushing her luck.The annoying thing is...some of the scene u dont even need the o'oh..i pity the thinks he knows his gf is overdoing it...but in order to u know what...he closes his eyes and go grabby crazy.

8.The Tremor

Who : The guy / girl who shakes the chair for no reason..maybe it's genetic I don't know (and care) is more annoying if that person is behind u...if I want a vibrating seat, i'll go buy that message chair thank u very much.

7. The Ringing Handphone

Who : This is not a rare case, happens in nearly any cinema..i can accept if it was an u forgot (hey it happens) but if the hp kept ringing again...and the person takes his/her own sweet time to pick it that is cursing worthy.Case Study : JAA masa tgk Final Fantasy...lagu negaraku lak tuh!...nasib dia tak wat dah...kalau tak...

6. The props

Who : Now this only happened to me once, but by god is this annoying....some kid brought in a balloon into the cinema (how did she get pass through with that obvious thing?....i dont know) its one thing to block the person behind u with that balloon but it's another thing to let go of it and block the projector and then the show had to be stopped because they have to bring down that balloon!...this happend with razli if im not was zorro 2 rite?

5. The Indon

Who : No offence to them, but when they started talking I have to eavesdrop on what they are saying cause it's just plain damn funny...hence it disturbed my concetration on the movie...Case Study : LOTR : Return of the King ...some of the lines "ehhh tgk itu orang rupa2nyer pendek" so clever.

4. The "brenda"

Who : This is refering to Brenda from the first Scary Movie..where she annoys the whole cinema doing lots of antics...most notable...when she answers the aware of the others trying to watch the's ok to answer and the talk in least u tried.But when u babble all the way without thinking of that's shit!It gets shittier...if the converstation went on for more that a minute..and they ignore everyone shushing them..There should be a rule of throwing popcorns to those people...that might teach them...hopefully.

3. The overactors

Who : This is refering to those people who probally wants the limelight...cause they kept on telling tall tales where no one even study : Tommorrow Never Dies, line "wahhhhh aunty ur acting is so gleat woo"...referring to Michelle dlm hati : AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH dan dan aunty ko yeh..More case study : Resident Evil with Iwan after Milla gave an awesome kick to the zombie-dogs head...some people stood and clap...*abih fanboy ler tuh?

2. The Predictors

Who : Now these people are annoying..they predict everything on what's to come...and if it rang true...ho they boast bout it..and they spoke it out loud...two times this thing happend to me, 1: Watching the Grudge (grudge! gellar! waaaa babi kau perempuan gila)...the girl beside me predicted everything out loud...the funny thing is...the thing is so obvious i bet the whole cinema knows it but she was the only one who is "clever" enuff wanting to speak up. 2:I think this guy is one of the most annoying and azmir was watching One missed call 2...and this IDIOT!...kept predicting everything...and boast all he can...when it came true...dude SHUT IT!

1.The talkers

Who : Now this people I dont understand...if u need to talk, go elsewhere..the problem is what they are talking bout is not "movie related" but their life outside...and i'm like why dear god why.If it's only for awhile that's "eh kau dah kunci kereta ke tadi?" but it's not ok when "eh ko tau tak semalam kan blah 100x", the happend to me twice..once while watching Kingdom of Heaven, luckily the guy stopped when someone hush him...and then this Indon couple in Zorro2...eventhough lots of people hush them..5 minutes after that they started talking again..what is it the in thing to talk in the cinema in indonesia?..u tell me.

now that ended the list, however I do like watching movies with these type of people :

i.people who reacts genuinely...specially if they screamed...hoho i love it,love it ,loving it like that...most memorable is when I watched IKWYDLS, kudos to the crowd.oh and also those guys from Bainun while watching Deep Blue times
ii.people who ask great question..regarding the movie..but not too loud.
iii. people who just sit still and watch attentively,love u

my resolution for those idiots mood sucker in the movies? look below

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Sunday, October 15, 2006


Now here's a bit of a shocker, last thursday I got a major headache,felt like thousand knives poking my brain, the best part is when i went to the dr's he said my blood pressure was wayyy high...that gave me a fright, was it work related on plain bloody haze, me thinks its all in one, including I ate something wrong beforehand.But still to be told that u got high blood pressure is kinda scary.Oh and thanks Dela for finding my health related problem so funny, really appriciate it.


Anyway to the movies we go,eventhough I was let go early..I didn't straight away went back home,I figured I might as well enjoy Grudge 2 that is supposedly out that day, but unfortunately it'll only be out on Fridays,but heck im still gonna see the Grudge2 on the first day, no matter what...demi Gellar katakan.

The Grudge 2

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Verdict : Well I'm a bit dissapointed,and it's not because Gellar got off pretty quickly (and lackluster i might add, imagine Jamie's last battle with Micheal in Halloween :Insurrection)First and foremost, pacing....babi slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!It gets very very draggy in the middle.I know they wanted to explain more about ayako's past life, but seriously it's nothing that shocking, and doesn't explain anything bout why the hell she goes all vengefull on others.Then some backstory bout Karen and her sis, ugh snorefest!...i dont give a damn what happen back then,get on with the story!Then the kills, most of the kills are uninspiring and dull and not scary..there are some good ones but most of it are bahhhhhhhhhhh!

Then the ending, I dont get it..what does it mean?Is amber tamblyn*eh takmo spoil!but whatever it is, ending is a bit confusing and too fast to my liking(time tuh laju lak dia)

Now the good, there are scary parts that gave me goosebumps..i wont say when but this one time really made me jump...and that freaking voice is still scary!Acting was ok,good enuff but Amber Tamblyn didnt have much to do,her character is just plain dull, I prefer that girl that got trapped in the closet better,she's fun.The worst in the bunch is that Jap girl,damn she can't act.

Then the subplot of another family, that is kinda cool, it made me think what the hell is this a lot of times,but explanation and the end could be done better.What else ya...oh ayako is still scary as hell, but the kid has lost its touch,maybe cause he seems bigger now.

All in all an ok show,I'm a bit dissapointed but I'll still buy the dvd,Gellar ada katakan..2.5/5



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Verdict : Hmmm, well joe pick this story, truthfully I'm that excited to see this but I still do want to watch it.Luckily Joe got tix, so what the heck..lets just see it.Bare in mind I didnt sleep much the day before cause I got home from Grudge2 at 2a.m then slept around 3.30 the sahur blah3...then go to work...then got lost finding joe's basically i was very very tired.

Now world trade, what do I think of it,it was ok,not my cup of tea though...the tagline says the world see evil that day...oh really? what bout previous wars? what bout the slaughtering in Bosnia all that?...shesh...yeah when it comes to them everything is dramatic.That's the biggest issue i had with the movie,sure it doesn't say directly who was responsible, but hey we know who u guys meant.

Then the draggy part in the middle, oh wow, next to reading my history book, i think this would make another great alternative for making me doze off easily.I don't know how many times i doze off...though it is boring, but then again it is kinda realistic what they discuss bout, its just that these conversation...i can just talk bout it with anyone, its nothing new..oh i love my wife2 blah3..ur expecting no shock factor there..

THEN there's this one scene, im not gonna say directly which scene cause it may offend some people but oh my god that scene is so so corny,it made me laugh a bit and others in the crowd were laughing along...seriously, that scene looks really really foolish and out of place.

The good,what i like about this movie is that,like what the movie wanna potray(apart from we saw evil that day..whatever)..people do come together when there is a crisis..and that made me felt awesome in a way..the way everyone tried their best to help these two policeman.It made me smile in a way.

Then the acting, top notch i like everyone except for nicholas cage who acts like he's sleeping through the whole movie...good acting..not!Oh and when the building fell..woah..! nicely done.

All in all a good film, but I kinda real but i want more..etc (people in the building story yada2)..i give 3/5



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Verdict : Because i wasnt that pleased with WTC, i went to see another movie JTMD...and i'm in need to i guess watching this will do the trick..but was I right or wrong?

I'm happy to say im right!...this film is a riot!...the beginning till the end, the jokes never ends...and i dare dub this movie as this year's MEAN GIRLS..though not as good, but its still crazy fun.

There are sooooooo many memorable funny scenes in this movie..and dare i say..original?..the jokes i mean, the plot has been done loadsss of time.I totally dig the way they narate this story and how they plan on getting their revenge.Loved their plan...and loved it more when it got screwed up.

The girls are bank!loved em, great characters all together,'specially the cute and naive..ehehhe love those type of characters...and john tucker..really not that bad...he hit a home run for me during the estrogen scene..damn funny.

BUT!i dont think the msg was actually justice was actually brought at the ended just like that...very veryyyyyy easy...i was hoping more of a Never Been Kissed speech "WHY HER,WHY HER...LET ME TELL U SOMETHING BOUT THIS GIRL...blah3" in the lines of that...but that never really happend.

But luckily..eventhough the ending kinda sux..the movie is really fun!never a dull moment..loved it..3.5/5

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Monsters monster i Love u so

ok life first, kinda sucky today, in the afternoon i recieve my PTPTN statement notice and guess what,my debt to pay hasn't gone done even an inch, in fact it went up more..Y? well get this, apparently the monthly rm100 i pay a month doesn't even cover the intrest...suprise-suprise,my monthly intrest is 180?babi tak?good reason enuff to be a little pissed today no?oh well looks like i gotta pay 200 per month, goodbye comics it seems (pretty sad bout this,but what to do)..and i think i'm gonna hang on with this job,even if it sometimes pressure me.better than beeing paid rm1,200 per month.

Anyway the topic, ha! there's this new monster flick coming,an it seems awesome!the reviews so far are more than avarage, and First mag(the current mag im reading cause saving budget) praises this movie a lot!...and i'm dying to know when this flick will come to our shores.

It's a korean flick (hooray for the asians!...get ready to be remake), involves the city beeing terrorize by a monster who aint actually godzilla big, but more of a minivan size...from what i heard lah.People say the beauty bout this movie is because it involves ordinary people doing extraordaniry things like saving their kid who was taken away by this thing..anyway click on the link HERE to check the teaser,oooo im getting goosebumps.

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And in honor of awaiting this flick it got me thinking, what are my fav monsters so far i've seen in my lifetime, and heck! this could make a great topic,so trululululu i go typing now,oh azmir dont worry USA Godzilla wont be in the top 10, its not a great flick anyway...and that giant lizard seems silly, should have made it a T-rex or here goes

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Who : No not that big X-men character, it's a movie, if im not mistaken,it has been shown on Malaysian Tv a couple of times.The Blob is a gooey thingy that came from outer space and terrorize a small town (ahh fun times) it eats? it just suck u in it's goo and u'll be slowly digisted, painfull thought but good kills.

Why : The thing that made this blob got into the list is because the fact that it doesnt have an appearance..a face, its just liquid...and that's would u kill liquid, u tell me.

Defining moment : When the blob ate this brat,i was like..oh poor kid..not!


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Who : That alien thing from the movie Predator,oh u know the thing that spotting a bob marley's hair..Well this alien kills for sport, for trophies..the get off killing people that they deem a match with them (yeah rite..with all their gadget who on earth are a match for them)

Why : The Predator is just damn cool, u know in the first movie when it's still mysterious...u dont know what it looks like u can only see something like an outline..fuh that image brings me chills..and it still does till it open it's mask and show it's wonderfull unkissable face.Oh yeah and the Predators in AVP suck ass, they got pussy whip easily

Defining moment : It's revealation of what it trully looks it


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Who : Now i love this movie, it's dark,it's gloomy but kinda slow..but the most important..the freaking cool! The thought of seeing a something in a form of a man but turns out to be a big bug, gives me chills..The mimic just plain does it sequels (not great but good enuff)

Why : Like I said above, it takes form of a human and then drags their sorry asses into the sewer to be devour.

Defining moment : First appearance itself was kinda spooky, but what made it scarier is the time it killed this two kids.That will teach kids not to go into the sewers


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Who : A tourist from america gets bitten by a wolf.Unbeknownst to him,he is slowly turning into a big ass wolf with killer jaws.

Why : I get scared easily when it comes to wolf, they are silent,they are big and they just kill u off in one snap. And since this is the first werewolf flick I saw I guess is fair to put it as a refrence of the great big bad wolf.

Defining moment : The turning..for that is considered very very well done...i was in fact i was behind my bro if im not mistaken.

note : anyone took my dvd of american werewolf pls give it back, im missing it

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Who : Now this movie didnt get the credit it deserve.I love this flick..a lot!and i know most people hate it because blah blah blah..not the same as the book,whatever..i didnt read the book, sue me.Anyhoo The Relic is a mixture of reptiles that when combine = big ass M@#@!$ F@$!%.Some people (the haters) said that it look like the predator..ok yeah it the predator's hair looks like bob marley..?now how do u explain that..AND! the katoga(its so called name) can kick the predators ass anytime.

Why : Well's hugeeeeeeeeee and fast..seriously i think i'll go numb if i see it up close.Then it brings back such great memories..i saw this flick in the cinema with my mom and dad celebrating my 14th..or is it 16th birthday..aww shucks those guys know i love horror movie.

Defining moment : The scene in the sewers where it drags a couple of the survivor to be killed, scary moment..and such tight space.


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Who : AHHHHHHHHH jurassic park, makes me feel giddy, who wouldn't? after seeing such realistic T-rex and others on the silver screen.I love this flick,it gave me lots of jumps and good fact i managed a scream if im not mistaken..ehem the manly type of scream.Ahh jurassic...sing with me guys ta na na ne ne ta na na (nih theme dia kalau korang ingat...oh dear god im getting weirder)

Why : The T-rex is bank!i love it..if that thing is real..heh..i would never go out..ok maybe to buy dvd's but i would bring a big ass laser gun.

Defining moment : when it killed the raptors at the end of Jurassic Park 1..HAH take that u annoying small thing!


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Who : When i first saw tremors I couldn't get enuff of it,its silly fun and kinda scary..i watch it like monthly and laughed everytime.its bout these giant worms which terrorize a secluded small community (tuh lah gatal tinggal jauh2 takder orang)ahhh tremors..when i first saw it,i didnt know what to expect..from the covers i thought it was a bunch of weird looking snakes..boy was i wrong.

Why : Because it came from beneath..yikes that's a scary thought.Kak Maya my sis in-law went paranoid after watching this serious, she told me she would just stand still for awhile when there's a erm tremor.eheeh cool story.

Defining Moment : When it hit a large pavement and died..WAHAHAHAHAHAHA dodo tul


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Who : A great flick about beeing paranoid in a secluded place.This flick is scaryyyyyyy, u dont know who to trust..and that "thing" is very icky.

Why : Bak kata gaya cam Jaa *eh takmo plss jumpa binatang camnih. yeah i gotta agree...never never never want to see this thing's just plain monstrous.

Defining moment : The doctor that turn into the thing...didn't see that coming.


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Who : It's that big ass mother who walks like a model but screech like a banshee.Oh yeah it from the aliens saga (boy how i love the aliens)Aliens still remains one of my top ten movies ever..i loved it! i even have that alien mother in..ok dah patah..but i had it once.This was a though call actually, cause both the top 2 is really neck to neck..but made my jaw drop and both made me scared shitless.

Why : Because it's such a beautiful creature..seriously..its so loving it.But i wont keep it as a pet.

Defining moment:2 scenes,
i.when it's revealed there is actually a mother
ii.ripley's one on one with the mother "get away from her u bitch!" hoho fun times


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Who : Who u ask?the only scariest thing i've seen ever..and the thing is real is what made it worst.Jaws is one of the scariest flick i've seen.the first scene itself is classic and scary.

Why : Seriously, i was scared to go into the waters(the sea) for some time, cause i can't get that theme song outa my head.And at that time i mostly play in the shallower parts..wont go that far..u'll never know. :D

Defining moment : The first scene and! when the full scale size of that thing is reveal,i was like "eh berani derang bakon ngan binatang besar tuh"... (i was young full of hope full of life)

nearly made the list : SPECIES (OH SO HOT),The Squid in Deep Rising, JEEPERS CREEPERS (IF ONLY IT WAS LESS GAY) and Dela

that's bout it..gonna go now, wanna watch survivor toodles.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Ok marah!

Finally I can spill my thoughts!I've been dying to spill my guts since Sunday,but since some of the ladies didnt want to be spoiled until they've seen the show on their own...heck i gotta keep my mouth shut.

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Ok here's the story....why ohhhh why did MEGAN get booted!!!!Seriously didn't see that coming,in fact most of the people I've known who've watched it predicted it'll be Jaeda(who really really deserve to go first) rather than MEGAN..damn~This girl has lots more to offer,and she's really strong..I mean look how she explain how she lost her mother, that's a strong lady!...and that's a sad story, unlike monique's made up story(im guessing its made up...dont quote me)

And to say she's boring?HEY Jaeda is equally boring!,at least Megan got a backstory..some cool history..oh not to forget, her makeover made her look like Charlize Theron...yummmmm...

Oh another thing, did anyone say her cute expression when tyra gave her the makeover look....IT'S TO DIE FOR!!

Anyway back to topic...the only reason i think tyra didnt want to let go of Jeada yet is because she doesnt want to blacks to get eliminated back to back...logic?? respect for Tyra has gone down a notch!..Hopefully this year winner wont be Monique if not I'll stop watching ANTM! (eh tak tak acah jer)

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In other news, ANCHAL IS HOTTTTTTTTT! SIZZLING LIKE CURRY when her shot roles out for the credits...I was like HOTTTTTTTT(gaya ckp tuh cam cahaya gemilang dari bakang..takpon angle2 turun)me thinks she's the prettiest in the bunch this season...but i still dont think she'll earlier i said...i think somewhere in the middle..but far enuff.

And MEG!...gotta loose the "bongkok-ness"...though i'm currently supporting Meg,Caridee and Mellrose, I will drop Meg from my list if halfway through the show she still walks like this.

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Meanwhile just wanna add...this ep's photoshoot sux...the hell with those hair.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Life imitating Art imitating Life

No BIG post today,fairly tired,spent most of the day lazing around the room.Mostly cause just shifted to another office.Anyway enuff bout me.Just wanted to point out Izar's nicely written "novel" which left me hanging at the end...dude u gotta create a greater ending!..well anyway like i told him,if this was a real life situation and we all are watching him,i picture it something like this one scene in Never Been's the scene

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life imitating art huh, oh the sub is there i didn't edit it,coincidence no?

actually i dunno what to update today,just wanted to be a bit naughty a point out dela in the scene above..oh! and joe :P

I leave u with a picture of Gellar bitting the dust early on the movie Grudge2 (WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!)

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